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Maelstrom Graphics 1

Project as per discussions and project specification document.

this document is the version to go by.

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Text To Present Comapny , And What We Do.

Need a short presentation of my company and what we do. Will give you the texts i wrote myself and need the text rewritten in perfect english, Its for my website.

The document i have today for you to use as a foundation is 560 words.

I need everything in perfect english.

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Have A Website Template In Flash Need Some One To Update Pag

I have purchased a website template and need some one who is able to modify and add company info to the page and finalize the project.g

11/16/2010 at 19:27 EST:

The Page will include
* Home, Products, About us, Services & Contact-Us pages
* 2 input forms (Contact us & Request Quote) forms will need to generate an email containing all form information
* 2 simple pages (Privacy Policy, Additional Info)
* A few changes to the template
* Website needs to be setup & uploaded into hosted server.

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Simple Flash/PHP Formmail Required


I have a small project to setup a flash form and a PHP script (Flash/PHP Formmail.

1: The website (in flash) is already built.
2: The form fields and design are already designed
3: The message confirmation page is already designed

I just need:
1: Somebody to convert the design into a functioning flash form.
2: An auto responder message to be sent to the customer (after they click send)
3: The message input into the form to be sent to one of my email addresses.
4: The form to be secure.

I supply you:
1: The Flash CS4 FLA file.
2: An email address to send submitted messages

You will supply me:
1: The finished FLA file
2: The PHP document
3: The auto responder template

Its a 3 hour job, so no extravagant bids please.


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Amazon Product Advertising API

Amazon has restructured its associate api into a "product advertising api". My site is currently using an iFrame with their aStore functionality, but I am looking for a more sophisticated solution than the aStore that will not only be easier to use, but allow customers to search for more categories (ie the entire amazon catalog) than is currently available.

My current site under construction is
The type of functionality that I would like the shopping pages to have is modeled here:

I am looking for that functionality on the shopping pages of my current site, and I require the ability to replace the tracking ids with each respective version of the site I will have. It needs to match the look and feel currently available on

Please provide examples of past work with the Amazon API and how you will meet the specific requirements of the new "Product Advertising API".

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Page Redesign – Urgent


We have an Intl Interior Decor website

We have just finished getting the pages designed, and would like an excellent graphic designer to add a few finishing touches, and brush up the pages for us as we feel it is currently lacking in finish. Our specific requirements are:

1. There are total 8 pages that need to be brushed up/done up.
2. No changes in layout at all. We are only looking for better fonts, better background colours and more vibrant and Intl looking look and feel (web2.0). So – its not a major job.
3. We will provide you with sample templates you can see to get an idea of what we want.The site has to look way above what it looks right now and on par with the best Intl home decor sites.This being an Intl site – some really really outstanding work of very hiqh quality is required, that will be on par with the best looking home decor sites on the net
4. Vendors with prior exp in designing very high quality interior/graphic sites will be preferred.WE NEED A WOW FACTOR on these pages – so pls bid only if you can significantly improve on what we have.
5. As this is really a touch up job – we will need it completed very quickly within 3-4 if days as we need the pages urgently for coding. So vendors who can deliver very quickly and on priority will be preferred.
6. Vendors who can provide mockups will be selected faster -as it will give us an idea of what you can deliver and if we like the mockup we will use it to build on.

7. There is an entry page (image page) the current one with 12 images then there are 4 other pages (about us , contact etc), these 4 other pages only the common menu has to be added on top after redesign.
The image page (index) we have a template
The Category page ( we have a template which has to be reworked)
The Ideazcentre page ( we have a template which has to be reworked)

Remember what is online right now is only a sample the whole site is under development and will include all these pages plus the cat. and ideazcentre page.
All the Best !
Espoir Consultancy

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