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Australian Female Voice Talent

Hi there,

I need someone do to a voiceover for around 3 mins.
Australian Female.

We have regular work too.
Budget: $50



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Versatile Female For British And American English Voice-over

Greetings all,

Please take your time and read ALL of this information. I am a voiceover talent myself on this site (and others) and in need of a British or American female voice. This person will need to mimic a legitimate British accent (if American) and likewise- if you are British you should be able to mimic an legitimate American accent.

The document attached consists of multiple short scripts pertaining to and involving various different characters (one of which is a British Countess). The female talent chosen will need to have some acting skills and versatile in characterizations in order to play the roles well.

This particular project is for stage 1 of a 3 stage English Course, and the applicant chosen may have more work from me depending on how many other parts require a female voice for the next two stages of the course.

Please provide a few samples including your normal voice, and some characterizations pertaining to the accents I mentioned above. Again, review the attached document for text.

It goes without saying: You MUST have a professional mic (not a headset or cheap sounding computer mic- and no BG noise, popping "Ps" etc). And- I must have all rights to use your voice in this application including podcast, broadcast, and web based platforms.

As always, in todays economy- budget is VERY tight- however it could mean more work from me in the near future, not only on this project but a possible partnership with me in other similar projects that require a female with the ability to perform characterizations. Thus, both quality and cost of services will be considered.

So, having said that, before you even submit a bid- please review my "freelancer" profile and you will see Ive been doing the VO thing for a long time and provide my VO services for many projects on this website (as well as others) on a regular basis.

I close with this: Strive for excellence and dont try to make all your money in one bid, thus – cutting your chances of being chosen for additional work.

PS: Dont forget to check the attached script. 😉

Thanks and best of luck-


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Voice Talent Needed

Need someone with a very nice bubbly voice to record 8 short phone greeting/voice mail scripts budget $40.00 please provide samples of previous recordings. Nice, professional, young and bubbly. Thanks!

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Talent In Demand

Help me to build a website that can produce some money every day, as much as possible. There are no restrictions on how the money is made, but of course should be a legal subject. Use your imagination to create something outstanding that is very attractive to people in general.
Most be sharp on SEO and a valuable content. You choose domain name and the hosting company.
All operating cost ( expenses) belong to me, as well copyright and other legal items.
Please provide complete information of what you can do for this project. Be specific in your PM.
Send me your ideas for this project and how much will cost. Ill answer to all persons interested in this venture.

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Game Website

We are in the development stage of a new Gaming website.

We are looking for gamers with a talent in;

-Video Making
-Video Presenting
-Audio Editing
-Audio Presenting
-Web Design
-Web Marketing

If you are an avid gamer with a talent in any of these subjects, and want to join an ambitious web development then please get in touch.

All work will be on a voluntary basis for the time being.


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Voice Talent Needed For Childrens Book

Looking for voice talent to read a childrens book.

we need 4 different character voices:
1) Farmer Joe (8 words)
2) A Duck that speaks english (34 words)
3) Aunty Joan (55 words)
4) Narrator (453 words)

Only for candidates who has clear English language without heavy accent.

If you are interested please,
1) forward your profile and previous experince in this area,
2) give your best samples of each of the voices needed,
3) number of days of your deadline,

The final product will be presented in a series of MP3 files – 1 file per sentence (There are 43 sentences, so 43 files needed)
Payment will be released to you within 48 hours after your project is satisfied and approved.

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Brazilian Portuguese Voiceover Needed

Need a brazilian portuguese voiceover talent to narrate a 1:20 minutes video, 170 words only. The script is ready to go and there video in english to be based on.

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Voice Talent – Phone Directory/Auto Attendant

Professional voice talent needed for a ~45 second Phone Directory/Auto Attendant. Only high quality work is acceptable.

Please provide SAMPLE of YOUR WORK.

Female voice desired. Young-adult not too mature; professional voice.
Male voice "okay" if not too deep.



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Arabic Male Voice Talent

I am looking for native male Arabic voice talent to work right now
with Arabic (fosha)

high quality studio recordings ….to read 740 words ….very easy text

send a sample of your voice reading Arabic fosha ….with your bid

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Talent Display Component

I want a component that can enable me to create a website where users can register and display/advertise their images in flash or slide show with description of their talents, achievements, and skills.

They will be able to tel the public the kind of rare skill they have and will have ability for viewers to comment and contact them.
It will have modules for:
-latest skill
-rarest skill
-search skill
-skill of the day etc

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Voice Over Talent Needed!!

I need voice talents to team up with me for an upcoming Home Business launch. I will be supplying complete voice script.
If you are a voice talent with professional voice equipment and great quality output, Please apply.

