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Update Product Useng Excell

We are looking for someone to import stock status in magento. Stock status will be in excell format. programer write php file that can be reached by user name and password to do this work

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Simple Php/mysql Ip Address Manager


We need simple php script (ip manager or inventory) which will work with two tables database . Please look into attached image. That is what we need to get finally. Some expanation what scrtipt must do.
It must search, select, insert, modify, delete data and also log all action.
Some explanation on image:

1) Owner, Status column have a dropdown menu where is: Owner is list of all clients in database and Status is just menu with 2 state ("In use" and "Free").
2) Date is last record in history log. It is clickable field and when we click on it we go to new page where we could list of history records for this particular ip address. To what server this ip address have been allocated, to where or from there it was moved, and where it is now. All records timestamped.
3) When we click on "Assign" button we mention that we want add new ip address to particular server. Therefore new page open and there we select any of ip address with "Free" status (i.e. unused ip address). When we click "Save" Server record modified and server record cloned with newly added ip address. Also we forward back to main page.
4) When we click on "UnAssign" we just clean up current server record and change its status from "In use" to "Free"
5) When we click on "ReAssign" button new page open with drop down menu where we could select server to where we want move current ip address. When we select required server and click on "Save" current records cleaned up and then filled with new server data. After this we forwarded to main page.
6) When we click "Delete" selected ip address just deleted from database forever.
7) We need sort data by column "IP address", "Note", "Owner", "Server id", "Status"
8) We need search ip address using wildcard (it will be enough).
9) Bottom two form field is self explanatory – one add only one ip address into database and other add ip address and populate it by prefix. for example prefix /30 mean that two ip address will be added into database: and when we fill form with ip address and select prefix /30. You can get clean understanding about this using this url

Few word about second table. It is just history log where we script wrote all modification in main table. From inserting new ips till to deletion ip address from database.
Database SQL file included as well as php script with part of implemented function. Sure you could change everything if you knew mysql and php well.

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Vtiger Reporting Totals

We use Vtiger in our contact centre clients and we need some customised reporting. Our clients want subtotals and grandtotals in the reports based on the timeframes selected but it doesnt seem that vtiger supports the "count" function for subtotaling fields without numbers.

I have attached an example where the agent calls multiple leads and then they are assigned status such as sale, not interested, callback, etc. The report however shows all the data for the agent as this is the sort field but no function to "count" each status and produce a report that says agent a had:
sales 7
not interested 10
callback 3
total 20

See report attached that needs to be totaled. I would also like a full description of how you going to do this.

Also the dashboard view is a total from day1 … is it possible to make this dashboard by day, week, month?

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Simple Twitter Application

I need a simple twitter app.

The application would consist of:

1st page (prelander)
2nd would be twitter auth to install the application
3rd the application posts to a users status update
4th the application takes you to a landing page.

I dont expect to pay more than 60 dollars as this is a pretty simple application.

03/28/2011 at 5:07 EDT:

Forgot to add, the app must have the ability to post a status update to users account @ any time and repost messages via cron.

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Custom Plugin Admin Options Page – Change Page / Post Status


I am looking for someone who knows how to make a custom plugin. The plugin would have a custom admin options page. On the admin options page it will list specific page IDs and give the user (admin) the ability to somehow select / toggle between that page post status and select either (draft | publish)

Here is the function that changes the post status:
$post_id – The ID of the post youd like to change.
$status – The post status publish|pending|draft|private|static|object|attachment|inherit|future|trash.
function change_post_status($post_id,$status){
$current_post = get_post( $post_id, ARRAY_A );
$current_post[post_status] = $status;

Then call the function EXAMPLE

I need this function to have an admin options page and be dynamic for the user to select between draft and publish. Also the above example is for one single post.. I need it to work with 2 or more. Once you set it up with 2 or more I am pretty sure I can see whats going on and replicate it with the specific post IDs I want listed.

