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Stephen Soos Requires 2000+ Twitter Followers

My name is Stephen Soos. I want 2000 and above followers to my Twitter account within the month. I am interested to discuss the project with ones who can come up with an effective proposal and strategy.

Stephen Soos

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Hi we require 300,000 GMAIL ACCOUNTS, in bulk on a regular basis immediately when required, This normally will last us approx 7-14 days then we will need to re-order.
Here are our terms- and they are non negotiable so please do not waste your time by messageng us especially if you dont agree to our test run!


If we find any accounts under the test run which has either

-Cannot send mail from UK
-Also they need to follow not a logical combination eg ..stephen(at) stephen2(at) if possible.


If we find from this list any which have the above block then please dont waste our time the winner of the bid will be someone whom provides a list of working lists with all of the above requirements.

Also before we accept your offer we want to know your price for bulk buying on regular basis of 300,000 we expect 20% discount.

If you are a quality provider then it shouldnt be an issue…! and you should understand that 2k is a complete necessity with a lot of people whom provide accounts which DO NOT meet our needs.

Were looking for long term relationship with the winner of this project.

Kind Regards
Stephen Smith
ST James Corp LTD
Sky-pe stephen.smith601

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Project For Stephen Harrow

Convert the GSBAddon to v0.8

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Update Templates, Project For Stephen Harrow

As discussed

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Website For Stephen Part 2

As we discussed. Finish the website.

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Website For Stephen

As we discussed.

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Private for Stephen

Rewriting articles at the rate of $0.50 per article.

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