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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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**Custom Community Site For Aviation**

We are trying to develop a Web site for the entire aviation industry. Pilots, flight schools.

It will be a community site, with forums, private messaging, and more. There will be separate databases for users, aircraft/aircraft fields, etc.

We will be pulling data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admission):

Pilot Database loaded as master file
Airport Directory loaded as master file
Aircraft Type loaded as master file
Flight Schools: Loaded as master file
FAA repair stations by type: master file
CFI/CFII (certified flight instructors) loaded as master file


This community site, when someone logs in, will see their local airport conditions, weather, notifications for PMs, etc.

Custom modules/functionality needed:

1) Access NOAA API or FTP site to retrieve latest information. Parse and show in module airport Wx information
2) Access NOAA Weather charts (4 times/day) and update radar of regions they cover, and Weather depiction charts.
3) Need module for getting area Wx (4day forecast)
4) Need module for getting airport information.
5) Need module for message boards/forums: Ability have members only forums.
6) Need user to user messaging (PM)
7) Facebook logins/connect
8) Online chat room
9) Ability to post articles and material with profile properties that if matched can be use on page.
10) Need module for selling airplanes: Searching by aircraft properties (lots of properties, and must be standardized because this part can become confusing if you are not familiar with the aviation industry)
11) Need module for business account home page and information
12) Ability to search for services by describing properties, or distance (to rent planes)
13) Need module to post aviation job listing, search for job type based off key fields
14) Need module for member site, payola subscriptions


I will be working along with you throughout the entire project, explaining how things should work and how it should all come together. We wont be doing much in terms of design until everything is functional. Then we will provide you with custom design to implement.

As far as using CMSs and Frameworks. I will accept any of the following: CodeIgnitor, Yii, MVC, Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal or DotNetNuke. I am open to suggestions as far as you can explain WHY you want to use a particular framework or CMS.

I need well thought out responses in regards to what we will use to build this. Even if its Ruby on Rails.

I am open to bids now. We would like to Interview people through Skype – vinautomatic

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Custom WP Theme Design/Development

Looking for a Sr. Web Designer / Developer who has in the past custom designed WP themes from start to finish. In the end the deliverables will be a fully functional custom design WP theme. You must have experience with ecommerce, understanding of online marketing, understanding of doing business on the web, online shopping stores and full grasp of plugins for WP, ability to fully customize WP CMS and documentation writing. The theme MUST be very easy to use and maintain/update for non-techies.

You must be able to show a portfolio with active WP themes be US based, have couple references.

Im looking for a freelancer who can be hired for multiple projects. You must have at least 5 years experience online. Be very creative, know how to design extremely easy and clear user experiences in additional to coding and programming the back or work with someone in order to take care of this project from start to finish.

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Document Design

I need a design of 2 documents. First document has 2 pages and the second document has1 page.

They have to be designed professionally and in one day!

Target budget is 20,00 $.

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Database Design

Build a database in access to track purchases, sales, and inventory levels for an oil company. There is essentially three types of inventory that need to be tracked in this database along with the average cost of each of those inventories. Inputs would be: meter readings from 10 different trucks and caculations of sales, and adjustment of daily inventory levels based off of those readings. Purchases of each of three types of inventory along with contract info for those purchases. Daily costs from our suppliers and average price of our competetors. Reports needed: inventory levels, average cost of each of those levels, purchases and what has to be picked up from those purchases during a given time and sales for a given time. I do most of this with excel now and as such have a lot of the formulas that are needed.

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Custom JomSocial Profile System Step 3

Looking for someone to help me achieve the following task with Joomla and JomSocial.

This project needs to be completed today! Soon as possible! Really important!

When users click on a profile item (ex: Type of relationship: Dating) it will show him all users who have that field set to "Dating"… Currently it shows everyone with that field (male + females)…

Lets consider the following scenerio.
Ben (a straight male) click on a "dating" on someones profile, it should show all Females of the site that have "dating" for that field and they must be straight since the user browsing the site (Ben) is Straight also.
So I figure the string that will be used will be based on two fields (Gender ans Sexual Orientation)

* Fox example. See attachment for pictures.

Should only return females since Ben is straight.

Heres some possible scenario.
A. If the user is straight it will returns fields of the opposite gender (from members who are also straight).
B. If the user is Gay it will returns fields of the Same gender (from members who are also Gay).
C. If the user is Bi-Sexual it will returns fields of the Both gender (from members who are also Bi-Sexual).

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Custom JomSocial Profile System Step 2

Looking for someone to help me achieve the following task with Joomla and JomSocial.

This project needs to be completed today! Soon as possible! Really important!

