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Flash Template Edit *Fast*

I need a Flash Template edited ASAP. This project will only take an hour at the most. All i am needing is some of the text changed, the portfolio photos changed, (I will provide the new images) and some text information added.

This will not take very long at all.

Attached is a Word document with the the menu and sub menus that need to be added, I will provide the list of graphics that will be used within those sub menus. The other menus need to be deleted from the template. Only pay attention to .2 on the attached document, the others do not apply.

Im also attaching the .fla of the portfolio that needs edited.

I know this will not take a qualified person very long to do at all, so please do not post outrageous prices.

This project must be finished by 8:00 pm Central time

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HTML Scraping

I need a Class developed which I can plug into a large application. This class will need to be able to make an HTTP request to retrieve the HTML from a given URL, and then parse the HTML into a object model I will provide. There is a main page which will need to be crawled, which contains a list of links which will each need to be visited. Additionally, when on each sub-link, you will need to visit one link of each sub-link.

Its a structured navigation pattern, and the problem probably lends itself to some copy-and-paste.

This must be a C#.Net application, compiled against the .Net 4.0 Framework. Also, while not mandatory, it is suggested that the solution use Regular Expressions.

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Custom IFrame Menu Bar For Top Of Website


I have several wordpress websites that I will link as 1 big website.
This does NOT involve any coding of the websites.

The websites will be separate websites on main root and some on sub domains.
I want users to be able to navigate from one site to the next easily using a iframe
bar that will be added to all the sites

Main Site | Sub Domain1 | Sub Domain2 | Sub Domain 3 | Sub Domain 4 | Sub Domain 5 |

The iframe should be seen no matter where I click on any of the sites. it should always stay.
I should be able to edit it easily also. I would be best if i could edit it dynamically and only need
to edit once, but however it needs to be done is fine, even if I have to manually edit all of them each time.

I expect to be able to insert easily with a line of code. No major coding needed. Only small icon with links to each site.

If you bid more than $50, Ill assume you didnt read and only SPAMMING me, so I wont even
waste my time contacting those who do.

If I have not selected anyone, its because they have not shown me they can do it or their
communication is poor or they have a SPAM bid more than $50.

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Sub Menus Drupal Site

We have a sub menu that show in the right Nav Bar for Travel on our website with topics listed that I added through the create content.

I want to be able to do the same for the Surgical Garments so that I can break that page up a little and to be able to add the pictures of the Garments. I

We would like to have some one create this new Content type for me as well as provide instructions on how I can do this myself for other items.

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WordPress Real Estate Multi-Site Network Project

I want to setup a new site using a WordPress multi-site network to host Real Estate blog sites related to specific neighborhoods in my city. In other words, there will be a main site (ex. www.cityname(dot)com) which will provide city level blog information, but also provide links to neighborhood level sub-sites (ex. neighborhood1.cityname(dot)com). Each sub-site will provide blog info related to that neighborhood and use a sub-site theme, which will be very similar to main site theme. I have considered using the pagelines theme for this application but am open to suggestions. For a close example of the concept and functionality of the site I wish to build, see: larealestatevoice(dot)com.

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Multiple WordPress Pluins

Hi ,
I would like add multiple WordPress themes into one single main website.

The main page should contain:
1.Featured (top) information from each sub domains (different themes) (Kind of Dashboard View)
2.Tabs/links on the main page to go to the respective sub domain website.
3.Same user should be able to login to any sub domains (different Themes)
4.Support different countries,currencies
5.Search based on different parameters,country,state,city,zip.. and by category .
6.Filter by location should filter entire website based on the location.

Lets assume main website is :

Ads subdomin would be
listing subdomain would be

Best Regards

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Oscommerce (set Up Ssl, Blank Image Problem On Sub Domain)

Oscommerce (set up ssl, blank image problem on sub domain)

and simple nice theme, language setup.

and explain to me about how to seo setting

using teamviewer, remote control plz.

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Very Simple Iphone App

Require a developer to produce a very simple IPhone app which will present information & Images.

The app will consist of the landing page & information pages.

The landing page will be a menu/submenu structure: With Title, background image & some styling. Clicking on a menu item will expand to display the submenu for that menu item, Clicking on a sub menu item will display the corresponding information page.

There will be up to 25 information pages in total, each will contain a tittle, an image and some text. The styling on all info pages will be the same.

Home page/Menu:
Entry 1
Entry 2
– Sub menu entry 1
– Sub menu entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4

Information Page:

Text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed urna nunc, viverra eget tincidunt nec, iaculis sed massa. Morbi sollicitudin pretium purus et porta. Nam at neque

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Monkey Around

I own a domain name called I would like to develop it to be similar to
I would like the same functions and the ability to sell advertising, banners, coupons etc. I would like to break it up by States in the U.S. and then sell off subdomains for people to develop and I would capture revenue from them as well.

