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Automatic Form Submit

We need someone to create an interface that will automatically upload information from a form on some server to this one:

Please let us know how much time this will take and send a relevant example of your work.

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Joomla Project

We have developed a form in Joomla which we would like to integrate into the Community Builder profiles. The form captures information about new and/or existing students which we need to populate 14 fields of information in the student

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Articles Submission & Articles Writing Service Needed

Hello freelancers,
i need a freelancers for two separate tasks. you can choose one or take them both if you want.

### task no 1 :
15 medical and dental 400 word articles. The articles should be unique, quality articles with proper English language, tight grammar, no misspelling, scientific, accurate data (it is medical and i am a dentist and i will review it closely). copy and paste is not allowed at all search the web , read, understand and write your way. I will check it with copy scape and manually on google any article fails to pass the copy scape test will not paid.

we keep the write to refuse any article without much negotiations.

### task no 2:
120 spinned articles submission to article directories . we will provide you with 20 articles then you will spin it using the free spinner chief software (takes 15 min each ) then you will send the spinned root-articles to me to be sure that it was spinned enough , Then you will generate 6 copies form each one using the software (takes only 1 min ) submit them with the proper keywords to the articles directories .

we will pay only for life articles any refused or pending articles will not be paid.

$$$$ i plan to pay 70$ for the two tasks. and please read the project carefully before bidding$$$$$$$$$$

%%%% Any advertising or unrelated offers will be reported to the admins, i really tired from reading crap%%%%%%
^^^^^^^^^ you will send me the passwords and user names of the account you create to be sure that the links will not be changed later with different urls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Joomla Form Problems

I am using Blue Flame Forms in my Joomal website and having problems. One page shows the incorrect form, no matter how many times I correct it. Another form has a field that does not come through on emails.To someone who knows Blue Flame this should be a quick fix. Need to get this done today.
You can see the problem by going to Click on Wedding Reception>test and you will see the reservation form instead of the reception form. The html address, when it should be The next problem is click on CHAPEL WEDDINGS>add on. This form displays Which package would you like to upgrade? It is a required field but you can complete the form without it. If you complete the form WITH it, it does not show up on the email we receive.
Thank You, Donna

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Integrate SOBI2 Directory Listings With Contact Form Joomla

Sobi2 – Joomla ONLY!
I am looking to integrate the SOBI2 directory listings with a contact form.
Form will have 5 input fields and 2 radio buttons.
From the listing owner detail page user will click on the button that will open a contact form.
I would like to integrate a contact form that will automacially:
a) send the contact request to the listing owner.
b) send the same contact request to my email
c) store user information in website database.
d) on "submit" user gets the thank you email
e) aslo user goes to thank you page.

Ill provide the psd layout;)
I need someone with great knowledge of Sobi2.

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Joomla Form Setup

I am building a Joomla 1.5.x website and need a booking form built using Phil Taylors Blue Flame Forms.

The form is to allow users to book events online using any of these payment options: cheque, banktransfer or paypal.

I will provide an example of the form I would like built using Blue Flame and how I would like it styled

I need someone who can start right away and be completed within 24-48 hours max.

If any good, I will have another couple of small joomls related tasks

Thank you

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