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Need 3 SWF Files Created

I need three swf files created.
Please have a look at the attachment to see what I am looking for.
I will provide you with three mp3 tracks and three jpg files and would ask you to create the flash files from those.
I also need the working "<object></object>" code to insert into the website.
Needs to be done quickly.

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Convert Swf Page In HTML5

Convert web page into HTML5 content

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Pdf To Swf Flipbook

we need a script to convert pdf to swf flipbook, i will provide more detail in PMB. please keep the bid low.

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Flash Banner For Resume Company

Online flash banner required for a resume company. I want to use the same theme used in our TV commercial (theme: before and after CV impress). Please see commercial from this link:
Freelancer is to create the concept/design and produce a flash & GIF (or jpeg) for each dimension. We are looking for a professional to work on long terms with. If we are happy with the work produced we will continue to work with the freelancer on a monthly basis.
Dimensions are as below: In total there are 8 (note: same concept, different dimensions)

1. Top Leaderboard 728(w) x 90(h) SWF
2. Medium Rectangle 300(w) x 250(h) SWF
3. Wide Skyscraper 160(w) x 600(h) SWF
4. Large Rectangle (336 x 280) (Vertical) SWF
5. Square (250 x 250)SWF
6. Small Square (200 x 200) SWF
7. Skyscraper (120 x 600) SWF
8. Banner (468 x 60) (Vertical)SWF

Each flash dimension need to be:
Backup GIF Or GIF/JPEG Only
Dynamic (flash) size: 30kb max
Static (jpeg or gif) size: 20kb max
Continuous 15 Seconds

Dimensions 1, 2, 3 require the following actionscript to be attached to flash banners button object:
on (release) {
if (_level0.clickTag.substr(0,5) == "http:" ) {

To be considered:
– Please send me through a portfolio
– Deadline: 3 working days to complete
– Raw Flash files must be send through: raw flash files, flash exported file & Jpeg (or GIF) image

We are a design resume company, please view our website

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Swf Tools Expert Needed For Pdf To Swfs

Hello,I"m searching for a swftools expert. my need is to convert pdf into swf.
right now i got a good result but i need to change the swfs outputs to size that i define.
that means that every swf file should be height 1400 width 1000

if you are swftools expert and you know how to use this component.please contact me.if not,please dont waste my time.
i need this fix Immediate.

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Simple Flash Webcam Using Fsm

You all know the ppv chat systems where a model logs in on a flash page and broadcasts her webcam through clients on the client end that can view it in return for credits.

I only need a very simple thing which consists out of 2 flash apps swfs, i log in at admin flashpage (admin.swf) click on start broadcasting then i get the flash popup if i want to share my webcam and microphone. hit yes and done.

the other client.swf simply shows my cam + transmits my audio when connected, if not connected it says not online.

Im running flash media server 3 as flash server.

I think this can be made really quickly so please dont bid any higher then 60$

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Fluid Swf Integration In Drupal


I need to have a quotation regarding the customization of the following Drupal Module:

SWFtools: add the availability to simply add a swf movie in Node/page with adaptable size regarding the browser resolution / screen size (fluid display 100%x100%).


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Flash, PHP & Paypal

We require a simple set of code written in as3 and php. It should allow a SWF file to post a payment request to Paypal in a separate window, then receive the confirmation back from Paypal without closing the SWF.

This is NOT just a Buy Now button for flash, its really important that we complete the payment cycle without navigating away from the page that the user clicks.

An example of the sort of thing were looking for can be found on a video in this page:

No graphics / design are needed beyond simple test buttons and text field that prints out sucess or failure.
No hosting or additional PHP is required.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Add Video Provider To JomSocial

I need the video provider adding to JomSocial as a capable video provider so that users can link videos from this video site and have them streamed throughout the network. is a Chinese based site, so an understanding of the language might make it easier. See below for an example of how a video from this site can be embdedded:

<object width="661" height="390" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="">
<param name="movie" value="" />

This should be a small project for someone who has had exerience with this type of job before.