This could be a very lucrative project as each state would have 3-6 subdomains that I could sell and then would neet to be developed. I am looking for a designer to provide a mock up or a sample of some ideas on how to make this work.

I will pay to have the main page designed and then I will require the sub-domain buyers to use your services for each sub domain I sell.

Please look at and see how they have sold other areas as I want to do

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Freelancer Wanted For Managing 6 Subdomains In A Blog

Hi ,
I have a website , which consists of 6 sub domains . I want a right freelancer to rebuild the site from scratch with a new design, where there is only one admin panel to manage all sub domains ,
I d reuirqe previous similiar work , how u plan to solve the tasks , proposals and son .. then we can proceed with discussion .
We may adjust the bid..
Regards ,

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Fix My Blogs

I have my domain with and site is hosted at godaddy.

Earlier we were with but lately i moved to goadddy.

Issue i am facing is, my blogs arent working which are on sub-domains.

Sub-Domains should point my blogspot blogs.

For this we need to add cname ( which is already added but still no good.

There are around 12 blogs which needs to be fixed.

Here is the list :

Need everything fixed asap.

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Breakdown Web Page Into Sub Categories

I need to upload an excel sheet of 20000 products in to my back office system. the 20000 products first need breaking down into 43 sub categories, then aproximately 2000 further sub categories. i can provide the excel sheet and the web address where the information comes from.

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2 Web Sites

_2 professional web sites are needed_

Both pages will be in Slovak language (texts will be provided) and both of them should be created with SEO in mind (keywords will be provided as well). Sites should be (X)HTML valid and should display well in most popular web browsers (IE,FF,chrome).

site 1 – company selling wood:
* approx. 5 sub pages
* embedded google map in one of the sub-pages
* on the main page current action sale is shown (action sales can be added/removed dynamically)

site 2 – company selling car parts:
* approx. 5 sub pages
* embedded google map in one of the sub-pages
* products can be chosen based on car model
* new products (with photos) can be added dynamically
* visitor is able to put products into shopping basket
* when checking out the visitor fills in contact information and the order is forwarded to a pre-defined email address (filled in contact information should be remembered so that returning customer doesnt have to type it in next time)

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CRELOADED Configuration. Sales Order Details

CRELOADED Configuration – Set up CRELOADED so that sales orders correctly show VAT and Discounts before Sub total is calculated and VAT works out correctly on the sub total amount including carriage and any discounts that may have been applied to the order.

To be delivered in 3 days.


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Joomla – K2 Layouts/Views For K2 Directory



We have a nice little job for a K2 expert, we need a new template for a section of our K2 on our site.

It would involve:

Registered users can post items to whichever category.

— Main category (links to other sub categories)
— Each Sub-Category will have simple data set out like a directory (list of items)
—— Each post (item) will link into a basic information page where registered users can either add a comment or email the user who submitted the item privately.

* Each item needs to be approved by admins

We can supply images of exactly how we would like the categories, directory listings/postings and item view if you need it. We do not think this is a big job for someone who can easily customise/new templates for K2.

Thank you for you time and good luck


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PHP Legend – MU WordPress Install

We are creating a net work of sites here with sub domains and also sub directories.

Each site will have booking features, invoice features and shop cart features.

we want the option here to create both

we want the option here to create both

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Freelancer Wanted For Managing 6 Subdomains In A Blog For Pa

Hi ,
I have a website , which consists of 6 sub domains . I want a right freelancer to rebuild the site from scratch with a new design, where there is only one admin panel to manage all sub domains ,
I d reuirqe previous similiar work , how u plan to solve the tasks , proposals and son .. then we can proceed with discussion .
We may adjust the bid..
Regards ,

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Online Greeting Card Website

Im looking for someone to design & develop an website that sends & manages online greeting cards. No cards will need to be created, as I plan to populate the site myself.

Website details:

People will come to the website, and are able to select a category (Birthday, Sorry, Christmas, etc.). Once they select a category they will be presented with a list of sub-categories (Belated Birthday, Happy Birthday, Romantic Birthday, etc.) Once they select a sub category they will be presented with a list of applicable cards, each with a thumbnail & title, for that category.

Once they select a card: they will be presented with the card view, which will be either a static image or a flash animation, and an area to customize their personal message below it. They should be able to change their font and text color. They can then preview their card: This will be a page that displays the image or animation, with the personal message under it. They can then select to either: return and edit the card, or send the card. If they choose to send it they will enter their name and email address and the recipients name and email address. Once sent an email will be delivered to the recipient telling them a card is ready to view. The url to view the card should be random, ( example: ) so people can no simply increment the ID and view other peoples cards.

