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Content For Website Pages

I need about 100 web pages written. I will provide the subject of each article and a brief description, but you will be required to research a small amount on each subject and write a completely unique 350-400 word article about each subject.

I am looking for a couple of good writers who can pump out interesting keyword based content written in GOOD english. The content needs to flow easily and make sense. (We have tried several writers so far that sent us content that doesnt make sense.)

I have A LOT of work that needs to be done, this is a small part of a very large project. When we find a writer who is a good fit, we will keep you very busy………..We have several thousand web pages that need content.

This content must be unique, as we will run them thru copyscape before we pay for them.

Thanks for the interest, and good luck.

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Need Someone To Write A Promotional Email

Looking for someone to write an email campaign for a Forex Signal service company. We need someone who has experience in the field of marketing and is familiar with the forex markets. We need someone who can provide us with a good Subject line for the email and also the email itself that will go out to nearly 100 million email addresses. We are looking to get a response of less than 1% of all emails that go out. So the email and subject line needs to be catchy but yet professional.

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Press Release Writer / SEO Content Wrter Needed

Good afternoon,

Looking for a professional candidate that is available once every month to write a very nice, SEO and keyword focused marketing press release for my client.

Please provide examples of your previous press release work on a specific subject similar to my clients. His subject is based on web design, html, coding and css. You must have knowledge in this field and know how to write a press release. We will review your examples to select the right candidate so please submit them.

Please provide at least 3 examples of previous press release you wrote on the above topic or subject. Lowest bid wins, max budget is: $75

This is on going work.

Thank you,

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I need a website that allows users to upload video and pictures directly to the website from their personal computers or mobile devices. the users need the ability to label specifics about the upload, i.e. date, location, subject. the uploads then need to be grouped by similarities so that when a visitor searches for a specific date, location, or subject all videos matching the search appear and are able to be viewed on the website for free and without the need for a visitor to log in or subscribe. need the ability to have visitors comment on videos/pictures as well as rate the quality of the video or picture so that when a visitor searches for an upload the highest rated ones appear first. ease and simplicity are crucial. thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing back from you.

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Writing Sentences About ‘Subject’, 0.03/each – 12 Words Min.

Writers will create separate sentences about a certain subject like "headlights" or "quality shoes" (sentences will include the word/subject). They must be a minimum of 12-15 words. Example sentences may be given.

Set your bids at $30: 1000 sentences @ 0.03/each.

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PhD Dissertation Writing – Accounting

Write a PhD dissertation/thesis on an accounting subject.
Ideally the subject is in the area of environmental or Corporate Social Responsibility accounting.
Not limited to these fields however if a partially or fully written dissertation is available on any accounting subject.
Should a prospective author have a favoured research question in the Accounting field it may be acceptable.
Needs to be approximately 60k words.

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Article Writer Needed.

Looking for 4 400+ words unique articles.
the site is lick by lick dot com and I want you to write 3 articles on that subject. If you dont or cant do subject related to that particular topic. please dont bid.

You must be able to write with keywords density between 2-3% per article
you must be familiar with LSI when writing the articles.
you must be able to write in a review style.
more details on how i want the 3 articles written later. more long term work to follow if you can write on the relationship niche.

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Need 10 Articles Written In Perfect Technical English

Need ten articles written on a technical subject. PM me for more details on subject. Must be well written, and interesting captivating articles. Must be SEO freindly without looking that way. Must pass copyscape.

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Assignments And Articles

Need 12 assessment units to be prepared.
Subject: early childhood.
Each unit has a number of questions to be answered, some tables to be filled in, plus relevant examples to be provided.
Will supply all necessary guidelines and resources which actually provide all the answers. An easy job for a person who is currently working in a childcare centre and/or has a deep knowledge of the subject.
Must be completed within 7 days after awarding the project.
You agree that upon sending me the project all rights to the project transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use this material in any manner.
Please quote me your price for the project when you are bidding.