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To Swf Online Converter

Wee need a file (pdf or doc) to swf (Adobe flash) online converter and visor.
My server could be Linux or Windows no problem, but i need the web script run with PHP.

Here its an example as we want:

Here a open source software for using:

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External Swf Loading And Unloading Homepage

I need someone to make 5 buttons with rollover( blur) and loading and unloading of pages(blur out and in) and a download save as(right click) 2 links.

Picture page with a 2 pictures button

And to intergrate a mp3 player I bought and write a php list for my songs

Simple work, but I can´t do it.

design done in Photoshop CS 5

Shouldn´t take more than two hours at the most

I am paying 100 dollars

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.SWF File Must Be Converted Into High Resolution Movie File

I have an .SWF file that needs to be converted into a High Resolution Movie File. If you bid on this job please make sure the quality remains high throughout the video. I will pay 30$ for this job and need it done within an hour.

Thank you very much.

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Pdf To Swf Flippable Book Cms

I am following a project for a cms that can handle multimedia publications from upload documents (pdf, doc, xls) and turn them into books flippable in swf.

A sample project can be this: or the well-known

I urgently need to finish the project and the script works.
The script will be in php / mysql with jquery web 2.0 style graphics. I look forward to your proposals for availability in this work.



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Copy Existing Flash Swf

Please recreate the simple opening flash sequence:

Should not say Artists or Contact, just the flashing letters EXACTLY as per the link above. At the end of the SWF, the last frame should just be shown forever.

Delivery in 3 days.

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SWF PDF Viewer For Publishing Co, Print To A4 And Letter

New, small print music publishing company needs help getting a SWF PDF viewer up and running. Need to take our SWFs generated in PDF2SWF/SWFTools and combine them with a good viewer (preferably something like FlexPaper) so only one SWF file is uploaded to the server.

— Main feature: we need to make sure the documents can be printed on both A4 and Letter sized paper, so may need some editing to the print architecture of the viewer.

Happy for an HTML 5 suggestion as well if someone has a good solution.

Well handle the PDF to SWF conversion if you can help us sort out getting the viewer up and running.

Small budget, but keen for ongoing relationship with someone knowledgeable in flash and PDF to SWF publishing for future projects (mobile apps, etc.)!


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Swf To Css Online Project

We need a software to convert files from swf to ccs to use in our website for further information about us read the attached file and/or contact us.

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Flash SWF Editing

Hi there

This is a very simple project for someone with the tools and the skills I just dont have handy at the moment, I just need to someone to replace an image file in an SWF file and make sure it works ok once this is done.

Very quick and easy project, must have msn messenger so I can talk you thru this



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LOAD 15 Languages Onto Zen Based Website With Swf Pdf Files

Loading 15 translations onto an existing ZEN based e-commerce website delivered as:

Flash (.swf .fla)
Manual (.pdf .psd)
Document (word)
script (php)
script/doc on offshore site


Products + Basket + Check-out + payment + confirmation
My Account (after entering log-in information)
Contact Us
Check out pages 1-4 (after entering log-in information)
SEO and META tags/descriptions

LANGUAGES (subject to change)


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**Very EASY Flash Job!** – Replicate/Copy Existing .SWF File

The task is to copy the flash "video" (VideoChat.swf) portion of this website (where theres a video of the person chatting):

I know theyre pulling the videos from "chatMates/" folder and using VideoChat.xml to pull the conversations. I just cant get it to work though. I will also need the text changed — where it says "police et couleur", it should say "font and color".

The task will entail providing me with a .SWF file that randomly pulls a video/chat from a XML file. The flash object will also need to look like "VideoChat.swf" on the page.

This is a really simple job, ideally Id like for it to be completed within 24 hours of acceptance. Paymetn will be released as soon as a working version is shown.

