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Java Assignment – Binary Trees

Using binary tree code I already have written, you will open and read a text file, then display a list of all anagrams that appear in the file.

The program works by reading each word from the input file and process into a String and create a second String with an alphabetized version of this word. Both versions are then put into one node which is inserted into a binary search tree using the alphabetized version for comparisons during the insertion.

This project needs to be completed by 4pm Eastern time 4/5/11.

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Java Assignment

Using binary tree code I already have written, you will open and read a text file, then display a list of all anagrams that appear in the file.

The program works by reading each word from the input file and process into a String and create a second String with an alphabetized version of this word. Both versions are then put into one node which is inserted into a binary search tree using the alphabetized version for comparisons during the insertion.

04/04/2011 at 19:57 EDT:

Budget is $30

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MT4 MQL4 ->Metatrader DLL

MT4 MQL4 Metatrader DLL
Hello , how are you doing? I hope great! : )
I have another simple job with MT4->C++

I have a source code of my own DLL that is working perfectly ( it is very simple, just one function) . I want into my Dll , via Visual Studio C++, be allowed to call another DLL
(I am going to use in this example the DLL called http51.dll which gets the content of one website and returns to string )

For example, now, in MT4 , I just type

#include MyDll.dll

Int GetString(int,string&);

And I can use the MyDll.dll functions normally.

***But what I want ****, is code into my MyDll.dll (In C++) something like :

#include/import http51.dll

And then, my MyDll.dll is going to call http51.dll, get the string ,and send the result/string to MT4

In a nutshell, I do not want call 2 DLLs via MT4, I want one DLL calls another (or more), process the info and send back to the MT4

Pretty Simple for MT4 / C++ programmers


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IPhone QR Code Generator & Reader

Looking for an experienced iPhone Developer to write two Simple Apps. One is a QR Code generator which takes a string as input from textbox and shows the QR code on the screen and the other app is a QR code reader which displays the decoded string on scanning the QR image on the previous app on another phone.

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Android QR Code Generator & Reader

Looking for an experienced Android Developer to write two Simple Apps. One is a QR Code generator which takes a string as input from textbox and shows the QR code on the screen and the other app is a QR code reader which displays the decoded string on scanning the QR image on the previous app on another phone.

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System.Net.Mail Goes To Spam!!!

I tried Everything and my apps emails keeps going to spam when I check it with outlook. In GMAIL its fine and it doesnt go to spam but on outlook it goes to spam.

I need someone to write me an app that sends an email using gmail smtp. then send it to me so I try it. If it sends me and in outlook it doesnt go to spam. I will pay you for the source code.

This is my current code:

public void SendEmail()
string sBody = "";
string sSubject = "";

sBody += "Dear Hiring Manager,<br/><br/>";

sSubject = "Responding to Job:

ExecuteHtmlSendMail("from<at>", "to<at>", sBody, sSubject);

public void ExecuteHtmlSendMail(string FromAddress, string ToAddress, string BodyText, string Subject){
MailMessage mailMsg = new MailMessage();

mailMsg.From = new MailAddress(FromAddress);
mailMsg.To.Add(new MailAddress(ToAddress));
mailMsg.Subject = Subject;
mailMsg.BodyEncoding = System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("utf-8");

System.Net.Mail.AlternateView plainView = System.Net.Mail.AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString
(System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(BodyText, @"<(.|n)*?>", string.Empty), null, "text/plain");
System.Net.Mail.AlternateView htmlView = System.Net.Mail.AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(BodyText, null, "text/html");


// Smtp configuration
SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient();
smtp.Host = "";
smtp.Port = 587;

smtp.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("something<at>", "mypassword");
smtp.EnableSsl = true;


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Content Writer For Music Kids

Need to write script/lyrics for a 15 minute animation film and a small music game for teaching kids( 6-7 years) about string instrument family. The whole activity has to be done in two phases:

Phase 1: Collect all info about string instruments and write point by point what should be taught to a grade 1 kid. This will not be very long but will be very precise. You can tell them about how the instrument makes sound, how to make a simple one, about some specific ones etc. keeping in mind that they do not know anything about string instruments as yet. Note that the sentences should be short, definitions precise as you will tell to a 6 years old.

Phase 2: Once I approve the document of phase 1, you have to write a script for 15 minutes animation film which is a part of a master plot the characters of which I will tell in pmb. This will necessarily consist of a song lyrics about string instruments which will not be more than 12 lines and will consist of info about string instruments.