This should be a quick and easy gig for someone who knows wordpress and PHP – if that is you please contact me with a quote and time frame.

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Real Estate Management Website

The major function of the web application is to manage the real estate life cycle, contacts and task for a real estate company using MSSQL thru a DOT NET website/application.

Required major functions:
-Administrative Dashboard to administer the site and database
-Strong reporting with graphs, sums and categories
-Membership and roles
-Offer submission site per property
-Property Status page
-Occupant status
-Repair/preservation & Bids
-Listing information
-Marketing report
-Offer tracking
-Closing status
-File dropbox

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Printing Production Website

We are a wide format printing organisation. We are wanting a online store / production website where clients can choose from a small range of products, upload artwork (to the file system of the computer), view the progress / status of their job, email invoices and take online payments.

Simular to

Each product needs options to up sell extras and recalculate the cost of the job accordingly. (like how the dell website does when you customise a PC)

A small administrative section should allow us to update the status of each job, modify jobs and reissue invoices.

Ideally PHP and Mysql because of cross platform capability.

We already have the layout drawn but not coded for the site.

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Moving Company Tracker System

I Need a online tracking system for a Moving company, The system must develop using php/mqsql Joomla

The truck operator use an user name / password and enters the number of the order and the status location zip code

Then customer comes on site
Track order number
Graphic Usa Map
Detailed Status

Your truck is HERE : State of new york Longisland lights up

The truck company updates their positions daily.

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Tracking Order

Need a webiste for tracking order for my clients.

client part:
Track order / Consignment
Grapic status bar
Detailed Status

Add order
List order
Update Status
Change Password
Statuswide Report

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Web Scrapping And Excel Programmer 2

Generally speaking, I need a .net/C# programmer to write one trigger of excel, and one timer-controlled program of excel and web scrapping.

A). there are following elements involved in the trading process.
10). Stock trading software which is win app (no work needed)
20). Excel spreadsheet with one trigger and one program called status and two buttons. these programs are what you need to create. I will take care of structure and format of those spreadsheets.
30). Online web site (no work needed)
B). The process flow is as followings:
10). I open stock trading software at 6:30 am
20). Stock trading software will write first buy list at 6:40am to excel. List has stocks I want to buy.
30). An excel trigger should go to broker order page and fill an order and send it out,and then works on next order.
40). After 2 minutes , another excel program called status program (it should be separated from trigger) check order status on online broker, get order status, buying power, profit and etc, and update these columns of
spreadsheet. This program should send an email when finished one run. Other purpose of this action is to keep web site alive.
42). status program will check a command sheet at same time as step 40). if read "close all", status program should close all positions by sending order one by one to broker web page.
50). 6:50am, stock trading software write two lists to excel this time, one for buy and one for sell.
60). repeat step 30).
70). add a button on sheet called "close all" using the same code as 42).
80). add a button on sheet called "send order". Program check the checkboxes of a column called "send" to send order to broker.

C). The followings are optional
10). excel 2007 above
20). trigger of excel could be written in 3.5 or C# 3.5
30). status program could be written in C# 3.5
40). .net 3.5
50). logging block 3.5 for logging to access db
70). exception block 3.5 for excepion handling.

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Create ‘status Update’ Code (facebook/twitter Style)

Needed person to either modify or create a status update application then load it to my wesbite.

Code already exists on the net of status update applications, however I am wanting some simple additions to what is currently available. To be able to create original coding would be preferable.

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Modification Of Status Tab On Phpmyadmin

We want to modify the status tab on Phpmyadmin to display our own from systems we use in our company. We need to copy the data from a Microsoft SQL server into MySQL – Our status info can then be display from the MySQL db so as little as possible configuration will need to be done on the php code.

This project will focus on 4 tables.
Some logic will need to be applied to the data in these tables to decide what to show on the status screen based on certain criteria. ie. Errored lines.

It will be very simple to create logic on these four tables – they are not big.

