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Experienced Facebook IFrame Designers Needed!


This is a fantastic opportunity for some ongoing and continuous work. I need iFrames made for Facebook users – you need to be able to do things such as:

– Custom Landing Tab
– Live Links from their Fan Page
– Side Profile Banner
– REVEAL Feature- FANs only Content
– Testimonial page
– Product and Services Image Gallery
– Opt-in box
– Graphics Intergration
– Integration of Web Properties and Design Themes

The successful candidate will be;

Motivated and ready to work. Have a quick turn around time, and be able to work closely with clients and send designed – with design revisions if necessary.

Fluent in English with excellent typing and grammatical skills

Have a real desire to work and earn money.

You will also have to be able to provide several different packages, ranging from Basic to Platinum, at competitive prices.

Please send me samples of your work when you reply so that I can evaluate the best clients.


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Need a Mailpress (WordPress) theme designed

This should be a **VERY** simple job for someone that has already done this once and Im guessing taking about an hour of your time if not less and so I hope it can be done fast and cheap.

Basically, I just installed the Mailpress plug-in into my wordpress blog (at and I need to have a theme created so each time I put up a new post my subscribers get a good looking e-mail which matches my websites look.

I can supply any and all necessary graphics, but I just need a theme created so any e-mail program (HTML or plain-text) will show a good looking message.

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