Phase 3: Write an idea of a flash game which helps in enforcement of the concept taught.

All content language should be original. The copyright will be completely with me.

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WordPress – String Replace

I need the function modified to output a list of links instead of the boxes I designed. The video will show you exactly what Im referring to.

I need to simply get all the line breaks and such out of the CSV file causing me issues.

Look at the zip file Ive included and run the script to see what Im after.
Here is a video so you see what Im after:


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Codeigniter Date Function

We need two Codeigniter functions. The first should be passed a text string, and be able to identify any dates contained within it, in any of the formats listed below. It should then be able to extract the date, pass it to the second function (see below), and then replace the date in the string, with the value returned from the other function.

The second when called, needs accepts two parameters the first is a date, in one of the following formats, the second is the output type – which has three possible options F for full date (i.e. 1st April 2011), C for compact date (i.e. 01-04-2011 dd-mm-yyyy), or M for MySQL format date (2011-04-01 yyyy-mm-dd). The function should return a single value, of the date in the format requested.

The function needs to be able to recognise the correct day, month and year and undertake the appropriate conversion. In all the examples below the day is the first value, the month is the middle value, and the year is the last. All are 1st April 2011, although the function should be able to accept any calendar date, in any year.

Both should be optimised to be as efficient as possible, using the least amount of code.

An example of a text string containing a date that should be passed to the first function is:-
"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1 Apr 2011 and checked in as planned."

The first function should detect the date as 1 Apr 2011 and pass that to the second function with additional parameter of F in this case, which should then return the value of 1st April 2011. The first function should then replace the date with the returned value, and return the full text string….

"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1st April 2011 and checked in as planned."

The text string may contain one or more dates, in one or more formats.

Possible different date formats:
1 Apr 2011
01 Apr 2011
1 Apr 11
01 Apr 11
01 April 2011
1 April 2011
01 April 11
1 April 11
1st April 11
1st Apr 11
01 04 11
01 4 11
1 04 11
01 04 2011
01 4 2011
1 4 2011
1 04 2011

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Twitter URL Grabber

Thw application is quite simple;

It must take a string, and use that string to search for tweets LIVE based on the string.

The application will show these tweets in a LIVE window, and will extract any URLs which have been tweeted.

For example….if you input the string "fashion week", the application will stay running in the background monitoring for tweets containing the word "fashion week". If any of those tweets contain URLs, the URLs will be captured and saved to a text file.

The system which searches tweets would be something like this website;

the live display must include the Text "URLs Captured:#"

configuration Options
You must be able to set the following;

Change how many URLs the output file will hold (after which a new file is started)
Change the file location of the capture file

Future Version
I will require the winning bidder to upgrade the application in future as a seperate project(s);

Pass the URLs to a secondary application
Search only tweets within a certain radius

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Capture Search Engine Referring Search String

I need a coder to edit our on-line form for our website to allow capturing of the search engine keyword.

When a person is interested in our services they complete an on-line contact us form.

I would like to capture the search engine referring string – ie. which keyword they entered in Google per say to land on our site.

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Python Script To Convert Text File To CSV

I have a text file that I need converted into a CSV using Python.

The format currently is this:


Any line that does not parse properly should simply be dumped.
The "/"s are always as described with a / before and after the firstname lastname combination.

The first "http://string/variable/" is the same depending on what Im doing, so it needs to be configurable in the script.

I need the Firstname and Lastname separated out as one field and without any dashes (convert dashes to spaces unless preceding a name or trailing).

I would also need the entire link assigned a field.

It would also have to parse the source file into a series of 2MB files (Preferably configurable in the script)

Make sense? Thanks.

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Checker Game In Java

Design a client server application where the server is allowed to move the red pieces and the client is allowed to move the blue pieces in turn in the correct manner on their respective drafts board.
Requirements of the system: the server should have equal intelligence as the client. both determine if all moves and takes made are allowed. both determine who has won the game.