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Experienced Bulk Email Expert

I am looking for an experienced bulk email sender to send out 270K emails! The emails

I will supply you with the subject header, letter template and email addresses

Must be able to personalize each email for both the letter and the subject header (i.e., hello John, hello Mary, etc)


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Multiple Choice Questions Quiz For IPhone And IPod

We would like to develop a multiple choice test quiz app that will accommodate 90 questions and answers, and will support iPhone and iPad.

Some of the requirements are as follows:
1. The questions are text only
2. Five possible answers with only one correct answer
3. There will be an explanation on each question; will show if a user makes a mistake.
4. User feedback is required (number of correct answers, %)
5. Data base will be provided on csv file.
6. The developer should also do the graphics (basic).
7. We would like to have the option to add more questions in the future, as well as two add a timer for the test.
8. The bidder should also advise if he is able to develop app for Blackberry.
9. Bidder should indicate to complete the project
10. Future development of the app should also be taken into account

Here is more detailed description of the screens:
1. The opening page will show our logo, an image, with our website address. In the middle of the screen

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Need An Emailing Software That Can Send Emails Automatically

I need a simple emailing software where I can plug in an excel spreadsheet with an Email Address column, and a First Name column, and then have the software automatically send out emails to the addresses imported from the spreadsheet over a specific period of time.

I created a quick video with a little more explanation of what this software needs to do.

This software needs to be able to:

– Configure the email account that I want to use to send out these emails. It needs to let me input my ingoing and outgoing SMTP details, email account details, AND it needs to give me the option to send out emails using a gmail account as well.

– Let me insert various subject lines and email bodys. I want the software to be able to rotate between subject lines and emails so that not every email is exactly the same.

– The subject line and body of the email needs to have a "First Name" variable, so that it sends out a personal email to each person. For example, if Im sending an email to a guy named Jim in the first line of the imported spreadsheet, then I want the software to take the name Jim and insert it into the subject, and body of the email. I think an ideal way to do this would be to have the software import the first name column, and associate the column with a variable like %firstname%. That way I could simply put that variable anywhere in the subject line or body as I please. I hope this makes sense… lol

– Limit the amount of emails per day. For example, maybe I want to be able to limit it to 50 emails per day, with a specific time delay between each email. I need to be able to put in these variables so I can change it to whatever I want…. such as 1000 emails per day with 3 minutes between… or 50 emails per day with 10 minutes in between… etc.

– I need a licensing key system because I plan on selling this to other users. I dont exactly understand how to set up licensing, but it needs to work with the users paypal email address that they used to buy the software. Ideally, I need this set up so that if I send my buyers to the download page, they can input their paypal email address, and then it will generate a working key for them. Im not sure how this would work, but I am familiar with setting up web pages. If this can easily be integrated with a download page, that would be great.

– I want this software to LOOK NICE. Ive seen some very crappy looking software. I plan on selling this to other people doing the same thing Im doing, and it needs to look fresh and presentable, preferably a web 2.0 look. Needs to work on Windows only.

– I need to have some support on the software if I need your help. If something is wrong and it doesnt install on my customers computers, Ill need to coordinate with you to figure out how to get it fixed. Im not looking for free lifetime support or anything, but just for the first couple of months while I sell it and get any bugs worked out.

Thats basically it. Im sure we can work out any smaller details as its being developed.


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Swedish Seo Content Writer Needed


I am in need of 30 swedish short articles for seo. They will contain about 100 words each

The subject is very easy to find information about. Each page should be written about the subject with a location in context(a city for example). We will provide you with a list of locations which we need articles about.

We do use copy scape to check articles

best regards


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Universities Managment Panel/portal

Contact form,which has user selected category to whom user can send mail.
(2 types of forms 1. with default category set by admin 2. user have option to choose from categories)

and at the admin site,admin can read mail in category order,and has the auto mail replay.
(criteria: auto reply when subject line equals subject line of specified by admin. means reply will be
different for different subject of emails.)

One database and costumer support:
possibility to add sections for different websites.

sign in and sign up pages and codes which we can use to combine sign in/sign up pages with our application forms. (email verification required)

could upload messages from our email inbox to costumer support panel. Message must save in specific
website section for which we select our specific email and under user email (username), this function only copy
emails from our email accounts but dont download or remove any data from email box.
Each user should be identified by his/her email.

