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Counter-strike Sms System

Im locking for someone that can make a script that makes a cs server on a Linux server, and set a cronjob to shout it down, after time is out. And also random generate password for rcon and password to server. And intigrate it with a sms payment gateway, witch only use a GET to set price, so not hard.

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Need Ipad Game!

Need a fun ipad game made. I would like to include; Achievements,unlockables and multiplayer if possible.
I would like a game sorta like the game Armored Strike for Android, but on ipad.
It will be a game like armored strike or worms. Side-scroller shooting people with multiple weapons and ect.
Please help. I have a low budget. I need to approve the game before i pay for it.
Thank you! 🙂

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Screenshot Taker

I need software for Windows xp vista and 7. The main goal of the program is to take screen shots of users desktop when they have activated game window. Game for which this program is is Counter strike 1.6. When user activates counter strike window, program take screen shots in random times. For example every 2 minutes and uploads screen shot to ftp server. There is no need for fancy look of program.

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Counter Strike Anti-cheats

We need an anti-cheats program for counter Strike, both Source and 1.6.
We DONT want mods/plugins. We want our OWN software.

We want a software that authomatically detects the most common cheats, SPECIALLY the one called x22. And also the most important ones. We dont mind if you can adapt an existing one to do so or write one from zero. What we want is:

– Anticheat for both versions which can detect the most common cheats, specially x22.
– Due to the system sensibility and as it involves money, we will want to see the code at any time. We want the property of it
– We want our own software because MODs/plugins have always compatibility poblems and we can not depend on third parties. Thats why we dont want something already done, because it can become useless for too long if the cheat is updated and the mod is not
– We are looking for a long-term relationship as it will have to be updated on a regular basis in order to avoid the new cheats

Our budget is around 500$, lets talk it. We are looking for your bidings,

Samuel – CEO Videobets SL

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Counter Strike (Source And 1.6) EXPERT Server Admin


Im looking for an EXPERT Counter Strike – both CS:S and 1.6 – server admin to help with an ongoing project

The admin will need to manage and setup a bunch of servers with very specific configuration needed

Please bid only if you are a real CS:S and 1.6 server admin expert – start your bid with the number 42 so I know you read all, and send me via PM an example of servers you manage before, with a short list of configuration and plugin used

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Counter Strike (Source And 1.6) EXPERT Server Admin


Im looking for an EXPERT Counter Strike – both CS:S and 1.6 – server admin to help with an ongoing project

The admin will need to manage and setup a bunch of servers with very specific configuration needed

Please bid only if you are a real CS:S and 1.6 server admin expert – start your bid with the number 42 so I know you read all, and send me via PM an example of servers you manage before, with a short list of configuration and plugin used

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Simple Counter Strike Server Status Function


The request is pretty simple: I need a script (both php or javascript) that can call a Counter Strike server and get this data:

– Server Status (online or offline)
– Current Players/Max Players
– Current Map

I will need to call the script as a function, something like getServerStatus(SERVERIP,PORT) and get as result an array with the data needed

***Script have to work with both CS:Source and CS 1.6***

Thats all, pretty easy script for who know how to do this – Start your PM and bid with the number 42 so Im sure you understand all

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Flash/SWF Intro Creation

I have a flash intro for a website that needs creating.

It is straight forward.
Pool Table intro
camera aligns up with the cue ball
Cue strikes the cue ball and camera follows it to the racked balls.
authentic sounds for cue strike, ball rolling, racked ball strike sound, ball clinks and pockets made.
Cannot look cartoony.
Project will pay up to $320 upon approval of swf file.

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Counter Strike Bet Station

Modify A counter strike server and create a no-cheat client-side application.

Counter Strike Server must inform a database all users connected and al statistics (shots, deads, users, etc) only can connect if no-cheat client is actived (that performs that ter is no cheat at all) and no cheat application must be connected to a tracker-server and inform all information.

