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Online Flash E-Course

We are a college and online learning company, and I require Flash based e-learning courses to be run inthe UK.

An example of what I need is on the below link, and this particular course is one I intend to have developed (using the exact same syllabus). You just need to enter any name to access the demo, and there are 7 modules with a couple of topics in each module (each topic has numerous slides):

I can provide syllabus, some photos and videos, text, and Ill need to arrange the voiceover.

So its a price for creating the course, including the graphics and assessment quizzes/games, with ability for results to be caputured in LMS (probably Moodle, unless you suggest otherwise?).

Courses will be varying lengths, but this is the one I need first.


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Translation Of A Syllabus

We need a Spanish syllabus translated into English. Word count is 40,913 words.
Please provide rate/word and time line.
Only Native Speakers
No Companies
Only Individual translators

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Audio Video Content For V1-xiith Class CBSE Syllabus

We are looking for availability of readymade Audio video content for V1-xiith class CBSE syllabus.

We would like to own its rights and then resell the same under our brand

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We Need College Management System

We need a college management system with following modules(web based):
1. Student registration.
2. Attendance monitoring.
3. Library management.
4. Accounts , Fee updates , pay roll etc.
5. course and syllabus management.
6. student and staff management.
7. Administration and logistics.
8. Hostel and Canteen management.
9. Event management.
10. Transport and bus route management.

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Australian Environmental Consultant To Review Green Courses

An Australian environmentalist is required to review and comment upon several courses in green skills that we are developing. We are an Australian Registered Training Organisation. You must have at least one position of responsibility in a respected environmental group; excellent general knowledge on environmental ans sustainability matters; and preferably have a degree or higher in any environmental discipline.

We are looking for suggestions as to how we may improve the courses and make them more relevant and effective. We will ask you to jot down ideas on how to make the courses more applicable to the students, all branches of government, relevant industry and business organisations. The courses are at various levels, from Certificate I to Certificate IV.

You will not need to read all materials or to do any editing. We just ask you to scan read and get an overview of the courses so that you can give us general feedback.

Please quote for 20 hours of work (10 hours for reading the syllabus and scan reading the four courses, as well as 10 hours to provide written comments).

Please note that this project will start in (very approximately) one months time. We need to engage you early because we need to enter your name as a consultant on application forms for government.


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Promotional Brochure/ Flyers For Ballet School

The object is to create a promotional brochure and accompanying flyer(s) for a ballet school based in North East England; classes from pre-junevile up to advanced adult level.
The brocure should introduce the school, outline a syllabus for the various grades in a fresh and welcoming fashion. The brochure also will invite newcomers to take part in a new ballet production.
Photos of children/students in training and previous ballet production will be given.
The brochure should be no more than 4 A4 pages. The flyer will condense on one A4 sheet, printed both sides and folded into 3 panels what the brochure promotes.
I will need to see relevant experience in similar projects.
Logo is available.
Time scale: as soon as possible.
Budget: max $150.00.

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