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Complete School Management System

Need a Complete web based School Management System. Complete mean required all features need for a school.
Need to complete within 2 weeks.

Student Registration
Library System

all need to be there. Currently we have a manual system.

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College/School Management System

We need web based College/School Management Software. This should be readily available with full function front/backend.

Pls send your Demo.

Only Serious bidders

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School Management System


I am looking for School Management system web based Software based On PHP technology. It will be nice i, you have already made similar kind of requirements.I am ready to take existing software.Please includes your feature in the private message.

Happy Bidding

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School Mgmnt System

We need a school management system which should have the following features:

1).Teachers attendance system.

2).Student fee payment system.

3).Student report card creation/emailing (Should be done using Ajax)

5).Dynamic teacher attendence updates (Asynch update probably using Ajax)

6). Remote managment of school showing which classes are free and what periods are going on in which class
(Over internet) (Asynch update probably using Ajax)

7).Time table creation and teacher allocation system(I should be able to assign period to a teacher).

8).Role based security.

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School Management System


We are looking for a school management system developed in PHP/Ajax/Mysql.

The system should be very user friendly with complete functionality (which also includes an online student registration form for new students).

The system will be mostly used by school administrators to record student progress reports, attendance, discipline, school events and calendar.
Teachers will use the system to view their class schedules and to enter/edit/view data pertaining to their students and classes (i.e. attendance, discipline, progress reports and personal comments).
Parents will use the system to view their child(ren)s records with limited ability to update certain records as well as the ability to request a meeting with administration.

Our preference is a custom-built system from scratch; however, we are willing to consider a system using the Codeigniter framework for example.

Please place your quote for a such a system and the time frame of completion.

Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. Our ideal candidate is programmer with passion, attention to detail and easy-going not necessarily someone with "years of experience".

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Ubuntu System Engineer-Amazon Web Services Expert

We are looking for a system engineer experienced on Ubuntu and Open Source Systems.
We have a virtual server on amazon web services and he will use other ubuntu services Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 services and instal, liferay, redmine.
He wil try to use S3 and will try to connect it for document management to alfresco or liferay to minimize the data hosting costs.
he is free to use fedora, ubuntu or windows server..

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Complete School Management System

I need complete School Management System.

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School Management System (ERP)

Hi everyone;
I am a professional programmer, I have developed a system that I wish to find a marketer who can sell the product while I do what I do best, programming. I shall award good commission.

Its a school management system (ERP system).

The system has the following modules that can be sold in parts ( but they have been pluggen in together to make a complete system)

Inventory module
This manages company assets and resources ( furniture, motor vehicles, stationery etc).
Also manages issuance of resources to staff ( and returns).
Manages assets maintenance and reminders e.g Vehicle insurance and yearly reminders on expiry.
HR Module.
This manages staff details.
Staff attendance details.
Staff Leaves and Staff overtime.
Procurement Module
This is a bridge between Inventory and Finance modules.
The module manages supplier details and items supplied, purchase requisitions, ordering from suppliers, manage deliveries.
After delivery the module posts the supplier as a creditor and the payment is done from the finance module.
Finance Module.
Most of the activities in the other modules have an effect on the Finances. The system manages banks and cash
Incomes credits, bank withdrawals and deposits, creditors and debtors.
Also manages student fees details and payment of fees ( also printing of receipts)
It also produces accounts reports like cash book, Trial balances, balance sheets etc.
Students Registrations and Academic Modules – Manages student marks and analyses results, ranks students and produces performance slips.
Administration module – manages the user groups, users and access rights.

NOTE: That this system can be customised to be used in different parts of the world. All we need I need is clients specifications and we shall do the modifications before we release the final setup for installation.

We are therefore looking for a marketer/ sales person, who we shall provide with a demo version of the software.
Some marketing materials ( catalogues etc).
The marketer must have a network of schools ( hit list).
The marketer should implement all methods of marketing ( especially emails);
The marketer shall be paid on commission.
The system cost ( on average and depending on customization requests that we shall get) is;
$1000 for small schools for a 3 year Renewable License – 5 users.
$200 per any extra user.
This means a school with 4 users would pay $1000 every 3 years for the License and a school with 12 users would pay $ 2400 ( $100 for the first 5 users and $200 * 7 for the other 7 users);
NOTE: some institutions can afford to pay more than my price, in the situation where the marketer convinces such a school to buy, We shall split the amount above my quote with the marketer on a 50:50 ratio.

