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Research On Asian Indian Women In The United States

We are looking for someone to conduct demographic and consumer behavior reserach on Asian Indian women in the United States with specific focus on New York, New Jersey, Texas,Georgia, California, Florida, and Illinois.

For 2009 or later

Overall % of the US population that is Female American Indian between the Ages 22-60.

What % of the seven states listed above is Female, Asian Indian between the Ages 22-60.

For each state we want to know the following:
Top 5 cities they reside in:

Then we need the following statistics broken out by US, By State, and by the top 5 cities in each state
% single vs married ,% born in the us vs foriegn born, employed vs. stay at home, educated vs. not educated, household income; ethnicity (ex. gujarati, sikh/punjabi,benjalis, marathi, south indians, etc)

We would like any retail statistics you can locate on this demographic.

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Website To Print Temporary From State Of Florida Website

I dont need website I need program that will allow my customers to print tags from the state of FLorida website (List of requirements)

(Example Websites that provide same service)

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Flash Banner Needs 4 Links Add To Hit State(Actionscript 2)

I have a flash banner that needs four hyper-links added, to image hit states, in actionscipt 2. Should be an easy project for an actionscipt 2 specialist.

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If you are an experience English writer and have a large vocabulary, this will be a very ease job.

You basically have to take the already written articles from a competitors website and re-right them. However, they have to be well re-written so that it will no be embarrassing to us as they can accuse us of coping them…

I need, 50 articles about real state, traveling and real state law… rights of the tenant… etc…

If English is not your mother tongue DON NOT apply.

I will give you one article to write before I grant you the bid.

I will pay every ten articles written.

Thank you and good luck,

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PHP – MySQL – OsCommerce – City/State Search

I need the current search on expanded to include more Cities, Counties and States. I have tables already built in and need Dallas County in Texas added for now. So when a user selects Dallas County from the County drop down, the Cities in Dallas will be displayed in the Multiple City box. This part is mostly data mining for the Cities associated with Dallas County – Texas.

The programming part is needed for the Search on the home page. Ajax functionality needs to be built into the State drop down. When a State is selected, all the cities will be listed for that State.


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Only For INDIAN Freelancer

Only For INDIAN freelancer

We are INDIA based Company that provides Forex Signal with Money back guarantee. We are looking for sales representatives to improve our sales on different State in INDIA

We don

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Data Entry – Copy/Paste Project For My Blogs. Long Term

I need worker who will do data entry for long term job.

Freelancers also apply for this job need good English knowledge and fast internet connection.

The task for 1 day:

1. Ill give you the theme, for example about Texas State of America
2. You have to collect and post data on my blog
2.1. Info 20 articles about with photo, like map, herb, flags
2.2. FAQ about this State minimum 100 post
2.3. Glossary about this State (Terms,Famous places, Celebrity, Facts) 200 posts
2.4. Last 40 news about this state
2.5. Photo gallery, like Famous Places, Cities, Celebrity in this state 100 photos

3. Ill check and pay to you for this job every day.

I need 1 blog in one day.

I have more when 130 blog to go.

So bid pls for one blog, and Ill calculate how match would be it for me.
Ill pay after each blog, and if it is good job, Ill give you next task.
Im looking for long term work with good, smart operator.

Happy bidding!

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Create WordPress Pages

Need someone to create city pages on an existing wordpress site, then add links to those pages from the state pages. Page only needs city name and linked to appropriate category, then a link on state page to new city page. Takes approximately 30 seconds for each one including the link.

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Modify Or Redo Simple Classified Site

Needing to upgrade a new website ( that I would like modified to be search engine friendly, listings to have a USA Google API map (free and available from version 3). Posting an ad will require a start point (city, state) and end point (city, state) for the map, poster has choice to post contact information or not. Design a simple but nice theme whereby each pages header and footer can incorporate logo and banner ad(s), maybe rotating. Utilizing the existing script or starting from scratch with the current info is at your descretion. Being able to complete this task in a relatively short period of time and with a very reasonable price will be a great reference to one of my other (reverse auction) job posted on this site. Thank you

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Need A Search Module For The Zoo Component (joomla)

I have a site that have a directory for all the states (50). It has about 25 different categories. So I want people to be able to search listings by State, cities. Also they have to be able to enter one or more categories.