We need to setup a setting that will automatically refresh in a certain time period if required. Maybe a drop down list where you can select update time)

We will need the developer to setup the development enviroment on their own computers where we can access to view and test rather than giving access to our network here which is not allowed. I can send you over the tables with data to work on.

Let me know if you need anymore details.

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PHP Form Inc File Upload, Database Recording & Upoad Status

A PHP script has already been written for the form at However the script doesnt seem to be working. The script is meant to record all of the information in a database and rename and upload a picture file to folder on a ftp server.

So the PHP script needs checking and changing as required, we also need a second script that will then on the next web page pull all of the information out of the database including a sequential number (our job number) and allow our customers to print this while also sending us a email notification of the upload.

We are also after a status bar for the upload, if this is able to be done for little cost.

This shouldnt be much work at all for someone with the right expertise. This needs to be done ASAP

Max of half Milestone will be paid

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XML Gateway To Excel Project

I need someone to create an excel page that automatically cross references company names against the companies house database via their xml gateway to get the company number and then cross references the company number against the database to return whether the company is bankrupt.

The excel spreadsheet should therefore have the following column headers:

Company Name, Company Number, Status.

I will then be able to add a list of 1000 companies to the company name column and the spreadsheet will show the company number and status.

The URL for the site is [Removed by Admin], go to the webcheck section. The url for the xml gateway is

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Classified Ad Web Crawler Application

Do you know what "Ghosting means? If so, please keep reading. If not, then this project is not for you.

We are a legitimate company that is hiring people all across the country for real jobs. We have been posting real job ads to find employees in other cities. Sometimes we put up job posting and then ghosted. The other alternatives (, are either expensive or do not get us the results we need. We find that classified postings give us the best candidate results so we need to continue.

So we want to create a program that helps us identify if an ad has been ghosted in semi-realtime. The program takes a link and tries to find out if it appears live on the major classifieds. We also need an interface that we can watch to show the report of status. There will be a way to enter the link into the gui and that creates a list of every ad we post. The link status is either Red or Green. Red means, "does not appear or has been flagged" and Green means "live". The application would refresh the results periodically.

For this project, I would like to pay once you can demonstrate that the program works. I dont want to pay for something if it doesnt provide the status as I described.

You must have the following

– Be able to fetch web pages over HTTP
– Be able to parse the HTML for links
– Be able to determine the locations of new pages based on relative links
– Be able to ignore types of links you werent interested in, or were malformed in some way.
– Have some kind of data structure to remember which pages have been fetched, when, and their contents.

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Ecommerce Website Development

I want to get my ecommerce CMS website developed which would include
shopping cart, and transaction gateway. Please contact me for further

1. You have to suggest me best CMS Technology like Joomla/Drupal/PHP/Magento

2. E-Commerce portal should have the following modules & features.
· Multiple Category and sub categories
· Multiple Product Listing Implementation
· Product details page Implementation
· Product stock Availability
· Image for every product Implementation
· Checkout process Implementation
· Shipping Method Implementation
· Order history and status report
– Suggestions based on Past searches/"People who bought this product
also brought this"
– SMS integration -Down the line

3. Added features:
· Customer login & Order history and status report

– Suggestions based on Past searches/"People who bought this product also brought this"
– SMS integration & Auto-mailer -Down the line (for confirmation and status on each status of order and delivery checkpoint,may also include "updates about new book added"
– Best sellers updates on banner every week(Automatic)
– support ifheader changed (optional)-Saves bandwidth when google spider comes for page cache
– Discount stickers (should be applicable per author/category/publisher/& individual book) and price updation matrix automatic before checkout
– Testimonials
– Integration of automatic blog updation from Testimonials on configured links(if blog websites supports)
– Auto-mailer on certain events- eg gift voucher on customer birthday/seasonal.
– Flash work – a bit
– Events going on with Company (in a short banner and auto-mailer eg promotional event or seminar)

Please quote your price and estimated time of delivery

Best regards,
Atir Khan

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Security ID Badge Management Application

We are seeking a freelancer capable of developing a visitor management software.

