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Forum Makeover

i have a standard PHPbb forum (plus some mods).
i want it radically changed to a more aesthetically pleasing forum such as s forum or that can incorporate ads (important). I dont want a standard PHPbb look
i am happy for it to depart from phpbb, as once it is modified so much, i dont see how i could continue to keep up witht he new phpbb releases? i need to be able to service and maintain it myself, and add the ads etc myself.
Needs an ad-track system, (although I am getting this with my other project so maybe that would transfer)
SEO awareness is extremely important, with retention of topics and subject names in the index
Need to be able to limit link posting to forum admin
would also like a box to go on my other website showing a feed of the latest posts
needs to have an excellent spam-blocking system of course

Optional – new logo design

I need this done asap, before tax year ends at least.

(i also have a project going for another website rebuild)

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Inventory System Vb6

for monitoring in/out, the expiry dates, qty of the products, and can generate reports in printable output ……. could be helpful for future projects (vb 6 Programming) ….Yahoomsngr me

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Website Overhaul

Established website, partially overhauled (inc files added for header, footer and side columns) but has some problems where text is unstable, can end up dropping to the below the columns. I think it needs to be modified to a set template, but Im open to suggestions. I built the site from scratch, but with very limited skills.
Also, website needs several different features,
Assistance in understanding how to use my own site, including inc files
A slideshow type box on homepage to feature articles (about 5) with a numbered buttons for user to be able to switch between them.
An ad-tracking system with report facility
SEO We Google well, but our page rank has dropped recently and we would like to improve googleability
A comment facility added to article pages
A smart looking drop-down menu bar
Pagination for articles.
New logo
Facebook page/s customisation
Design assistance with ad layout

All of the above are important, but can be split off from this job if nec.
I need a firm date for work to be completed, I dont want it to drag on for a long period. Looking to spend money before close of tax year!
I also need a phpbb forum website to be converted to a shiny new forum which i will post as another project

Important – the ability to edit my own site content, advertisements and ad new sections as necessary. control of my own ad tracking system, etc.
When the inc files were done I was not given the means to edit them myself, and this is just not workable for me – I do know basic html

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Bus Ticket Reservation System, Joomla Component

I need a Joomla Component which will offer Ticket Reservation System for a Bus/Transport company.
The Joomla version is: 1.5. The webpage and the Joomla installation is already up and running. I need only such a component. It can be something simple. Needed features:
user/customer registration (full name, address, phone, e-mail)
picking up the seat and making the place reservation
getting a confirmation e-mail (customer side)
The administration panel should has AT LEAST:
customer management
reservation management.
Thats all.
Only serious people, please!

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Website Community Oriented (forum, Point System, Etc.)

I need a solid website, community oriented.

Personal account, forum, points system, affiliation program inside.

Please contact me for further info and website examples.


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Integrate A Payment System On Our Website

We currently sell via credit cards but we do not sell on our website. I would like to make a secure page on my website where we can upload a customers invoice and have them pay by entering the info on the website which will connect directly or be directly connected to This would be the SIM or Server Integration Method on

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Auto-Voting Bot

I need someone to set up automatic voting bot for a simple voting system. You are able to vote as many times as you want from your computer, I dont think the voting system tracks IP address. Let me know as soon as possible or if you need more details. I have attached the web address so you can see what I am working with…we are voting for Pete Trocano.

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Website Just Like Freelancer

what i am looking for is a website exactly like freelancer. It will be used for a different service other than freelancing computer technology but the concept is exactly the same. people need to be able to post a job and have others bid on that job while communication is down through an internal messaging system. also needs to have a rating system and a money system similar to the one on this site.

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Online Reservation System (slight Modification)

See attached files

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Billing System Using VB And Access


I want a simple billing system using MS access and Visual Basic. It will be very simple.Just a few tables and a few forms and reports. I will explain more on PM.

PS: All coding should be in VB (embedded procedure) not embedded macro.

I will see the whole coding and the whole system and then only make payment. You can see my reviews, I do pay if i take it.

Budget – $20

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Paypal Subscription Checkout Gataway Programming/coding

We need to integrate paypal API 1 year subscription system to our website.

1. 4 pages or so to complete checkout process: client information input, showing subscription terms, etc…

2. Seamless integration with paypal-API subscription system (paypal payment flow)

3. Seamless integration with our subscription contents

4. Recurring system integration with paypal/and subscription cancellation system with paypal and website content.

For experienced, this system implement should not be a difficult task but a typical system for many websites.