We could send emails to all users at once, several users or reply users inquiries individually
Users could read answers through costumer support panel and also in their email boxes.

Users can make inquiries and can attach documents in costumer support panel with following subjects/question: free scholarships, admissions, Accommodation, and admin have ability to add other subjects/questions, so user choose question/subject and make inquiry with any message.)

Auto reply option with different criteria (when subject of message equals to mentioned subject (subject mentioned by admin equals to subject mentioned by user) , when subject not equals to subject )

all attachments send by users should display with user inquiry and in specific folder under user email
And can print any, several or all attachments through costumer panel.

So we can quickly select some users folders (user email) or all users folders to download attachments.

Ability to add notes for admin to user section, which will be visible to both user and admin or only admin (option for Choosing both or admin)

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I Need Writer For Articles In The Subject Of Health

I need article on the subject of alcoholism and addiction to drugs and medication. These articles will be on major cities in Canada. So I want someone that can have a certain reality on Canada or can search it well so the text would make sense. It will be 20 cities for each subject. 300 to 400 words each.

I need samples of previous jobs.

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Help Hitting Inbox With PHP Mail / Mailer

I am having issues sending emails to my list with PHPMail.

My server has been setup with:
IP PTR Record
Domain SPF Record
Domain Keys.

Mail be sent using simple PHP Mail script (I have also tested PHP Mailer with the same results):

function sendmail($from,$toname,$to,$subject,$body,$fromname){
$to = "$toname<$to>";
$subject = $subject;
$header = "From: $fromname<$from>rn";
$header .= "Reply-To: <$from>rn";
$header .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1rn";
$header .= "MIME-Version: 1.0rn";
$header .= X-Mailer: PHP/ . phpversion()."rn";
mail($to, $subject , stripslashes($body), $header);

I am hitting spam box with Hotmail & Yahoo (Only tested those 2 email services).

The IP address is fresh / never before been used for mailing purposes. The domain is also only 4/5 months old.

Could anybody help provide me with a script to send mail & actually hit my subscribers inboxes.

My mailing purposes are legit. All my optins are double opted in & my emails are CANSPAM compliant so please do not try to sell me any spam software etc, the mail needs to be sent from my Linux server.

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Article Writing – $1 For 400 Words..immediate Start

I need 2 top quality article writers to work for me. I need 20 articles daily..So one writer has to complete 10 articles a day..
please bid only if you complete 10 articles per day..
I will provide 3-4 keywords & subject lines..
10 articles will be on 1 subject only..but next days 10 articles will be on different subject..
This job expected to last for at least 2 weeks…
I will award project immediately
Project specification:

>$1 per article
>400 words each
>2% keyword/keyphrase density
>Original articles only..must pass copyscape
>24 hours deadline
>No spelling and grammatical errors

Attach a sample of your previous articles. I will award the project to 2 writers ASAP, may be today only as I want some articles by end of Sunday..

Thank You!

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Medical Writing > Need 20 Articles On Tinnitus

I need 20 articles on the medical condition known as TINNITUS.

I am looking for an experienced medical writer to write these articles. I need the author to understand the condition and to be able to write intelligently about the subject. If you are an experienced medical writer, but have not written on the subject of tinnitus before, I will supply you with all the information you need to educate yourself on the subject so that you can write about the condition effortlessly.

Please PM me with examples of your medical writing.

If you are a Certified Medical Writing Professional, please let me know.

I will PM the winner of the job all necessary details.

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Writers Needed For Articles X10 Various Subject $3/500 Words

We need writers with excellent English writing skills.

Content is required for various topics, sport, fashion, finance etc.

We want 20 x 500 word articles and will pay $3 each.

Must be 100% unique and pass Copyscape.

Winning bidders will have an opportunity for more regular ongoing work.

Many Thanks

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Graphics For Electronic Website


I have already made wordpress-template, however the subject of it should be changed to Electronics (TV service) template. Meaning the atmosphere and filling have to be changed to fit the new subject.

