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Update Product Useng Excell

We are looking for someone to import stock status in magento. Stock status will be in excell format. programer write php file that can be reached by user name and password to do this work

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12 Vector Objects

We have an ongoing need for vector images, icons, illustrations different vector objects . We will provide a description of object we need and a sketch (or photo for reference). As you see we need simple technical work.

Requirements :

* You have to be the owner of your artwork and by selling it to us you agree to transfer all the rights to us.
* You must not have bought these images from somewhere else.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed and we prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator..unless its been tidied up and looks great.
* no logotypes with company names etc.
* no images that can be seen as a copyright violation, Illustrations of Disney, Pixar etc are not useful for us.We want your work not reproductions of others. Also we can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.

* saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
*No raster textures
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stock site such as shutterstock or the many vector stock websites available. We constantly search the internet and are well aware of what is out there such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions please ! We will check it.

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Java Restaurant Software

What I would like is a software for a restaurant.
It should be composed of 2 parts: one that should be installed on waiters PDAs to help them select the order and another one to be installed on an admin computer (the one on the PDAs should communicate through wireless with the one on the computer).
The one on the PDA is meant to help waiteres take the orders. The waiter should select from bunch of categories (a top down list with items for each category). I would want the waiter to be alerted if a particular item is not in stock. After the waiter completes the order, the data should be transmitted to the central computer. Also, if a client decides to add something to his order after the initial order has been processed the software should let him do it.
Also after the waiter brings some items from the order he sholud be able to check the items ( each item should have a check box that will be checked after the waiter brings the product ) as served on his PDA, thus helping him not to mix the orders.
The software on the central computer should remember the orders for each table and compute the total amount to be payed (and send it to the PDA). The database with the total stock should have the posibility to be changed whenerver the stock administrator wants (when the restaurant receives merchandise). Also, when a waiter adds an order, the products specified on the order should be substracted from the total stock.

A similar application you can see here:

Extremly important: I need the application for an university assignment, so I need the code and the database structure.

My budget is around 50$.

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Internet Stock Update Purchase Order Monitoring

Im looking for a software to monitor the progress in our PURCHASE ORDER which needs to be update regularly, so that both sides(UK and China) will have an instant update of the current stock progress.

A simple Excel lookalike column will be great.

1) I place a new purchase order with picture, quantity and description.
2) Supplier will update whats available and estimated time to make
3) I will make another new purchase order with picture and qty and description.
4) Supplier will post out partial of the order being completed and update the system.

This will be a daily routine. This software will tell us what is not being delivered yet, so that both part does not miss out any order places before.

If the ordered being delivered, it will move to a second tab (or second page), so that we can easily keep track on which order is still in progress to avoid double ordering.

Auto time and date stamp on each order if possible.
Password protected.

Thank you.

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Blackberry App (next Will Be Android, Nokia, IPad, Etc)

This is a project to build a BlackBerry App

Next after that we will do same for Android, Nokia and iPad
Supported Operating System Versions: BlackBerry OS 5.X and later
Supported Devices: non-touch – 8500, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, 9700

Please get back to me discuss further. submit your profile and few of sample works done with similar projects. will select a developer who will able to complete within short time and best project cost.
DESIGN points

Splash screen will be used with our logo on the black background
After splash screen will be a registration screen: name/tel/postcode/country(drop box) where email is automatically set by Blackberry. The submit button sends these registration details to our support.

1) I like the functionality of this app:
Here is a poor version:
Use free data feed, not paid data (you can use free Yahoo feed
this is a font and colours for the index charts/details
Include markets and indexes
And Commodities

2) Integrate with 10 social networks: 3 Global – Twitter, FB, Linkedin,
2 Russian –,
INVITE FRIEND by EMAIL and social networks – Share the application with your friends and help them monitor and manage their portfolio.

3) Data free, not paid data feed

4)Content as must: stock quotes, (default preset is ASX australian market) and add indexes (default preset is major indexes, commodities, charts, news,


MARKET OVERVIEW – Monitor market trend with latest information on equity indices, commodity, and currency.

MARKET MOVERS – Get market data of most active stocks, gainers, and losers

WATCHLIST/PORTFOLIO – Customize your watchlist (like here CAN ADD PORTFOLIO )

CHARTS – View market trend from a variety of equity index and stock charts.

NEWS SEARCH – Read news that is moving the markets. Find the latest news on any listed stock using free internet data feed.

STOCK SEARCH – Search by stock symbol or stock name.

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Getting Data From Google Finance API

I require someone to write me a script to extract the following from google finance using the google finance API (

Open price
Close price
High price
Low price
Volume traded
Share code

This needs to be done for every stock in the asx (australian) stock exchange which I can supply as a list and should ultimately be stored in an online table.

