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First Street

I need a take off of the Architectural and Structural prints for the steel work on this project. I need a materials list and a breakdown of man hours preparing the steel in our steel shop and the man hours on the job site.

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Restaurant Website

Develop a duel purpose website for the Botany View Hotel and Darley
Street Bistro.

The website must be visually attractive, highly functional and
provide both establishments with a user-friendly solution for their

The site must have clear navigation and enable customers to click between
the venues (including DSB

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Web Scraping

You will need to scrap 4 different websites and organize the data into relevant fields in an Excel worksheet.

Fields are: company name, street 1, street 2, city, zip code, country, phone, fax, email, URL, product category, etc. You will receive a template to follow.

Reply to this project if any interest and I will send you more info.

I have regular jobs of that type, so if you can do an excellent work (QA is very important), then we will be friends for a long time. And you will receive excellent ratings from me.


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PHP – MySQL – OsCommerce

Need a developer with osCommerce experience that can complete the following. This site is a heavily customized osCommmerce backend. Developer needs to also be able to implement Google Maps street view on one of the pages. There is currently a regular map but we need the street view instead. DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE A LOW RATING. DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NO RATING. ALL CHANGES MUST BE DONE ON MY SERVER AND RELEASE OF ESCROW WILL HAPPEN UPON SUCCESSFUL TESTING OF ALL CHANGES AND CODE REVIEW.
– TIE INTO products_status

– VIEW INVOICE – PULLED FROM Final Contract: field in the admin.
– Admin acct will be provided
– ADD PROPERTY DESCRIPTION EDITABLE FIELD – tied into products_description.

IE Issues
– Unable to login.

ADD THIS –,4269

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Search Google For Street Addresses And Paste To Spreadsheet

I have an existing spreadsheet of Business contact details. I have all data, except the "Street Address" column

I have SUBURB, CITY columns already.

All I need, is for you to Search Google and fill in just the business "Street Address" column


24 Lincoln Road

No other details needed.

Around 990 "Street addresses" to search on Google, and paste to the spreadsheet.

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Voiceovers For Club Promo – Street But Well Spoken – UK

Looking for voiceover talent to be use for club promotional material.

preferably female but listening to males too
energetic and youthful
street sounding but not trashy or common
must be a UK southern / london accent
black / mixed race (not essential)
high quality audio a must

possibility to work permanently across many years and many platforms with us. (our current voiceover person has made over 500 productions for us)

User will be chosen based on their showreel or, better still, if they provide us with a dry demo of our own script.

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Website Info To Csv File.

I would like a script that pulls information from a website and saves it to a csv file.
The website is:

If you go to that page, you will see a table. The information that I need is the Address, Folio #, and Name. Also, the other information that I will need is found in the Folio # link. If you click on one of the Folio # links, scroll down and you will see the "Current Owner(s) Information." I need the name and address that is highlighted in green.
This information spans several hundred pages.

The finished csv file should have 4 columns.

Folio #
Current Owner(s) Information

I found that you can get to the next pages by either clicking "Click here to view next page" or by changing the last digit in the web address. For example, the address is: http://…&Street=A%20DR&Page=0 which is the first page. http://…&Street=A%20DR&Page=1 would be the second page, http://…&Street=A%20DR&Page=2 would be the third page and so on.

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Transfer Google Maps & Icons To My Own Database


I have a web site that is all google maps. The google maps and icons have been created and now located as default at google maps online via gmail. Now I want to export all my maps, icons and all information that you can see online at google to my own database that also needs creating. I want the maps once the transfer has abeen completed and the transfered of all data that is now on the maps to the data base to look really cool using the latest possible functionality.

I want the info / dialogue boxes to look really cool and I want to be have all the functionality of clusters etc.

I want the person who works on this project to be dynamic, proactive and as such he will be passionate about giving me the best possible map presence with future work guaranteed to the successful bidder. Once you discover what the project is I am sure you will be pretty excited as your work will soon be revealed to a global audience and if your good I guarantee you a long term association with my self. I am not technical so I am trusting you to make my map web site the best possible with little direction from my self so you must be Proactive, assertive and dynamic with all aspects of google maps, php, database etc.

