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Guaranteed DMOZ Listing For Two Sites

Ive got two web sites I need listing upon DMOZ with a desciption like the following

Supplier of steam shower enclosures, sauna steam cabins and whirlpool bathtubs, information on the benefits of steam showers.

Supplier of a wide range of steam showers, cabins and whirlpool baths. Uk based steam saunas

My competitors in the same field are listed under

Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Shopping: Home and Garden: Bathroom

Payment upon listing

Happy bidding

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Phpbb3 Editing.

I will attempt to explain this as much as I can.

Im starting a website using phpbb3 as the forum, I have a registration field that uses a specific number
E.X STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX I then need the forum to input this number into one of these websites below.

After the number has been put into the system and a profile is found I want the forum to add a small picture that goes under the avatar when they post and when someone clicks this small picture it will link them to the profile.

How those websites work is when you input the steam ID, example STEAM_0:1:24132537 it spits out a friend id to their profile ex 76561198008530803, I hope I have explained my self enough for someone to accomplish this.

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Task In Program Blender 3D 2.49 (2.5)

Simulate a cup of hot tea or coffee with steam over a cup. Record video from screen.
Using methods:
– Creation of a steam for a scene, using a system of particles.
– Creation of fluid in Blender 3d.

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EBay Store Marketing SEO

We are looking for someone with lots of ebay marketing experience

Our ebay store is:

We need to increase the traffic flow and conversion for sales

We specialise in Steam Showers which you can see in our ebay store

In the last 31 days we have only sold 4 steam showers
In the last 90 days we have only sold 11 steam showers

We used to be selling 20 steam showers per month and we need to get back to this level

We also need to improve our Detailed Sellers Rating extremely ASAP in anyway possible LEGALLY within eBay rules we do not want to do anything against eBay rules or threaten our eBay business

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Design Modern Steam Skin


Im paying a designer to design a modern Steam skin for me. I am willing to pay $50-$100 for this. However, I can pay more if its a really great design.

What is modern?
Make it transparent (if possible), look similar to the modern Windows 7 and Mac OS X GUI. This is basically the only requirement. I give you a lot of free room so you can bring in a lot of your ideas and HAVE FUN designing it. It is recommended that you know how to design icons and and TGA files.

Looking forward to your replies.


08/11/2010 at 12:25 EDT:

Steam = digital publishing platform of Valve. If you are not familiar with it please do not apply for this job.

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5 Articles On Steam Mops,steam Cleaners + Sauna Reviews


I need 5 articles related to steam products (steam cleaners, steam mops, steam saunas, steam rooms and steam showers.) Each article will be focused on one product each.

Length of each article is 600

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5 Articles Needed- Steam Products Related

Good day all,

I am looking for a writer who speaks and writes clear English.

I need 5 articles related to steam products (steam cleaners, steam mops, steam saunas, steam rooms and steam showers.) Each article will be focused on one product each.

The required length of each article is 700

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Online Steam Player For Mobiles

I running an Online Radio station … so far so good… and now i am thinking to give this service to my listeners mobile.

It should be a java player for Symbian mobiles and also for windows mobile. users can install it as normal applications and when they will run it it will directly play my radio station.

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Telemarketing For Steam Cleaning.

We are looking for call centers that have the ability to work their own leads, and close their own deals. We pay 25% commission for each service sign up, with our average fee being $205.00.

Our service area is the greater Dallas TX area.

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Joomla Addons

Hello, I am looking for someone who has or can create one or more of the following scripts.

[1] Steam for Joomla Hello,i am looking for someone who can create or give me a script like the one on, but for joomla. Where people must register with a steam id, and there steam community image and other information. Such as online, offline, games, games played.

[2] Joomla WHMCS Bridge A whmcs integration in Joomla with the following features:
Frameless integration

I would also like the following:
One login/user database
One admin/staff area for both Joomla and whmcs

[3] Client end latency test to ip I need a script that will be on my website, and when the client goes to the page. He or she can view there latency to a server. I guess is that the script will run a ping at the client end to the server. then show the average ping to the user. I would also like if i could set it to show the lowest ping, as well.

[4] Iphone app
I am looking for a nice looking GUI, iphone app. Where it will show the status of staff members and servers. Either it linked to webpages or the full coding on the iphone app.
If you do it via the webpage way, then you will have to do does pages as well. The status of staff is based of Skype, steam, MSN and jabber.
Something like what I am think is shown at

The servers page can just link to a page I will create.
Auto update would also be good.


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Anti-cheat Developer Needed.

Hello, I need someone for to do an easy project.
This would be based on the Game Counter-strike 1.6 through steam ™
I need an anti-cheat for the player or user to execute and have it on during gameplay.

What would this anticheat do?

– It will take random snapshots during gameplay from the users computer and send it to a server database online wheter it is a hosting server o send it to an email.

– Look for debugs altered in game if possible.

– This program should only ask for username to determine which player it is before starting it , (no need to register, just to send screenshots along with players name).

