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Mobile Thin Client

I want to develop a fancy graphical mobile thin client on mobile handsets mainly starting with J2ME and Symbian, lately with Android, iphone and blackberry.
The client is just to have a secured access as an ODP, that connects to a back end suite of applications, the client should be able to have a dynamic menu that are sent from the server side, in order to be order to change the data and service centrally on the server, which will automatically be reflected on the client dynamically without programming.
We need a proof on the code quality, which should be transfered to us after completion and delivery.

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Radio App Symbian

we need to make an app that run on NOKIA smart phones
it will contain radio stations live stream – u click u listen

basic functionality

plz be reasonable about your bids

details in PM


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Mobile Server&clients Apps (Jave, Iphone, Adroid, Symbian)


I would like to receive applies for developing the next project from scratch:

1. Java mobile server application on Linux platform with MySQL DB including server kit and installation on host.
2. Client applications for IPHONE, ANDROID and SYMBIAN that connects to the above mentioned server.
3. Very small site for customers to download and install the client applications on their mobile device.
4. All this including integration on the server and mobiles.

A system requirements document will be provided to the developer/s including ongoing conceptional/logical/managerial assistance.


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J2ME VNC Client Over Bluetooth For Symbian

I basically need somebody to design a J2ME based VNC client for the Symbian operating system. The client will function over BLUETOOTH. WE ALREADY HAVE BUILT THE VNC SEVER and it will be provided to you once you are awarded the project.

1. Build J2ME VNC client that operates over bluetooth.
2. Add an authentication mechanism.

If you can do this, please message me with the line "J2ME rocks"

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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian Mobile Phones

I require a VERY simple SIP client for Symbian OS.

Here is the list of the basic requirements:

1) SIP Server IP/domain needs to be hardcoded.

2) SIP Dialer should work in most editions of Nokia phones like N Series, E Series and 5th editions like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic…….

3) Show Balance (Get balance from a url … url will be provided)….[Optional]

4) a minor change to make it working through my proxy server .. (I will explain you during conversation.. )

5) Dialer should work through GPRS, 3G, Wifi , Edge .. etc

Make sure your experience is related to this field. I know alot of developers have some ready made work to show and ready made code to sell which will be a plus point…….You MUST be familiar with the source code to answer my questions about source code and sip stack which you have used in the dialer.

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Connect A Bluetooth Sensor To A Symbian Phone And Sms

We need to have an application that runs on a Nokia cell phone with a Symbian OS. The application will be detecting and connecting data from a bluetooth sensor to the cell phone, and sending this data as a SMS message to another cell phone (prerecorded number). The sending of SMS data needs to be an automated process since there will not be any user to interact with the Cell phone.

Another needed feature is the possibility to control the program via SMS messaging. The remote cell phone will send a command to the cell phone that is bluetooth connected to the sensor. Upon receiving the SMS message, the receiving phone will wake the application, connect to the bluetooth sensor, read the data and send the data as a SMS message to the remote cell phone. Once data is sent, the program stays silent or iddle.

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Pjsip Symbian SIP Dialer Code Maintainace

I need to modify/update/fine tune some features in open source pjsip application for symbian SIP dialer, you dont need to start from scratch, i already have done most of things, you need to fix some smaller bugs related to UI and access point.

More details will be provided on PMB.

please do not bid, if you have not worked on PJSIP symbian. my budget for this project is around 300 USD.

Happy Bidding

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Record My Side Of A Cellular Phone Call

The program will:
1. Enable the start of a phone call from the phone book or manual entry.
2. Record the programs side voice at 8k baud, 16bit, pcm.
3. At 1 second intervals will call our algorithm and pass the recorded audio as a buffer.
4. Enable the user to start, stop the call and will give basic feedback coming from the algorithm (through progress indicators or vocal). This will be defined during the negotiations and may change according to the difficulty.
5. Save the recorded call into files.

We request the sources to be thoroughly documented in English so that we can integrate it with our algorithms and take care of future maintenance.
We need (probably separate) versions for Iphone, Android and Nokia smartphones.
The program will be written in C, C++ or local dialects (e.g. Symbian C)
The development will be under Eclipse, QT or Netbeans.