01/18/2011 at 13:11 EST:

So I require that you know, understand and can implement all of this and more if we are going to continue to work together.

Data Processing
Simple Geocoding
Extracting Structured Geocoding Data
Reverse Geocoding
Pre-Fetching Geocoding Data
Accessing Geocoded Data via RSS
Accessing and Displaying KML Data
Adding Advertising to your Map
Using Traffic Overlays
Showing Simple Directions
Processing Directions
Adding Simple Street View Objects
Setting Street View Properties
Showing Street View Support on the Map
Accessing Street View Data

Thank you Monika

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Web Scraping Data And Putting Into Excel

I need to get the exhibitor list for this url scraped and put into an excel sheet.

The data needs to be parsed with the following fields

company name, booth number, street address , (street address 2 if needed), city, state, zip code, country, telephone ,fax , product categories

The default for the scraping can be the USA so if there are errors there can be some for countries with 1 or 2 firms..

This is meant to be a fast turnaround project (within 24 hours)

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CiviCRM And Drupal Program Bug Fixes

We have a website which uses CiviCRM and Druple which has some issues. Please review the following list.

Below is my list in priority order (1 and 2 are equal):

1) Fix reports and vendor info pages so the information they are required to enter shows up in html reports (and excel exports).

Street Fair: if you click on any vendor name after doing a search little of the info they entered in to sign up shows. The most important info is what the state requires us to submit. In fact if its not too much trouble a report called Dpt of Revenue Report with just that info would be ideal:

-Vendor Name (Business)
-First and Last Name
-Sales Tax ID

Space number for the Street Fair should show in the reports also. Ideally on every page since thats often a first question.

2) Same thing as in #1 with Member information. Most important information here is membership status and renewal date.

3) Also can you double check the expiration process. It doesnt look like membership expires when they dont renew. Its supposed to go "New" for the first month (i believe) then to "Current for 10 months then to "Grace" for 1 month, then to "Expired." It appears that no one expires. This means that expired members are still on the website unless we take them off manually. Also theyre supposed to get a reminder email when they enter the "Grace" period to renew. I dont think that is happening. ( [obscured] should get that email too i think…i havent looked at it lately but I think thats a setting I can control in CiviCRM).

4) Map of the Street Fair should be broken out into a public page also that can be viewed at any time after the fair has closed. This should be adjustable to new Street Fairs….The Street Fairs are set up so that we can archive all old Fair information. So the fair for next year will be the 35th Annual Street Fair (vs the 34th that is the only one we have right now). We would want the map to link to the new one automatically or over top/in place of the old one if possible?

5) We should have a link that we can activate on the front page that will take visitors directly to the Street Fair Page:

6) Need to adjust the Sales Tax ID number so that the same number can be entered. It should replace the previous one entered under the vendor name. Currently a number cannot be entered in twice.

7) We need a newsletter template designed for bulk emailing to our email list.

8) Id like the meeting minutes to be stored on the site and searchable by the members. Ideally the minutes can be typed into a standard (email?) template by the Secretary that the Secretary can submit to the membership then also archive it on the website for later reference.

Two others that I can handle but may need help with:

-We need to have pictures of the Street Fair on the site.

-We need an Executive Committee page..

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Search And Offer Services In The Neighbourhood

An offerer can offer goods (e.g. a used washing machine) or a service (e.g. mowing the lawn) for his neighbourhood. To do this he has to enter the following informations on the website: description of the goos or services, price, quantity and especially the area in which the offer is valid. Area means that he hast to enter his address (country, city, street, house number). The house number can be entered as a range e.g. Oxford Street from house number 10 until house number 70. This means that if a searcher lives in Oxford Street number 25 wants to find goods and services in his neighbourhood, then he wood be able to find the above mentiond offer, because house number 25 is within the range of 10 to 70.

The website should roughly include the following areas:
On the left side the product/service categories are listed. This should look similar to the categories shown on
The menues on the top should include functions shown as tab strips. These functions include search, offer, user registration and admin (which is only visible to administrators).