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Expense Management System

The scope of this project is to design, build and test a website and online Data Base where employees can create a log in and build an online travel expense report, the report can be submitted to the employees manager who can review and approve the report.

The site will have very similar to the reference site expensify(dot)com

If you are interested in bidding for this project, you must provide the information requested in the section Proposal Format – See below.
Any proposals that do not adhere to this format will not be considered.


Import Credit Card / Bank Details
The employee selects their bank and enters their online banking credentials and the employees bank and credit card statement are imported into their expense report.

The Employee can create a new expense report. They enterer expenses either manually or using the import feature. The expenses are then assigned to an expense report. The employee can then upload receipt images and attach these to the expenses.

The administrator can create new travel policy rules where restriction on expenses can be set eg if the expense amount is greater than $5 you must have a receipt.
The administrator can then assign a policy type to each employee.

Mobile App
Mobile App that will allow the employee to take an image of their receipts and attach them to their expense reports.

Customised Categories
The Administrator can create pre-defined expense categories, add new users to the system, assign access levels and rights to employees.


Adding new expense rules
tips / help
Assign Email Preferences
Add bank account details to receive reimbursement
Connection to other systems not in scope
Billing where the administrator can add a Credit card to pay fees and reimbursements.

Report on the expenses created eg expenses paid, not paid, outstanding, expenses by category, by employee, expenditure per month.

Submitting Expense Reports
The employee can submit an expense report and identifies their manager who will approve the expense report. The manager reviews the claim and any policy violations are highlighted in red / yellow. You can hover over the report for pop up windows with further information.

Data Export
Need functionality to be able to export all data and images out of the online data base, in .xls , CSV format.

The System will be fully tested in all main browsers.

Proposal Format.
The proposal should cover the following key areas:


Please email your proposal to Eamon Clune at by Thursday 7th April.


The project has some unique features some of which do not appear in websites very often.

The main technical elements are:

Phase 1
1.Development of an online work flow solution, with multiple roles and levels of access – where an expense form can be passed from the originator; to the approver to the payer. The work flow solution needs to be able to route the claim to the correct person in the flow and have automatic email notifications

2.The solution need to have an invoicing feature, The invoice will be made up of 1) the monthly subscription fee based on the number of users per month. 2) the approved expense amount for each employee.

3.The system will have 2 billing/ payment features, 1)the admin enters their credit card details and the credit card is charged monthly based on the number of users that company has using the system per month. 2) each time an employees expenses are approved by their company, their company credit card is charged and is paid to the employee.

Phase 2
4.An iPhone and Android App will be required. The App will allow the employee to log in and create a new expense, take a photo of their receipt and submit this

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Project In Android

1) Barcode Reader Application based on Google Android operating system-
An application which can read barcode of object through mobile camera and give information about the object and store information accordingly.

2) Friend Finder Application based on Google Android operating system –
An application for mobile phones based on android operating system which is can track location of a friend using Google maps and also update location of the user.

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RMS, CRM, Medical Recruitment Management System For Sale

I intend to sale the following projects:

(1) Job Management System:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 100% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report
— Presentation of the project (Power Point Slides)

(2) CRM:
This project report is more than 100 pages document and all about the planning and scheduling of the CRM project.

The areas on which this document emphasis are:
— The project feasibility from different views i.e. Technical, Operational, Economic, Schedule, Specification, Informatioin, Motivational, Legal & ethic etc.
— The project scope
— The project costing using some method like FP analysis and Cocomo
— The Critical Path Method Analysis (CPM) which will tell about activities to be performed and their time duration and dependency of activities to each other
— The Gantt Chart which will show tasks and their duration that development team followed
— Tools and technologies that have used to develop the product by the development team;
— The Vision document i.e. Introduction, Positioning, Stake holders and user descriptions, product overview, product features, other product requirements
— Risk List i.e. Product size, business impact process definition, development environment, technology to be built etc.
— Requirement engineering of CRM i.e. system specifications, existing system, marketing, sales, support, organizational chart, scope of the system, summary of requirements, identifying external entities, context level DFD, Capture "shall" statements, allocate requirements, prioritize requirements, requirements traceability matrix, high level use case diagram
— DESIGN PHASE OF CRM i.e. Introduction CRM Use Case Description, Use Case diagrams (high level, detailed, refined)
— CRM domain Model
— CRM sequence diagrams
— CRM collaboration diagram
— CRM Operation Contracts
— CRM design class diagram
— CRM data Model
— USER MANUAL i.e. Overview, accessing the CRM, administrator module, sale module, employee module
— Installation Instructions

Please Note: Code is not available

(3) Medical Recruitment Management System:
Medical Recruitment management system is the comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment processes of the Medical Recruitment. The system is designed to maintain the Structure systematically and to organize the entire ongoing manual recruitment processes. It helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire. Itll maintain an automated curriculum vitae bank of the candidates. Medical Recruitment management system will help to communicate and create healthy relationships with the candidates through the entire recruitment processes.

