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WordPress Theme Modifications

Have a multi-author news site built on WordPress, using a theme from

Need relatively minor tweaks:
– Frontpage has multiple content boxes, one box for each category. Each box displays the latest post for its respective category. I need it modified so that each box displays the latest post, as it does now, and 3 to 5 links to earlier posts below that.

– Create and configure additional ad spots. We sell our ads directly to our own advertising customers. We need more spots, and they have to be configured to work with our very standard ad management system. All ad sizes and locations on the page are very standard.

Preferences for US Military Vets, and for US citizens.

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Seo For A Website Design Top 10 Spots Needed In 3 Keywords

I need seo done for my website I only need the top 10 spots .No black methods to be used please.I need to be top 10 in "web design" "website design" and "Website host" my website has the keywords website design in the url which should make the job much easier.I can only pay after the job is completed and i am top 10 .

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Start A Vbforum And Make Undersites + Ad Openads Spots.


I need a person that knows Vbulletin Forums well.
-You need to make a forum from scratch,
-add Openads to it and add many advertising spots inn the forum,
– aswell as make
-tell a friend system,
-advertising booking page,
-disclaimer page
-Privacy policy
– Give it a suitable money making theme (design).
– Offer error corrections.
– Add worldpress blog widgets and customize the design to have what we need.
– Know how to manage a server. We may need to secure/upgrade/move it aswell as
you should learn or know how to work with firewall for ddos issues that come and go from time to time.

Once you do this well, i may also need you services to do some work on our main forum The site you will be starting is .

You should know alittle bit of all as i have many smaller projects lined up beside this one.
I would also need you to be online for discussion on the projects i have.
MSN and google talk would be best, but skype can work also..

My main programmer is very good,and he will stain our main programmer, but i need one person to
step inn for him, to he has his other work sorted out, which can take some time. So you should know
that you may have to work with him.

I am used to get the stuff made the right way the first time. clean coding to clean designs. Not interested in
looking and finding tons of bugs and problems with your work.

Payment can be done over several payment processors, so that shouldent be a problem.
Payment for this first project will be after you complete the to our

I hope to see your bid. Time you give should at all cost be held. Timewasters, please stay away from bidding on
this project.

Best regards

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Blog Spots With Instance/automatic Redirect

This opening is only for experience person that has been making these blog and knows how to make 250 to 1k a day.
Need 10k made. simple blog design, dark background, that auto redirects instance to url ill provide.
Only bid if you can start providing in 24 hours.
looking for long term work.

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Barcelona Tourist Spots

Create a list of tourist locations in Barcelona. Then write a 300 word article for each location.

1. Location Name
2. Location Address
3. 300 words article about the location
4. 100 Locations
5. Written in English and Spanish

Location Topics:
Conference Centers
Tourist Office
Train Stations
Sporting Events

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Copywriter Radio Spots

Need quick turnaround on two radio spots.

60 and a 30 version of it. Just edit the 60 please. (Be mindful

of writing the 60 so the 30 is an easy edit.)

I have an example of a style that will work and will share with you when hired.

This is for a replacement windows company to run locally in major market.

Some creative twist is OK then factual sales copy.

Not paying extra for quick turnaround. I know you can do it. 🙂

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Motion Graphics

Motion graphics needed for start-up cable program. We need a station ID with various graphics for the FILM FESTIVAL CHANNEL.

The FILM FESTIVAL CHANNEL is a cable station that covers festivals from around the world. We have covered over 500 festivals and have shows that cover the festival scene, new fests, trends in film festivals as well as festival movies and the movers and shakers behind them.

Knowledge of Real Flow, After Effects, Shake, Motion desirable. Any other motion graphics software is fine.

Spots need to be between 10 to 20 seconds long. These spots will be initially for NTSE broadcast for North American televison. We will also be broadcasting on YouTube and other online entities as well as for mobile applications.

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Map Of Wi-Fi Spots In A City

We are looking to develop an embedded online and offline map of free wi-fi spots in a specific city. The application is quite simple. It should have the following features:

Functional requirements

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30 Short Tourism Articles – Thailand Holiday Spots

30 articles total. Each article 300 words. Must be Copyscape compliant.

Writing about Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya.

In the following topics:
Tourist Attractions
Things to Do
Local Customs
Travel Tips
Hotels & Resorts

Must have an excellent rating.
Must speak fluent english.
Must be able to provide examples.

Best of luck.

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Free Gay Tube Site Needs Banner Help

Looking for someone to provide my new site with a little pizzaz. I have a gay tube site that is currently set up with only a few spots to place ads.

Hopefully you can create new spots and place the ads from the affiliate list I will provide you. I would also like for the banners to rotate.

please review the site before bidding –

Any bids that quote more than 3 days to complete will not be considered.


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Video Creation 1-3 Minute Spots

We have several clients each month using our SEO services which include creation of short 1-3 minute videos made from still images and MP3 audio files. We need someone experienced in using or a similar tool to create these videos.

The finished video spots are tagged and keyworded for the clients and after approval get uploaded to Traffic Geyser system for placement on video hosting sites.

We currently have 5 clients needing these videos produced. Your quote should be for production of these 5 videos.

This should be an easy task for a person with experience creating and editing videos.

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Need FREE Cc Signups – Weekly Payments, Chat Or Craiglist

We need FREE cc signups for a major adult website. CCs wont be charged, theyre used for age verification purposes, so bulk quantities should not be a problem for someone experienced.
We will be providing sample pictures, education and real-time support through IM.

NO vccs, scammers, or proxy stuff, only experienced users please, or you ll be reported and negative feedback will be left at once.
You ll have to speak good english and be able to pass as an english speaker (or at least pretend to be a girl, even a foreign one) to get chatroom signups, or post on craiglist/social classified sites (with your means, we cant provide pvas).

We will be paying 8-12$ per signup, depending on quantity/quality (unique US/Canada IPs only please), through GAF or paypal, so with a steady 2-3 signups a day (far from difficult), you will be earning $750+ a month easily, with an hour of work daily. Two sequential signups needed for you to take the job (many spots available), for which you ll be paid for every other week (no upfront payments). Full time workers are eligible for weekly payments, after 1 month.

Feel free to pm me for info, there are at least 5 spots open atm.

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