Further details will be disclosed to the winning bidder.

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I Need Someone Some Work On An Accounting Assignment

Prepare a cash budget for six weeks for the set of a dry cleaning service business. i.e a small shop or stall selling services to london olympic 2012 visitors. to support this business you will undertake a street survey to access how much people are willing to pay for the service. this will involve asking the public their opinion. before the survey you should undertake a general survey of pricing in the other venues and the high street of similar items, identifying low, medium and high end pricing for a service similar to yours.

provide a formal business report circa 1200 words to your bank manager regarding the cash funds required to set up your business and identifying the positive and negative cash flows

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Australian Street Art Sales

I wish to create a website to sell Australian and International Graffitti/Street Art online.
I wish to be able to control and update profiles of the Listed Sellers – display their works, sell their works and send to where ever in the world someone has purchased it, and also allow a prospected buyer the oppurtunity of commissioning any artist they wish to make or create art that is personal to the purchaser.
I would also like to set it up so that Artists Profiles can be uploaded and updated when I want to and would like to set up a Pay pal account, also get web advertising of the Website.
I have a large number of very well known international artists who are all very keen to be able to sell their art on line, without exposure to the legalities of selling online.

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Google Maps Api Integration (street Locator)

The assigment is to provide an api in java which receives a
street name and city and it returns a list of near-by streets.
Something like:

StreetsLocator loc = new StreetLocator();

String [] streetNames = loc.getNearByStreets(String city,String street) throws NotFoundException;

The code should be well written (even if its only several small classes..) well documented,
bug free and it should run fast (!)

Please do not automatic post reply to this project. if so, Youll be reported as spammers.

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Papervision3d Virtual Shopping Street/center

Papervision 3d Shopping street or center, similar to and

– Walking and floating effect along city features like trees, buildings
– Impressive design
– Multilingual
– Shop owners and users administration to register and place their business per categories, post reviews
– eCommerce

Please provide previous work

Payment through escrow at completion of work

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Google Street View

I would like to embed several Street view in a web page

I have several empty DIV in the page
I would like to have a function wich take two parameters : the address, and the DIV ID , then the google street view will be displayed into the DIV

Example :

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Web Site Design For Urban/Street Wear

New Urban Street Sports wear company needing a 5-7 page wb site. The selectee should be highly creative and possess
a strong sense of fashion in the urban streetwear area. Must have exceptional skills in SEO, HTML Flash. Will need to be able to embedd company video. Create a continuos musical loop. We will begin with 13 items 5 of those will need 360 degree rotation. All shirt and jacket wear will need one touch zoom ability. This will entail attention to detail and creativity. This project will need to done by 1 Dec 2010.

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Google Maps API

We need a google map API genuis to figure out a problem we are having. The problem is getting the correct point shown in the map for addresses in Thailand. We can get it to show correct street but cannot figure out how to pass the street number correctly to show point on the street.

If your a maps API genius bid now.

Be warned, if you cannot fix this problem, you will not be paid. So be sure you really know what your doing before bidding.

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Western Cartoon Backgrounds Required

I am looking for an experienced designer to create 3 western backgrounds in flash format with removable/repositionable graphic clips.
The style needs to be quite particular…
(this is the type of content required)
(this is the artistic style required).

backgrounds 1&2 should be similar to to the first web example – a western frontier town street, complete with stores and saloon etc. Angle wise I need one from one side of the street and one from the other side of the street (see example).
background 3 should be inside the saloon and have a bar to one side, tables, a stage and a stair case with balcony. There shoulld also be those western style swing doors, leading outside.

Thank you for taking the time to read this project.. I will also need to see examples of previous work before hiring you.


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Google Maps And Access

I ve got an Access database with some fields like name, address, telephone, school, level etc. I need to display the addresses (from the mdb) as multiple points on the Google map (not just a single address each time but all of them or some of them) depending on some criteria I give (like level or school etc).

I do not have any geographical points of each address. Just the street name and street number.

One point I should note is that the access mdb is fully in Greek (Athens). Google maps support all the major Greek towns and fully Athens.

