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Data Extraction 2

Need to start urgently!

We require certain data to be extracted from a web site and entered into a mysql database flat table. There are approximately over 150,000 records.

Anyone with decent C# coding skills (or any other technology for that matter) and basic understanding of page parsing (with C# default classes) can do this. All pages of the target site are template based which will allow the bidder to write a small utility and leave it to run to extract all data.

Details pertaining to the source of the data will be provided to the winning bidder.
The budget for this job is $50.

Target data attributes
-Part of
-Common paths
-Security risk indicators (text)
-Keywords ("LI" list)

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Xml Diff/verify Php App

I need really super easy php app that can do:

1. upload original xml file to server
2. upload target.xml file to server
3. extract and list all the variables({xxxxxx}) in string in target xml files
4. diff all the variables in target with variables in original xml
4-1. if there are differences, then overwrite the different variables with the variables from original xml.
5. trim all the space in variables({xxx xx} -> {xxxxx}) that are in target xml.
6. download target xml

Note: downloaded target xml have to have all the updates of 4-1 and 5. The original xml and target xml are all over 5 mb, so this app can handle 10 mb file.

Here, I attach origina.xml and target.xml, so please check them and use them for app.

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10,000 Targeted Facebook Likes

I need 10,000 Facebook likes for my facebook page.

The likes must be from real accounts, not fake accounts.

My Facebook Page:

Our target market includes all types of small business owners and professionals. EX: Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Pain Therapists, Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, Car Dealerships, etc. The target market is in the United States ONLY.

Thats basically it, any questions feel free to ask.


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Need Country Specfic Facebook Fans Suppliers

We are a very big company selling fb fans,twitter followers and yout tube views.We currently deliver facebook fans to lots of big companies on a regular basis but we can deliver only worldwide and usa fans.So we are looking for more suppliers who can provide us any country specific,gender and age group targeted facebook fans other than worldwide and usa like UK,canada,australia,italy,mexico,singapore,europe and many other countries.So if you can deliver any country specific facebook fans no matter which country it is and can target gender and age group then please bid here and mention which country can u do .Multple bidders will be chosen.Best of luck !
Only those bid will be entertained which will be in this format :

1.)Mention which specific country you can target.You can also bid and enter only this if you can target only specific countries and not gender and age targetting
2)Mention you can target specific gender or you can target only gender and no specific country
3)Age group that you can target
4)Price per 1k and delivery time.

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20000 Real Facebook Fans From Ukraine

I have an ukrainian facebook page to be delivered for 20000 likes from Ukraine.
Also, PM me a non targeted price too…if target will be very expensive, ill order non target.

i need live likes only, no bots and other tricks.
that would be good if they will be women.

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Marketing Consultation

Hello all,

Looking for a marketing consultation with an expert. I have identified my target market, and Im looking for someone that can help me outline some good advertisements and make some suggestions. I basically need to know what to put in my banners to get people to click, possibly some design suggestions. I can provide the exact scenario, who my target market is, my product benefits and features, and what Ive come up with so far for my banner sales pitch.

Payment via GAF escrow.

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Market Research Analysis

Request for Proposal: Market Research Analysis

RFP Responses: Please send responses in electronic format no later than March 31, 2011. Only complete responses will be considered.

Background: We are preparing to launch an array of telecommunication services through a new company brand.

Objectives: The goal is to identify the target markets most receptive to products/services on offer and how to combine/price packages that will meet the targets

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Simple Perl XML To CSV Script

Need a small Perl script that extracts XML attributes (ID for element) and nested child elements from a very large XML document (10MB+) and converts each element into a variable, then print to a flat file. The number of rel and target varies for each element and there will need to be logic to deal with this. Exact document provided after bidding completed.


<element id="1" text="example 1">

<element id="2" text="example 2">

<element id="3" text="example 3">


desired output:
Element ID: 1, Text: example 1, Rel: rel 1, Target: target1
Element ID: 1, Text: example 1, Rel: rel 2, Target: target2
Element ID: 1, Text: example 1, Rel: rel 3, Target: target3
Element ID: 2, Text: example 2, Rel: rel 1, Target: target1
Element ID: 2, Text: example 2, Rel: rel 2, Target: target2

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Website Mock-up (USA Or Canada Only)

Hi, Im looking for someone who can design website mock-ups. I would like to start with a corporate website (URL will be provided in private to those with decent portfolios). The target price is $100-150 per mock-up. Target turnaround time is 2-3 days. This project is more complicated than most that I need so its currently $200 target for this project. Im usually looking for something very clean and professional. Just submit your portfolio and that should speak for itself.