The following tasks should be done:
1. Design 5 – 7 Banners for companys services (the edges of banners should be transparent & rounded and fit the template)
2. Design 1-3 empty buttons/bullets
3. Design/choose wallpaper by the color of company logo

The template can be seen at:
Note that its in the middle of language transfer (to Hebrew) a language that is written from right-to-left so its still doesnt look so good, but its irrelevant for the current work.

Its important that the Project will be ready ASAP (up to Thursday) and the designer will be good English speaker.


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Manual Organize Images Into Folders And XL Tables By Subject

We provide you with:

(a) several hundred JPEGs of maps of different areas (Example: Europe, Asia, United States, etc)
each map is either an old map or a map about a subject regarding the area (transportation, demographics, etc.)
these maps are grouped right now only by area (Europe, Asia, United States, etc.)
(b) an excel spreadsheet (example of what we need)
it is formatted to organize the maps into categories by theme and date


within each area,
(a) ORGANIZE the maps into categories
– 5-10 categories BY YEAR
Example: Years 1801-1900, Years 1901-2000
– 5-10 categories BY THEME
examples of CATEGORIES are Languages, Commerce, Demographics, Religion, Humor, Cultural, Ethnic, Geography, Military
YOU decide on the categories based on the Maps
no category can have less than 5 maps in it. If you need to group 2 categories to have enough Maps thats ok
ideally balance of maps across all the categories
it is OK if a map is in a BY DATE category and a BY THEME category
(b) ORDER them inside the categories
– for example within years from oldest to newest
(b) SAVE the maps jpeg files INTO FOLDERS by category, one subfolder per category created
(c) RENAME the filenames to ADD A NUMBER at the front in order to reflect the ORDER you created inside the categories
and RENAME the filenames with the SUBJECT of the map
Example: From xyz.jpg —> 02-europe-languages-spoken.jpg
(d) ENTER the information about the organization into the EXCEL spreadsheet
– Subject of the Map
– File Name

for each area
(a) One excel Spreadsheet per AREA formatted as described (example provided)
(b) Folder with subfolders of images organized by category with map image jpegs in each subfolder

We are looking for someone who will do this on an ongoing basis

To start with
3 areas (Europe, United States, France)
about 100 Maps each area
Europe is already 1/2 done to give you an example to follow/learn from

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I Need 100 Articles About Cuba

I need 100 articles 300 word each about Cuba Travel. Must be original copy that will pass through Copy Scape. I will get you 10 subject and I need 10 articles about each subject.

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Script For Fetching Mails

I need a script that connects to mail servers via POP3, POP3s, IMAP or IMAPs and fetches emails without deleting them. The script shall check for each mail if a pattern can be found within the mail body defined by the mail subject. If not an error shall be written to a logfile. If one error occurs during a fetch the status is BAD, otherwise OK.

The script shall take the following arguments: mailserver.xml tests.xml logfile.log status.log


<ID>CHECK ONE</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 123</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>ABC</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body
<ID>CHECK TWO</ID> # Any (String)
<SUBJECT>Subject 456</SUBJECT> # Any (String), full match
<PATTERN>DEF</PATTERN> # Any (String), within mail body

logfile.log (Format and possible cases):
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID OK # If pattern for subject can be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TEST-CASE-ID ERROR # If pattern for subject can not be found in body
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID CONNECT-ERROR # Mailserver can not be reached
YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS MAILSERVER-ID TIMEOUT # While fetching a mail an timeout occured


The script can be in perl, php, python or bash.

The source code has to be very lean and well documented.

Please state in your private message which language you want to use and add a sample script of yours as reference.

The chosen service provider has to be able to issue a valid invoice (including local tax id OR vat code in case of a company). Additional projects to follow.

Best regards,

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WordPress Site Needs Custom Module And Iframe Integrated

Our WP site needs a zip-submit module integrated just below the header. It must work perfectly with our current theme (Woo Themes: Canvas).

In addition, we need a lead form integrated – which will be an iframe that incorporates our partners content on our site.

When a user submits their zip code, they will be taken to the iframe lead collection form.

