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Create Google Shopping File For Volusion Based Website

Need programmer skilled in Volusion shopping Cart to generate a working Google Shopping file for our website.

We already created one using the Volusion API. However, only a few products were added as Volusion support said there are a few fields that are missing in the other products that are needed for them to be included in the Google shopping file.

You will need to Import these fields into the remaining products.
Once that is done, generate a complete Google shopping file.

This is a simple project if you know Volusion shopping cart.

So please, unserious bidders, random bidders or marketing reps, please do not bid.


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Member Messaging System

I am looking for an experienced programmer to build me a solution, that allows the company to send messages to a area/inbox unique to each member of our website, based off the tags that they have in infusionsoft.

this is very short, let me know if you any experience in this area and I will send you more details.

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File Hosting Website Similar To Filesonic, Bitshare

We need a File Hosting website developed. The website features should be similar to leading file hosting website like Fileserve, Bitshare, Megaupload, uploading where users earn cash for uploading files.

You have to visit the above mentioned website to understand all the REQUIREMENTS.

Some basic requirements will be:

– Multi-Server balancing
– Basic & Premium Accounts
– Customized points rewards/cash earning/affiliate program/system with GEO IP tracking
– File hosting using form upload/ remote upload / ftp upload/ email upload
– Live Progress Bar of uploading files. (ajax)
– Make download links available for users
– User Registration/ Membership Feature
– User Panel to see downloaded files, remove downloaded files
– Admin Panel for creation of different membership plans, adding/deleting premium accounts, etc.
– Integration of Payment System (Paypal/2CO) to accept membership payments
– Fully secure & hack proof

More details will be discussed with the selected bidder.

This is a REAL project and hence only serious bidders should BID.

Please provide details of past work.

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PSD To Website

PSDs will be supplied (5) and you will be required to send us a complete web site inc php contact form.

Simple project but please note, if you have no reviews do not bother bidding as you will be ignored.

Budget is minimal but the project is simple.

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Need A Website Based Upon 2 Existing Sites

I need a complete website/online mall. Very similar to and/or The Header information would be customized as would any contact information. I basically need all the same functionality of these two sights. 1)I also need to be able to replicate this page through the use of subdomains with a unique url extension according to the clients needs. 2) must be able to edit the header box to customize it to my clients logo or brand/colors. 3) The sight needs a way to sign up unique users and be able to individually track their links/purchases. 4) Also needs to have the ability to accept donations through a merchant account. We will need to know how to upload the site, and edit the site as often the merchants change their terms or run specials and we need to be able to convery this quickly to our subscriber base. Also, would like a toolbar for use on Firefox and Internet Explorer, so clients can be signed in at all times while making web-based purchases through contracted providers. Would like to see categories laid out (they may also be customized). If all goes well, Id eventually like to have smartphone apps added so clients may still receive the benefit of his her account via mobile web. This is a start up operation and as such, has a very limited/restricted budget. If you need more information, please respond.

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Singer And Musician WordPress Site

A musician website based on wordpress from psd I have

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Write A Nice Company Profile With Based On Our Website

I need a good content/technical writer who can write good company profile document for my company.
The freelancer has to write profile based on info provided by our website. There is no word restriction.

people who can deliver this in 6 hours and in $30 are only welcomed.

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Need 5 Writer For IT Information Based Website


An excellent writer required for a IT information based website . The writer must be able to research and write on any given topic and with given keywords for SEO. The topics might range from Technology,information about IT professional Courses and IT jobs career or anything else.

I will give:
1.75$ for 500 words article

Fast turnaround time is must. I would like to get 3000 words or more per day.
I prefer natives English speaker or who have a excellent writing capability.

Please bid who have enough confidient.

Attach your sample. Thanks.

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Picture Cleaning Promo – March 2011

This is the procedure to follow:

-open the picture in photoshop.
1 – create and save a clipping path. The background and colorpatches become invisible when the image is imported in indesign
but stay available for color corrections.
2 – save as PSD-file (do not save as JPG, in order to keep transparency)
3 – place the files on an FTP server where we have acces to fetch them.