Part of our security requirements, we have a need for an application which would allow us to generate ID badges.

Receptionists should be able to take a picture from a visitor with a webcam and this picture should be printed on the ID badge as well as the following information:

First name
Company name
Car registration number
Status (trusted or general)
Valid from date
Valid to date

When the badge is generated there is also a requirement to generate a unique ID number which is just a sequential number, this should be printed on the badge.

If a badge has a

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Order Tracking System

I need someone to Build a Basic Order Tracking System which uses PHP and Mysql,
It needs an admin GUI and a User GUI

Where a user will type in Order NO: Xxxx for example and the user will see that the order is ready for collection or still in process

I will then need a secure admin section that you can see all the orders and status and the ability to edit the orders to update the status.

Ideally users will be able to create a profile to see previous orders and current orders.

aswell as the ability to check order number without having to login.

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Integrated Order & Customer Management Portal


I am a small ISP in Canada and require an application where I can add customers and track the status of their various orders to completion, and once the order is complete have it act as a CRM & support system.

Customer Management:

-Create customers and hold their standard information

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Read TCP Socket And Write To S3 Database In AWS EC2

To build a configure and build a simple "prove of concept" application in AWS (using EC2 Linux t1.micro instance and S3) to,

Monitoring and parse incoming data at a TCP socket. Data (a CSV string) is sent from an external host, parsed CSV strings and write into a data-base table.

Sample incoming data/string (e.g. sent from remote Hyperterminal in TCP mode) to parse and write into a database table


save into table "demo_data"



The above is complete deliverables for this POC phase of this project.

Freelancer is required to email all source code, DB table structure and relevant keys to complete the project.

We will provide an authenticated AWS trial account during the period of development (e.g. 1 week).

Satisfactory completion could lead to further work on this project.

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Facebook Orientated IPhone App

I would like an iPhone application to be built that is able to connect to a users facebook account and then pull information from the users own status, as well as the status of all their friends. The application then needs to convert this information into a string from which certain keywords can be picked out. No attention to graphics needs to take place all we want is the above functions to be implemented and therefore this should not require too much work I would imagine.

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Magento File Upload Status Bar


im looking for someone wo can make an upload status bar for me in Magento. Bar indicates the progress of the file-upload. No small image(pre)view needed.

Best regards


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Amazon Ecommerce Site

Im looking for Amzon affiliate site similar to this: .
Site should not use Amazon checkout but save orders locally (consecutive order number, basic client info + requested products information with the price – site admin will be processing orders for clients).
Prices need to be converted to another currency based on predefined rules.
Site should keep status of the order (site admin should be able to change the status of the orders, which should generate email to the client).

I would prefer that this site is developed in ColdFusion but will consider other languages.

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Rma Online Tool Best Based On PostgreSQL

We need for our RMA-procedure the following tool.
1. From customer side:
a. Customer has a defect and opens our website, e.g.
b. He creates a customer account with LogIn, uploads his copy of his invoice, inputs what he bought when and what defect he has, gets a RMA-number and if he wants a UPS-label with which he can send the goods for free to us (when he is in Germany and bought the goods within 30days). To be able to get that label he has to activate a field where stands

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Simple Counter Strike Server Status Function


The request is pretty simple: I need a script (both php or javascript) that can call a Counter Strike server and get this data:

– Server Status (online or offline)
– Current Players/Max Players
– Current Map

I will need to call the script as a function, something like getServerStatus(SERVERIP,PORT) and get as result an array with the data needed

***Script have to work with both CS:Source and CS 1.6***

Thats all, pretty easy script for who know how to do this – Start your PM and bid with the number 42 so Im sure you understand all

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Virtuemart Expert Needed To Remove "Pending" Order Status.


I currently use Virtuemart version 1.1.6 and Joomla version 1.5.22.