Both server and client should have the following classes:
DraftFrame , Square, Board, Piece, DraftPiece, KingPiece, CommunicationManager.

you should only inheritance between Piece, DraftPiece, KingPiece Classes.. Piece class should be the abstract and define methods and parameters that are commonly needed by both DraftPiece and KingPiece.

the Board class should have a group of methods to work out valid selections:

– public boolean HasPiece(int i, int j, String id) // check if a green/red/null (id) piece is on a square or not.
– public boolean IsValidClick(int xClick, int yClick) // works out if the click is within the board.
– public boolean LegalMove(int x1, int y1, intx2, int y2, String turn)
– public int RowNumber(int yClick) // works out the board row number from a button click
– public int ColumnNumber(int xClick) // works out the board column from a button click.
– public boolean selectionInsideBoard(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2) // determines valid source destination selections
– public Color hasAnyoneWon() // works out who won


the Piece class should have the methods:

– public boolean MovedCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moved ok
– public boolean TakenCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // taken ok
– public void MakeMove(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece
– public void MakeTake(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece


the DraftKing class should have the methods THAT OVERRIDE:

– public boolean MovedCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moved ok
– public boolean TakenCorrectly(Board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // taken ok
– public void MakeMove(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece
– public void MakeTake(board b, int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, String id) // moves a piece


a protocol between the server and client should be constructed to define:
1- start and end x and y coordinates
2- the mode: move or take
3- the game state: continue , newgame

both the server and client should always check to determine if moves or takes are correct before communicating them.


a UML diagram on how the relationship between objects.


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Fixing Connection String Of Cam Script

I am having a live cam script installed on server. But the live streaming part is not working, I want someone to correct that live streaming portion.

Simple work for an expert.with cam scripts.

Budget is $30.

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Modify Proxy Server

We are looking for a developer or team that can modify the Anon Proxy Server to support the following:

1) Allow to function as regular proxyserver with filter/replace capability.
2) When started call webservice to let us know proxy is available
3) Allow proxy access from third party computer either with filter/replace turned on or without

Filter/replace must be implemented by providing a editable database of strings. That database will be loaded to memory when proxy starts and then every http reuest or post will be send through dll. Dll will either return original string passed or modified string.

Ask questions if you need more details.

Provide time it will take you to complete project and provide references

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Script For Fetching Mails

I need a script that connects to mail servers via POP3, POP3s, IMAP or IMAPs and fetches emails without deleting them. The script shall check for each mail if a pattern can be found within the mail body defined by the mail subject. If not an error shall be written to a logfile. If one error occurs during a fetch the status is BAD, otherwise OK.

The script shall take the following arguments: mailserver.xml tests.xml logfile.log status.log


<ID>CHECK ONE</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 123</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>ABC</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body
<ID>CHECK TWO</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 456</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>DEF</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body

logfile.log (Format and possible cases):
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID OK # If pattern for subject can be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID ERROR # If pattern for subject can not be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID CONNECT-ERROR # Mailserver can not be reached
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TIMEOUT # While fetching a mail an timeout occured


The script can be in perl, php, python or bash.

The source code has to be very lean and well documented.

Please state in your private message which language you want to use and add a sample script of yours as reference.

The chosen service provider has to be able to issue a valid invoice (including local tax id OR vat code in case of a company). Additional projects to follow.

Best regards,

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Email Reader/scanner Output To Text File

I Trade Forex on a MT4 Platform and my Buys and Sells are sent to me by Email.

I require a DLL that will log into a pop3/smtp accounts and read the email that is in the box. I only require the Text in the Email, so it can be returned as a String or as an array or write it to a TXT or CSV file. The emails that I want read will come from the same email address but it would be good if I can select the Email address to Read. The DLL file should only read the new emails or simply just delete the Email form the server once it is read.

My script that will call the DLL file is in MT4 Language which is a simplyfied version of &quot;C&quot;. The email user, password and Server Name… could be passed as parameters so I can call the DLL function for each email address or if that is difficult would be stored in a CSV database in which case the program would need to cycle through each account.

This program should run under windows VISTA, Windows7 &amp; XP if thats a problem, it could just run under Windows7.