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Edit A PSD Website

I will need someone to edit an already made PSD website and then convert it to HTML. Just need to add a few photos, texts and arrange/cleanup the overall look.

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Website Based Client Contact Database

Need a place either part of my joomla site new that we could log into and store customers info. Name, address, ph#, email, etc? We want it very simple but would like to group clients or be able to search for clients. We would also like to be able to send eblast to customers.

would love if it worked with my current joomla site and could control it from the front end.

Please explain what you would do/use or option that I have.

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As discussed.

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3 PSD Website DESIGNS Only

I am looking for someone who can deal with design for me, I am a developer and have a lot of design work that needs done, please can you send me some examples of your design. I only need them as a layered PSD – I dont need any coding, therefore please can you send me the price for 3 main page designs only 🙂

>> Must have Skype
>> Excellent Design skills
>> Deliver designs within one day
>> Send best examples (no more than three)
>> Payment via Escrow
>> Payment in USD

Ongoing work will be available for the right person/ people thanks

Ideally someone who can respond quickly and do designs for a low fee that are very reliable and can turn designs around very fast $10-$30 per design


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Skilled Forum/blog Poster To Promote Fashion Based Website

Long term daily project > 90 days. Searching individual/team with a female member who is clothing fashion savvy to promote our fashion based website through fashion related, (primarily english speaking based), blog comments and forum posts. If you do not have a female on your team who is fashion savvy and not familiar with the popular fashion sites and blogs please do not reply.

SEO savvy is a must to push our rankings up.

Prices and specification through PM.

Add "fashion blog posts" in your answers so we could filter out the bots..

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Picture Cleaning For Press – Folder Jan 2011

This is the procedure to follow:

-open the pictur ein photoshop.
1 – create and save a clipping path. The background and colorpatches become invisible when the image is importe din indesign
but stay available for color corrections.
2 – save as PSD-file (do not save as JPG, in order to keep transparency)
3 – place the files on an FTP server where we have acces to fetch them.

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Website Re-Design With Media

Media company is looking for a provider to work with existing website code and update/add pages with content and video files.

All new pages will follow the existing template. Appropriate page text and video files will be provided to winning bidder.

Very easy project for someone who is comfortable with web code.

* All code must be SEO friendly,clean,valid and compliant with all web standards.
* The final website must be viewable on all browsers and all screen resolutions correctly.
* All work must follow current design template.
* Winning provider must have excellent knowledge of video files for fast loading and playback options.
* We will provide all details/information needed, the winning provider must have experience managing projects and excellent feedback with similar clients.

Project Description:

– Review existing (6) pages and update SEO information as necessary. Keywords, Page Titles to be provided.

– Add Testimonial excerpts to web pages.

– Update/Add the following pages on existing corporate website:

Update Text
Add Images

Add Page
Update Text
Add Images

Add Page
Add Video
Add Headings / Sub-Headings as follows-

Documentary (Sub-Heading)
Docudrama (Sub-Heading)
Crime (Sub-Heading)
Biographical (Sub-Heading)
Sports (Sub-Heading)

Satellite Media Tours (Sub-Heading)
Branding and Messaging (Sub-Heading)



Successful completion of this project will ensure future work to winning provider.

Milestone payments will be held in escrow and released at stages as follows: 30% / 30% / 40% when 100% completed and TESTED (website is tested online and original psds / files are sent to me/customer)

The winning provider will be chosen using the following criteria: Previous Feedback, Previous Work Completed and Price

* Approx $250-$325


* Coding and testing should take 3 days or less with the correct provider.


– You must agree to all details under this project.
– Both parties are only to leave feedback when the project is 100% complete.
– You must supply a portfolio of work for your bid to be considered.
– No previous work or feedback and your bid will be rejected
– Providers must have excellent/fluent english.
– Provider must be detail orientated.
– Do not cut corners.
– Unlimited revisions until project is to be 100% completed as indicated by customer.
– Bids outside of budget will be ignored, not read and made as "not interesting bids"
– All Files, Code and Website will be the property of the Customer.