Every day I want to run this script (cron job) and have it dump the end of day data to a mysql database so that I can build up historical data for share prices in the australian stock exchange.

All of the information on how to interrogate the google finance API is supplied by google in the link above and I will be suppling the list of companies for which the data needs to be returned, therefore I dont see this as an overly complicated job.



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Import Stock Updates Into Magento 1.5

We are looking for a PHP script that will update stock levels in Magento by directly writing updates to the MySQL database. The information is provides as a CVS file (two columns SKU and stock level) sitting on a local file system. The script iterates through the Magento product table using the SKU (the SKU in the Magento is prefixed – so the prefix needs to be stripped of; only two letters) to look up stock values in the provided CVS file and updates Magento with this value. If the value is Zero that that product has to be set to out of stock in the database as well and if the value is greater than Zero it needs to be verified that the product is set to in stock. If a Magento product (SKU) is not in the provide CVS file an Email should be send with that SKU.

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Showing Stock Size Wise On Magento Platform

I have a clothes website on magento platform. when I add a product it does not give choice of ptting in information of (for example) how many dresses I have in small size and so on. In inventory it just takes the stock in total. When somebody buys one size it reduces one item from total stock and not particularly from that size. I want my website should show how many items of every size are there and which size is out of stock on front end.

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Vector Objects Are Needed!

Vector objects are needed! If you are vector artist and your passion is to create vector illustrations

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Investor Membership Website

I am looking for a developer to put together a membership based website. The website will be similar to an investor newsletter that only allows viewing of premium content on a subscription basis. The website must be built using some form of content management platform like drupal or joomla. The only constraints on the platform are that it needs to allow an unsophisticated financial analyst to enter and manage content (WYSIWYG) and it needs to be one of the platforms available through

Other required features of the website are:

1) Required pages are:

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Brief Company And Stock Market Analysis

Looking for someone to write a description and macro-economic analysis of my chosen company, as well as a general analysis of stock market conditions and returns on market indices. Should be a simple job, around 6-7 pages total. More info will be given to bidders.

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Financial Management Practices In India

Topic: Financial Management Practices in India
1. You are required to identify a listed company and inform the details to the module leader by week 3. (This is to avoid any two students working on the same company.)
2. This project work will essentially be a secondary study and the data will be available on all the following sites:-
a. (should be preferred)
3. Then as the course progresses you are required to comment on the corporate finance practices in your chosen company. You are required to comment upon the policy regarding the following pointers and discuss how each has been affecting the stock price of the company?
a. Capital structure of your company?
b. Try calculating the WACC?
c. Dividend Policy? Cash of bonus shares?
d. Event study of any event like stock splits or reverse stock splits, bonus issue, name change, change in management, mergers or any other significant news?
e. Using CAPM, calculate the intrinsic value of the share.
Page Limit: 10 pages of A4 size. (Font size: 12, Times New Roman, Single line space)

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Stock Ticker

I need a stock ticker made. Ill pay $100 for this.

stock ticker like control to put on the home page of the site. They would like:
1) The control put on the test server first for the to approve
2) To scroll through user defined test for multiple events that the web site user could click on a particular entry and route them to a url
3) There should be an section under the admin portion of the site where they can maintain it.

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Adaptable Web Based Fully Serviced Stock Broking Site

We require a very user friendly stock and unit trust (mutual fund) investment web site, where investors may drill down into detail analysis, as they acquire more skills and comfort. Instruments will be analysed and presented to investors in a risk/return matrix for easy decision making. Investors may choose to invest as lumbsum or monthly installments based on their selection criteria. Funds will flow from investor bank accounts (not credit cards) to our company, from where it will flow to the Stock Exchanges (9 in total, but expandable) and Mutual Fund Managers (possibly say around 50 per country in at least 7 different countries. Information will be accessed from a large database. Information will flow from and to website to investors/banks/exchanges/fund managers. The system needs to integrate with a secondary analysis system (which still require development). Detail might not be sufficient for a quote, but to my defence we are still in process to appoint an internal it person to provide additional guidance, process and terminology, but i would like to get an idea of what skills and experience is out there.

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Integrate Product Feed From Supplier

I currently own a webstore and some of my products are dropshipped. My supplier updates an xml file and a csv file every hour to let me know how many items are on hand. This helps me keep track of my inventory so that Im not selling out of stock items.

Unfortunately I am manually checking this everyday, which takes a considerable about of time.

I am looking for someone to integrate this feed into my shopping cart so that my stock levels are automatically updating themsevles.

