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WordPress Theme Modifications

Have a multi-author news site built on WordPress, using a theme from

Need relatively minor tweaks:
– Frontpage has multiple content boxes, one box for each category. Each box displays the latest post for its respective category. I need it modified so that each box displays the latest post, as it does now, and 3 to 5 links to earlier posts below that.

– Create and configure additional ad spots. We sell our ads directly to our own advertising customers. We need more spots, and they have to be configured to work with our very standard ad management system. All ad sizes and locations on the page are very standard.

Preferences for US Military Vets, and for US citizens.

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ELLG Social Networking Website

ELLG Social Networking Site

ELLG, PHP, MySQL will be required for the job, previous experience building in the ELLG platform will definitely put you at the top of the list.

This social website needs to be built on the ELLG platform. I would like to keep it very clean and professional looking, similar to facebook. I would like all the same functionality of the facebook website. I still want all the blogs, groups, messages, ect. that go with the ELLG site. Many of the plug-ins are provided free by the ELLG programming community. I will also require custom plug-ins, many are piggy backs off of other plug-ins, so allot of the work is already done. But there will be some custom plugins that will need to be built from the ground up. Below is a layout of some of the custom functionality of the site, specific functionality of each page and plug-in will be given once I have accepted a programmer.

Custom Pages

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Magento Expert

We require a highly skilled Magento developer. (We are ideally looking to work with a freelancer in Eastern Europe).

We supply all the PSDs and you will be required to integrate Magento to a very high standard. You must be aware of Accessibility, Usability, SEO and Conversion best practice when carrying out the work. We are not interested in people who can just do develop, you must be very knowledge about eCommerce and what is required to produce a website that gets high traffic,high sales/enquiry conversion, ease of use and speed and accessibility.

As well as PSD integration, custom development will be required, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the Magento core structure and framework and have the ability to code extensions and modules to meet our requirements. Also a knowledge of javascript (prototype, jquery etc) is a must.


We are looking for developers that are very good at communicating with us 8am – 3pm UK time (GMT). If you cannot guarantee that you will be available EVERY DAY MON – FRIDAY 8am – 3pm then please don

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Quick OsCommerce (Fantastico) & CRE Loaded Installation

– Installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 standard edition

A template of TemplateMonster will be added to this shop. TemplateMonster CRE Loaded templates are compatible with the CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard only.
My hosting company has installation of osCommerce available through Fantastico cPanel.

No design needed, just the basic installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard.

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WebsitePanel Integration – NetRegistry API

WebsitePanel (WSP) version 1.1.0 currently does not support domain names.

We are looking for developer to integrate API from to allow lookups, availabliity, reseller purchasers etc fully integrated to WSP just as the default registrars WSP does support as standard (eNom & Directi).

Basically we want the whois, the lookup, the WSP standard pages, signup processes and ecommerce module/payments to all work seamlessly as WSP intended.

Please PM for any additional information.

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$0.85 Per 260 Words!!


I need 10 articles of 260 words each on making money online niche! Very easy work and I am looking for someone to start immediately and deliver quickly!

If it works out I have lots of ongoing work!

Only serious article writers! Be warned I will review first article and if it not upto standard or written in poor english with grammatical errors I will cancel the project immediately so make sure you can write with same standard and quality as samples you will show me!!

Show me samples/recent work done by you!!

I will pay via freelancer only

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Virtuemart Shipping Module For Zip/Order Value/Shipping Cost

Need a shipping module quickly for Virtuemart that relates Zip code, Order Value to Shipping Cost.

I do not want this to be a hack that uses weight as order value.

Need to be able to set up shipping ranges based on post code and price of goods ordered.

I would like to be able to select the tax on shipping from the Virtuemart Tax rates (VAT ID). I also would like to be able to give each shipping rate a name that displays in the checkout on the shipping page.