The payment comes with free support. Other payment modalities shall be discussed in depth once a serious bidder has been selected.
The bidder shall be paid a commission of 15 % to 25% depending on the contribution made:
15% shall be paid for finding a client;
10% more shall be provided if the marketer shall be responsible for guiding the client through the installation and training process;
A renewable marketing contract will have to be signed between me(my company) and the marker;
Payment shall be done, soon after a client has paid for the system.
The payment shall be made to the marketer or to me depending on the situation:
If the payment is to be made to the marketer, I shall only send the License key once I receive my part of the deal.

The choosen marketer(s), shall have to install the demo software in their machines;
I shall train them through sky_p and Y! msgr.
They will then make a hit list and better if they understand the target market, so that they can compare the functionality of the system and the requirements of the target market. If there is a large difference, they shall inform me the variations and I shall make proper modifications:
Only serious bidders, please detail why you think you can deliver on this.

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School Management System

We need web based school management system as central portal for students, teacher and admin as central contact points, all day to day activities will be stored at one central position.

Detail shall be discussed later

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School Management System For Sale

I have a complete School Management System Ready made for sale. It contains full specifications to cater the needs of any school including students records, teachers records, timetables, new addmisions, students guardians records, accounts records, students fees records and many more. Database is completely SQL based. I will give proper documentation with the project. I will also give full source coding of the project to buyer so that this project is open sourced for its buyer. I will give this project to highest bidder.
I will accept payments through freelancer or moneybookers or alertpay whichever way is possible for the buyer.

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Online School Management System (Minimal Modules)


Im looking for someone who can help me out on this project on our school almost 2K population.
Prep school, grade school and high school. Online based management and i need someone to host for
the database. just minimal and common modules that is applicable on asian school standard and
preferably looks and operates like the school managemnt software of indian server ++
Also include our homepage creation
pm me for your offer details


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School Managenet System


Ive builded a website application, just for test.

I want now when a user visit my application, application to request from user to allow or deny post to users wall, if a user click allow then my application to post on users wall something that I write before.

Im new to programming but I think its a simple thing.

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School Management System

I need a complete ERP application for school having all necessary module including accounting ,payroll etc. Application must be written in

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School Portal System

1. Student profile component

* Student registration
* Personalization
-Overall Look and Feel
-Select from a set themes
-Flexibility in design
* Student Login
* Students register courses
* Student profile area
* Join a Program
* Students download study materials
* Student can view timetable
* Student can view results
* Student Uploads/Downloads
* Student Chat (Ability to chat online with a professor or other student)
* Student can check and send messages

2. Staff profile component

* Staff registration
* Personalization
-Overall Look and Feel
-Select from a set themes
-Flexibility in design
* Staff Login
* Staff Profile area
* Staff can view students registered courses
* Staff Uploads/Downloads
* Staff can update Student timetable
* Staff can update student Result
* Staff Chat (Ability to chat online with a professor or other student)
* Staff can check and send messages
* Staff can update Notice board
* Student information and document Area (viewable by staffs)
* Staff can update Programs.

3. Administrator component

* Edit(add/update/delete) Staff/Students
* – Administrators – Manage users with admin permissions.
* – Staffs – Manage Staffs.
* – Students – Manage students.
* – Courses – manage courses
* – Program – manages programs
* – Email – Administrator can send emails to all students/professors.

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trainee management system

trainee management for corporates who are in business of training the freshers.. this software would be very much useful for them.. very dynamic.. user friendly …

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Promotion experts required , affiliates for 50-100$ / closed project

We are a web programming company that has developed a new and unique framework. We are interested in finding promotion experts to start a targeted promotional campaign for selling our product.

WEB3BOX is a content management system, Joomla-like but using the latest web technologies for highlighting a website and its content. Its special features can be found on important websites like iGoogle – the dinamic/movable widgets or are specific to Web3Box – the cool system of shortcuts. Using Web3Box you can build a complete administrable website in a few hours whether its a presentation website, an online shop, a product catalogue or a complex application like an ELearning system.

The promotion experts would have to provide a detailed plan of the needed actions for a targeted promotional campaign or advisory activities for increasing the sales.


Also we welcome any freelancer interested in promoting our product. Our affiliate system can offer earnings between 50$ to 100$ – payable immediately through PayPal – for each closed project.

Any affiliate will receive a special/promotional link and he will have access at any time to the selling reports.


For both promotion experts and affiliates we can provide a demo version of our CMS framework.



– when bidding please state your bids nature – "promotion expert" or "affiliate". Any other messages will be ignored.

– we expect a detailed plan from the promotion experts

– for affiliates there are no other special requirements – the earnings will be proportional with the actions

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Prepaid Cellular Pins Distribution Software Development

I need the development of a software that will allow retailers to sell prepaid cellular telephone pins thru vertual terminals.
The system has to offer"pay-as-you-go" options via a point-of-sale terminal at the retailers counter or through an integrated virtual online terminal system.
To get a better idea of the system required, please visit: or

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