When users click on a profile item (ex: Type of relationship: Dating) it will show him all users who have that field set to "Dating"… Currently it shows everyone with that field (male + females)…

Lets consider the following scenerio.
Ben (a straight male) click on a "dating" on someones profile, it should show all Females of the site that have "dating" for that field and they must be straight since the user browsing the site (Ben) is Straight also.
So I figure the string that will be used will be based on two fields (Gender ans Sexual Orientation)

* Fox example. See attachment for pictures.

Should only return females since Ben is straight.

Heres some possible scenario.
A. If the user is straight it will returns fields of the opposite gender (from members who are also straight).
B. If the user is Gay it will returns fields of the Same gender (from members who are also Gay).
C. If the user is Bi-Sexual it will returns fields of the Both gender (from members who are also Bi-Sexual).

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Modify WHMCS – Custom Module Needed.

We are looking for a freelancer who has experience with modifying WHMCS.

We wish to modify WHMCS so that we can specify which support ticket catagorys users can access based upon the service they have purchased.

We will have further WHMCS Jobs for the successful candidiate.

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Web Design And Custom CMS

Hi there 🙂

Finally Ive got all necessary scripts just need someone to make me the design, custom CMS and implement the scripts into the final website. So here are the details:

1. About the design:

I have few websites with suitable design and few my ideas as well. For mock up, design, PSD to HTML conversion and full website design Im prepared to pay $350 for up to 10 days. More details on successful winner (s) (open to suggestions and negotiations)

2. About the CMS (implemented into the website):

Im prepared to pay $850 – $900 with that features for up to 30 days with constant communication (open to suggestions and negotiations):

*Ability to upload code html banners in addition to image banners and also text links
*Ability to manage, edit, create, delete unlimited escort profiles
*Ability easily to add/edit/delete top menu or footer menu items
*Ability Add/Edit/Delete/Manage text on every page
*Ability to add as many Locations as you wish

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Custom Facebook Tab Design And Creation

Need someone familiar with Facebook customization/FBML/HTML to create an artistic take on a custom tab. I like the look of this particular tab!/RandPaul2010 so an artistic take on this tab would be perfect. If you are interested, well share more details about the client so you can have access to images, etc.

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5 Bidding Sites Plus One Document Assembly Site

5 reverse auction/sourcing sites. Similar achitecture can be used for all. Minor wrapper changes will be necessary. All sites to be complete to buyer satisfaction, bug free, hosted, and ready to be linked to domain names. See for example. I had this site made but it is complete and it not been tested. It is however a model based upon Please look over these two sites. I know there are several customizable scripts which may be obtained and I am not opposed to this as long as I get what I want.

Also want a document assembly site. Will explain in private session.

All payment through Will provide more details in private.

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PHP, MySQL Web Based Decision Support System Using AHP Model

Hello Freelancer,

I need a php + mysql programmer to build a simple web based decision support system using AHP (analityc Hierarchy Process) model.

System must be cms and multi user supported. Every user have their own area once using this system, and their work save in to database

We can disscuss later for more information

Im seriously, this is for my due date school final project

Thank you and look forward to receive any good respon


Rajim Laymond

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Online Self Diagnosis & Symptom Analysis

An online diagnosis website for people to put their symptoms and get diagnosises and treatments from web automatically.

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Need A Layout Design For Longboard Deck

We are looking for a basic design layout for a custom longboard deck. We have the dimensions, shape and other details to make it already done but need it in an electronic format.

If you are interested pls reply with an example of past work. 1 example is fine, less is more.

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Online Custom T-shirts Design

Looking to have a custom t-shirts online design software
just the software with shopcart

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Python Content Analysis2

I need help with some python scripts. There are some errors my scripts have when grabbing information from 2 websites and posting that information into a table. I need these scripts to be perfected for most of the situations we encounter. Also I will need some additions to my scripts such as additional tables that have mathematical equations that are based on what values are pulled into the table from the websites. To take this project you should have extensive experience in Python, MySQL, and content scrapping.

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English FAQ Document Proofreading


I need a native English speaking person to proofread and edit 1000 words document. The topic is web hosting, the document contains questions and answers (FAQ).


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Create Custom User Controls Based On Design

Controls need to be convert:
Text boxes
Drop down box
Date selection
Tick box

Need to be done by Sunday 11th. Will discuss further with shortlisted service provider.

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Custom FaceBook Page

Looking for someone to create a Custom FaceBook Fan Page. The page should emulate and use the same graphics and hyperlinks as our website:

My current fan page just looks like a normal fan page:

I will be open to any and all suggestions re: designs, plugins, apps, etc. and am willing to re-adjust my budget based upon agreed final design.

Please ONLY bid on this project if you have samples of your custom FaceBook pages that I can view. All others will be wasting time as I will reject any bids without portfolio of FB custom pages.