The system should also allow users to sign up & save their sent cards, so they can view a list of cards theyve sent and see if theyve been viewed by the recipient yet. When they sign up their information (email, username & password, email opt in) should be kept in a database.

The site should have a content management system. Admin should be able to add/edit/delete categories, sub categories and cards. Every card in it at least one, but possibly many, sub categories. Each sub category is in exactly one category. Cards can either be an uploaded image (.jpg, .png .gif) or a flash animation (.swf).

This needs to be developed in (2.0 is preferred) and all databases need to be mySQL server 5.1. The design should be clean and warm, but Im quite easy going with the look as long as its professional looking. The menu should allow for many categories and sub categories while maintaining the clean look. The design should reserve space for 1 leaderboard ad (728×90) near the header, and one wide skyscraper (160×600) ad along the side.

Once completed I will require the source files to make changes if needed in the future.

Bidders please provide portfolios with related projects / work.

03/10/2011 at 14:19 EST:

This is an outline of the project. The detailed project profile will be provided before a bid is accepted.

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TP Lancer – CB Sub

This project regards creating CB PLUGIN(S) to incorporate TPLANCERS COMPONENT with COMMUNITY BUILDER / CB Sub


1. TPLANCERS Users Rating
2. TPLANCERS Users Projects
3. TPLANCERS Users Bids
4. TPLANCERS Users Funds
5. TPLANCERS PM System (I currently have CB/UDDEIM — Can CB/UDDEIM remain PM SYSTEM or is it too expensive to integrate with TPLANCERS ??)

I am experienced Joomla designer, so I can install…
I just need finished product delivered to me as INSTALLABLE JOOMLA/CB /CB Sub PLUGIN APPS.

PM me with any questions.

Thanks and good luck!

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Magento&Mysql Guru Customizing Template To Wholesale

Im Building a Dev/Prod Magento based website for my customer, which supposed to replace an existing, old one. My customer already choose a template, and wants to make modification to fit more for wholesale needs.
The website is DVD/CD wholesale based.

Features needs;
1) Category on left side.
2) Future releases. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage )
3) Specials. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage ).
4) Whats New. ( Frontend: Nav bar, inside categories and sub categories, backend: manage ).
5) Button for download full cover. ( Images of the product ).
6) Better quick/advanced search on left side based on my customers requests.
7) Special attributes linked to a category/sub category. ( e.g director attribute link to all of the directors movies ).
8) Use/Improve current community modules for hiding price if not registered, and activating users.
9) Use/improve current community module for importing products from one DB to new one ( have some known issues regarding magento and import module. )
10) Modifying product page.

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Project Management Software Platform

Our team currently collaborates through a proprietary project management database. The database is becoming a nightmare maintain, and we are now looking to migrate to an online project management platform. With so many online services to choose from, we are finding it hard to figure out which service would best meet our needs.

We are looking for someone to recommend and coach our team on how to use the platform they propose. We are looking for an online project management platform that will allow for the following features:

1. Creating any number/levels of tasks, sub-tasks, sub-sub tasks, etc.
2. Attach any number of files and text comments (similar to a message board) to any tasks
3. Assigning priority level to a task
4. Comments associated with a task should be able to be input using the traditional text formats (ie: bold, italics, underline, etc.). If granted, any user can change any other users

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Bring Our Design To Life! Website Coding & Some Design.

Prerequisites for whoever we choose:

1) Great feedback
2) Good portfolio of similar work
3) Experience in HTML, PHP, CSS & graphic design
4) Clear and constant communication in good English
5) Fast worker and able to provide a quick delivery time

We need a developer to bring our new website design to life. We have a main page designed and a sub-page layout designed. We need both of these coded so that everything works and looks good. You need to be able to take our PSD and turn it into a working website that looks exactly the same as the design mock-up. We also will need our pre-existing application form code integrated into a sub-page template, and then some graphic design work on other sub pages and putting all our supplied content for each page into the template and making sure it all works.

All up there is the following:

Main Page coding work
Sub-page template coding work
Application form page coding work (using our exisiting application form code)

+ adding the pre supplied content for between 20-25 sub pages into the sub-page template and making it all look and work great, with some minor graphic design work for some of the pages.

This will require someone that is able to take a PSD file of our design and slice it up for coding. We also will need some new elements of the site designed, in keeping with the theme of our design. This means we

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Simple WordPress Site Changes

I have a wordpress site that I need some basic changes done to. Inlcuding changing the position of a sub menu and adding the sub-menu items. Simple job.
Only bid if you can begin right away.

