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Metatrader Indicator Tweak

I have a simple indicator which draws 6 different objects when certain conditions are met( Highs and lows).

I want to have an audible alert on all of the six objects when the conditions are met.

I also want the option to select and unselect which of the six objects the alert is on.


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MetaTrader MT4 Fibonacci Retracement EA Indicator

We would like an Indicator or Expert Advisor which ever would make more sense for our situation. It will be a trade assistant with readings on the left side of the screen which tells to stop trading because there is a news announcement and also it will give us alerts that we have a correct Fibonacci retracement (adjustable parameter) from the last fractal high/low. The alert will only come if the last fractal high low is in progression from other fractal high/lows going in a certain direction with the trend . AN additional filter is a moving average that tells us the trade is in the direction of the trend or maybe both. For example the 21EMA has to have crossed above a 50SMA and that would give us the filter for the uptrend for long signal alerts only. With adjustable parameters for SMA and EMA and we would only be alerted once all these conditions are met to a retrace of 50% for a long signal. Also we want a true/false filter saying the CCI has crossed below a certain level with all of these with adjustable parameters. Once all these conditions are met we get an alert.

Also if you will see this is very similar to what we want including the strength meter also picking up on the Forex pair we put the Indicator/EA on…

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Changing Of Metatrader Indicator

Dear freelancers,

today I would need your help for changing an indicator. My present indicator shows now only daily Pivots.

However in the settings there should also be the possibility that ADDIDIONALLY weekly and/or monthly pivots shall be shown.

So the user should be able to decide if only daily pivots or daily AND weekly and/or AND monthly pivots (as a further possibility) should be shown.

If you think that you can change the indi within 1 day please contact me.

The max budget will be USD 30,–

Thx for bidding


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Decompile A Metatrader 4 Indicator And Create An EA


I need to decompile several Metatrader indicators /EA, correct some minor errors and create an EA. EA should be 4 & 5 digit and ECN

I would like the programming to be done in a timely manner but a quality product is more important than turnaround time. Files will be sent on completion of bid.

Thank you

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MetaTrader 4 Indicator

Design MT4 Indicator.

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