Zip Range, Order Value, Shipping Cost (inc. Tax), Shipping Tax (VAT ID), Shipping Rate Name
1000-2000, $0-$29.99, $15, 10%, Standard Shipping
1000-2000, $0-$29.99, $18, 10%, Express Shipping
1000-2000, $30-$99.99, $10, 10%, Standard Shipping
1000-2000, $30-$99.99, $15, 10%, Express Shipping
1000-2000, $100-$10000, $0, 10%, Standard Shipping
1000-2000, $100-$10000, $9, 10%, Express Shipping
2001-9000, $0-$29.99, $14, 10%, Standard Shipping
2001-9000, $0-$29.99, $17, 10%, Express Shipping
2001-9000, $30-$99.99, $9, 10%, Standard Shipping
2001-9000, $30-$99.99, $14, 10%, Express Shipping
2001-9000, $100-$10000, $0, 10%, Standard Shipping
2001-9000, $100-$10000, $5, 10%, Express Shipping

I have about 500 Shipping rates that will need to be added to my online shop. I will supply them in an excel spreadsheet in the same format as shown above. (Zip Range, Order Value, Shipping Cost (inc. Tax), Shipping Tax (VAT ID), Shipping Rate Name)

After the initial entry of the amounts is done, then I need to be able to edit the values myself in the future.

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Magento – Integrating Paypal Website Payments Standard

I have built an e-commerce site and am in the final stages of completion. I need someone to integrate Paypal website payments standard as I am having some problems with this. Specifically, the Paypal Configuration section of the Magento Backend doesnt allow me to chose website payments standard as an option, this may be caused by a recent upgrade to a newer version of Magento. I need an expert to sort this problem out quickly as we wish to go live ASAP. There may be an opportunity for further work depending on whether a solution can be found for this problem.

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VirtueMart Standard Shipping Recoding


Id like to have some recoding done for our webshop build in Joomla/VirtueMart.

This is how it works right now in Joomla:

1. you put an amount of money customers need to spend before getting free shipping
2. you put in the diverse shipping amounts in the standard shipping module
3. if a customer spends more than filled in at step 1 they get free shipping

What I want is following:

1. I put diverse ways of shipping, including pick up at shop in the standard shipping module
2. the customer shops at our store and if spent an amount of X they get free shipping
3. at the choice of shipping method the customer gets the ability to choose a few options:

* standard shipping (which will be free if spent more than X, if spent less then values will appear)
* special shipping option 1 (which will never be free of charge)
* special shipping option 2 (which will never be free of charge)
* special shipping option 3 (which will never be free of charge)
* pick up at store (which is always free off course)

In the next step they will choose payment option…

This is what Im looking for:
– I need a freelancer who knows his way around VirtueMart very well
– I need this to be done within a week if possible

Kind regards,


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Google Apps Cloud Project – GAE

We are currently accepting proposals (RFP) based on the development of a cloud based portal for a regional based travel guide/directory. the site will include all the usual functionality and features of such a development including :

listings sections-
online purchasing
mobile phone apps

( full brief provided upon acceptance)

We require developer/s with proven track record of past deliverables such as this along with good python/java skill sets.

You will deliver to the highest standard using industry standard patterns and best practices ensuring scalability, extensibility and performance with reduction of risk, cost and time to the market on this project

Submit your proposal based on the above brief and explain how, in your opinion you would approach this task along with a realistic time frame.

We are looking for long term partners in this area and you will be rewarded well for reliability and quality work with long term projects.

———— Max budget on this project is $400 ——–

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An Extension For The Standard ASP.NET 4.0 Menu

We need the following extension to the standard ASP.NET 4.0 menu:

The standard 4.0 menu is only capable of having first the static levels and then the dynamic levels.

We would need to use it with 1 or dynamic levels first an unlimited static levels afterwords.

This should be written as a class that is derived from the original ASP.NET 4.0 class

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Drupal Site Conversion

Please provide a quote to convert a standard HTML website of about 20 standard HTML pages into a Drupal website. Most pages are simply text. There is a slide show on the front page. Basically, I would like to have a Drupal-based version of the following site:

This is for a non-profit, so I am trying to keep the cost down. If you cant do it for $250 or less, just specify your bid in a note to me, and I will still consider it.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.