The project has following design docs:
— SRS (Software Requirement Specifications)
— MWP (Methodology and Work Plan)
— Introduction (of analysis and design phase)
— Overview (of proposed system)
— Data Flow Diagram
— Entity Relationship Diagram
— Activity Diagram
— Sequence Diagram
— Architecture Design Diagram
— Class Diagram
— Database Design
— Interface Design
— Deployment Diagram
— Test Cases
— 60% coded in Java with Oracle as back-end
— Project report

Best regards

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Student Management System

The Student Management System will conduct the all information about the student their roll no. wise and their name wise. That project have add new name with the subject of there academic.

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Seats Record………………….

the language is java……

this is the requirements…..

Implement a piece of software suitable for use by a cinema. The system should be

capable of providing information about films currently showing, and of the availability

of seats in the cinema. The system should allow for seats to be booked either

individually or as a block. For example a block of 3 seats would require 3 adjacent

seats to be booked together.

this the requirements……

1 A description of the system that you have implemented. This should
explain the various functions that your system is able to perform.

2 A UML diagram for each of the classes in your application.
? produce an application that meets the basic requirements of the system;
? produce an application consisting of at least than 3 classes written ;
? demonstrate degree of input validation.

3 provide a graphical interface that has been created using native Java code
(i.e. not one produced by the use of a ?drag-and-drop? facility such as that
provided by Borland JBuilder for example);
? provide additional features (such as exceptions and file handling) not outlined
in the specification.
? psoudo code.

best regards

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Integrate Credit System In To Joomla/wiziq Site

I am looking for someone to help me continue my project. I have been working with another developer that is now too busy to assist me any further. I have a functioning elearning site using joomla as the back end and wiziq as the virtual classroom – integrated together. I am now looking to take it a step further and integrate a credit system for students to buy and use when joining classes. I have looked at both joomcredits and Vodes but am not sure about either.

I have no experience in web development except for what I have learned in the past year working on this project.

Thank you for your time.

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Customized CMS System

I am in need of a customized CMS system that runs on a license system. I have a system what i need all call backs removed and changed to add a few features like Custom Calendar system and more using plugin system.

This project needs to be completed within 5 days no later.

Budget for Job is $200.

No milestone payment will be paid until Job is done as I have 75% project already completed.

When bidding please include in your bid "I understand your requirements 100%"

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Student Information System (Attendance / Billing)

We need a new Student Information System for our charity theatre group.

At present we use OpenSIS ( ) however it does have a few bugs, isnt really focussed on the UK, and costs way too much to add billing and discipline modules.

So, we would like someone to either:

1. Create their own modules to addon to OpenSIS so that we can set invoices and payment up per student or in bulk (see demo on their website) and discipline (again look at the demo on thier website and this is what we would like)


2. Create an entirely new Student Information System for us. Not too worried about the script language – we will be running it off Windows Server. It needs to be able to let us enter student details and store them (full list will be provided to winning bidder), needs a teacher access section where they can mark attendance and also comment on any bad behaviour, and a billing section where we can mark in when any payment are recieved and query when they havent.

If you are familiar with them we are looking for something along the lines of SIMS or Serco but in PHP reduced form,

Any questions please ask,

Also please note we are a charity group and dont have big money to throw at this. This isnt said to keep the price down, this is said because if you bid too high we simply cant afford the costs.

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Iphone / Android App Taxi Booking System

A booking system for customers to be able to book a taxi using the app for both Iphone and Android and automatically sends the information when booked to our base to dispatch the taxi.

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WordPress Guru Needed – Reservation/paypal Integration

Im in need of a WordPress programmer for integrating a reservation system onto my site. You will be integrating Paypal with the reservation system. In addition, you will need to make some configurations to an existing theme. Only professional need to apply. The job must be completed in 5 days. I will give additional details to serious candidates.