I am looking for all voice over talents so looking forward to see your proposals. Male Voices, Only English Language. I am very excited as this will give me a good chance to connect with high quality voice over artists.

Example of the sound of voice over Im looking for… Not by topic..

Im looking for a very personable, business-like, trusting, and high quality voice.

Looking forward to work with you


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I am in dire need of someone with skills and raw talent in flash design. I have yet to find someone with skills that match my old designer who passed away in New York. You must be skilled in photo-shop design and graphic design. Must be great in animating and must be comfortable in taking over and working with an existing code. I need someone who takes initiative in creativity and must have a VERY FAST TURN AROUND TIME. I am very good at paying so if you have talent it can be a wonderful thing. FLASH DESIGNERS ONLY. This is for a underground hip hop website. Thank you

03/07/2011 at 7:34 EST:

I am an underground rapper! I also have excellent feedback. So I take this project very serious. Please send me a pro-folio of some of your work. I really need someone with a great deal of experience and who has a passion for design creativity!!!

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Movie Voiceovers For Cinematic Cs 1.6 Vids


I have this really simple project for professional sounding talent out there.
Im looking for a male voice.

I am producing some trailers and they need voiceovers. These voiceovers will be published to non-profit purposes but
i will give credit of your work in end text of the movie.

I have list about ~50 lines of words or sentences.

If you have portfolio or good examples of your past works that is huge plus.

There is few words like, coming soon, flawless, come on and laugh "hahahaha" that you need to
voiceover with deep tone.

As i consider this really fast job i hope you will do it in a less than a day. (shouldnt take even 1 hour(?)


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We are searching for male or female who can add a professional high quality audio, music and voice over talent for our 30 second commercial for our online and retail store that specializes in Body Jewelry and piercings.

We have a basic outline of the script but would like to have some original ideas to add as well!

MUST speak English perfectly.

If you have great voice talent, and are able to make amazing high quality videos send us a PM with your samples.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Potential for more immediate on-going work with other commercials.

MUST have previous work experienced in this field.

All files required.


Very easy job! $30 bids looked at first!

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Finnish /Finland/ Voice Talent Needed

Finnish female voice talent needed, to record 4900 words corporate presentation, appr.30 min. in lenght.

We would gladly invite only native speakers of Finnish /Finland/ language to apply.

Thank your time and for your voice samples!

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Native Male US Or UK Voice Talent For A Dating Site Project

We are creating a dating product for which we are creating a series of instructional videos.

We are looking for ONLY native Male British or American voice actors to do voice over in these videos.
Total length of these videos is approximately 70-90 minutes.

Were not looking for very furnished voice, normal upward and exciting tone will be enough.

I need to pickup one from you guys within 24-48 hours so send your voice sample with your bid.



PS: We are looking for PERMANENT PERSON TO WORK ON CONTINUES so most affordable cost will be preferred.

PPS: Remember its a Dating website project so content is intimate in few sections yet its not anything objectionable. Its a genuine product.

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Talent Agency Script


i am looking for a talent agency portal script.
similar to
it has a lot of features please check out to understand what i am looking for.
the language should be in german or multi language.
i do not looking for nulled or illegal software!!!
if you already have a script like i want, please send me a url where i can check out.
the script must be written in php / ajax, connected with a mysql database and has to be a very modern design.
it should be very easy to maintain from a clean backend.
must be stable even are more than 10000 user are using it at the same time.

if you can give me an offer …

all the best

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Voiceovers For Club Promo – Street But Well Spoken – UK

Looking for voiceover talent to be use for club promotional material.

preferably female but listening to males too
energetic and youthful
street sounding but not trashy or common
must be a UK southern / london accent
black / mixed race (not essential)
high quality audio a must

possibility to work permanently across many years and many platforms with us. (our current voiceover person has made over 500 productions for us)

User will be chosen based on their showreel or, better still, if they provide us with a dry demo of our own script.

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Voice Talent Commercial Voice For Radio 2

We looking for 30 sec jingle/advertisement for radio Male voice
in English (UK, US)

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Voice Talent Commercial Voice For Radio

We looking for 30 sec jingle/advertisement for radio Male voice
in English (UK, US)

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I need a native HK people.

1:young lady.
2:professional talent.
3:sweet and cleanly sound

Please provide the smaple and CV.
The native HK people.

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Voice Talent / Narrator Needed For Children’s App

Hi There,

Im looking for a good narrator for a childrens book app. The story is about 20 pages and text really short for each.

Please, let me know your fee/cost and if you are woman or man.

Please, send sample of your past works.



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Talent Agency Online Database Management System

We need a 3 tier database management system that can do the following:

Each Talent needs to be able to register, create profiles, upload professional and snapshot photos, create resumes, apply for jobs, accept or deny invitations, write notes to agents, track progress in their selection process, confirm jobs, and view past history for payment.