Good luck on your bidding.

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Dissertation Writing

Research and write a 10,000 word literature review to POST GRADUATE standards on the topic of Comparing the benefits online marketing have over traditional marketing .This essay must cover the role of marketing its evolution and the impact of the internet on marketing. Comparisons between online and traditional marketing should also be made in terms of cost, capability, communication, control, customer service and competitive advantage.It should also explore how the internet has changed ways in which organizations manage, monitor and measure marketing promotions. Some examples should also be covered. Numerous references must be provided.

Have in mind when writing that the aim of this research is to:
Gain an understanding of how the emergence of the internet has changed marketing.
Investigate how online techniques could be more beneficial for organisations compared to traditional marketing.

Writers with a Masters degree or Phd will have high priority.

You must have a high standard of academic english skills (no grammatical errors) and the necessary skills to conduct formal research, write and edit. Plagiarism is not tolerated, writing must be 100% original and properly cited in Havard style.

A high standard is expected. Project must be completed within 14 days of acceptance.

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Existing Site To WordPress Theme

I need to convert this existing customers basic html website to a WordPress based site. I am happy to put in most of the content. I need someone who can confidently build the WP theme to look and work as closely as possible to the existing site design, with any improvements that WP can offer.

Main items to do:
1 Header with menubar
2 Slideshow on homepage. (currently a flash file but really want it changed to jquery or similar)
3 Large buttons on homepage (bottom, right). these change regularly so need to be able to update easily in a variety of standard sized
4 Standard layout for content pages – sidebar at left with buttons that can be easily added to/modified
5 A news page that will be regularly updated. Ideally a scrolling feed or similar from this onto the homepage somewhere. ( I will provide details )
6 Feeds also on the homepage (and probably sidebar) for their latest Facebook and twitter posts.
7 Where to buy pages template with ability to update products
8 The rest of the pages should pretty much use the standard content template with the sidebar
9 Any SEO that can be done also would be good

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Marketing Profile Creation

This is a very very simple task.

Im an independent contractor for several promotional marketing companies and Im trying to expand my work load.

I have an "easy to read" excel document with about 70 marketing companies that I need to register for.

Each company, will normally require one of two things, an email to an inquiry address, informing the HR manager of new talent through that company, or the company has a standard data entry form that will be filled by the working freelancer. This form asks for my standard information like:

-phone number
-head shot
-Location for desired work

After the online portion is completed then the excel fill should be updated accordingly.
All of these task should take no more than 20 hours to complete. If questions arise, then email would be the best way to contact me. I will provide the selected "freelancer" with all materials needed to make this project easy to complete.

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Paypal Standard Integration With Volusion

We need to setup our Volusion Store to be seamlessly integrated to receive credit card payments via paypal standard. We want the site to be very clear that it will accept any major credit card, not only for paypal account holders. A paypal standard checkout window must be integrated into the volusion store seamlessly so it feels as if the customers are staying on our site during the whole checkout process. The cart should look Similar to this image but must be developed into the sites colors and theme.

1) Must have completed similar integrations with PayPal Standard (provide urls)

2) Please supply 2 URLs of Volusion stores you have worked on and if possible examples
of a similar paypal standard integration.

Please do not send links to non volusion sites.

Thank You and Look Forward to Hearing from You

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EDI X12 Standard Translator/Generator 850 & 945

Need to translate/Generate X12 version 4010 850 & 945 on web-interface

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4000 Word Political Science Essay

Research and write a 4,000 word essay to POST GRADUATE standards on the topic of internet voting being adopted for general elections in a small country like Australia or New Zealand. This essay must be about internet voting and not electronic voting. Specific examples and experiences must be covered. Numerous references must be provided.

Writers with a Masters degree will have high priority.