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Home/apartment Search

I want full site script for list sell and rent apartment/property like

i m a graphic designer so i send all full psd graphic file to code.

the site will be all free so i dont need billing system.

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Professional / Simple / Classic Website Design

Looking for Web Designers who can provide professional website designing (Web 2.0)
The design can be simple yet classic. The site should be SEO friendly.
The work will be on a regular basis.
Need quotation in the following format.

1. Home Page design and One Inside page design (PSD File)
2. Home Page Design and One Inside Page design with HTML / XHTML coding done.
3. Basic 5 page website design (complete design , coding with text content provided)
a) With some basic flash
b) without some basic flash

If you wish to quote only on one or all of the above options. Quality and pricing are both crucial.

IMPORTANT: Need to see Portfolio / Samples of your existing work

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Gaming League Website Based On WebSPELL

Id like to build a league system using webspell. I have installed the cup addon ,movie addon and Ajax Online Language Editor on my website. Features required are listed below. I am new to webspell, so you may find that some features below can already be achieved by current addons/mods or stock webspell. Im just describing what I want my website to have or look like.

1. The entire website can be switched flawslessly from Chinese and English language. I will help you to make Chinese Navigation Bars. I will make the Chinese language files. Actually I have translated the stock language files.

2. A new template and logo. (Layout, style and colors will be discussed later.)

3. Integrating the cup addon and a placeholader for incoming ladder addon (or you have better recommendation?)

4. A live stream block on the frontpage playing the live stream or vods of the latest matches. live stream and VOD should have seperate pages.

5. A server stats banner on the front page, showing map, number of players just like the ones offered by

6. Enough and reasonably placed ad placeholders on the front page and ladder/cup page.

7. An image slider sliding images from the latest news.

8. Embeded IRC. Icons of IRC, Twitter and Facebook on front page.

9. Polls, Latest forum topics, running cups, incoming matches, latest media files on the front page and a link for chat room.

10. Movie sections on the front page showing the latest movie thumbnails, rankings and hits. The ability to embed videos from wipido, youtue or other video sites.

11. A tutorial section where I will post tutorials. And tuts should be sorted according to games.

12. An automatic siginature generator, which will generate forum signatures for users with their gaming stats showing dynamically on them.

13. Every clan/player can have their own forums/blogs. And there should be a demo and screenshot upload section for every match. Players usernames should be displayed with their clan tag as prefix in the forum post and news/article comments.

14. A payment system where players can put there money in their accounts and use them to buy services (e.g. VIP) or products through paypal and alipay (I will help you on this). A shop system where goods can be sold.

15. Ability to add custom items like Fav/System/MSN/ICQ/Config file in user profile.

16. A full vBulletin forum.

17. Admin Control Panel, where admins can go and control the site on the front end (Different admin levels, only certain levels can do certain tasks)

18. Other popular and suitable addons I dont know. lächeln

19. Full set of psd files of the designs should be submitted to me after handing the site files.

20. 3-month technical support.

All above featues should be able to be switched on or off at the back end if applicable.

And the website should be compatible with main-stream browsers.

You should be very experienced in webSPELL CMS. If you can do this job, contact with me.

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Copywriter Needed For New Website Based On Keywords Given

We are an IT Consultancy company, looking for a writer who is capable of writing content for our new website based on the keywords given below. He/She will need to elaborate further on what we do based on the services provided below. We need someone who is technical enough to understand IT terms. Note that the content has to be SEO and must be original.

We are also looking at giving long term job to maintain our facebook page by posting latest news on technology and write technology related articles if this person is good.

The services provided by us:
Business Continuity Management
Data Backup & Protection Solutions
Hosting & Messenging Solutions
Managed Outsourcing Support Services
Network & Security Audit
Server Migration & Implementation

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Widget For Web Page

I am in need the of a web widget
The widget will pull data from a mysql db.
The widget has the following fields
Name, image, date, comment and a button.
Plus stored in the widget is 50 images

The user will enter a name in the name field
and select a date or use the default current date value
(The date needs to selected from a pop up calendar)
and click the button.
Widget then connects to db and pulls back values for the selected date
and 30 days either side of it.