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We have the Price file for various items, we need to generate stock table that are in the price file, the price file is in the FTP folder of the site, we need someone to generate the Stock values quantity and display them on the Site into an html table, using whatever coding for a 3D Cart Store, We dont have access to any Database or Source code, so if you are familair with 3d cart, you can make javacscript html table with a simple txt or csv flat file from the FTP Folder, then itll be great and we also haev XML that can be integrated but not sure how. Someone pelase help.

Waiting For Offer, small budget, aorund 50$ to 75$ Max.

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Stock Management Plus Accounting Software Needed

I run a company where i sell shoes in whole sale.

we have a product number 9844kjj and we sell them in terms of boxes and not single piece.

I need a system where i can load all those boxes in my warehouse with a product number and when I sell them and create invoices the stock automatically goes down and goes up when I add more boxes and products.

should tell me daily sale

I sell products on cash as well as credit so I should be able to know which invoice was credit and cash and also should be able to enter cheques if i receive a cheque against an invoice or partial payment.

I should be able to save customers. or add a new customer or should be able to choose already added customers while making an invoice.

I am open to a desktop app or web no problem.

Only bid if you already have one really dont have time to build from scratch. Have limited budget its a new business to quote wisely

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We have a 3d cart store, and we want real time stock table to be generated in each item page, corresponding to the item itself, based off the csv file located in the ftp folder. Simple coding i beleive, bidding is around maximum 100$, we have thousands of products, we need real time stock based on CSV file in ftp file.

site is in ASP/ SQL , Source files are off limits, cannot touch any source file or database.
only access is ftp, and base off the real time stock from the CSV file.

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Countdown Virtuemart

I need a component designed for a Website, based on Joomla that will perform with Virtuemart to show two different Countdowns on the product pages (frontend) of Virtuemart in an trendy look.
One Countdown-function shall count the disposable stock quantity to zero.
The other Countdown-function shall count the time (days, hours, minutes) which is left to the end of the offer (end time must be adjustable in the backend of the component).
It should be possible to select in backend which Countdown-function is displayed at the product, Stock, Time, or both.
Also it should be able to display the funktion in frontend in german language.
A trendy look to display a countdown-function like that is on (the sandglass is not required).

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Flash Product (Case/Skins) Designer / Customizer

Reference Website: / /
Upload My Artwork or Use Artwork Library

Project Descriptions:
1. Smooth Movement
2. Rotate, Resize Artwork by Hinge
3. Support Large Uploaded Files (up to 10MB)
4. Support Multiple Canvas (Different Models)
5. Support PNG, JPG, GIF
6. Terms Agreement Notification (Popup) before uploading.
7. Choose/Swap Canvas
8. Canvas & Overlay Glossy Layer (Glossy Effect)
9. Artwork Stock Library (By XML)
10. Uploaded/Chosen Stock Image Resize and Placed in Canvas
11. Design Preview
12. Boundary Transparency (1cm outside Canvas)
13. Warning / Notification (File Size / Resolution / RGB / Bleeding, Printable Area)
14. Progressive Bar on Loading

Integration with Magento:
1. Add a

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Stock Forum Posting

Hello i need forum posters that know how to trade stocks and under stand ir marketing i need forum posters to post on my stock picks all on the main stock forums out there please get back too me asap

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Stock Portfolio For Joomla

We need a stock portfolio manager for a joomla website.

The PHP stock portfolio manager should allow a user to add, modify and delete stocks from a portfolio. Stock quotes should be sourced form Yahoo Finance.

The user should be able to edit his portfolio (Add/Edit stocks) and the portfolio manager should be able to to retrieve the stock value, and tabulate the total value of individual shares, total value of the portfolio, Total Gains/losses etc..

If further info is needed please do post a message.

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Stock Traders / Investor Email List

Needing a fresh, genuine stock traders/investors email list of 100-250k real names and emails, must be single or double opt-in, not crap emails scraped using software like scrapebox, etc…

You need to send me a list of at least 5k emails to test the quality of your list before me accepting the bid.