You must have a high standard of academic english skills (no grammatical errors) and the necessary skills to conduct formal research, write and edit. Plagiarism is not tolerated, writing must be 100% original and properly cited in APA style.

A high standard is expected. Project must be completed within 14 days of acceptance.

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WordPress Site C

Site to be coded in WordPress with client-user-friendly content management access (will be edited/updated on a daily basis and needs to be easy to access). Design files provided in Illustrator. Includes a unique home/landing page with multiple graphics as navigation buttons (which wed like to wiggle or perform an action when rolled over). Other pages include About (standard text), Attractions (includes editable schedule with links to sub-pages), Pressroom (links to downloadable forms and graphics), Multi-media (need to import 3 photo galleries from Flikr and 3 videos from YouTube), Sponsor (logos and listings that link to external sites), Contact (standard text, link to Google Maps), Buy Tickets (standard text, graphic buttons link to external sites). All external sites should open in a new window. All pages should be coded consistent with design including layout, fonts, spacing, etc. We will provide Google Analytics code, metatags and site summary to be included in site. Budget is $550, 7 day turnaround.

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Need 500 Words To Be Written In High Standard English—ASAP


i need 500 words to be rewritten in the high standard English without grammatical mistakes……i need this ASAP

Budget: $4

provide samples of ur previous work.

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Twitter Keyword AutoReply Bot / Interface

We want to be able to automatically reply to people who tweet specific keywords,

I require a simple interface to do this, the steps would be:

Sign in with Twitter Account (using sign in with twitter)
Run a Twitter Search (using the standard twitter search api
Setup an autoreply for every user that tweets in this search. (everytime a user tweets and comes up in this search, it will then sent them this automated reply)
See a list of Autoreplys/KeywordSearch that have been set up and edit / remove them.

We would like this to be exactly the same workflow and a similar interface as twitreply net

When placing a bid please display an understanding for my requirements and do not simply reply with a standard cut and paste message.

Thank you

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Facebook Game Standard Installer

At the top of the application, above the Flash embed, we need a standard installation bar. Like the ones used in Zynga games. The ones with percentage progress bars. 5 steps (20% progress each): 1.) Install, 2.) Get Updates (button that user can press to grant email permissions), 3.) Bookmark (button that user can press to bookmark the application), 4.) Like (button that user can press to Like the application), 5.) Publish Faster (button that user can press to grant publishing permission).
See FarmVille for an example if you havent got it so far. The game is FBML based.

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Standard Shipping Module Modification


i need someone to modify the Standard shipping Module of Virtuemart for me. I need an optional choice of Insurance added in a following way: each carrier will set a % of the total order and a min. insurance value (2 new colums in the database table). When a customer will get to the shipping page during checkout, he/she can choose a particular shipping method. Under each shipping method will be a checkbox with optional shipping insurance calculated based on the order total so that if a customer checks the insurance box, the value will be added to the total order along with the shipping value. If the shipping rate has tax applicable, the same tax will aplly on the insurance.

I hope this is clear. If not, please contact me for clarifications.

Thank you.

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PHP Script Modification, CROSS BROWSING, W3c Standard


1. PHP scripting need to modify in: NEWS, SERVICES, CONTACTUS, PROJECT PAGE,
2. FIX Cross Browsing issue must be w3c standard, in all browser
3. layout design issue need to fix, misaligning.


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Simple E-comerece Website

A simple On-line store similar to (in style, I like the black background and glossy finish, and mysterious look!)

The site must be nice and attractive, I have a picture for logo that can be used in the header or leave hook so I can add it later easily.
Basic on-line store functionality shopping cart.
Standard links such as post comment, faq, about us, etc…
Must have a basic forum.
Must use paypal or google checkout systems (open to suggestions).
Ability to enter content and inventory easily.
Must be in PHP/MySQL

Time to completion is very flexible (up to 30 days).
Will provide more details when winner selected, you can send me links of your work if possible.
(I am also open to suggestions)

Since this website is very standard, I can only consider bids of $100 or less.
Thank you!