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Counter Strike: Source – Mani-Admin Addons

Im currently using Mani-Admin ( on my Counter Strike: Source server and there are some addons I would like someone to implement inside of this plugin.

Geo ip feature ( message connected from country xx) example:
Server shout (Shout messages, etc through mutiple counter strike source servers) example
rcon lock (example
chat that goes to a website (anything players type on a website automatically gets sent to a website)

If you have any questions please contact me I can set you up a test server so you can work on everything there.

Thanks, Shane M. Kelley

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Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks League Proof

Looking for hacks for CS 1.6 need them to be updated daily to keep up with ESEA and Cevo Anti cheats. Would like someone who has past experience or has made hacks for Main+ Teams at least in CS. Would like a smooth aimbot and an esp to be coded in ring0.

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Grab Counter Strike 1.6 Server Console Text

If you ever configured a counter strike 1.6 server, youll know what im talking about, if not, and if you ever played counter strike, you can find this console application im talking about, its exe file name is "hlds.exe".

what i want done is reading console text into a vb6 application for later use. in the 1.6 server application, there is a player list and a console output textbox, i want to get contents of those two controls into my vb6 application.

i tried using the findwindow/sendmessage (window spy) method it wont work, so i guess you have to find another way to get those info. (hooking or subclassing)

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Dutch To German Translate

We like to have 30 articles translated from Dutch to German, this is a trial and we will have many more articles.

Please give a bid per article, as this gives us an indication for future use.

See example of the length (99% have this length):

Sportful 3rd Strike Short
Sportieve, ademende fietsshort
Anatomisch gesneden
Ademend mesh aan de achterkant
Gekleurde inleg
Reflecterend logo
Met 4 naalden plat gestikt

Sportful 3rd Strike: ademende fietsbroek
Deze fietsbroek is de short-versie van de 3rd Strike Bibshort en beschikt dan ook over dezelfde functionaliteit. Hij ademt uitstekend dankzij het mesh aan de achterkant en is voorzien van plat gestikte naden, die niet schuren. Dit is natuurlijk heerlijk op de fiets, aangezien u ook bij lange ritten geen last van uw kleding heeft.

Reflecterend logo; voor extra zichtbaarheid
Andere slimmigheden zijn het reflecterende logo, waardoor mede-weggebruikers u goed kunnen zien en de anatomisch gesneden stof, zodat de short netjes aansluit op uw lichaam. De zeem is bovendien voorzien van Comfort-Pro en Elast-X technologieën, om uw short maar zo comfortabel mogelijk te maken.

Comfort Pro: zacht en elastisch
Het zachte en elastische zitvlak met verrassend veel comfort. Het vlak beschikt over de uitgebreid geteste, anatomische vorm van Sportful en is behandeld met een bacteriedodendeoppervlakte spray. Nieuwe, oneindig variërende diktes schuim voor een maximum aan comfort.

Elast-X: hoogwaardige stof
De hooggewaardeerde stretch-stof die aanvoelt als zijde. Alle eigenschappen zijn er: zacht gevoel, gladde afwerking, stretch in 4 richtingen en uitstekend afgesneden. Het bestaat uit 80% Nylon en 20% Elasthan.

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Counter-Strike Clan Website Needed

Hello, -Lawl- is a up and coming clan in the community of Counter-Strike. We need a website however! It would be a very simple website. Maybe a blog in the beginning, forums (phbb), servers tab, and a way for new people to apply to join the clan. Also a donate button would be a necessity, along with maybe a Goal for the month, and what it is at.

This is pretty low budget as we are just in the process of coming up. Thank you for looking at this and I cant wait to hear back from you!

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Anti-Cheat Client

Looking for someone to create an anti-cheat for my league for the following games:

Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike Source
Team Fortress 2

They need to report information to the website as well as help prevent cheating.
For more info post a bid and PM.

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Data Storage And Graph Display

Job is pretty simple, I just thought it would be better if I wrote detailed requirement.