So it will a drop box with all the states, to choose their state, a drop box show with all the cities. Then they can choose a categories in the 25 categories. I want the categories to be listed so we can see themwith a checkbox.

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State/County Wide MLS/IDX On Website

We are looking for someone that can inagrate the mls/ids search feature on our website for our local state/or county mls.
We do not want iframes, we want it to look like part of the site, and work with the site.

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Add 2 Images To Web Page

I have two image sprites which I want to add to a web page. I need the html/css updated so that these images are placed in the correct location on the page. Each image contains a regular state and a rollover state so I need the css updated so that the rollover state will show on rollover. The images are of the correct width so they should be pretty easy to add to the code.

Access to a test server will not be provided, but you will be able to view the page source, download the css file and provide me with the changes required to be made to the html and css files.

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USA Map Graphicically Displayed

We are looking to upgrade our current map technology on the front of our homepage ( It is currently flash based which uses xml that allows me to customize the following items:

-Color of rollover
-Color of state
-Hover text
-Acronym of state

Two major changes need to occur in this upgrade – I need the entire US Continental Map with state outlines and I am thinking of getting away from flash. Since flash doesnt work on iphones and ipads I would like to use something that would be compatiible with those devices (e.g AJAX).

I also need something to look fresh, modern and crisp – I am not interested in any old looking maps. I am also up for a new idea of graphically displaying the states. The purpose of this graphic is to allow the users to select the state to veiw golf courses in that particular state.

I am also looking for a way to do the graphical display on each state page ( as a follow on job.

Let me know if you have any questions – I am looking for sample of something you have done similar before or a mock up of an idea.

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Complete City/State/Country Dataset

I have a list of city names such as:
* Bratislava
* Brussels
* Budapest
* Copenhagen
* Ljubljana
* Madrid

I need this list converted to a list like:
* Location.create(time_zone: "Mexico City", city: "Mexico City", country: "Mexico", market: "Latin America")
Location.create(time_zone: "Chihuahua", state: "Chihuahua", country: "Mexico", market: "Latin America")

The data entry part is easy – its the research thats going to take a but of time.

Theres 110 entries to process.

Data accuracy is key in this project – as is the timeline

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Virtuemart Shipping And Tax

I need custom settings for shipping and tax in Virtuemart, and need it done under $50.

It is a US-based store selling 1oz bottles, 4 oz bottles, and a few other items. Were using Flex2 Shipping so that is a starting point for the domestic/international requirements.

1) Shipping is $8 for orders under $100, $10 for orders over $100. If a person orders 4oz bottle(s) in the same order as anything else, it is shipped separately and will be charged an additional $8/$10.

2) 9.25% sales tax is charged to customers only whose ship to location is in the same state as the store. No sales tax outside of the state.

3) 3% handling charge on the entire order, including shipping.

4) Sales tax is charged on the shipping and handling charges, where applicable.

5) International orders will be charged actual shipping separately. This needs to be displayed on the page with some terms and conditions information about intl orders.

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Need CSS Image Map Of The USA With Rollover

I need to have a map of the United States coded in CSS as an image map with rollover effects for each state. Each state will link to an individual page.

I will provide:

1) The map image
2) The rollover map image for each state
3) The links that each state should point to

You should provide:

1) The code in CSS so that it will work on a Facebook tab.

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Mobile Booking Engine (XML) Mobile Website + Iphone App

Goal: Mobile accessible website PLUS Iphone App of a travel product booking engine (only one travel product: eg. car hire).

Material for the winning freelancer: PDF document with 65 sites with details on the OTA XML Interface (More details to qualified applicant.)

Project bid must include acceptance by apple and bug free PLUS App/Site must pass supplier certification process (XML booking without failures).

Must state your time frame to completion and have history of meeting deadline.