– Program needs to be running in background, must have a start button and a stop button. when the stop button is pushed the AC should: whether start sending the screenshots along with player name entered by user before starting during gameplay or send all at once at the end, it also should send a duration of how long the AC was active( for i.e. it should have a time starting when user starts the AC until it stops,.

– If possilble a design that you migth want to request from me to add to the AC or design it your self as per our desire.

-Most important overall this AC should not altered the Steam or Game coding, therefore, if this happens, Steam might ban the player.

what language program you should use to accomplished this is up to you.

For any questions about this project to clarify please PM me.

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Gaming League Script

Im looking for a gaming league script similar to,…e_scope=league

The script needs to be something like professional sports team, teams will play in a schedule based league, no ladders, or challenging.

User End, Front End, Admin, Staff
Front End
Schedules & Results
Player Transactions – Shows recent transactions of when players join new teams or leave their current teams.
Divisions and Standings – Users have the ability to see team records, standings, sorted by game, divisions.
Free Agents – List of Players who are not on teams.
User End
Registration – Sign up form
Join Team – have the ability the create a team
Private Messaging System – have the ability to contact other teams, and players.
Unique Identifier – The ability to set their unique ids based on the game eg. steam id, pb guid,etc
Create a Team – ability to create a team
Join a team – Join a team by just knowing their password. Limitations for example only team per game.
Assign Managements – the ability to have a team manager, who will be able to report wins, submit demos, kick players off the team, and file cheating disputes.
Dispute System – Dispute match results
Report Win – report win as well as the ability to enter player stats.
Admin End
Manage Staff – create or manage staff, and have the ability to set permissions, and choose what games they will be moderating.
Ban Players – Have the ability to ban players from the league.
Manage Disputes – Ability to solve disputes.
Add League- ability to a new game and league
Add Game – ability to add a new game
Sub-Divisions – for example the ability to add a sub league under a specific game. eg. counter-strike open, counter-strike professional
Delete/Add/Lock/Manage Teams – the ability to delete, add, and lock registration.
Edit Standings & Results – ability to edit results and standings.
Edit User Profiles – ability to edit passwords, e-mails, unique identifiers.
League permissions – ability to restrict the users from joining multiple teams, creating multiple accounts.
Staff End
Ban Players – Have the ability to ban players from the league.
Manage Disputes – Ability to solve disputes.
Edit Standings & Results – ability to edit results and standings.
Edit User Profiles – ability to edit passwords, e-mails, unique identifiers.

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Game Control Panel For Steam Games

We are a GSP (Game Server Provider) that currently uses a very savvy Game Control Panel which allows our clients to work with their servers, as well as our company to create and administrate their Game Servers. However, there is a lot of things missing in it. Seeing how our current system has been ioncube encoded, and we can not decode it, we are seeking to create a completely new solution (modeled after our current one). Our company is run a bit different than others, so we seek a different solution.

It will need to be coded in PHP/mySQL, and will need to have the following abilities:
1) Ability to create accounts (username/password for clients only)
2) Ability to create Admins (username/password for admins only)
3) Start/Stop/Restart Game Servers (PHP will have to connect to server via SSH & start a Screen Session, due to the nature of the games we run – Stopping server will have to have ability to know which session to kill and clean)
4) Install Games via repository files (tar.gz files put in a specific directory which must be pulled and extracted by this new system in one shot!)
5) Ability for admins & clients to use a WebFTP
6) Ability for Admins to use a Web SSH (for quick troubleshooting)
7) Ability to create servers with Game Server specifics (IE: Player Slots, Start Command, Map name… etc)
8) Billing Solution allowing client signups.
9) Emails from billing solution telling of new customers, their IP, the game theyve chosen, slots..etc
10) Monthly Billing Automation – accepting only BluePay (same API as, just pointed at BluePay services) and PayPal Standard (NOT pro).
11) Monthly reports on Paying & non-paying customers…
12) Perhaps automation to suspend non-paying accounts passed X amount of days overdue.

We realize this isnt the most clearest requests, as it is very hard to state exactly what we are asking for. The best example I can give you is SwiftPanel (Our current Game Control Panel). We basically want to re-create Swift, but ad a few things to make it more geared towards us. Please go check out the SwiftPanel project before bidding or corresponding with us. Its not a very big system at all. In fact its rather simplistic and has very few files (in comparison to some of those HUGE CMS systems out there).

This project will require a PHP/MySQL/LAMP technology guru. You will need to know how to control SSH via PHP/mySQL. You will need to be very savvy with Linux as well. One of our company owners is a PHP guru as well, and can help as much as possible – but busy schedules dont allow for much time on his part.

Please dont tell us of your "Joomla, osCommerce, Open-Source CMS" experience. As this project is far from those systems, and will require a clean build. We would consider some type of Joomla integration, but would prefer NOT to go down that road.

We are very open to your bids, ideas, and opinions! We may consider "alternative" offers as well.

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I would like to know if someone knows how to build up a GATHER SYSTEM [for a Gaming website].

