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Customise Limesurvey

I want to create an annual survey to a group of 190 business – with a set of 100 questions about their situation.

I am a fan of limesurvey and would like to use it – but there are a number of issues I need to overcome:

1. I want to prefill answers using token data
2. Once a survey is completed – I want to be able to use use the new answers as the new token table for the subsequent survey.
3. I want to be able to easily add new questions/answers (with token info)
4. It has to be user friendly enough so that no coding would be required on the part of the survey administrator.

NB: When biddingrRather than a simple yes I can do it – please show me that you know limesurvey and can suggest how the above might be achieved. I am more likely to be convinced by someone who says something is not possible … if you see what I mean?

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Survey Used Engine Oil, Manila Philippines

I require a survey of vehicle service garages to find out what happens to used lubrication oil in Manila, the Philippines.

The attached report is to be filled out in full.

Please read attached report before asking questions.

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Upgrade My Presentation Software With Visual Basic

I have existing proprietary presentation software written in Visual Basic 6. There is a single code base, from which installation disks for various applications are created to present survey data captured in a standard format MS Access database. These are all content variants on the same set of functions.

I need a software developer do some simple rebranding of the current apps (new color/image, new name, new MS access database survey contents which I will provide) to create new installation disks.

I also need to create an upgraded or extended version of the application that will expand the Access database (add an 8th group of survey items to the current 7 groups), and enable data entry for a longer list of items, and then display the 8th group of survey results in the same way as for the 7 groups in the current version (one screen per group, with a drill-down).

I need these tasks done in the next 21 days.

Ideally, this job will lead to a good working relationship and a stream of software development tasks on these applications. A Melbourne based developer would be convenient, but this is not essential.

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Survey Proposal And Questionnairre Development

Length likely to be about 10 pages, excluding the questionairre itself

I expect the pay to be somewhere past the midpoint of the scale indicated, so expect it to go up from $500 in order to do the job right.

You will need to develop a proposal to carry out a survey study to determine public views with regard to various public transportation options (e.g. subways, streetcars etc); you WILL NOT have to carry out the survey as it is only a proposal.

The proposal will outline how you will identify your target population, how you will determine your sample size, how you will ultimately recruit participants etc.

As part of that study you will also need to develop a preliminary questionnairre. As a result some basic knowledge of how to appropriately coonstruct questions, and response categories, is a must and/or the applicant will need to put in the time to refresh their memory.

A number of relevant literature sources will be provided the elaborate on proposals and which may be sufficient for the job, depending upon how familiar the applicant is with survey and questionnaire design; they may or may need to seek out other sources.

Ideally the applicant should have a general knowledge of public transportation systems in Canada, and preferably Toronto, but specific sources of related literature may also be provided in this area.

In closing, cleary I have posted this job with relatively good pay and so I expect that the work will commensurate.
The product should be at high graduate level caliber, so if you have any doubts about your ability to deliver this please do not apply. Having said that, it is not being conducted by a professional survey company so it clearly does note require that level of breadth and rigor. Most importantly, thoughtfullness, creativity, and flawless execution.

Oh yes, and as time is of the essence, please contact me quickly. Thanks!

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Online Survey/Quiz Creation

I need someone to create 7 online surveys. The criteria for the survey is it must have no ads, it must be done completely on my wordpress site (meaning no survey monkey), have a scaled scoring structure (0 to 5 or 1 to 10 or something like that, it can even be multiple choice as long as their are weighted scores), score itself, at the end of the survey tell the person taking it what their score means (I have all the questions and results), send the survey taker an email with their results, and send me an email with the results as well as the survey takers name and email address.
I need this done within one week of accepting the project. Please personal message me with any questions. You must be sure you can get the job done before applying.
I require good communication skills.


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Application With Sendmail


I need someone to make an application for windows (a survey) and i need all the results to be sent to my e-mail.
Also i need the source because i have to modify the survey (the fields of the survey) every week.

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Filipino Survey Respondents

Filipino Survey Respondents Needed
The amount of surveys you take determines the amount you get. Of course the more surveys the higher the pay.