Please put "WP iFrame Zip Submit" as your subject line when you contact me so I know you read this. Bids placed without that subject line will be deleted. I will supply examples and reference URLs once you contact me.

I am looking for 1) Your bid and 2) Your expected timeline.


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Joomla + Vm – Problem With Characters – Call For Pricing

When a product has no price into VM, it has a button which says "call for pricing"

If the user clicks that link, it opens automatically the email client of the specific user, to write directly to the admin of the sute.

into subject takes automatically the product title.

If product title is greek the subject characters are strange characters, and not greek.

Must fix that bug, and also place the link of the product – url into the subject.

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We are looking for excellent article writers who are able to make market researches before writing their articles.

1) Personal Qualities required for this project:
– Excellent English writing skills like native.
– On time delivery of articles by TEN.
– Ability to do researches and write on almost every subject such as: Online advertising, dogs, pets, astrology, diet articles and more

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8 X Poker Articles Needed

I am in need of a content writer who can write eight articles for me in twenty four hours on the subject of poker. I need two of these articles immediately so do not bid if you are not able to start right away.

I prefer to work with American writers as all articles are US based. If you are not American please submit a short 100 word article on the subject of online poker so I can assess your work.

Payment will be 1.75 Euros per 500 words article and if your work is of a good quality I will hire you on a long term basis. Excellent english writers only please.

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Native English Article Writers Needed

Looking for an experienced Native English writer, who can produce at least 5-6 articles per day on a daily basis. Most articles are between 300-500 words, but some could be longer.
Please place bid for $30 as my budget is low during the Holidays.
These must be good quality articles written in perfect English grammar and punctuation. No grammar, puncuation or sentence structure errors. This will be checked with Grammarly.
The rate I pay for these articles is .30 x 100 words. I pay through GAF or PayPal

I do expect the Essay formula to be used when writing these articles. Which means the article must have a title, introduction, main body, and a conclusion.
All articles will be check by copyscape and plagiarism software and must pass.
The articles must be easy to read and understandable.
The article must be original.


You must agree that all copyrights and royalties will be sold to me as part of the service you provide, under no circumstances can you resell the submitted material after it has been published.

Please post a 100-word sample of your work when bidding on this project. The subject is

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Academic/Trade Journal/Web Researcher

The context for this project is I am in the process of positioning myself as the expert on the impact of Private Labels/Store Brands on fresh fruit and vegetable sales, packaging and branding. As a result, I need to find and be able to cite and speak about the latest research on this subject.

I need someone with excellent research skills (secondary only, no primary research required) who can:
(1) Source, assess, prioritise and compile academic research, trade journal articles, trade/scholarly reports and

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250-500 Words: Stories And Articles

To be eligible for this position, you must meet the following criteria:

– reside outside India
– fluent English (spoken and written)
– have Skype

What we need:

– 10 or more well written articles of any subject (minimum words: 250 and maximum words: 500)
– 10 or more well written short stories of any subject (minimum words: 250 and maximum words: 500)


– These articles and stories are for a typing certification test to test the ability of a user to see how fast and accurate they can type. So, keep in mind that some complexity, strong vocabulary and characters that a typer might not expect are key to this project.


– Your bidding for 10 articles and 10 short stories. Any more that may be included within your bid being competitive will be considered a bonus.

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Showtime On-Demand

Need to setup a website with Bollywood movie showtimes in various cities around the world popular with Bollywood market. Independent Theatre owners to be able to update their weekly information preferably via email form or login. Each city page will have theatre information, movie showtimes and links to popular movie review sites and advertisements of other local businesses like nearby (sponsored) restaurants and other related businesses.

Email auto-respond setup for movie showtimes based on the city in the subject line. This should generate an auto-respond based on the city in subject by poling the current information from the above website. I have setup a demo for this and you can test it by sending an email to showtime at the domain TheatreNearYou with subject "Test" to see what I am seeking

Email should also include small ads from sponsors like nearby restaurants, coupons offers etc from the same city.

Theatre owners obligation is to pay one time setup fee and show slides before the movies to promote this feature they are offering.

Marketing tool to target sponsors, theatres and users in select city.

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