Clients will need to register and create profiles. Clients can create booking requests & track the progress of the event throughout the booking process. Clients will need to be able to select from a group of recommended talent from the agent and rate talent after the event.

Agents will need to mediate between clients and talent, create and send quotations, approve new talent profiles, edit booking requests and jobs, perform complex searches for talent meeting client criteria for multiple country and city events, confirm talent for clients, send invitations and confirmations, send talent to clients for approval, and send special instructions to talent.

Please be sure you understand our needs before submitting. We are looking for the best price, so the more detailed & accurate you can be with your rate quote, the better. We are also looking for a fast time frame to finish. We do not need design service- we are only looking for this system to match & integrate into the website we already have.

If you already have a script available that we can easily customize and upload to our server that might work also.

Thank you.

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Female Voice Talent

I need talented female candidates for reading some scripts in ENGLISH,Arabic,Persian and Spanish

Ladies who can speak even anyone of these languages should apply. Its not necessary that you have experience in this field of voice.

Native speakers are preferred.

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Australian Male Vocal Talent Needed For Regular Work!

I need an Aussie Male with a strong radio type voice to do regular recordings (5+ per week)
from a script that I send.

I am offering $20 per recording.

Its only a 5-10min script MAX! (usually under 5 mins, but could go a little over on rare occasions.

There will be 5-10 to do per week so I need somebody extremely reliable and ready to work!

You will also need to edit out spaces and breathing and also apply some compression
(I will send you video training on how to do this)


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Pirate Voice

I need a voice talent that can do an excellent pirate voice. Send me some samples.

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Female Portuguese Voice Talent


Im looking for a young female portuguese voice over artist to record two or three phrases for a 15 seconds tv commercial. Please send me at least one sample, samples on streaming have priority.

Bugdet is 30.

Thank you so much,


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Female US Voice Talent Needed For Regular Work

I need an American US with a strong radio type voice to do regular recordings from a script that I send.

I am offering $20 per recording.

Its only a 5-10min script MAX! (usually under 5 mins).

There will be 5-10 to do per week so I need somebody extremely reliable.

You will also need to edit out spaces and breathing… If you have a mac I can provide you with everything you need and training for this part if required.


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Australian Male Voice Talent Needed For Regular Work!

I need an Aussie Male with a strong radio type voice to do regular recordings (5+ per week)
from a script that I send.

I am offering $20 per recording.

Its only a 5-10min script MAX! (usually under 5 mins).

There will be 5-10 to do per week so I need somebody extremely reliable.

You will also need to edit out spaces and breathing.


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Ebook To Audiobook – Male Voice Talent Needed

I need a voice talent to speak the introduction (word count: 961) of my ebook on sexual fetishism into a audio file (mp3).

You should be male – native English or American English speaker. The voice should be mature and clam. I need talents at 30-40 ages.

The audience is male, age 18 – 45.

Sample script:

Rubber Life by 3xL, Introduction.

During my coming out process I looked all over for a book on how a person can come to terms with a fetish for latex, how to come out to a partner and how to get out and meet people from the fetish community. I never found any. I also realized that that there are many others like me out there, who want nothing more than to live out their latex fetish, but for some reason they are unable to make progress. So, after having gone through all of this myself, I decided to write a book which contained all of the information that I wished I had had available to me when I was about to

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Ebook To Audiobook – Female Voice Talent Needed

I need a voice talent to convert my ebook on sexual fetishism (17000 word count) into multiple chapter length audio files (mp3).

You should be female – native English or American English speaker. I need talents at 20-50 ages.

The audience is male, age 18 – 45. The voice should be sexy and intimate, yet caring.

Sample script:

Rubber Life by 3xL, Chapter 3.

Coming out.

Coming out and letting people know that you have a latex fetish can be difficult for many people. Even though fetish wear has become more acceptable in mainstream society many people feel that there is a huge difference between seeing it in movies or on television and finding out that their friend, relative or spouse is a latex fetishist.

If you are someone who is trying to find a way to let people know about your lust for latex, here are some tips that you can use in order to come out to the people that you love. It is a process which may take some time. You may first need to work up the courage to let people know about your love and you may also need tips and hints on how to find like minded individuals that can accept you whether you are wearing latex or not.

Every person has unique things that arouse and attract them. If you are someone who knows that they love latex you are already one step ahead of people who may not know what turns them on. This is because you have been able to identify your preferences and what attracts you and you will be able to move on to finding ways to make latex a regular part of your daily lifestyle.


Please send me you addition audio of you reading the script above and place you bit, but please note that
my budget is limited to up to $500 USD..

Thanks for your time!

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