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Complete Website Development

The website is for article writers and publishers similar to but not a copy of textbroker dot com site.
Main Menu= Home, Clients, Authors

Home– Sub menu– start, News, Tools

Clients- sub menu- Information, price list, Registration, API, Faq ,Resources, Terms of service

Authors-sub menu- Information,payment,registration, faq, Terms of service.

Top header:

Contact page-

Top right corner- Contact and Login button.

Top left corner space for logo 200×78

HTML CMS prefered.

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SEO Content Writers – About 50 Pages

Website Content Writers Required

I require content writers who are familiar with SEO content writing for websites.Please quote if you are familiar with content writing for websites and can work on a small budget. Native or perfect English only and you must be creative.
I will need:

1) An introduction for a home Page 1500 to 2000 words optimized for 2 keywords
2) The home page will also include writings about its 7 sub-pages.
3) These 7 sub-pages will have 1000 to 1500 words also talking about its sub-pages
4) These sub-pages will have have 3 to 5 other sub pages (I will provide keywords)
5) These sub-pages of the sub-pages will be around 500 to 700 words

It is a lot of writing but it is all under the same topic area.
All writing have to pass copyscape

If you do well on this project I will have more for you in the future for article writing.

They should pass copyscape and I need to like them.

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Build A WordPress Site With Shopify Online Store Sub Domain

3 design concepts presented – including in PDF format so I can present to client
Website built in 5-8 days
Website approx 30-40 pages
Locate a store function – type in postcode and closest store will appear in listing
Built on WordPress
Integrate with Twitter and Facebook – Live Twitter feed on home page
Blog – automatic update to Twitter and Facebook accounts
Google analytics (and included in dashboard of WordPress)
Photo gallery set up
Contact form
Final upload of all site necessary files to server

ONLINE Store built as sub domain using Shopify
Site is already built and existing – we just need to pull across to WordPress

I am new to websites – so I require your patience too, in explaining things to me so I can explain to client.

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Flash Image Gallery Modification

I have purchased and modified a flash template from Template-Monster ( and now im up to a point were I need some hlp from a flash xml expert.
The Template number in question is: 26965
I would like have every gallery window to close and return to the homepage after the user reaches the last sub-category image.

I currently have 5 galleries in the gallery which are located in the same flash tfile xml.
Maybe you can store the images in 5 separate XML files, otherwise, separate the images paths with the separators lines or codes. 
In this case, once you click Next on the gallery page and reach the end of the images array the next will be come disabled. 
If it is possible can you reformat the xml tfile and divide its content into 5 sub-categories so that once the user reaches the last image in the sub-category,  the screen goes to the home page, this means the same when we click on "close" for the pop-up.
Let me know if it would be possible to add an option which allows me to put unlimited number of images into each sub-category in the future myself.
More info can be sent if needed.

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Info Form Created

We are looking for someone to help us make an online job request form that can be accessed and filled by our engineer

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Mp3 Store In Joomla Site


i need to add to a jumla site a mp3 store (possiblely using virtuemart or other components but not necessarily)
if you have a different solution not using joomla yet enabling easy management , your offer will be taken into account.

1 layout should be in the form of a table (or rows) using these fields:
name , mp3 player (for sample listening) , category (possible to add sub categories) , description , key words, add to cart,

2 a cart system that conects to a paypal account. and displayed in clear view durring browsing.
3 administrating system for : uploading and deleting files , editing categorys and sub categories, viewing shop information(sales statistics)
4 search via key words , and menu/ filter for choosing category and sub category
5 possibility to create "special price" for selected tracks.

after payment , user gets a link and can download the music bit for a determined number of days.

links to help you get the idea:
www premium beat, maian music


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Simple Sub Menu Addition To Template

I have an existing css/php/html web template.

It has an anymenu css drop down menu.

However I want a creation of a sub menu (deparate from the original menu) into the existing template.

It must be search engine firendly and well blended.

Must be completed within 24 hrs.

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Website To Make Website Sub Domains Automaticly

I want a websuite to make websites it sounds complicated but basicly i will supply a website as a template i want yo to make a website that uses that template and gives me a cms control panel were i can change seo title description key words of the template add some text from cms to the website template and also add a sub domain then my templated will automaticly be uploade and the template will be come a sub domain the reason why is so i can make many sub domain websites fast and simple for my many car hire locations get a idear from this website

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Website Herbal Infusions

I am looking to create a unique website for a company which will be selling teas.
-) Multilingual
-) Customer registration/login/loyalty program (Unique code generator for inside of packaging)
-) CMS – All pages should be editable. There should be a newsletter module.
-) Tabs:
Who we are
Products(sub: Herbal infusions, sub: Select your infusion, flash interactive where you can select from the 7 variations of tea)
Know the herbs
Special offers
Customer care
Our Partners

reference sites:

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