01/16/2011 at 23:12 EST:

Payment will be made after all files have been delivered, reviewed and tested.
Must included some user documentation and some code description ( no need for extreme details)

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Web Hosting Package Sales

We provide the best complete online solution for individuals and small business users. With a customized domain name, robust website, and multiple email accounts all rolled into one, everyone can enjoy the freedom and power to finally establish their online presence.
We welcome your help in launching this. It is more and more important for people and small businesses to get established online. We make it simple for everyone by providing one comprehensive and user-friendly package.
We are asking you to close sales on 100 of these packages from our featured website. The website provides all of the required information on the product. Please provide your bid to sell 100 standard packages to new customers. The standard package will cost customers $10.00 per month. This posting is not a direct solicitation for you to purchase the product. We are truly looking for someone who can sell. You will receive credit for all sales generated through our featured site. We will pay your bid in 10% intervals (10% for every 10 sold).

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PHP + OpenCart Customizationv.



– We need an extra PRICE LIST for Wholesalers besides the standard one included in OpenCart
– When Wholesalers logs in they will see the new Wholesaler Price List
– The rest of OpenCart out of the box functionality will apply for the New Wholesaler Price List like Discounts, Quantity discounts, specials, etc
– On the ADMIN side, PRODUCT Page – a new WholeSaler Price field will be included next to the standard price field to capture the new wholesaler price
– The rest of the ADMIN functionality that applies to the standard Price Field should apply for the new WholeSaler Price field.
– CHECKOUT and everything else should reflect these new Wholesaler prices determine by the user loggin

More questions.. Feel free to ask!


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Controlled Networks Virtual Keyboard Emulator.

The project requires the following:

Write a virtual keyboard emulation that can be installed on Windows XP, all service packs, Windows 7, all service packs, Windows Server 03 SP2, Windows Server 08 and 08R2. the driver has to Emulate a standard Keyboard. The idea is to be able to simulate keystrokes when windows is locked and/or the user is logged out.

The driver must be similar to the (dameware virtual keyboard emulation for standard keyboard) driver.

The code must be written in C++ and has to be able to interface with .net 2.X 3.X 4.X.

The driver must be written in a way that our company can then certify same with Microsoft.

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Domain Registration Site


We are a large website production house that manages services and provides custom solutions to thousands of large scale websites. We have a project that involves an ICANN accredited registrar that is looking to overhaul their entire system. We require a freelancer, or group of freelancers who has experience creating systems designed for domain registrar sites. Please note this is for a direct ICANN accredited registrar, not a site that will resell domains through a 3rd party site (like opensrs).

The system must maintain all communication with major TLDs (Verisign, PRI, etc) and handle domain registrations, deletions, updates, renewals, whois. As well as other standard features:
* Integration with 3rd payment payment gateways, Ability to perform all standard billing actions
* Integration with Fraud detection system (Maxmind fraud)
* Standard user control panel + Admin panel
* Automated emails to remind clients of domain expirations

Advanced features were looking for:
* Complete reseller capability. Allow clients to resell our services with white labeled site
* Ability for clients to put up domains for auction for other users to login and buy
* Easily add other TLDs in the future as needed
* SUPPORT. You will have to maintain the software long term and the servers.
* Communication . This is very important, we need to be able to speak to you on AIM, ICQ, MSN during EST business hours and expect daily updates.


IF this project works out, we will have many more for you!!!

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Web Based JAVA SIP Client

I need a web based JAVA-SIP client to add SIP phone capabilities to web applications with a Javascript API . Something like
The idea is to host the "core" jar files in our media servers: our customers can open a popup (link) in their websites that will call our domain ( in order to use the webphone.


* SIP and RTP stack (compatible with standard VOIP servers)
* Standard java applet (no installation required. runs directly from browsers)
* Should work on Windows, Linux and Mac and support the most popular web-browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera.
* Fully skin-able (HTTP/CSS). Should be easily modified (by ourselves) to match the look and feel of existing web applications.
*Standard G711 codec

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