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Website Up Grade

This is the specification for revamping website

We make the following points

1. We want to keep most of the content of the existing site, we are happy with the categories and the layout but need some changes
2. The home page to be more dedicated to a parts sales with a section to search parts for parts available
3. We want a better appearance for cars breaking section and make it smoother, the existing way via wordpress looks quite blocky
4. In the parts section we need a full scale shopping cart facility
5. We wish to categories the parts as in ebay under vehicle parts listings
6. We want an easy to use dashboard that will do the following
a) Allow us to log details of cars that come to stock
b) Allow photos of cars that come to stock to automatically displayed, in the cars breaking section , and once the car has been dismantled to retain the photograph for the shopping cart listings
c) Allow a printed sheet to fit no more than 2 sheets of A4 to be generated, to give deatils of car and items of potential stock, this will help when we break a car
7. Site to be developed with SEO in mind

Overall we are happy with the colour scheme and wish to keep- if it is easy to change logos etc then we may consider this. If the developer finds that it is better for him to start from fresh on a new web development template that is fine as long as the web page load ups etc are fast. It might be easier for him and cheaper for us

This is a revamp with adding a few new features not a complete website development package- so we expect a reasonably quick turnaraound

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Android Icons For A Financial/stock Quote Application

I am looking a designer to produce icons (in multiple sizes) as required by the android platform. The design guidelines are available at

The icons are for an application that displays stock quotes. Stocks are grouped into watch lists. User can track the stocks he/she is interested in by setting up watch lists. The apllication retrieves latest stock prices and displays them on the screen.

The following icons are required:
1. Launcher icon
2. Menu icons (Add List, Select List, Manage Lists, Options, Rearrange, About, Exit)
3. List View icons (Rearrange, Delete)

Vector graphics are preferred.

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Need A Photo, Either Original Or Alter From Stock Photo

I need a photo that shows a solider resting somewhere in the battle field or in the barrack, looking at a small photo frame. The photo frame should be in such a position/angle that the reader can see the contents of the photo in the photo frame.

You can shoot an original photo of that kind if that is inexpensive. Or you can find a proper photo from a stock photo website and then alter it to meet the requirements. In this case, show me the photo you find and Ill go that stock photo website to buy it.

Also, usually the stock photo website has small sample photos to download before buying. You can work on that small photo a little bit to show me how you would alter the photo.

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Looking For Article Writing For Finance Domain

Angel Brokings tryst with excellence in customer relations began in 1987. Today, Angel has emerged as one of the most respected Stock-Broking and Wealth Management Companies in India. With its unique retail-focused stock trading business model, Angel is committed to providing

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Do My PHP Programming Homework

Create a stock portfolio manager using PHP. The PHP stock
portfolio manager should allow a user to add, modify and delete stocks from a portfolio. When
a user adds a stock record, the stock tick and number of shares should be collected. The
information should be added to a file with the date and time the stocks were added. On the
same page or a separate page, a program should read the file, make the appropriate calls to
Yahoo Finance to retrieve the stock value, and tabulate the total value of those shares (multiply
the number of shares by the current stock value). Additionally, a total value of the portfolio
should be shown to the user. The user should also be able to modify the number of shares or
delete any stock record from the portfolio. The following statement will retrieve the relevant
information from Yahoo Finance:
$open = fopen("$stock&f=
sl1d1t1c1ohgv&e=.csv", "r");
The use of sessions or persistent memory is optional for this part of the assignment. However,
you are welcome to use PHP sessions for this assignment as well.
Grading Rubric

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Finance Journalist For Fresh Content On Website

We are looking for a very knowledgable and experienced journalist to write 3-5 athentic news articles per day featuring different financial news/ publicly traded companies; etc. You will know how to input into WordPress for our website. The articles will need to be 400 or more words in length.

We are also looking for Ezine article submission, using our key words, and providing information on stock trading.

Please only apply if you are familiar with stock trading, if you have written feature articles on companies, and if you are proficient in WordPress. It would be a bonus if you also had an eHow account.

If we like your work, we will work out a weekly or monthly rate and pay you that way.

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Video Post Processing For IPad


We need a video to be cropped and post processed to same size as for playing on iPad screen, portrait format.

You will need to take our stock video file, and edit / and find a point to loop it continuously.

1. is the video we will send you.

2. We need a vignetting effect like and feel free to add other effects, as we need it to feel "high fashion", like

3. Video time can be 5-10 seconds, depends on where you can find a point to loop the video.

4. Ensure it is iPad aspect ratio, and portrait.

5. We also need output to JPG format, frame by frame as we may need to buffer the video for other purposes.

6. We will have similar work in future so please post your Youtube showreel etc for us to consider your services.


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Video Post Processing For IPad


We need a video to be cropped and post processed to same size as for playing on iPad screen, portrait format.

You will need to take our stock video file, and edit / and find a point to loop it continuously.

1. is the video we will send you.

2. We need a vignetting effect like and feel free to add other effects, as we need it to feel "high fashion", like

3. Video time can be 5-10 seconds, depends on where you can find a point to loop the video.

4. Ensure it is iPad aspect ratio, and portrait.

5. We also need output to JPG format, frame by frame as we may need to buffer the video for other purposes.

6. We will have similar work in future so please post your Youtube showreel etc for us to consider your services.


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