PS: If you are able to also include a Blackberry App with your offer than please state so in your note.
PPS: If you are able to include some country guides (very brief info on some country specifics) please state so in your offer!

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10,000 Targeted US Facebook Invites – Ohio State

I need 10,000 Facebook Invites for Ohio State as in Ohio State University, the network is called Ohio State.

All Fan invites must meet these requirements:
* TARGETED – Ohio State
* All must be real people with active accounts (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon
* All Fans must be aged 18 and over
* All Fans must have status updated that go back maximum of 20 days
* NO Fans with illegal, pornographic, hate, or racist content
* Each fan must have at least 40+ FRIENDS in their network
* All fans must be invited through 100% whitehat, facebook-approved practices for inviting new fans (e.g. manual invites etc)

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Simple Ajax Ip City, State, Country Location & Filter

Go to for and look at the grey bar to go along the instructions.

Must pull city, state and country from the visitors IP address and put that where the Your Location is.
If users want to change that location they can press Change and a ajax box will pop up with a list of different cities, states, countries. They type in an input which has a drop down that auto searches the whole list where then can click to select the right city, state, country choice. A good change icon could be:

Then once they select the new location the Your Location will change via ajax to the place they selected (and be highlighed showing that the search filter is the city instead of nationwide). Notice by default or when users change location the Your Location div needs to be neatly highlighted so it is obvious that the user knows what is selected as a filter. The page shouldnt refresh with the preference changes.

If they dont want to search by city and instead search by nation they can simply click Search Nationwide (which will highlight that telling the user that the filter for nationwide is set). The nationwide should be for the appropriate country of the users ip, and if they changed their location… then of that country.

This information (the city, state, country) will be posted in a hidden input so once the user presses submit we can grab that information from the search.php page.

I will code the search page, I just dont know ajax and I want the homepage search filter to run off ajax with those preference.

Any questions feel free to ask, this should be relatively straight forward project if you know ajax. I should also know the source to update the databases ip city, country list so I can keep up to date with the ip to city, state, countries list.

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Finite State Machines Manipulation Software

The aim of the project is to design and build software which

i.) given a deterministic finite state machine will find an equivalent machine with the smallest number of states
Let A be a given deterministic finite state machine. Finding an equivalent machine to A can be done by:
1. Construct the dual A* of A
2. Apply the subset of construction to A* obtaining an equivalent deterministic version B of A*. B recognizes the input accepted by A, written backwards.
3. Construct the dual B* of B.
4. Apply the subset construction of B*, obtaining an equivalent deterministic version C of B*. C recognizes the same input as A, and C will have the smallest number of states of any finite machine equivalent to A.

ii. given a non-deterministic finite state machine will construct an equivalent deterministic machine
When a machine reads an input symbol e.g Õ, while it is in a given state

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Mobile Web Project For

Http:// – We need a rockin mobile / ipad / blackberry / droid / anything design for what you currently see. The app needs to detect the mobile device and offer the same state of the art look we currently have and format to every mobile device out there. Needs to be state of the art, VERY fast, and any uniqueness we can get, we will take. Please post us previous mobile web pages that are fully developed by your team.

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Database Changes

This project includes a database of all cities in the united states. I need to take the database and have it cleaned up. I need to only show unique entries when compared with two separate columns. When these two columns are the same then I need to only have that unique entry and delete all the others. For instance many states have cities with the same name. For instance there would be a "city A" in maryland and washington state. I want to keep both of them. But if there are multiple zip codes for "city A" in washington state then I want only one entry to appear it doesnt matter which one.

I dont have the know how but anyone with basic excel knowledge could pull this one off with just some filtering.

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Android Application — Must Have Experience

I have a project Ive been working on for a few months on the Android platform. I need someone with experience and education to take over this project from another developer who is having problems implementing certain features. i will likely hire based on an hourly basis rather than project since this will be an ongoing development. will require signing of nondisclosure agreement and knowledge of svn. polish developers preferred!

02/10/2011 at 23:48 EST:

Please state your hourly rate in PM and state whether you are Polish as well.