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Looking For Associaton With Established Freelancers

I am a SSE in a banglore based Software company.I have experience in VC++, Symbian C++ and QT. I want to get associated with other freelancers who are interested in outsourcing some of their work to other freelancers.I have already done 2 projects through and got 10/10 rating from the customers.

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J2ME & Android Voip App

1.After downloading the app from my server, the users should be able to logon to my server, invite their contacts and initiate voice-chat with them.

2. The project is for cross platform mobile development; Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME (if possible).

3. Im not sure as to which server client I should use for this, SIP, XMPP, SIMPLE or any other that I may not be aware of.

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Symbian Programmer

Beepless Call Recording Application

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Simple SIP Dialer For Symbian

We need a Simple SIP dialer for Symbian

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Groupon Like Iphone Blackberry App

We are looking to hire somebody who can create a Groupon like app for iphone, blackberry, symbian and windows mobile.
Working on a tight deadline.
PS: Prefer Artists from MUMBAI, INDIA.

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Symbian Application – Voice Encoder

I looking for a freelancer for Symbian application.
Requirements :
1. Voice encoding/decoding with strong coding algorithm with password
2. Simple interface for starting voice coder/decoder
3. Simple instalation of application on mobile phone
4. Simple interface for password entering for decode, during the call
5. Demo – 5 incoming/outgoing encoded calls

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SMS App For Nokia Symbian Os

Hello Developers,
I know you all are masters of your own lands.
Hence i am interested giving you a project of SMS APP.This should be initially developed for SYMBIAN OS (Targeted NOKIA handsets).The SMS app should have few things like 1.Compose SMS 2. inbox 3 sentbox 4 delete sms 5.Drafts. The compose sms module should able to send a sms to multiple recipient. Also user can forward sms to list multiple contacts.
Also tell me the compatibility of this app with different nokia handsets. Going forward i would also live to develop this app on ANDROID, Blackberry, BABA and Iphone.So please quote accordingly. Thanks.

[Edited by – providing contact details is prohibited unless project is fulltime]

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Simple SIP Client For Symbian OS

Hi All,

We require a simple SIP client for Symbian OS. Following is a list of the basic and only things required:

1) SIP Server/Domain will be hardcoded. User only needs to enter Username/Password. This means the client will only register to one server.

2) SIP Client should support both transports UDP/TLS and both transports RTP/SRTP as very basic requirements.

3) Client should support all latest Symbian (Nokia) phones. Mostly and 3rd and 5th editions devices like Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic which will be used for testing your work.

Please only quote if you have experience in Symbian.

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Symbian Application2

Basic App
We have an App for Blackberry (written in Java) that we want ported directly to Symbian. We will supply the Java code. The app is a very simple but fully functioning app that detects the user making a call, hangs it up and dials a different number. When that number answers, the original number the user was trying to dial is dialled as DTMF. So the characteristics are:
– runs all the time in background
– detects user making calls and can hang it up / abort it
– makes an out bound call
– detects CONNECT
– injects DTMF

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Symbian Dialer

Interested in branded symbian.iphone,android mobile softphone with vpn tunneling (ASAP)

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Pjsip Based Projects Customization

Following are projects based on pjsip library which is open source GPL based on C language , We need branding of these projects along with source code, instructions how it is done and tool used to customized these project

visit following website links for more detail

1. Csipsimple
2. siphone
3. pjsip symbian port
4. sflphone

Lower bid will be preferred

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IOS, Android, Symbian – Application (most RSS Feed)

This is application for iPhone, Android and Symbian. Youll get a design only you have to do is coding. There will be nine options. Eight options are RSS feeds from website. (pdf news, pictures and rest).
This applicaiton is for company, so last option needs to be that employes can login and see their articles.

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Blackberry And Symbian App

We need to develop a Blackberry and Symbian app for news readers, like
This app is intended for readers who will be able to read articles, watch video, comment, share by an e-mail, save articles. The app must be able to be downloaded and installed directly onto the blackberry from our website.(jad)
Must provide full source code and be sufficiently documented

We will provide actual details of the app.

We need to see samples, your experiences, and information about previous project worked on.

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Simple Game (Similar To Sky Burger) On Symbian

I need to develop a simple (very similar to Sky Burger on iPhone), will provide the graphics.
Finish within 4 weeks.

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Call Manager

This is a big project…..You have to make a call manager that will include Black list facility..white list facilty….how much time a call was ringing…And so on…..Fresh and new developers are welcome….

