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Articles Submission & Articles Writing Service Needed

Hello freelancers,
i need a freelancers for two separate tasks. you can choose one or take them both if you want.

### task no 1 :
15 medical and dental 400 word articles. The articles should be unique, quality articles with proper English language, tight grammar, no misspelling, scientific, accurate data (it is medical and i am a dentist and i will review it closely). copy and paste is not allowed at all search the web , read, understand and write your way. I will check it with copy scape and manually on google any article fails to pass the copy scape test will not paid.

we keep the write to refuse any article without much negotiations.

### task no 2:
120 spinned articles submission to article directories . we will provide you with 20 articles then you will spin it using the free spinner chief software (takes 15 min each ) then you will send the spinned root-articles to me to be sure that it was spinned enough , Then you will generate 6 copies form each one using the software (takes only 1 min ) submit them with the proper keywords to the articles directories .

we will pay only for life articles any refused or pending articles will not be paid.

$$$$ i plan to pay 70$ for the two tasks. and please read the project carefully before bidding$$$$$$$$$$

%%%% Any advertising or unrelated offers will be reported to the admins, i really tired from reading crap%%%%%%
^^^^^^^^^ you will send me the passwords and user names of the account you create to be sure that the links will not be changed later with different urls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Need ~500 Word Articles On A Daily/Weekly Basis

I am in need of a consistent reliable writer who is able to write 10-15 ~500 word Articles Per Week. Articles must be unique non published content and verifiable by copy scape. Articles must sound like they are written by a native English Writer, keeping spelling, formatting and grammar issues to a minimal.

* Must be Publishable content
* Articles are written for use on our blogs alone, and can not be resold, reused for other clients
* Higher Price will be paid if you are capable of providing articles that are in properly spinned format { | } and at least 35% unique after spinning

Please specify in your quote if you are quoting on spinned or non spinned articles.

Current topics include: Legal, Medical, Retail, SEO and other large niches. Articles dont have to be written on a high technical level, and should be readable by an moderately educated person.

Please be available on yahoo or skype, or via email for updates. I would prefer to have articles submitted every couple days and not wait till you have a bunch completed so that we can publish on a daily basis.

** Looking for ongoing commitment, not a one time writing project so please dont bid unless your able to fill a weekly need for articles. Please provide sample article youve written for review on a topic of your choice.

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Need Awesome Article Spinner/Rewriter

I would like to get bids on a small article spinning project. I have 4 articles that I need spinned 4 times each. Each article is about 500 words. I would like for you to send me the 4 spinned versions plus the original spyntax. Quality is important. Im looking for someone who knows how to spin it well so it reads well and thats it not so obvious that its a spinned copy. Knowledge of SEO would also be beneficial. Command of english language and a native english speaker a plus. It would be great if the uniqueness of the articles are about 20-30% unique against the original.

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Need 20 Spinned Articles (Weight Loss)


I need 20 weight loss articles which must be delivered in spinned format.


Anxiety {disorders|conditions|problems|issues} can be {categorically classified|grouped|separated} into {many|various|numerous|several} {types|kinds}, but {every|each} {type|kind|form} of anxiety disorder is {characterized|marked|distinguishes} by a {common|similar|shared} {underlying|basic|core|primary}{ characteristic|symptom|aspect}.


– You must spin an unqique article written by yourself.
– Spinned version of the article must be minimum 300 words
– must be spinned with minimum 30% unique
– must be spinned BY HAND/Manually ! No automated tools. It must be 100% perfect grammar and it must make sense
– Unique copyscape passed
– 100% correct english

Please do not waste my time.

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100 Spinned Articles Needed At $80

You have to write 10 fresh articles and 90 spinned Articles i.e for each fresh article you have to write 9 spinned articles.
Need 50+ articles in a week, if you think you can do this much work then only bid.
I do not need any other services so please do not paste the generic bid, Ill mark it as spam.

If this work goes well the have much will use the selected provider for writing content form site and lots more work.

Providers with Lowest bid and good feedbacks will win, so new bees do not bid on this.

More information will be provided to the winning provider.

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For Tonelando1980 Only

This is an easy job for someone who knows what he or she is doing, I need a writer to spin 10 articles, all articles are between 450 and 500 words on various health subjects, payment is $6 per article through GAF escrow once the project is completed.

All articles should be delivered within 7 days from being awarded the project

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Rewrite 194 Articles And Save To WP Website!

I require someone to rewrite 194 articles that I will provide using Power Article Rewriter (PAR) – You must get the uniqueness of the article to at least 50% – you would achieve this by changing the beginning of each sentence and adding synonyms for words that have synonyms.

The 194 articles I will provide would be in the .doc format

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Spinned Articles for Article marketing. (long term job)

Project Purpose: I want these articles for articles marketing and link building purpose.

Project requirements:

– I want you to write 450-500 words spinned articles, in this format {sentence 1| sentence 2| sentence 3} based on a given keyword.

– Additional to main keyword you have to include 2 related keywords within the body of the articles.

– No need to maintain any keyword density, you just have to make sure that the article to be based on main keyword and include the 2 related keywords 2-3 times in the article.

– The article should have at least 8 paragraphs and should also have good catchy title (spinned).

– The present requirement is for at least 5 sets of article per month on different topics.

– Sample of spinned article attached.

Other Terms and Conditions;

– Please do not use software to do the rewrite or just change the words with same structure.

– I need full right, exclusive rights and all rights to it. You must not use the article for others.

– MUST HAVE proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Your article must also be proofed and double checked for accuracy.

– Budget : My ideal quote will be in the range of $3 to $5 for each set of article.

– Payment : Through Escrow.

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