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Visual Display Of Data

I need to create a webpage with a map of US. This map will be filled with data taking from a database (this database doesnt change so you can use any preferred data structure. The data is from a set of number of years and I would like users to be able to use a slider to drag to different years. The map will have different color code for different state. Also, I need to create 3 different tabs with different data. On top of that, I will like users to be able to click on a state and drill down to more detail (maybe a table). You can use any programing language that you prefer. Here is an rough example of how I want it to look like I dont need this to be done anytime soon, so email me if you have any questions.

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Detect IP Address For Website Customization (Drupal)

We need a developer to build out two features of our eCommerce website.

First feature
– Use IP detection to Customize Website

1 Display Matching Local Retailer Logos
1.1 Detect IP address
1.1.1 Use IP2Location OR Maxmind to determine visitor STATE and COUNTRY
Query COUNTRY and STATE value detected with MySql DB of RETAILERS

IF no STATE exists, label visitor in session INTERNET CUSTOMER and record STATE, COUNTRY and IP address in VISITORS DB table

ELSE IF STATE exists then query unique RETAILER records from RETAILERS table that match the state. Display small image logos on home page of each unique retailer in database table.

AFTER matching STATE logos displayed, continue to display unique records NOT EQUAL to STATE matched IP address in order to display all retailers small image logos.

SECOND FEATURE – Maintain visitor STATE/COUNTRY and Suggest Local Retailer to purchase / pickup product @ Checkout

2.1 Display list of retailers in STATE for customer to choose as pickup location

2.1.1 Provide search box under above list as alternative ZIP CODE lookup to display stores by zip code in case initial IP detection at logon incorrect.

Send user onto eCommerce process using our developer suggested eCommerce platform that integrates with Drupal and can be programmed to maintain a custom field of store pickup through eCommerce, email notification process.
An email should be sent to RETAILER via lookup of RETAILERS table to notify of sale.



3.1.1 STATE – long text
3.1.2 RETAILER_NAME – long text
3.1.3 STREET ADDRESS – long text
3.1.4 CITY – long text
3.1.5 COUNTRY – long text
3.1.6 POSTAL CODE – long text
3.1.7 REGION – long text
3.1.8 TELEPHONE – text
3.1.9 SML_LOGO IMAGE – store in server
3.1.10 LRG_LOGO IMAGE – store in server
3.1.11 RETAILER_EMAIL – long text
3.1.12 RETAILER_WEB_URL – long text


3.2.2 CITY
3.2.4 STATE

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Tele Marketing For Directory Services 1

Directory Services Packages


10% off Local and State
Directory Adverts!!

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Compile A List Of Major USA Cities Colleges

I want a list, in Excel .csv format, of the major 4 and 2 year colleges of USA cities.

I want the list organized alphabetically by State, then within the state…alphebetically again by City…then within city, alphabetically again by College name.

Only major colleges;
Not career / technical/ or vocational schools/colleges.

Therell be about 200 major US cities.
lowest bid wins.

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Article/Content Writing For Rental Website

I am looking to have content written for a 40-50 page website.
The website is apartment rental related.
Each page is specific to each state in the United States (ie. Florida, California, etc)

I looking to have general information written about each state on its specific page. Probably
about 500-1000 words each.
Content much be unique. No copying. Will use copyscape.
Must be able to use good english and grammer.


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Working Vouchers For CPC

I require a batch of working vouchers to use for adwords accounts.
They need to be working and valid vouchers.
You must state the value of the vouchers and how many you will be able to get for the
project budget you state.

Payment after checking of vouchers.

Minimum of 25 required

Future projects required.

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New York State Leads Needed

I need someone to work 20 hours a week assisting me in attaining telemarketing leads. You must have an accent-free phone voice and speak perfect English. You will be provided a qualifying survey script and must aquire names, phone numbers, and email addresses within the state of New York.

In addition to an hourly rate, there will be a $5 bonus for every sale I close that comes off your leads.

Please include your HOURLY RATE bid in your response, as Freelancer seems to deal in project total costs.

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Project RR Final State. Project For Zenith Designs

Website design. Logo. Flash. Paper AD

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