Use this link to register and start earning from your opinions

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2500 US Survey Complete In US Country

Survey complete And earn

We need 2500 survey complete all survey must unique

survey country :- united state

Count :- 2500 (unique)

for more details PM to me

must 10 demo complete survey to qualify

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IPhone Survey Software Developer

We are SurveyPocket: a mobile phone application development team specializing in building offline survey tools for market research. Were looking for a sharp iPhone/Objective-C developer to help us with a few projects related to our flagship product, SurveyPocket (see iTunes app store).

A qualified candidate is someone that is hard working, has reliable internet connection, a great communicator, and able to communicate clearly.

Contact us for more information.

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Telephone Survey Leads Needed Urgent

Hi All,

Please see the question below for the telephone survey. We are looking at placing a test with a call centre for 3,000 leads at a rate of £0.65 per valid lead. After the test period and dependant on volumes payment will be increased.


X are offering you a chance to win a dream holiday to one of 4 exciting destinations.

The holiday is for up to 4 people and includes superb accommodation provided by the sponsor X Resorts & Hotels, return flights and £1000 spending money!

1. Out of the following destinations where will you go if you win?

a) Costa Del Sol
b) Tenerife
c) Turkey
d) Austria

2. How often do you travel abroad?

a) once a year
b) twice a year
c) more than twice a year

3. How do you normally book your holiday?

a) Travel Agent
b) Online / Internet
c) TV travel channels

4. How much do you spend on holidays every year?

a) 0- £2000
b) £2000 – £4000
c) £4000 +

Thank you for your time, youre entry is now in the draw and you will be hearing from us soon.

Marketing criteria

30 – 65 years old
Married or living with Partner
UK homeowner
Joint house hold income in excess of 30K
Valid Telephone number.

We do not pay for leads that are duplicate against our database, leads that do not meet our qualification criteria or invalid leads like bad phone numbers, no such people and people who say they didnt enter- non-qualifying records must be returned within 28 days of delivery. Data provided can be used on an ongoing basis
We accept all postcodes expect the below

Exclusions Postcode Areas – All of Ireland & LL, SY, LD, IM, BT, ZE, KW15, KW16, KW17

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We Need 50+ CPA Surveys Completed Daily From USA Visitors

NOTE: Read all of the details and rules for this project. If you have any question just ask. If you cannot follow ALL of the details and rules posted here then do not bid on this project.

I am looking for a skilled provider of leads for CPA survey fills from US visitors.
This is a real market research survey that pays on successful survey completion.

You must be able to provide min. 20-100 per day and be able to work long term but we will start with $30 budget (50 leads, $0.60 each) to ensure quality test. If we have never used your services before, you will have to send us 20 good quality leads before we hire you.

This can turn to be a long term job if you can provide high quality service. There is really no limit as to how much you can make. Upon verifying that your traffic is quality traffic, you can produce higher volumes and earn more money. You can make easy money if you are good with marketing and have a good base of customers. We own a pharmacy and want to sell back braces to folks with bad backs, but we can move on to other products if you can deliver results.

Very Important

Payments will be made on the 30th (net 30) of the month to ensure the job is done properly and no payments will be made up front. (Payments via PayPal only). After a few months this will decrease and you will be paid "NET 15".
Example: Leads generated from April 1st to April 30 2011 will be paid by the first day of May 2011.

Why Net 30?
That is when our insurance company pays us. You will only be paid once we receive the money from our insurance reimbursement for the back braces. The reason we do this is if we pay you up front for the leads and the insurance company tells us that our leads are garbage then we will lose out on all of the money.

*There are many people in the United States with back pain, and this project can continue for years. Also, we are going to award the bid to 2 companies, NOT 1. After 60 days, we will then select the company that produces the best quality leads and most profit and continue with only 1 company!

—–Here are a few rules for you (this is the most important part) —–

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Telemarketing Team Required For A Survey Based Process

Telemarketing team required urgently for a survey based process.

Those who got a previous experience in lead generation can bid this process.(Indian call centers are preferred.)

This is a US based process.

We will be awarding $3 per Survey. Calling data and call charges will not be provided.

Script and training will be provided.

Payout will be wired every week.