Sample Program
#import &quot;ReadEmails.dll&quot;
int getMessages(string Var1, string Var2, string Var3, string Var4, string Var5, string Var6, string Var7………….);
string POP3 = &quot;pop3&quot;;
string ServerName = &quot;;;
string EmailUsername = &quot;myemailusername&quot;;
string EmailPassword = &quot;mypassword&quot;;
int NumberRead=0;
string Arraytxt[][];
string FileRead=&quot;EmailsRead.CSV&quot; //Config File
string FileWrite=&quot;EmailsRead.CSV&quot; or FileName=&quot;EmailsRead.TXT&quot;
string ErrorMsg=&quot;&quot;;

NumberRead = getMessages(EmailUsername, EmailPassword, ServerName, POP3, &quot;110&quot;, &quot;def&quot;, Arraytxt, ErrorMsg);
//arrytxt passed by reference
or If this is too expensive then perhaps it can
NumberRead = getMessages(EmailUsername, EmailPassword, ServerName, POP3, &quot;110&quot;, &quot;def&quot;, FileWrite, ErrorMsg);
NumberRead = getMessages(FileRead, FileWrite);
//NOTE if Reading &amp; Writing to File I would need to be able to specify Path

NumberRead is the Number of Emails Read &amp; if Less than 0 signifying an Error.
You could supply a list for meaning for each error Number.

I can change my MT4 SCript to suite any DLL file that you may have already written.
If the program writes the Emails to a file than it does not have to be a DLL.
I am willing to pay US$50.00 by PayPal

Please feel free to contact me to clarify or more details.

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USB HID Device Dongle

We are looking a person who can customize and write security dongle (with driverless HID device)

What we need:
1)A simple and a cheap solution with USB interface (with driverless HID device ) and a microprocessor / smart card chip solution(low cost ~ 5$) design.
2) A PCB layout
3) Embedded software with chosen items which includes these scenerio;
Dongle must have a unique ID
When PC software asks this ID, dongle must send this ID
!!PC software will write private key once!!! then for all of the sign operations will use this private key in Dongle.
(This private key should be in safe in all time and conditions with copy-protected)

and scenario is basic: PC software sends a string to dongle, and dongle signs this string and send back signed string to PC Software.

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Write A Script To Crawl A Webportal (php)

For research purpose I need a script that crawls through a webportal (random sample of profiles) and counts how often a specific feature of a profile appears.

1. Every profile has a unique url in the form of:, whereas the number is the specific profile id. The portal has a lot of profiles. The script does not need to go through every profile but instead through, for example, 5000 randomly chosen profiles.

2. The script looks in the source code of one profile and searches for a specific string. There are 3 different cases of that string, for example: "red", "blue", "green" or the profile does not have any of those, then it should just skip this profile.

3. The result should be a statistic in the form of:

profile 3245: green
profile 2176: green
profile 1726: blue
profile 36453: green
profile 2637: blue
profile 3672: green
profile 4898: red

Actually, I only need the frequencies of each string. That means,

green: 4
blue: 2
red: 1

I am a student and this is a university project, so I am on a very limited budget.

Thank you very much!

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Text-embed System

I need a technology in which: i give to the software a string of text. The software store the string in a database and makes the string embeddable in any HTML page (throught HTML5 technologies or Flash ones).

I need to make embeddable in any webpage a string of text.

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RegEx – Regular Expression Expert Needed

I need a RegEx expert to help on a case by case basis re several web scraping projects with creating relatively simple, RegEx expressions. Fee will be agreed on a case by case basis. Details by PM.

I want to work with you on a number of projects and long term, so I am looking for someone who is reliable and capable.

I expect to get lots of replies, so to help me choose a provider it would be good if you could demonstrate basic RegEx skills, for example by providing RegEx expressions for the following:

1. Extract the date "25/01/2005", the company name "A One Investment Company Limited 大一投資有限公司", the Chinese name "大一投資有限公司" (sorry I think Freelancer displays the characters as character codes) and the licence number "ABG896" from this string:

Name: A One Investment Company Limited 大一投資有限公司(ABG896) Date of Licence: 25/01/2005 Remarks

2. Extract the lastname "Snowman", middle name "A.," and first name "Peter" as well as the title "Partner" from this string:
Snowman, Peter A. – Partner

3. Extract the text between "Representatives Name" and "End" from the following string (so that it returns "LIU Yau Suen 劉幼蓀 (AQQ522)"):
Representatives Name
LIU Yau Suen 劉幼蓀 (AQQ522)

I look forward to working with you.

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Firefox Plugin

I need simple Firefox plug-in with preference dialog available menu and adding two additional items in context menu. These items should be available only when current active element on web page. Upon selection of item plug-in should show pop-up dialog to request some key string and call some javascript function passing as arguments key string and selected part of textarea. javafunction should be able to modify setected part of textarea.
For example: I select part of the text in google document than click on item in context menu. In popup dialog i input some regular expression and click OK. After this selected part of document is processed according to regular expression and old text is replaced by new one.
I do not want you implement any selected text processing. I just need javascript function template with access to key string and selected text in active textarea.