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AS3/Flash/Javascript Experienced Developer For Bug-Fixing

To summarize:
We are searching for a Project a Developer who has really good experiences in AS3 and Javascript who should know how swfadress is working together with Flash and who can do some Bug-fixing.

We need to fix some Bugs in some AS3-Flash-Files in Combination with SWFAdress (
The Project could be finalized by developing a workaround or fixing the Bugs directly itself.

The Project should be solved very fast!

The detailed Description:
We bought an AS3/Flash/Javascript-Template which is containing some strange Bugs.

Here is the Example for the Project:
Maybe you can not read the following Parts correctly, because they are containing some German Chars. I include in the ZIP also a Textfile which is containing this in German Chars.

These are the Bugs to be fixed, (try each example with the link above):

The Browser-Arrow-Navigation does not work if you use the included Module called "external SWF" (for loading an own SWF). Only for the other Modules (for example "Video Gallery", "Gallery", "Content", eg.) which are also included are working good. But for us it is important to load external SWF-Files also!
The error is, that you can Navigate always with you "next"- and "last"-Browser-Navigation-Buttons and the Content will change correctly like on a normal Website. If you click under "Media Modules" the Subpage "External SWF" or on some Links under "TEST", "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" or "LINK TO SUBPAGE2", then this is not working anymore. Those links all have in common, that they all use the "EXTERNALSWF"-Module. If you click then again on one Page with one of the other Modules, it is working again correctly. It seem to be that this is depending on the AS-Functions inside the Template called "destroyComplete() function" and "loadPage() function" which is the main function to load pages, this function is not calling sometimes when the ExternalSWF is loaded. (In Code arround Line 2226).

Naming Conventions of URLs are wrong. You can check this by clicking on "TEST" and then on "German Umlaute: äöüÄÖÜ". If you use Firefox, you can see there German Chars ("Umlauts" like "ä" "ö" "ü"). I included a Text-File which is containing the Chars and their ASCII Codes. If you use Chrome or IE you can see them written as encoded Version. Because it is hard to spell such URLs it should be changed to a more common way. They Page-Names should be still used for the Title of each Page in Original Way, but for the URL they should be changed from a incompatible way (like ö ä ü ß) to a internationalized way (like oe ae ue ss).
Again: URL should not look like …/German_Umlaute:_%C3%B6%C3%A4%C3%BC%C3%96%C3%84%C3%9C%C3%9F or like …/German_Umlaute:_öäüÖÄÜß it should look like …/German_Umlaute:_oeaeueOEAEUESS while Title-Tag is looking like "German_Umlaute:_öäüÖÄÜß"

The Linking of the First "Headline"-Buttons of the Menu does not work correctly. They should call a SWF-File for example directly what does not work correctly, yet. You can see this at the Menu if you look at "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" and "LINK TO SUBPAGE2" and "CONTACT". On "LINK TO SUBPAGE1" and "CONTACT" it is working like it should, because those Buttons do not contain a Submenue. On "LINK TO SUBPAGE2" it does not work correctly, because it is only able to call an URL, but not a SWF like the other Menus directly. Also the colorizing of the Menu does not work correctly if you click on "LINK TO SUBPAGE2". The behavior of the "Headline"-Buttons should be the same like on the Submenue-Buttons: they should be able to load any Module also.

The Bottom Line (Links to Social Networks) should not be called twice at first load of Page.

A click on the Logo should load the Page "HOME" what does not work always.

If needed I can send you a Link where you can download the Sources to give it a check!
– You should be sure that you are able to fix those Bugs before you bid!!! –

If you need further information don´t hesitate to contact me.

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Embed Links Video To Existing Swf Page Script

I need a script that I could add to my site (cms panel) that would allow my customers to add a video, link and stuff like that to their existing swf pages in the e-book that we create for them? I know the SWFCombine ( is suppose to do this.

Here is an example of one of the other sites that have it in their admin site :

Portal Website Address:
Password: 10001639
I need a script that I could add to my site (cms panel) that would allow my customers to add a video, link and stuff like that to their existing swf pages in the e-book that we create for them? I know the SWFCombine ( is suppose to do this.