Happy Bidding

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Market Survey Used Engine/Lube Oil, Manila Philippines


I would like a survey conducted regarding the disposal of used engine and lubrication oil in greater metro and urban areas of Manila in the Philippines (some 16 million people).

The objective of the survey is to produce a written report with a the following information

A survey of garages and service centers establishing the answers to 1) Who collects the oil, 2) Do the establishments pay to have oil collected, 3) How do they store the oil until collection

The location of all the major collectors and figures associated with them such as; 1) monthly volumes collected, 2) what do they do with the oil, 3) how much are they selling it for now, 4) historical volumes and selling prices

Ownership structure of major collectors

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Survey And Marketing Research

I need a Market Research, including survey of at least 500 females of age 25-50 (preferably housewives, or whoever is responsible for cleaning a bathroom) to be done on a product, which is electronic handheld battery-operated (rechargeable) cleaning device that can be used to clean bathroom walls, tubs, sinks and tops. The survey is to be conducted for target market in Australia. There will be 3 different heads that can be easily changed in between to change a different surface. I need to know:
1. Would they buy this device?
2. How much minimum and maximum are they prepared to pay for this device?
3. why would they buy this device?
4. What are features they would like to have or what they dont want to see?
5. How often do they clean their bathroom?
6. How much would they pay for a replacement head?

Please send your references, experience and skills. Please note, any false claims will be prosecuted.

Happy bidding:)

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Senior Joomla Programmer Needed To Write Custom Component

We currently have a client wizard- they do 3 things: survey, upload photos, answer questions (jext survey, jfuploader, ckforms). The answers are stored in 3 separate files. We want them to be stored additionally in one file – that can then be displayed to our designers in a back-end area of the site rather than in admin panel. Needs to be in a readable format that they can simply see.

Max Budget: $40

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30 People 5 Questions Survey

Need a survey of sample size 30 from United States to be completed ASAP.
Propose now.

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.net Survey Project Updates

I currently have a .net survey application that I am running multi clients on and a function is not working correctly for one one the clients.

Please place a per hour project bid.

.net experience

hours available

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Free Signups To A Survey Website Required

We want someone who can deliver 1000 original people to our site who can join to the survey program for free.What you have to do is to simply promote the website and we will pay you for each sucessfull signup that you deliver.

Use only genuine methods to deliver signups.You can join the site for more details.

Details of website will be provided to interested bidders.

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Mysql DB, Scripts

The following is what I am looking to have added to my web site. The theory and /or workflow is what I have thought of. If you can provide the outcome with other workflow I am open to ideas. All databases need to be mysql and placed/built into my site.

Zip code Database:
Need to track zip codes our company are working.
Need mysql DB to track the following.
Zip Code, State, Town, Sales person, Sales person email address, URL link of web page
Need a form to use to update new activated zips and other data into DB.
Need Zip code query for home page for user to enter zipcode. It needs to look up the zip they enter and follow the URL link in the DB. If zip is not in DB default link should be used to go to a coming soon page. Cookie for returning users.

User registration database:
Need DB created to track the following: Name, address, gender, age group, email address. Last Survey
Need form created for registration page. User to enter info to register. Submit button enters into DB.
Need this to run on home page and links from a few other pages will point back to this.

Advertisement Database
Need DB created to track the following: Advertiser name, state, town, art name, creator, art location, Sales person, Date entered, web page location, Issue, day run (1-15), ad # (1-10),

Take Survey:
Need a button created

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Destiworld Survey

Private for Rocking Graphics

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Simple Facebook App: Giveaway With Poll

I need a simple Facebook application: user collects points in a giveaway competition. Application is divided in tabs.

– user adds application and is entered in a giveaway competition
– user should see how much points he has at the header of the application (above tabs)
– first tab lists functions for a user (take a survey, provide e-mail, invite friends, see prizes)
– sidebar of the application: rank among friends (all the friends, entered in competition, with their points)
– 4 questions survey, everyone that fills out the survey, receives 10 points (survey opens in a second tab)
– providing e-mail address gives a user 20 additional points
– option to invite friends: each invited friend gives additional 10 points (friends invite form opens in third tab)
– prizes information (opens in forth tab)

– application will post a message with picture and text on users wall, each time user opens the application
– application will get just the basic information about the user

– aplication will be hosted on my server
– all data will be stored in a CSV format

Since I am a web designer & programmer, I should be able to change design of the application myself, together with poll questions. I just need the basic structure & integration on Facebook. Your own suggestions for design are also welcomed.