Thanks so much in advance,


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Mojoportal Skin

We have a site running MojoPortal and we require a freelancer to modify MojoPortal in these ways:

1. Create skin and layout with our graphics .
2. Modify pages (home, login and register (remove some elements), shared files)

The second is some simple modifications to the login and register pages to remove some elements and add some of our custom text.

We have 2 web sites to use as examples

We also need this done fairly quickly – happy bidding!

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Web Coding/Develop/Basic Design Ongoing

We are looking for an established, stable company to help us in the areas of web development, some graphics and some admin.

We are looking for a company that we can work with who accepts payment on an hourly basis for some projects and, for others, payment by the project.

We envision starting small and then growing and possibly getting a dedicated person with the company that would be managed by someone else in the company.

Heres just some of what he/she or the company may be doing:

1. Create/Edit sales letters, order forms, web forms, confirmation pages, and API forms using HTML and PHP/Javascript (requires intermediate knowledge of PHP and Javascript)

2. Set up web forms, order forms, templates, follow up sequences, fulfillment lists, and action sets in Infusionsoft and add code to custom order forms/web forms (requires intermediate knowledge of PHP and Javascript)

3. Post and remove special offer sales

4. Create and maintain autoresponders in Aweber and Infusionsoft

5. Custom coding as needed for sites and webpages

6. Website and blog creation and maintenance

7. Design/documentation services

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Travel General Terms Document Translations In Spanish

We have two documents to translate from English into Spanish Castilian. One are the general terms and conditions of one of our service (about 1485 words). And the other is hte content of the animationon oour web site (180 words). Style, has to be easy to read, and commercial

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Requirements Study And Design Exploration

Carry out a requirements study and design exercise to envision a new digital consumer product or service for enhancing the way young people between the ages of 18 and 30 keep up to date with news.
In your requirements work, focus on one or two of the following aspects of this experience:

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Statistical Analysis – Economic Base Analysis

A community (80,000 pop.) located within the Province of British Columbia is being analysed to profile the local economy and compare it to other areas. One of the most commonly used and accepted models to describe how local economies function is through Economic Base Analysis. The analysis will consist of two sets of calculations:

– A location quotient analysis
– A shift-share analysis

The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) will be used to categorize each industry sector.

The analysis will have a maximum of five other areas used for comparison.

The project is broken into three phases:

1. the project will require the collection and input of relevant data into an excel spreadsheet. Formulas for analysis will need to be created.

2. the project will require a number of tables and/or charts created from the excel spreadsheet that are able to be used in a word document

3. the project will require interpretation of the results to make sense of the data and bring forward conclusions.

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Design Control System For Electric Vehicle

We are developing a prototype of special purpose electric vehicle. Need electronic engineers to design the complete control system for this electric bike.

*Its a stand and ride- electric bike.
*Based on three wheel system. The motor attached to wheel get actuated by the signal from accelerometer, to move in the respective direction.

The bidder must be proficient in designing & developing of PCB. Write the respective codes/ language.
The details will be sent to the selected bidder after signing NDA. While quoting, keep in mind that the designer will have to deliver the working PCB/Controller.

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Web Hosting Design And Coding

I require a new hosting based web design which is coded in XHTML/CSS. This is for a redesign of our current website. I would like a fresh new look that would attract many new customers.

Pages should include:
– Home Page
– Shared Hosting Page
– Reseller Hosting Page
– VPS Hosting Page
– Contact Page (with contact form)

I will provide more information on this to the designer as well as show them the current website.

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Need A Design For A Company

I need a nice design for a company site. The design should be interactive, beautiful, should have glassy effects.
After psd approval the design should be sliced to XHTML web 2.0 standards and should be verified.
Please show me your portfolios.
Also please keep your bids.
Thank you for bidding.

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Design Web Site For B&B Based On Existing Site

We are looking for someone to put together a web site for our two bed & breakfast locations. This proposed site should mimic the look and feel of as close as possible. We have a site in production now and will be migrating it to this new site.

Note that is a parent site of several B&B sites. There is a drop-down in the upper-right corner, where a visitor can select the B&B they want to visit, and are then taken to the site for that B&B. Our site will consist of two different B&B locations. Our site (and both locations) will remain under a single domain through the entire site (as opposed to taking you to a different domain (and different site with its own look and feel).

We also need a HTML newsletter template that matches the theme of this new site.


* Use CSS everywhere you can.

* MySQL as the backend.

* The site can be based on an open source project or completely custom, I dont care (no DNN though).

* Site is to be fully compatible with the latest versions of IE, Firefox, Safari.

* Home page must load within 3 seconds on a typical broadband connection.

* Newsletter functionality will most likely be a link to a third-party site that will handle the opt-ins.

* The main image slideshow in the header does not have to be flash, but if it is, there should be code to detect if the client has flash installed, and if not, display a static image instead.

