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Student Management System

The Student Management System will conduct the all information about the student their roll no. wise and their name wise. That project have add new name with the subject of there academic.

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Teacher Of Digital And Data Security

Need to be professional in Data and Internet Security and develop:

1- An Efficient and accurate Assessment Exam to determine the level of the applicants
2- Develop courses in Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced Data Security and present the course material on a viedo to be viewed online
3- Answer student questions by email
4- Evaluate the progress of students during the term

You will be paid for development and per student fees

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Student Information System (Attendance / Billing)

We need a new Student Information System for our charity theatre group.

At present we use OpenSIS ( ) however it does have a few bugs, isnt really focussed on the UK, and costs way too much to add billing and discipline modules.

So, we would like someone to either:

1. Create their own modules to addon to OpenSIS so that we can set invoices and payment up per student or in bulk (see demo on their website) and discipline (again look at the demo on thier website and this is what we would like)


2. Create an entirely new Student Information System for us. Not too worried about the script language – we will be running it off Windows Server. It needs to be able to let us enter student details and store them (full list will be provided to winning bidder), needs a teacher access section where they can mark attendance and also comment on any bad behaviour, and a billing section where we can mark in when any payment are recieved and query when they havent.

If you are familiar with them we are looking for something along the lines of SIMS or Serco but in PHP reduced form,

Any questions please ask,

Also please note we are a charity group and dont have big money to throw at this. This isnt said to keep the price down, this is said because if you bid too high we simply cant afford the costs.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Database Field Data Copy

We are adding two new fields to our Virtuemart registration page (Student First Name, Student Last Name).
Job is to write an executable for Joomla that will copy the data in Bill-To First and Last Name to the Student First and Last Name for all existing records.

Tags: , , , , , , In House Student Database And Ar project. Need dedicated developer to work on long term project. Prefer US based developing team. Developer must be able to work independently with minimal direction.

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Quizzes For Moodle OniPhone/iPad

Moodle quiz includes the following:
Q1. Cloze,
Q2. Multiple Choice(may be more than one is correct)
Q3. Short Answer

(All screens should be resizable for iPad)
On our app, no matter what types of questions a quiz contains, we have to consider the followings:
1. opening of quiz to a certain student:
1.1. see if the test is valid on that day,
1.2 see if or not the student has completed all attempts allowed,
1.3 any time delayed from his last attempts

2. So when presenting our question mode, we have to include the followings in our interface:
2.1 to display a timer
2.2 always showing one question per page
2.3 a "submit" button to each question
2.4 displaying feedback to each question, if available

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Liferay Portal

I would like the existing component of a website and its design to be turned into a Liferay portal. The look should stay the same, but with all the Liferay portal and Liferay Social tools. Id like the portal to have an employee and client login, so that employees can communicate with clients and share documents, chat, screens, and engage in a video/voice conference from within the private area of the portal (a system that works kind of like webex or adobe connect for example). Also, I would like the portal to have an e-learning area, where I can load course material (discussion forums, student mail, document exchange, quizes/exams, etc.) I would also like the e-learning portal to have a video/voice conference screen from within the e-learning portal just like in the employee-client area, so that I can hold live and interactive online courses. Additionally, I would like the student area to have a grade report area, where a student can look up his/her milestones and grades and where I can leave feedback. I would also like there to be a payment methods for clients (for services that I offer) and students (for courses that i offer). This payment system should allow the usage of the 2checkout payment system provider.

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Administrative Assistant: Student | New To Freelance ONLY!

The company provides services over the internet to help our client achieve their company goals. We are one of the most successful freelance staffing development agencies that get a good feedback and goals through our clients. The company is a freelance agency, that

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Symbian/Qt Application

This would consist of a Symbian/Qt application that is used by the instructor to take the attendance of the students registered in the class by discovering their Bluetooth mobile devices. In first time of using the application, the laptop of instructor will ask each student about their ID and password via mobile , in order to register their unique Bluetooth Mac address in database beside their name , ID, event of attendance(absent, attended) and mobile number. Next times the application will discover the Bluetooth Mac address without asking about user name and password. Once the student is registered in database a message will be sent to mobile of laptop with

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Data Entry For Students

Purpose: I need to enter 3 goals for EACH student on a word document. (about 70 students)

Attached is goals

Purpose: I need to enter goals for EACH student on the P__ School District form.

Open P__ Unified School District.

You will need to enter goals in the box called SPECIFIC ACHIEVEMENT GOAL(S):

You can copy paste the goals from the attached file called Goals for SLPs.