For the new developers you have to prove your skill by submitting a part of the project….that is you have to submit a software for symbian 5th edition OS.which will be like black list software..but this software will receive call from black listed number and then will disconnect the number….user will be able to modify the blacklist….

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Mobile Spy Program

What I need or require: Need tracking program created which installs on iPhone, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, and many other phone types. Would like it to record SMS, calls, basically most activity which is done. Some examples of companies which already do similar things are and

Website already created, just looking to have the software developed.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know: Would probably be best if you already have created this software and can just re label it and then provide it to me.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking: Looking for someone with experience in application development for Mobile phones.

Timeframe for delivery: Estimating at 2 – 4 weeks.

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SMS To Mobile Application

There are 2 parts to this project
1) A web service to be developed that will have the following inputs
a) Mobile Number
b) Port
c) Message to be Sent
Once the web service is invoked, it will send an SMS to the the mobile at the user defined port

2) A mobile application to run on Symbian 60 (should work on Nokia E-50 and above) that will automatically detect the SMS sent and store the text (contained in the SMS) in an embedded database (preferably Perst Lite by McObjects but you may suggest any of your choice).

Complete source code required.

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Symbian App From Existing Mobile Website

We have an existing mobile website which we would like to launch into an application on Symbian. The task is pretty straightforward: create an app that just uses the existing mobile website (basically a launcher for the existing website) with a notification in case of no internet connectivity.

We would like a finished and signed product that we can upload to the Ovi store and be approved (get UID from Nokia).

The app should work on all major Symbian versions, it is ok to supply different files in case this is needed for different versions.

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SyncML App For Iphone, Android And/or Blackberry OS5/6

We would like to develop a customized app for iphone, andriod and/or blackberry for syncML the contacts, calendar, notes and possibly SMS from phone to our server. You can just do any one of them, or all three versions, and other possible versions including J2ME and Symbian.

Concerning the software, I need the full scripts where I can hardcode the required syncML settings to my clients and let me clients input other variables. Moreover, kindly note that we are in Hong Kong and will need to compatible with Traditional Chinese (although most likely they will be in UTF-8). I will need my own logo to be displayed on the app.

Thank you!!

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Symbian Icon Application

1. simple application that is downloaded from OVI (symbian s60 )
2. Install icon on the desktop of nokia N95 first/main page
3. Once clicking on the icon it open standard Nokia browser

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Symbian Programmer Needed For Mobile Application

Need experienced symbian programmer for mobile phone project. Will be using mostly QT but will require some Symbian C++ for access to a couple Symbian public and SDK API Plug-in modules.

Heres the breakdown:

1. Database programming: MySQL – Post user input to external database for a rating system. Approximately 10 hours.
2. Music Programming: access music library and play music and play music over stream. Approximately 15 hours
3. Additional symbian programming: approximately 15 hours.

Please give your quote for total of 40 hours. Also let me know how much additional hours will cost.

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Symbian Programmer Needed For Mobile Application

Need experienced symbian programmer for mobile phone project. Will be using mostly QT but will require some Symbian C++ for access to a couple Symbian public and SDK API Plug-in modules.

Heres the breakdown:

1. Database programming: MySQL – Post user input to external database for a rating system. Approximately 10 hours.
2. Music Programming: access music library and play music and play music over stream. Approximately 15 hours
3. Additional symbian programming: approximately 15 hours.

Please give your quote for total of 40 hours. Also let me know how much additional hours will cost.

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Mobile Application Development For Symbian Mobile

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VPN Solution Or HTTP Tunnel

Hello All,
I have symbian VoIP software that is ready to use but we are not able to call in UAE— Arabian country like Oman,Saudi Arabia,Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran ,Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain.

Now what we are looking –we are looking that VPN solution or HTTP tunnel solution so that our customer can make call in these country..
We need developer who can make our symbian sources code with encryption or vpn or HTTP tunnel solution need to put your vpn or http tunnel code in our sources code. or if you have any other way to make our code workable..
You will provide your encryption or VPN or HTTP tunnel code to us and you will guide how we need to integrate your code with our symbian code so that we can take keep in mind you will make our code work able with your code.

Please if you did such type work then bid here otherwise dont waste your time and mine also..we are in urgent way so if you did this type work then bid..
Thank You

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