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Black Bikinis Needed (Swimwear)

We are looking for a designer/manufacturer of womens string bikinis. Our initial order is for 10 bikinis. If your product is acceptable and your price is competitive, more orders would follow for an expanded product line.

1. We need ten (10) SOLID BLACK womens string bikinis, sizes as follows:

…….3 pieces – USA small size 2-4
…….4 pieces – USA medium size 6-8
…….3 pieces – USA large size 10-12.

…….(10 total pieces)

2. Your bikinis must be similar to the pictures provided. Some show a single string bottom. Others show a double string bottom. You can make either a single string or double string bikini. You choose which one.

3. The bikini tops must have light removable padding.

4. The bottoms must be fully lined with a hygienic strip.

5. The material must be swimwear material.

6. You must create or obtain a label with our name brand to put into each top and each bottom of the bikini. We will provide the information after awarding the project. We can assist with the labels if necessary.

7. Each bikini must be individually packaged and ready for re-sale. The outside of the package should indicate the size (a simple sticker is fine).

8. Your bid is for all ten (10) bikinis and must include all shipping charges, if any.


1. What are your qualifications and experience?

2. Do you have a picture of your product?

3. What material is being used (spandex/lycra/nylon etc..)?

4. How long will it take for you to ship?

5. What shipping service will you use (to USA)?

Full payment will be made via after all ten bikinis are received.

Please ask any questions before submitting a bid. All questions will be answered within 24 hours. We are located in the United States.

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Mal/Mips Program 2 Parts

Description of Part (a):
For this part, your MAL program must be in a file named p5a.mal. Recall that a non-negative
integer is one that is greater than or equal to zero; a negative integer is one that is strictly less
than zero.
Note that the MIPS processor uses 32 bits to represent integers and that it uses 2

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Google Maps Api Integration (street Locator)

The assigment is to provide an api in java which receives a
street name and city and it returns a list of near-by streets.
Something like:

StreetsLocator loc = new StreetLocator();

String [] streetNames = loc.getNearByStreets(String city,String street) throws NotFoundException;

The code should be well written (even if its only several small classes..) well documented,
bug free and it should run fast (!)

Please do not automatic post reply to this project. if so, Youll be reported as spammers.

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Objective C To Python AES 128

Write an objective C function that takes in 3 parameters:

1) a string to encrypt
2) a key to use for encryption
3) encription strength – 128 or 256 bit – this can be a define or whatever

The function will encrypt the passed in string using AES 128 or AES 256 then will base 64 encode and returns the base 64 encoded string.

Write a similar Objective C function to decrypt with 3 parameters:

1) base 64 encoded string
2) length of above string
3) key to decrypt with
4) original encryption strength (same as #3 above)

returns a string.

Obviously if the two functions are called sequentially then the original value should be returned.

Finally write the same two function in Python such that if a string is encrypted in objective C, python will decrypt it properly or vice versa.

Functions should compile with standard apple iPhone 4.1/4.2 SDK – no special libraries and run with standard Python scripts – that are part of Google App Engine.

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Java Coursework

Implement and deploy a Web service StringTool with an operation multiString that returns the input string repeated as a sequence of a specific length. The operation has two input parameters: a string and an integer that specifies how often the input string should be repeated in the output. The output is another string that contains the multiple input strings.

The client and the server should be written in Java. Deploy the StringTool Web service using Globus Toolkit 4 installation package already installed in MSc labs.

The output of your assignment should be thoroughly documented, including screen shots of each execution step taken, the service

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Maven, Project With Android And Exadel Flamingo

What i need is some research on how to setup Exadel Flamingo with android in a maven setup.

Basicly for somebody known with these projects it would be two skeleton projects. Very simple hello world.

Project 1
ear on jboss with war which runs the servlet. for flamingo.

Project 2
Android project which builds from maven en connect to server given url for a simple
Use the maven android plugin here.
Should build with mvn clean install and from eclipse.

String helloServer(String name){
return "We see you " + name + ".");

All the flamingo artifacts are in our repository.

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Automate Reading CAPTCHA

I need to automate the reading of a captcha.

It may be a component that can be referenced in my project that developed in C #, I send the image and it returns me the string.

Or it could be a software that reads the image in a directory and save the string in a text file with the same image name.

The link to the captcha to be automated

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