The ONLY goals you will use are in the first colunm which have a number next to it. DO NOT use the other goals.

Each student must have three (3) goals.

IMPORTANT: Each goal must be according to the students grade level

For example, if John Smith is in the 2nd grade then find the goals listed as Grade 2.

Each students goals must not look the same, therefore use different goals.

I have done the first few to show examples of how it needs to be done.

I will attach documents if you need it for bidding, and after if the freelancer is chosen so the work can start.

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MS Access Programming

Programming support in MS Access is required for a behavioural science team based at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

The job requires modifying an existing MS Access program. This program was originally written by a computer science student for a touchscreen computer. It has been used to collect data (real time observations) on a research project in geriatric health over the past 18months. That student has since moved on from the project, and the researchers have identifiied a need to extract and calculate data summaries from a range of MS Access tables in a user friendly manner, with a view to transferring to another statistical program/database for analysis (SPSS/PASW).

This job is not hard for a competent MS Access programmer. The job can also be done remotely – i.e. not important to travel to the univiersity campus: reliable and timely email contact and file transfer is acceptable

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Student’s Assessment Papers


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Member Profile And Listing Website

Need a PHP/MySQL website developed to take high school athletic information (location, contact info, sports, stats, profile, pictures/video) similar to a facebook profile. Student registration will need to handle payment processing by a third party credit card processor.

Collegiate coaches will need a login to view student profiles in a filtered listing for thier sport and be able to filter on specific criteria such as specific sport stats. Coaches should be able to keep a listing of students to keep watch on.

Ability to contact via the website (Private Messaging) would be a plus but not needed.

Some graphics, logos and colors have been determined however it will be mostly up to programmers discretion on layout.

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* * Fundraising E-commerce Website With Student Registration

I have a website that I need up upgraded to include more functionality. The website now links to others shops to sell items. I need to upgrade our site to an e-commerce site that I can sell products on. The important part is that I also need schools to be able to register online and students to register online, so that the website can track purchases.

I have about 16 pages of content (all written) and an idea of the layout done.

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Global Student Forum Bangladesh Article Writing

Write Article About the condition of the world education at:

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Student Transcription

Looking for transcriptionists to assist in student files. Prefer providers from Philippines and India.

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Student Record Management System

A client has hired you to design a client/server application with a MySQL backend database.
The database will hold student records. Each record will contain the student

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Update Solentiname.org2.2

This is a simple project to Update

This main project is to expand on the Sobresaliente section on our website to solicit donations for student scholarships, along with a blog for students and sponsors to be in touch. Please use and www.fabretto as general examples. We would like to accept donations from sponsors to the scholarship fund (DT Donate is installed and working). Each student will have a donate/contribute button on their main page. Each student will have a blog section accessible from their page….a blog dedicated to them, in which they write news, and potential sponsors can write to them. Both of these must be monitored and all entries specifically approved before publishing. All copy has been written and we will transfer to the student page and template.
1. Incorporate the table on the page first so that we can add the student info — Use the beca scholar template for guidance. We have three groups of students for becas, each with their own main page with an introduction and read more link to their own page that includes a support this student now button. Scholarships for University students; Students in CPU; Pledge support for a Readathon for elementary school Students reading program.

2. Update DT Donate
(1) Connect the functionality of the donate now on student pages as well as individual student blog pages.
(2) we would like to change the order of DT Donate

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This is a master level dissertation already prepared but according to University it needs ceratin changes in various sections like literature review, design section, recommendations and conclusion etc.The topic is "Data Storage Technologies". The writers who have experience in writing dissertations espaecially from computer background will be given prenference.

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Student Recruitment


We are an internship/volunteer abroad program for college students.

We have a flow of leads. We need help (1) contacting these leads and (2) closing the sales. We are willing to pay up to $200 per closed sale. These are very warm leads. This should not be difficult sales work.

We will only consider applicants from the United States. Please do not bid otherwise. I do not need lead development, SEO work, etc. I simply need to contact our leads, convince them to go, and then close the sales. You can dedicate as much or as little time as you want to each lead.

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Student Required To Distribute Flyers On Campus

I require a student from a US or Canada University or College of at least 15,000 students to print and distribute some flyers for me.

I will forward the flyer for the student to print 100 times and cut into fours. The flyers are then to be placed on each chair in the lecture theatre of that particular university or college prior to the commencement of a lecture. If there are fewer than 400 seats in a particular lecture theatre, the remainder are to be placed in the same manner in a different lecture theatre.