Thats all I need.

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Need To Create A Custom Virtual Like Google Street View


im want to create a virtual tour sort of flash app thats alot like google map street view. The only function i need is the ability to move forward, backward just like google map street view. and also the ability to look around 360 degrees.

i am not sure what hardware is required for capturing the video/photo. please make a suggestion. if you know how google is doing it, let me know.

please propose your solution

only people with reviews will be entertained.

when you send you PM to me, i want you to recommend me a solution. i am not going to bother to reply to copy-paste PM

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Need SEO For My Websites….need A Reliable Expert

I have a site that is a few years old and I pay a good amount for Adwords and would like to tone that back and improve my organic search location.

I have a few phrases in mind for my site

I would like to rank in the top 3 on google for

street signs – I currently am 17th, so on the second page
personalized street signs – I am currently on the 5th page of google but used to be on the first page.
custom street signs – used to be on the second page and now nowhere to be found

I have posted my current rankings because in the past I have paid and someone and they say they help but they didnt.

These are two phrases I want to focus on and will add more later and offer SEO opporunities for my other websites to someone that shows me excellent results.

Must be legal white hat concepts here people, no black hat stuff.

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Business Directory

Hi, Im looking for someone to create me a business directory with a few added features. The domain I currently own is & what Im looking to do is create something similar to this site or even something similar to There is a chance for on-going work, what Im looking to do is create a system where I can put my clients on 1st page of Google by creating sub-domains. Similar to what street-directory have done, if you have a look at their new sites down the bottom of the page, you will see all the latest sites theyve built. This is what I want to setup, something like would be perfect for my business, now this site also ranks on the 1st page of Google Australia for "business directory". Its getting hundreds of hits each day but the site is really disgusting, so Id like someone to help me with this. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.

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Excel To Zillow

We have a list of property addresses in Excel

1234 Main Street Anytown CA 555555

We wish to take the list of inputs, enter into (maybe via API? best method?), and then extract specific data (the Zestimate) from the results page and write it back to the Excel spreadsheet in a separate column. I will have to run this on multiple spreadsheets, so perhaps an Excel Macro would be the best way but I am very open to suggestions.

1234 Main Street Anytown CA 555555 $100,000

I have seen many similar projects posted here, this is much the same thing.

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T-Shirt Line For Street Racers

Start up T-Shirt Line for NALSR (National Association for Legalized Street Racing) is looking for t-shirt logo and designs
styled after top MMA brands like Affliction, Throwdown and Tapout. Using the acronym NALSR, these shirts should have more of a racing or street feel than fighting.

We are looking for you to put together some one or two color designs and we are looking for about 10 different Styles.

Reasonable rates will be negotiated but right now we will pay $100/design. Jobs could be ongoing for we will have two seasonal catalogs released each year. Check our website at to get more information on our company and the legalized street racing series.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jeremy J. Ford

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Temporal Webpage In Flash For Webshop/street Wear


Im going to have a webshop soon but would like to have a temproaly webpage for a while and would like to have it in flash.

You should have good experience in flash and a open mind for design and creativity, you should also have a good portfolio and show other projects.

I have the logo ready and it should be at the top.

The menu should include:


Layout inspiration can be get from

coulours: White and magenta

You MUST send a draft/sketch before starting to see if you are the right guy and the project should be done very quickly.

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Street Team Internet Promotion

Need a team to build fanbase and promote our musicians through street teams on internet. Many projects and long, multi-year cooperations are possible if well be satisfied with results.

Must be eligible and willing to work under project contracts.
Must be able to stay in touch with company steadily and be cooperative.
Must be willing to promote to REAL people, through the process that is negotiated, without getting penalties and bans.
Must have a proof of at least 5 successfully completed jobs with other companies.

Initial projects will be:

1) Getting 3 million AIMED visitors to a website (will be explained more upon contacting – Facebook)
2) Getting 2 million youtube views on 2 videos
3) Building a network of street teams on many networking and social portals

Price and time-frames negotiable upon contacting, as well as lot more detail about the job.

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