In the db table there are four fields
name, date, value.comment

Based on the value for the selected day one of the 50 images stored in the
widget appears in the image field with the matching comment in the comment field

Next to the date field on the widget are previous/next buttons.
These allow the user to scroll through the days, (instead of clicking on a calendar date) starting from the date currently shown in the
date field. As the dates are scrolled through the image and comment will change to match the date.

I can provide an sql file with test data, a set of 50 images, and an outline of what the widget could like. (happy to have your ideas also)
I need to be able to change the images in the widget and put different skins on it

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Website Upgrade Plus New CMS Needed

We need a simple customized template for our current website and to upgrade to a new Content Management System. I can supply you with the company logo and the sample design. We have the most of the photos/pictures ready, but if there will be a need to buy some more, we can do that as well. We will supply you with a general site plan, which you can improve on, if needed. Once you have the database setup and configured it, all the texts (with the links as well) need to be transferred from the current website to the new one. We need the site to be search engine friendly and search engine optimized if possible. The site needs to be up and operational by October 25 if possible.

We haven

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Fix "Like" Website – Based On Facebook’s Like Feature

The website is It is based on php and kohana framework

Facebook banned the ip, so when something is liked on the website it is was not clickable from
the persons profile.

I had someone try to help fix this and right now when something is liked it is now clickable from
the profile and forwards from the domain But it doesnt go to the right page and does
not display the name of the page or quote.

You can see what I mean if you like a quote on the website and see how it looks on your facebook profile.

I need to either have the quote show up and link to the correct page on after forwarding OR
to help transfer the whole site to the new domain that will have a non-banned IP address.

Looking to start this job ASAP

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Complete Custom Apparel Website Based On Symfony Framework


We own a custom Screenprint and Apparel design group out of Bloomington IN.

We hired a developer to work on our website however due to personal obligations and time commitments he has had to bow out.

We have a partially completed site and are looking for someone to pick up where he left off and complete this project for us.

It is based on the Symfony so please only bid if you have extensive knowledge of this framework.


Symfony is set up. There is a frontend and a backend that is composed of generators. The template has been placed in the view. Were using Doctrine, but still needs the sfDoctrineGuard plugin. The data model is in running order, and has been populated, but may need some other small changes or additions just to wrap things up. What works so far:



ItemOptions – A name of the option and a list of choices seperated by ||
ItemPhotos – Unused, photos are now 1to1, stored in the logo column of the item.
PrintLocations – A location name and a surcharge per shirt to print here

Configured Items
ConfiguredItemOptions – Based on an ItemOption, and has the value selected when the configured item was created
ConfiguredPrintLocations – Based on PrintLocation, and has the filename of the uploaded image to be printed here

Groups have Customers as members

Items have itemOptions and PrintLocations

Configured Items are based on an item, belong to a group and have creator (customer) ConfiguredItemOptions and ConfiguredPrintLocations.

Work to be done:
The catalog browses fine, but needs better styles. The configure item form, group management and payments need to be created.

Developer will:
Design and Implement group payment system
Design and implement account management system
Design and implement fully featured order builder (similar to createmytee)

Please see:
www createmytee .com

our website in the end will be designed to function exactly like this in EVERY aspect.

We are looking for someone with experience so Highest ratings combined with lowest price will be chosen. We are looking to establish a long term relationship with someone who can help us in the future and maintain our website.

Payment will be made as soon as I test and approve your work. Via PayPal.

English Speaking is a MUST.
An American is preferred

Designer must do good work (have references/work you have completed) and work effiecently.

Budget is around $400-550.

Thank you!

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Website Customization

Programmer must be available to chat on Skype. I have a copy of Jreviews with the Geomaps add on. This includes a search filter and some geo-targeting functionality. I would like to modify Jreviews as follows:

1) For each listing in Jreviews, calculate 4 variables from data in a database table and save in another database table. Calculation must be done when data is loaded, automatically every night and on demand.

2) Calculate same 4 variables for all listings together and for all listings in a category. Save results in database table. Calculation must be done when data is loaded, automatically every night and on demand.

3) Automatically generate a Plotalot chart from saved data by making entry in Plotalot database table.