Here is an example of one of the other sites that have it in their admin site :

Portal Website Address:
Username: is my personal email address wroby2003 (at)
Password: 10001639

completed project will include all source files and installation outline.

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C# Developer W/ Flash Knowledge For Windows Applicat.

I need a windows application developed in C# that allows to input SWF files (that are converted from PDF – i already have that) and add further contents, such as

– video, audio (players already do exist that can be integrated)
– hotspots

– text
– images
– SWFs

to it.

Content described in 2) shall also be animated with a few typical Flash animation effects.

The application shall be part of another app – thus, royaltee free SWF libraries – if you are going to use them would be preferred.

A more detailed briefing will be provided to the bidder.

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Record Video And Convert To SWF

Need someone to record five videos of full website navigation using . The videos must then be converted to swf files in this format defined by the existing swf on this page

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Help Installing SWF Files On Website

I had a developer create some banners for me. I did not realize it, but he make them as FLASH banners "swf files", and now I would like to install them on my own website, but I do not know how.

Also, I would like to convert them to animated GIF files if possible.

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Optimize SWF File From Flash Catalyst

I created a website using Flash Catalyst. For some reason the site takes 30 seconds to load even though it is not a very large site. I need the SWF to be more compressed and for someone to troubleshoot the files.

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Convert Simple Game From Flash To IPhone/Android

I have a pretty simple game that has been developed entirely in Flash. It uses multiple .swf files and I just need to have the whole game converted to run on the iPhone and Android platforms. Since it is in multiple SWFs, it is not just a matter of packaging a single SWF, but combining all of the different SWFs of the game together correctly.

If you do a good job at the conversion, there will be follow-on work for such things as changing buttons, various graphics, and audio elements.

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Flash File Programming


I need to program a swf file containing a video with transparent background + a simple animated text (hypertext).

You can see an example of the type of file on , the video with the girl at the top of the page, with the difference that some part the text should be clicckable.

The swf file will be inserted at the top this web page:

I already have the flv video with transparent background, you only need to put it together with the text with a simple text animation effects, in a swf file.

we only have 50$ for this.

thank you

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Avatar Creator Site – Flash Modification

Avatar Creator Script (php+swf+xml)


I need some one to Decompile SWF files and reprogram some action files change some images …
i got the swf files … its to be used for (Avatar Creator Site)…I dont have the source file only SWF.
This SWF creats avatar images and then send the images to view folder or email..

So in points…

1- Decompile SWF files.
2- Fix and change Action files to make users download the images(ImageSaver Class)
3- Build jpg_encoder_download.php.
3- Replace some Images.
4- Compile SWF files.
5- make sure it work in real website.

This SWF creates avatar images and then send the images to view folder or email..

*You dont have to design any kind of images or movies…
***I well pay after testing .

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Flash Banners

The project is to build 10 different themes for some flash banners.

The themes are like 10 different lessons from a private school. All images and text, and logos will be given.
Each theme will have different images and text to use, and different themes, mean different idea and effects.

The main purpose is to build nice ideas.. and simple and clever effects and transitions.. so the final result will be nice.
The result must NOT be big swf files, because portal sites have restrictions for size of swf file.

Flash Demo banners.. must be given.. to see previous jobs.. from developers.
IF anyone wants to make some demo samples.. will be better!

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Video Work – Add Player Control And Make Video Link

We have a video and also .swf file.
We want to embed this video in a website with followings

1) We want to make this .swf file to be clickable so that when we click on it, it goes to another URL
2) We want to add a player control so that visitors can pause and play.
3) When you load the page the video sound should be mute. Video will play auto but sound will be mute by default.

We want all of above in a single .swf file.

If possible then bid with similar example.

If not possible then provide a solution with example.

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SWF Basic Flash Changes

This project includes very basic flash changes, I only have swf files , should be converted to fla …
This should only take couple of hours max …

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