Use Django, Python and PostgreSQL to manage and display these scripts, please. I will give you access to the hosting account. The directory needs to be password protected.

All terms and calculations can be explained in more detail if required.

Job split into 3 tasks –
1) loading data, from zip files, into tables, regular collection of data to add to tables
2) display particular symbol data and graphs (use google charts api)
3) scans – avgs, highs and lows from the data generated in part 2

Least valuable strike (LVS) – strike price which has the lowest value for all stock options sold – simple calculation explain here: – I can provide more information/clarification too

Least valuable pice (LVP) – actual stock price which has the lowest value for all stock options sold – very similar to above but uses prices not specific strike values. Again, I will explain in more detail, if necessary.

Expiry – 3rd saturday of each month, expiry of each options symbol is listed in options_date files

1) Database Tables:
Create 3 tables, option_stats, options_data, stock_data. Using the columns in the example files (attached). All dates should be changed to timestamps.

Past data for these tables will be on the server, subsequent data will need to be collected, unzipped and loaded into the database. Url, username and password for the collection will be provided. There is data from 2009 onwards for options, from 5 years for stocks.

Using info in options_data a script should store all symbols which trade above X thousand contracts for each of the last X months (in a separate table). This list only increases in size, so no symbol can be removed on the basis of losing volume but a symbol can be manually removed or added (separate lists for manually removed/added). This list is referred to as: heavily traded options (HTO). Needs to be a page displaying these lists, the symbols displayed will link to the particular symbol page.

2) Symbol page
Data for each symbol should be calculated each day and stored in a database table

Least valuable strike/price: Graph & table
For each month and time period: 4 time periods: all time, since last expiry, last 10 days, last 20 days
Bar chart 1: 6 strikes either side of lowest value – each bar is options value at expiry, y axis data for each strike: %diff from lowest value and strike value
Bar chart 2: as Bar Chart 1 but with each bar split into calls and puts. Calls under puts.

Line graphs:
y axis: days we have data for option to present – 30,60,120,365 days
x axis: strike prices
lines: price, 5/10/20 day avg price, LVS, LVP
Time period line graph % difference of price from LVS/LVP – 30,60,120,365 days, 60 default
as 2 but % difference above and below from LVS/LVP
stocks historical volatility, options implied volatility. implied volatility is in the options_date files for each option, historical volatility is calculated as thus: more clarification available if needed.
historical volatility will be calculated across 10/20/60/120/180/360 daily time periods
Implied volatility will be 30/60/120/180/360

Table 1:
columns: value of strikes, %diff from lowest value strike & price (today, yesterday, 3 days ago, 5, 10, 20), %change of diff (same time periods)
rows: all strike prices

Table 2:
columns: % proximity to LVP at expiry, %proximity to LVS at expiry, Number of strikes from LVS at expiry, Avg for %proximity for last 3/6/9/12 months
rows: last 24 months

Table 3:
columns: %proximity to any strike at expiry, Avg for %proximity to any strike for last 3/6/9/12 months
rows: last 24 months

Table 4: Rank vertical short payments % : info on vertical spreads:

Table 5: Rank butterfly return % : info

3) Scans
Below tables and graphs for each month and time period: 4 time periods: all time, since last expiry, last 10 days, last 20 days

Table 1: Top 20 HTO %diff from LVS, ordered high to low
rows: symbols
columns: % diff from from LVS

Table 2: as Table one but for LVP

Table 3: Top 20 HTO – vertical short payment % (formula provided) x %distance from LVS & LVP
If current price is > LVS, check calls, if current price < LVS check puts – ranked high to low.
column: score
row: symbol & vertical short

Table 4: Top 20 HTO – butterfly return (formula provided), LVS/LVP
column: score
row: symbol and butterfly

Table 5: Avg % distance from LVS/LVP Top 20 best and worst – last month, last 3/9/12 months

Table 6: Top 50 HTO closest to LVS/LVP at expiry for last 3/9/12 months

Table 7: stocks reaching implied volatility lows, implied volatility highs – 4 week, 12week, 52 week

Bar chart: Avg % value diff for HTO strike either side of LVS:
X axis: strike -6 from LVS to +6
Y axis: %diff from strike

Line Chart: Avg % diff of all HTO from LVS/LVP last 12 months
X axis – days, with marker at opex
Y axis – %diff

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Private Cheats For Various Games

Im looking for some coders that are skilled in C++ along with d3d9 and opengl experience. They must be able to code cheats for various amounts of games. The exact project details will be discussed over email and talk about what I want done exactly.