* The reservations window in the right side of the home page will not look the same for this proposed site. Instead of the drop-downs and pop-up calendar, a static image along with the Rates & Availability button will be there instead.

* The flash animation in the lower-right corner of the home page (under the horizontal image bar) should be removed and the content pane to the left should extend all the way to the right side in its place.

* Site is to support an unlimited number of pages, however we actually plan to have about 25.

* Would be preferred to have some sort of CMS integrated so site changes and updates can be made easily. If youre able to include this feature, please make note in your bid.

* We will add all the content ourselves after the site is completed and delivered. Feel free to use placeholders or dummy text if you wish, or we can supply you with our images and text if you like.

Upon acceptance, please keep me updated on a regular basis with your progress so we can be sure were on the same page.

Payment will will be made upon completion of the site to my satisfaction. I must be able to preview the site in its fully functional state. All source files (fonts, images, html, psd, flash, etc) are to be included and delivered in .zip format.

Additional Requirements:
* Your work must be 100% unique and original. The Service Provider must agree to indemnify Buyer and take full responsibility for any costs of any copyright infringement action including damages and attorneys fees should they occur, which should not be a problem if the articles are 100% unique.

* When you submit an article, all deliverables will be considered “work made for hire” under U.S. Copyright law. Seller will assign and Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. All exclusive rights to the articles belong to me. As such you are NOT ALLOWED to use or distribute the articles in any possible way with the exception of using screenshots and/or links to our completed web site for your portfolio or other similar ways to show your work to other customers.

* Service Provider agrees to keep the nature of his / her writing assignments and the fact that the articles will be published under the name of the Buyer strictly confidential.

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Software GUI Design

Software GUI Design Project

This project is for redesigning the Graphical User Interface of a web-based software.
There are about 10 different views of this software that have to be redesigned.
All the items that should be displayed in the page along with current views of the software will be given to the designer.
The outcome should be a professional looking GUI in PSD format.

Only and only Candidates with proven track record of GUI software design will be taken into consideration.
Please send us your portfolio.

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Company Litrature Design

S | Technical Writing


function getUserIdfromCookie()
var cookie_base = “GETAFREE”;
var cookie_user_id = cookie_base + “_USER_ID”;
var cookieName= encodeURIComponent(cookie_user_id) + “=”,
cookieStart = document.cookie.indexOf(cookieName),
cookieValue = null;

if(cookieStart != -1 && document.cookie.length>0) {
var cookieEnd = document.cookie.indexOf(“;”,cookieStart)
if (cookieEnd ==-1) {
cookieEnd = document.cookie.length;
cookieValue = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie.substring(cookieStart + cookieName.length, cookieEnd));
return cookieValue;
} else
return “”;

function updateStatus()
var updateOnlinePeriod = 120; //60 secs in all
var url = “../users/onUpdateOnlineStatus.php”;
new Ajax.Updater(, url,
method : “post”,
onLoading : function(){ },
parameters : “cachetimeout=”+updateOnlinePeriod,




Search Users

Post Project
Browse Projects

Make Money

Bid On Projects

Affiliate Program



Howtos & Articles
Top Users
About Us
Contact Support

function ask(msg,url)
if (window.confirm(msg))
return false;

var showhidden = 0;
var base_url = ..;
var cur_url = aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mcmVlbGFuY2VyLmNvbS9wcm9qZWN0cy9rZXJiZXJ1c182MzI0NDcuaHRtbA,,;

function reportBid(bid, action)
var reason = $(action).value;
if (reason != ) {,,&objid=+bid+&reason=+reason,,width=600, height=450, left=100,top=100,menu=no, toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes);
return false;
function reportProject()
{,,&objid=632447,,width=600, height=450, left=100,top=100,menu=no, toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes);
return false;

function help()
{,,width=600, height=450, left=100,top=100,menu=no, toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes);
return false;

function cantBid()
{,,width=600, height=450, left=100,top=100,menu=no, toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes);
return false;

function openPortfolio( argUserId)

//alert( window.screen.availHeight )
//alert( window.screen.availWidth )“../users/portfolio_popup.php?id=”+argUserId
+ (window.screen.availWidth/2)
+”, height=”
+ (window.screen.availHeight/2)
+”, left=100,top=100,titlebar=no;menu=no,location=no,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=yes”);
return false;

document.getElementById(topheader).innerHTML=”Project Details”;

Company Litrature Design  

Company Litrature Design is project number 632447
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250
Created: 03/11/2010 at 17:39 EST

Bid Count: 0
Average Bid:

03/13/2010 at 17:39 EST
(1d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We are a company that is engaged in the following business:
Audiovisual System Design & Installation
Voice & Data Network Cabling
Satellite TV. Headend Systems
I am looking for someone to write and design our Company literature.

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