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Modification/Customise File Host Script

Hi, I have a file hosting site ready but I need some extra features like:

– A system of rewards points Customized / cash earning / affiliate program / system
– A remote system and upload via ftp to each User
– A system where dealers will pay via paypal and the payment and automatic
– A new layuot like this site:


eg the system of rewards / cash earning / affiliate and I want this

visit the website for more details if you need to sign in to this site

eg system dealers that same au site

if you want more details please contact

NOTE: I HAVE DONE THE ONLY SITE I need these additional functions!

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Bike Compatiblity Site


I have a client who requires a simple site that allows them to upload bike information. The system will then have a set of accessories so when the user selects the make, model and year from a drop down box it will then return compatabile accessories and items for this bike.

This system must be developed in ASP.NET C# and connected to an SQL Database.

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Text Link Ads Script

I require a text link advertising script similar to for use on our own private network of websites to sell advertising space on our sites, and other advertisers websites.

The type of functions we require is the same as what is currently available with Text-Link-Ads, so potential creators are encouraged to familiarise yourself with their system.

Typically, the system should be able to display websites which users can purchase advertising links on, and to be able to sort by category, cost, PR rating or Alexa ranking.

The user should be able to obtain full information about the website that they are seeking to purchase adverts on. This information is a combination of user submitted information, and also Alexa rankings and Google PR – so the script should incorporate the capability to recover a websites/webpage PR and Alexa ranking, and to calculate potential advertising values using other metrics should be incorporated into the script.

A payment system is also required to take payment for adverts purchased. The ability to take payments (via paypal) and refund or pay advertisers via paypal is also required.

The scripts is required to remotely display adverts on the advertisers website also, by means of a piece of code inserted in the advertisers webpage or website. The capability to operate across multiple platforms and programming languages is also required, depending on what system and coding the advertiser uses –
ie, php, asp, or even a blog site using wordpress, vbulletin etc.

Basically the script is required to act as an intermediary between the webmaster selling advertising links, and the webmaster purchasing advertising links, and to be able to take the details from one, and display it on the other, via remote scripts which would operate on our own server.

The ability to create user accounts, and also operate an affiliate payment system/referral system is further required.

Potential creators should make sure they fully understand the requirements of this project before they submit a bid by explicitly stating this in their bid details.

I can upload or provide a link to view text-link-ads system to potential creators requiring this. If you require this information, please ask me.

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Auto Tagging Script For All Types Of Tagboards

Program must be able to post tags to all sorts of tagboards to over 3000-5000 sites each day, input of these addresses must be user friendly. Software must be able to support tags of up to 600 characters, consisting of special characters.

After tagging, software should be able to generate report in excel format.

Software shld be able to support a login system,sale of taggings will be via a credits system. Successful bidders will have to advise on how to set up the infrastructure needed for such a service

Final product shld be a downloadable software and with features rivalling the example provided.

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Co Reg Lead Generation System Needed

I need a Coreg lead generation system that will basically GET data passed from a signup form and post it to another URL. Here are few websites that work on same model, looking for something very similar.

Will need ability to POST data to multiple locations and insert data to a MySQL database, a cookie/session should be set. A random user id should also be created and stored at this time, and this value will need to be passed on as well.

From there the data will be passed to a coregistration path and once the user is complete they will be forwarded back to a final page. Post reading verification question one – in MySQL what is a lookup table and when would it be used.

The final page will also need some basic design / CSS on it and it will be on our domain and should still have all the data stored from the original POST when the cookie/session was created this page will be full of links that will need to have that data passed to it as well.

Prefer to work with some one who have already worked on a similar project.

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I want to create an inspired site of
I need it to has the categories function of on the left side.
I need a tracking feature as well to know how many people are clicking through my site into the daily deal sites.
I need a google analytics inside it.
I need the ability to easily add more cities and sites in the future, all based on XML.
I need the website language is Hebrew, therefore RTL.
I need the system to has an email management built in (to collect new subscirebers, give them the ability to unsubscirbe and send them schedueled daily mail with all the deals listed).
I need the system to have affiliate management system Plus the ability to set a specifice- GIVEN link from the groupon alike sites for the XML.
I need to be able to set deals list priority manually plus automatically.
I need the system to be able set the deals order by some parameters:
– Popularity
– Area
– Time left
– Time passed from the begining
– price

Keep in mind that I am looking for a very good price because I am on a very tight budget.

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Patient Record System

Hi i am currently developing a Patient record system. I need some help with coding/programming. I am currently using Microsoft Visual C# and SQL Server. Message me for requirements and details. Thank you

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