PHP is preferred, but not a must.

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Club Training Survey & Quizz Application System

Online survey application for public and members. The survey form(s) is allowed to be downloaded to a Mobile device for offline usage. Authenication is required if the survey is for members. The application shall have a survey form template management, survey question/quizz management, questions validation/skip management, survey response management and analysis reports. For better understanding, the basic is similar to SurveyMoney, but the requirement is much more than that with the following highlights. (1) As survey could be for members, members will base on their ID to do the right surveys (2) Survey questions could be download onto the mobile devices and be filled with no internet connection, then submit at later stage (3) a few features needed to the question type, includes animation/sound (4) a tracking of the members download the survey. (5) The member s survey is tied to the training course(s) he/she has registered. (6) survey form could be done offline. (7) authenication required. I am looking for those who have developed similar aplications and could show case some of the past works perferred.

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Adjust CSS On Website To Resize Well On IPhone/Mobile

Having issues with this website/survey not resizing well on iPhone or mobile devices..

I require a freelancer to write the extra CSS i need to change this survey to make it size down well to smaller screen sizes.(particularly iphone and blackberry)

THe output will be purely the CSS classes i need to append to and the values needed. (in the backend of this survey tool, it allows me to append CSS to the stylesheet)


Bidders, please address my issue in your bid, show to me that you understand what the problem is and that you can fix it for me. Please include the answer to this in your bids 4+5 = ??

Bidders who simple copy and paste a generic message and do not do the above will not be considered.

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Market Research/survey

Professional is needed to call and conduct market research/survey of demand within the spa/massage parlor industry.

I will supply a list spa/massage parlors along with key questions that needs to be answered.

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Questionnaire Project

Im currently working on an academic research amongst Indian nationals and am looking at gathering at least 1000 respondents to my survey. I need a person who can get me the 1000 respondents. The respondents must have the following criteria:-

1. Indian Nationals
2. Age 16+
3. About 500 male and 500 female respondents

It is important that respondents are real persons and no bots are data inputters are used (they must enter email address and some of these will be verified). Should this be discovered, payment for the project will be withheld. My budget is quite low (about $30) given that its a small academic project but may have other projects especially in social media that I may commission in future.

Please propose me the followings when bidding:
– Proof you can provide large numbers of respondents
– How many respondents can you deliver me, your time frame?
– What strategies are you going to implement in this task. A summary of how you get the responses, whether it is through mass invites or some other method. I am looking for a long-term relationship in the future and must ensure you have a solid proven system in place.

Payment will be split in 2 milestones:
– 50% upon reaching 1000 respondents with the requirements above
– 50% within 2 weeks of reaching the target, when survey origin and segmentation is verified.

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Web-based Online Questionnaire And Survey


Im looking for programmer/designer to create a website for online questionnaire and survey, similar to SurveyMonkey. However, this website should have the social network aspect (a community). It should be able to connect to social medias, such as facebook.
This website should also be made into facebook app, iphone app, and blackberry app ONLY for users to take surveys.
The system should be flexible for any upgrades by my programmers.
The applicants should be experienced programmers in PHP, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and MySQL, XML. I am looking for a dedicated programmer. All codes and copyright would become my companys. Please send me a portfolio.
For more details, please bid and PM me.

Best Regards

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Facebook App

Hi, I would like to have facebook apps which would promise to show all the friends and facebook profile who visited your profile. This apps should get random profiles from users friend list and some from facebook profile. Before showing them the visitors profile they should give permission to post it on their wall and access all the privileges which normal apps do. After that it should have ask the user to do 1 survey and then it will show the list of visitors profile. The survey option should be dynamic in sense if I want to disable this option it should not ask to do survey and show the profiles.

Project is very small and doesnt require much of programming and logic.

Budget of project should not be more than $50 and is on the basis of FCFS.
Please show some of your proof that you are good at programming.
After completing the project show it live.