This is how the gather system should work:

PLAYER registers on the website xxxx with username PLAYER1

PLAYER logs in the website (as PLAYER1) and edits profile where he adds: Quakenet Authnick (for example playerauth)+ STEAM_ID [this is the ID of the game – Counter-Strike]

PLAYER now connects on is IRC, and joins xxx channel (the "Gather" channel). On the Gather channel he finds the XXXX-GATHERBOT (responsible to launch the gathers)

PLAYER private messages XXXX-GATHERBOT with the command "auth" (XXX-GATHERBOT must, I guess, be linked to website because since PLAYER is authed on Quakenet as playerauth [the same he wrote on the website] and therefore now XXXX-GATHERBOT should auth PLAYER as PLAYER1]

PLAYER is now authed on the XXX Channel and ready to play.

XXXX-GATHERBOT launches a gather @ ip:port on de_map [0/10]

PLAYER now adds on the gather by saying !add

XXXX-GATHERBOT says: Teams: A – PLAYER1 – * – * – * – * | B – * – * – * – * – *

Other players add on this game.

When 10/10 XXXX-GATHERBOT send private message to each player with IP:PORT of the server + password of server

ONLY REGISTERED players on the gather can play (server must only allow the registered steam_ids to enter on the server)

NOW ON THE SERVER, the bot stills works and adds points to the registered players and when the game is finished reports to the site. All players can check their points on website or on irc on the channel by saying !rank username

This is it.


Any more info PM

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Steam Cards

Well on my joomla website I want a component that is like Ive created some screen shots created with photoshop I made and this is what I would like if you need documentations on steam here is the website to that Im pretty sure its going to use steam community also theirs only one difference from the steam cards at on my website i want an online and offline status I know its possible.

Here is screen #1 (This will be the frontpage)
Here is screen #2 (This will be the page where they select a design)
Here is screen #3 (This is the page after they click the design)
Now it doesnt need to be perfect… or match this now if you think it would take to long to create something Im asking for tell me what it is and Ill see what it is. Also I want about 20 designs.

My website is (For seeing what the template looks like etc.)

Other info:
– I think Jumi is a good component to create stuff i think you just need to know php then implement it within it but i dont know.
– If you need to know any other information please ask me.
– Time allocated it 1 month witch is plenty of time if you need more time please specify.
– Also when they click the ? mark font he frontpage they will see like info like they need to make sure there profile is public.
– Also i was thinking that it doesnt need to be a component you can make something that looks like the template with pure php or however it works then i can make a wrapper.

If you need to know anything else please ask!!!!

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Anti-Cheat Client (For Online Gaming League)

Hello, I am currently looking for a C/C++ programmer that can develop a stable and secure Anti-Cheat client that will do the following:

Users should be able to login with their username and password to our website, select the game they are playing (and browse to the game exe on their harddrive).
Once a player is logged in they should see a list of upcoming matches and will select the match they are about to play.
The Anti-Cheat should not take screenshots until the game is launched.

The Client should also:
– scan your processes running in your memory
– take randomized & logged screenshots while the user is playing.
– when the user is done and clicks "stop" the screen-shot should automatically upload to our website using their account and user id.

Screenshots will need to be randomized and logged when taken (when ss is taken the AC should note it via mysql database to see if players are missing screenshots).

For more information and detail about the project feel free to look over the following Anti-Cheat Clients that we like:
ESEA anti cheat.

I will need the program along with the source (I am not sure on the wording as I am new to this.)

It will be for the following games :

-CS 1.6
-TF 2
-CoD 4/5

(Pretty much all the popular game steam supports that are played on competitive leagues)

We will need repeat business via updates, optimizations and adding support for recently released hacks.

NOTE: This league will start out as Free-To-Play and hopefully progress into having a Pay-To-Play division.

I am currently serving a tour in Iraq & have about 5 months left then I am gong to be going to Afghanistan for 3 months. But myself and some buddies who are deployed with my right now want to get things lined up.


Yahoo – Erik25840

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Gaming Anti-Cheat – Contengency

This project is a set at a flat rate of $200.00


This project may also offer contingency pay for the developer. With this option you will complete the ACS and maintain it for the league. Develop and increase its capabilities. We will negotiate a pay over time contract and you have the opportunity to make much more over a long period of time.

Client must have the following:


Ability to allow users to log in with a user name and password

Anti-Cheat program must work with all games including Call of Duty, and all Steam games.

The ACS client is expected to do the following:

> Take screen captures of the users computer screen while the program is being run.
> Scan the gaming environment for programs injecting into the game. ( cheats )
> Log whether user accounts have run the Anti-Cheat and add note to the users account in the database
> All data must be sent to the site encrypted and secure


> Preferably previous anti-cheat creations
> Portfolio
> General understanding of English language
> Preferably able to skin and design visual look of ACS

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8 SEO Unique Articles

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Using the following keywords.
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Please copyscape check your articles. Please write similar information as the sites.

Payment via GAF escrow. Need them completed in 2 days maximum.

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