The hacks will need to be made for the following games

– Counter Strike 1.6
– Counter Strike : Source
– And various other games if needed.


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Anti-Cheat Client

Looking for someone who can code/program an anti-cheat system that works with a website. The Anti-cheat will be for the following games.

* Counter-Strike 1.6
* Counter-Strike: Source
* Counter-Strike: ProMod

Terms: After the build is complete i will take it and have security experts look at it to make sure no malicious content is coded into this client. It will be looked over carefully. If you need example of what i am looking for go to the follow sites and download their clients to take a look. I will design GUI for the client itself.

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Gaming Website

I need an experienced Web Developer for a gaming organization. The organization will be an organized league for the following games,

– Counter Strike 1.6
– Counter Strike Source
– Call of Duty.

You will be required to convert many design concepts to html / css and build the website framework and backend. More details will be discussed in conversation.

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Anti-cheat Developer Needed.

Hello, I need someone for to do an easy project.
This would be based on the Game Counter-strike 1.6 through steam ™
I need an anti-cheat for the player or user to execute and have it on during gameplay.

What would this anticheat do?

– It will take random snapshots during gameplay from the users computer and send it to a server database online wheter it is a hosting server o send it to an email.

– Look for debugs altered in game if possible.

– This program should only ask for username to determine which player it is before starting it , (no need to register, just to send screenshots along with players name).

– Program needs to be running in background, must have a start button and a stop button. when the stop button is pushed the AC should: whether start sending the screenshots along with player name entered by user before starting during gameplay or send all at once at the end, it also should send a duration of how long the AC was active( for i.e. it should have a time starting when user starts the AC until it stops,.

– If possilble a design that you migth want to request from me to add to the AC or design it your self as per our desire.

-Most important overall this AC should not altered the Steam or Game coding, therefore, if this happens, Steam might ban the player.

what language program you should use to accomplished this is up to you.

For any questions about this project to clarify please PM me.

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Gaming League Anti-Cheat

Im looking for a C+/C programmer who can create an anticheat client. The anticheat should be an executable file .exe that is ran prior to starting a match.

The program needs a GUI that requests username/password, and checks our database to see if it matches.

When the program is running it needs to be able to take screenshots of what they are seeing at random intervals, and the same time monitor all of all the processes their computer is running and send information to our server.

The following games will need to be supported:
– Call of Duty 4
– Counter Strike 1.6
– Counter Strike Source
– Left 4 Dead2
– Team Fortress2


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Counter Strike 1.6 Modification ( Only Gameplay )

I am looking for someone that is able to modify CS.
I dont want graphical modifications, only some simple scenario adjustments.
The player names will be registered in a database and reserved with a password.
Players will receive a credit, and each time they die or kill someone, credit will be taken / given.
Player registration will be made in website.
We provide server, hosting, etc.

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Need Help Setting Up Counter Strike Server

I have a hudge dedicated server…and need some help setting up games on it with control panels ect…

Budget is $20….easy for anyone who has experience in this field…

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PSD -> Html

I need this converted to html/css. Since i am a new user i do not know peoples work and i do not want to put money in until i see the work. I would like you all to dl the psd from here ->

Then show me your work.
If you want a little extra money then you can make me a banner that can replace the Team Fortress 2 Counter-strike: source images. They must have the following – Counter-strike : Source image in it and a Team Fortress 2 image in it.


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