Presently, if a customer places an order through Virtuemart but doesnt complete the transaction by paying for it, Virtuemart will still create and save the order with an Order Status of "Pending."

What Id like is to instead, not have these "Pending" orders saved at all. They just seem to take up space and deduct items from the available inventory that havent even been paid for yet.

I understand that core changes to Joomla / Virtuemart may be necessary. As long as they are clearly labeled, that is perfectly fine.

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Query Management System(QMS) is a Tool similar to Ticket Management System. It is basically for Support for some of the applications developed by the company. When the Users of the application face a problem/issue , they log into QMS tool, and raise a ticket. Support team will get auto email and will take action. During the phase, the ticket goes through varied status like NEW ,OPEN, ONHOLD,CLOSED . If the users are satisfied with the result, the ticket goes to CLOSED status, else they can reopen the ticket. And assigned engineer will get auto email. Every time the user raises ticket , till its closed status, mails fly To and Fro between the user and support team in this tool QMS with mail trail. Separate Admin access has to be provided to Manage Departments and Staff which is accessible and viewable only to him. There is also an Escalation Matrix, where time limit and Escalation email id(team lead level) is set and maintained by admin , like a check whether ticket has been attended, in case of not attending or exceeding the time limit, auto emails will shoot to corresponding person. Scheduling Algorithm should be used in allocating the query to the support members according to the status of their work.


Front End/GUI Tool : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Operating System : Windows
Language : C#.NET
Back End : Sql Server 2008
Web Server : IIS 6 or 7
Browser : Internet Explorer or above,Mozilla Firefox

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Web Design

Need changes to existing website in .net Framework 4 with SQL express dbase. Site must display sportsmen shooter national ranking and dedicated status for Governmental use. Status dependant on required events completed, scores achieved and yearly subscription paid. Events and score detail to be replicated to centralized dbase from existing remote client developed in VB.NET with access dbase. Approximately 200

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Web Design

Need changes to existing website in .net Framework 4 with SQL express dbase. Site must display sportsmen shooter national ranking and dedicated status for Governmental use. Status dependant on required events completed, scores achieved and yearly subscription paid. Events and score detail to be replicated to centralized dbase from existing remote client developed in VB.NET with access dbase. Approximately 200

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Feed Back Loop Management Software

I want to automate the registration of nine feedback loops, as new domains are added each week.


DB Table: fbl
Fields: id (auto increment)/user_id/active/msn/yahoo/aol/comcast/bluetie/cox/rackspace/roadrunner/usanet

Only one record per user.

Fbl status:
0 – waiting
1 – request (cron 1)
2 – confirm (cron 2)
3 – success (cron 3)
4 – failed (cron 3)


1) Cron:
a) Check fbl records to see if active=1 and any new users fbl registrations need processing (status=0). If active=0 check next record etc., if all status0 finish.
b) Complete form using user data from db
c) Solve/complete Captcha
d) Submit
e) Update user fbl status =1

2) Second Cron:
a) Check Mailbox (all fbls forwarded to one mailbox)
b) Process confirmation emails and simulate link click, list of strings to parse/match will be given. e.g. Yahoo and To confirm this request, click here: http://link
c) Update user fbl status =2
D) Move email to fbl-processed mailbox

3) Third Cron:
a) Check Mailbox (all fbls forwarded to one mailbox)
b) Process success/failed emails and update user fbl status =3/4, list of strings to parse/match will be given. e.g. Rackspace and CIDR ranges approved

I need three crons, not everything in one.

Also, I dont particularily want you to hardcode cron (1) with regards to simulating browser actions, instead I would like you to investigate one of these methods, probably selenium is best.

It is firefox plugin that records user actions in browser, therefore I can record my actions and save as php (or other language). You can then replay through script. The form text would be swapped for variables etc. so cron script replaces with db info. This way, in future if web form changes slightly, then I can easily update script with all fbl registration actions.


Platform: Linux PHP5 MySQL5

Please advise

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