— It is important that the flyers be placed on each chair —

This is to be completed two times in one week targeting different lecture halls or computer labs.

Proof of distribution (pictures, etc) necessary. Thank you for reviewing and we look forward to working with you.

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Articulate Engage Community Interaction Flash Games

I am looking for someone to develop 3 simple flash games in actionscript 2 to work with the Articulate Engage elearning community interaction function. The games and the integration with the Articulate engage admin are both needed for the project.

This will require using the engage SDK: more info here:

The development timeline for the project will be 2 to 3 weeks. PSDs for the games will be provided.

The games are as follow:

Drag and Drop zone game: slide example

* There are a number of image buttons (up to 8) which which belong to two categories (e.g., things that begin with the letter "A" and things which begin with the letter "T"). These need to be managed through Articulate Engage admin.

* The image buttons are able to be dragged and dropped and the purpose of the game is for the student to drop the image into the correct area.

* After placing all the images, the student can then hit the submit button.

* If the images are in the correct drop zones, some correct answer feedback is given. If the images are not in the right drop zone, the student is given some wrong answer feedback and has the option to either try again or move onto the next slide.

Drag and drop sequence game: slide example

* The student is presented with a number of images of words which they must ultimately sort into the correct order.

* There would be some sort of drop zone box image which indicated where they needed to drop the images word buttons.

* After submitting, If the images are in the correct drop zones, some correct answer feedback is given. If the images are not in the right drop zone, the student is given some wrong answer feedback and has the option to either try again or move onto the next slide.

Fill in the blanks game

slide examples:

* Sentences are displayed with missing words / letters or punctuation that the student must fill in.

* After submitting, If the words / letters or punctuation are correct, some correct answer feedback is given. If the words / letters or punctuation are not correct, the student is given some wrong answer feedback and has the option to either try again or move onto the next slide.

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Student Required To Distribute Flyers On Campus

I require a student from a US or Canada University or College of at least 50,000 students to print and distribute some flyers for me.

I will email the flyer for the student to print 300 times. The flyers are then to be placed on each chair in the lecture theatre of that particular university or college prior to the commencement of a lecture. If there are fewer than 300 seats in a particular lecture theatre, the remainder are to be placed in the same manner in a different lecture theatre.

— It is important that the flyers be placed on each chair —

In addition to the basic pay for this work, a further 10% of my net earnings over $200 shall be paid to the student as a result of their hard work and achievement in delivering exactly what I require of them.

Thank you. If you provide excellent work and results for me, I will look to make this a regular arrangement.

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Finishing Teacher And Student Matching Site.

This site has been developed for the teacher to create the scheduled class so that the student makes the reservation for the class.

The reservation can be done by the student for each class, or 20 classes at one time. Or the monthly class reservation can be done by admin people to process

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Complete School/College Management System


I m looking for a complete school management software, it should have the following features

1. Automated attendance (Using RFID tag/Readers ).
2.GPS system to track
3. HR
4. Library
5.Roles (Parent,Teacher,Student,Staff..)
6. SMS Alert to the parent once the student enter/exit the school (Automated)

i need this application with sample devices and RFID tags.

Happy bidding

A Mujeeb

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I want someone to make website regarding ONLINE TEST SERIES like wise in competitive exams , we have 4 -5 options with one as an answer.. I want that questions to be added as an Administrator , but students can only give exam ,.

Student can take exam only if he has paid for the TEST SERIES ..
there will be approx 20 tests in a single course of Test Series .. I want question to come as randomly .. After the test in a stipulated time given to the student he can submit the test. His scores i need as an email to me as well as student.. and want that all student details whichever test he has taken in another database.. i mean whoseover taken the test which test he has taken and how much he got in that test, this is just to get the Top scorer of the whole test series,

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Album Creating

Hi all

intially when we insert our cd it must autorun and show the menu item listed below.

all the things are needed that given below:

1.students list

2. department details view,class view, functons ,etc…

5.farewell, welcome party

6. students group photos

3,4,5 are comes as video files.

In item 1 things comes as below

reg no: right side of this list will have smll window that contains student photo , when we click that photo it will play as self describing video.

pet name:




pemanent add:



blood group:

student id no:

finally we can add some spectacular background images and animations.IT ALL WILL BE 2D ANIMATED FILE THAT WOULD BE DONE MOST PROBABLY IN FLASH.

could u provide me the above item as bitmap image as sample.(1,2,3,4,5,6 items buttons and background shaded images)

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