4) Include generated Plotalot chart in Jreviews listing detail view (one chart already exists, can be done in the same way) . Arrange formatting so it looks good.

5) Update Jreviews listing view to show correct variables and fix colour and position.

6) Update Jreviews Ordering option to include calculated variables and set defaults.

7) Modify Jreviews directories.thtml file to include pull downs like other modules are remove directory name from output.

8) Modify Jreviews advanced_search_thtml to include search by distance. Set default listings to 100 top listings close to user based on ip address of guest or cb_address or registered user.

9) Show module for (8) in Left position to allow user to overwrite options. ie. show all listing and not only top 100 close. Include options city, state, country, all etc..

10) Modify Jreviews fields.html filter to have reset option.

11) In listings page, when logged in have edit link on same line as others

12) Extend summary in listing view to whole width of page.

13) For registered/public viewings of listing only display if jr_status is
public or user owns the listing (field id 28 and fieldoption 25)

14) Add footer module position in template

15) When deleting jreviews listing also delete charts, stock portolio, and performance data if they exist.

16) Fix TAB import option in CSV Import

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Social Interaction Website Based On Echowaves

We wish to have an social media site constructed based on a specific approach for users and their mode of interaction, to implement a type of chat-room. It will be applied to our collection of businesses.

Basic functionality:
– users join based on simple signup (email) or other social account (facebook, twitter – other future release)
– users create a basic profile that can be pre-populated direct from facebook or twitter
a location (venue) has a wall on which people can put posts;
– users can check-in and make comments to other posts;
– users can view the wall (time sequence of posts) or the users who are checked-in or joined (a list)
– users can send a direct message to other joined or checked-in users to start a 2 way conversation
– users can view other profiles, restricted by privacy settings of a persons profile.
– the MIT license ruby rails framework is the starting point for this functionality.


We have compiled a detailed functional specification & design including detailed page layouts.
To minimize development we wish to re-use an open-source framework based on ruby on rails
This first release is for
– website (no artistic design, standard CSS templates okay)
– back-end / database and persistence
– ability to support mobile device browsers (iphone and blackberry initially – NOT an application a re-skinned website) as well as standard web browsers e.g. layout specific to mobile browser reduced window size

We have some constraints for the development approach including
– ruby on rails
– restful interface (to allow future expansion to mobile apps)
– open source framework echowaves ( – unless an alternative ruby on rails can be suggested

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Retail/Wholesale/Dropship ECommerce Based Website

Interested in having a e-commerce site built with retail/wholesale/drop shipping/inventory functionality. Must have advanced back end comparable with, yahoo store, etc. Must have extensive prior experience with clients you can provide as references. As we are an well established online company serious inquiries only. HTML5, CSS3, AJAX are a plus!

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File Sharing Website

I need a site like please bid on the total amount for the job, after i choose you i will need a design for the site and if i like it i will give you the go ahead to complete it. if i dont like the designs i dont want to be obligated to anything. Also i will pay you when the job is complete im an honest provider, check my feedback

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Make Fixes And Modifications To Clipshare Based Website

Need some fixes done on my website.

1 – Clipshares Search system is very bad, when my search term contains spaces, it lists all videos with space on title or description. Also I would like the "Search Videos" option to search only videos Titles, no need to search on descriptions.

2 – The Rating system isnt working. Everytime I try to rate a video, I get the message: [CPAINT Error] invalid HTTP response code 0. So I would like that to be fixed too.

3 – Replace the Categories system. My website have only Animes episodes, so i want to replace the categories with the Animes titles. So you will have to remove the need to choose a category when user upload a video, but make them choose what anime they are uploading from a drop-down menu. All the Animes titles must be added from Admin panel.

4 – Private Message Layout. Actually the private messages inbox and outbox dont show the message senders name, even on the message, theres just the senders avatar, no nickname. I want the senders name on the Inbox, outbox and messages.

Clipshare experience would be great!

If you need more details send me a PM and ill be glad to answer you.

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Simple Website Based On Flickr API

I need to create a site to randomly display full-screen images all pulled from Flickr using the Flickr

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