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Simple Extention To Ruby On Rails & Json Website

We are adding an additional feature to an existing open source project. We are looking to establish a relationship with a programmer for this initial project, and for future project work. The project is described in detail below. The initial update is a rather small project, but I am interested in your broader capabilities. If you are available let me know you relative experience and immediate availability. This is a very interesting project, with plenty of opportunities to participate. Upon selection you will need to sign and NDA etc.

Requirement : Ability to upload an image for each question in a Survey

1. ODK Builder currently uses Ruby on the backend and HTML/JS/AJAX on the front-end (source-code attached)
More info :

2. ODK Builder supports different question types such as Text, Numeric, Date, Location, etc

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Get Paid To Take A Survey – Only United States

Become an Online Survey Taker for FREE!

How does this work?
Its easy! Join for free by completing the short sign up form. The information you provide helps us match you with survey companies that fit your profile. After joining, you

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Online Survey Form For WP- As Wp-plugin

We need an online survey form.

1- user fill the form
2- user complete the steps required
3- user press submit button
4-user will be asked for an email address input
5- user will get the result of survey on his email

The result depend on what he answer.

example would be:

Question: How tall are you?
answer1: 180cm
answer2: 120cm

now each answer have a results answer like this:

resultAnswer1: you are tall
resultAnswer1: you are short

the result appears depending on what user choose, of course we add the resultasnwers related to each questions.

We need it as wp-plugin:

admin can add surveys: each survey has name field then questions,answers,resultsanswers.

admin can edit,delete surveys.

because sometimes there can be 20 questions we do not want to show all on one page so it should be possible to divide question based on category into many page so when user filled first page he press next etc..

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Survey Form Project

Need to create a simple survey system within our existing website. The current website uses php pages and already incorporates a variety of scripts, so any scripting must be developed to not conflict with or inhibit the actions of existing scripts. Existing website link will be provided to interested and qualified bidders.

The survey does not necessarily need to store data in a database, but needs to use logic to determine the path that the user will follow through the survey and email the results to a specific address.

There will be 3 unique paths / surveys, selected from links within a form email sent to customers. The customer will click on one of these links and be sent to our website to complete the appropriate survey. The three options will be:

1. Problem with experience

This link takes them to a landing page with a simple form asking them for their name (short text field), phone number (number field) and to describe the issue (paragraph text box). This link leaves a cookie or in some other fashion prevents the user from clicking the other two survey links (instead they would be redirected to the same page here) .

2. Suggestion link

This link takes them to a landing page with a survey that asks them to fill out a 4 question form.
Question 1 is to rate their overall experience. (radio button / slider / star rating 1-5).
Next Q is details. (paragraph text box)
Third is additional text (another paragraph text box).
Final is "Would you recommend us to your friends?" radio button yes / not yet

Logic required: If the overall rating is a 5 AND "Would you recommend us" is YES the user is directed to a specific landing page (we will call this the great page). If the overall rating is 4, AND the "Would you recommend us to your friends" is YES than the user is presented with a specific landing page (we will call positive page). If rating is <4 AND / OR the "would you recommend us" response is NO then the user is directed to another specific page (call it negative page).

Survey 3. Loved it.

This takes them to a third specific landing page and survey

Q1. – Q5 will be ratings in specific categories (slider/ radio button / stars) from 1 – 5 (5 is best)
Q6. will be paragraph text box

Logic required: If the ratings are 5 overall, the next screen is a landing page (great page).
If it

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Extend Ruby Json Project

We have a project that has incorporated a couple open source Ruby components into a web interface. We are adding a couple feature enhancements with immediately, but then latter more in a larger expansion. We are looking to establish a relationship with a programmer for this initial project, and for future project work. The project is described in detail below. The initial update is a rather small project, but I am interested in your broader capabilities. If you are available let me know you relative experience and immediate availability. Upon selection you will need to sign and NDA etc.

Requirement : Ability to upload an image for each question in a Survey

1. ODK Builder currently uses Ruby on the backend and HTML/JS/AJAX on the front-end (source-code attached)
More info :

2. ODK Builder supports different question types such as Text, Numeric, Date, Location, etc

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