I ask for someone in the USA or Canada only because I feel that overseas developers have too much trouble with communication. I dont need complicated designs but I do need very professional designs. If youre the kind of person Im looking for, you know the difference.

If you are good, I have MANY projects. Bonus points if you know how to convert your PSDs to HTML.

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SEO Consultation

We are looking for a company that will help us analyze our website and our competitors. We are La Purse, a retail online store that focuses on pashmina shawls and a huge selection of fashion scarves.

To be more specific, these is what we are looking for:

1) an analysis of our competitors on some target keywords. We have noticed that despite our website being one of the most complete, easy to navigate, and elegant, we have many competitors in front of us. Itd be nice to understand the why of this.
2) an analysis of the target keywords we are using. are they realistic keywords?
3) if possible, an idea of what to do next. should we do link building? content creation? etc.

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Facebook Band Promoting

I need facebook promotion for a band fan page in the US. US likes needed. If you can target the specific region of the USA that we mostly play concerts in (the Northwest states Oregon, Washington, California) that is what we are looking for specifically. We will consider cheap bids that target the entire USA. We need a quality provider who we can build a long term relationship with.Thanks for your time, good luck bidding.

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25,000+ Facebook Fans (USA Primary Target) / Pay Every 1,000

Need 25,000+ new Facebook fans. Legit accounts only, 85% + USA users preferred.

Payment every 1,000 fans. Please PM me HOW MANY you think you could provide in 30-45 day time frame. (i.e. 10,000 , 25,000, etc.) Also, let me know what payment schedule youd like.

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ASIA Facebook Fans Supplier Needed

Hi all,

I am looking for facebook supplier in the asia region. I need TARGETED supplier only.

Mainly i need from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam.

APPLY only if you are able to target these fans from these countries.

PM me the countries you are able to target and the price:


As previously said, apply only if you can MEET the requirement.

Thank you

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5$/HR Target Telesale Call Center And Individuals Required

We need Call Centers and telemarketers individual who have ability to close sales.

We have 2 products with 2 different Campaigns:

1- Acai Berry health product. 5$/HR
2- DirecTV satalite cable subscribtions. 5$/HR

Both Campaign to USA market.

Leads are provided.

Scripts and training kits are provided

Campaign Target: (for call centers)

– Your team will be calling as Sales Agents for DirecTV
– Your team will be responsible to Cold Call and Close Sales for the leads
to subscribe in DirecTV Service or to sell Acai Berry
– Every Agents target is to provide accumulated monthly sales of 5
Sales weekly. means each Agent need to make 1 Sale every days. while we will
count the target for the team as a whole not for agent by agent.
this target is the breakeven target to maintain payment of the basic salary

– Basic Salary of 5$/HR 40 Hours / week
– Bonus of 25$ for each and every sale your team make over the target.

In case your team did NOT meet the above mentioned Breakeven target at any
month , you will be paid only bonus for each and every sale your team make

Payment Bi-weekly.

For individuals please contact me for information

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Ranking + Real Traffic From US, UK, AU

We are looking well expereicene SEO team they can handle complete actvites for project like Ranking, real traffic from target country and blog promotion our main target to get business from trageted keyword, please submit your bid so more details will be upload via PM


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Software Expert

I am looking for a software developer to work permanently on monthly basis salary .
The salary to be moderate as the job is for years life .
I want to see e skills and also salary suggestions .
The job is for developing a website ( the website exists ) promunited(dot)com.
The job is to add price s on all items and an all items that daily will be added , where also target group will be added and have search machine according to price range , description and target group all together or separately .
Have system to send automatically emails to the makers who produce the items

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Interactive KPI Application

Hello all,

Looking for someone to build simple application that will run on the local computer and present KPI results on the big screen computer is using as monitor.

I have attached link to the similar Dashboard – we like the look of this one and we would like to achieve same modern look in full screen:

KPIs we want to measure and enable employees in workshop to see:

– Computers built current day; Target / Actual

– Computers built current week; Target / Actual

– Financial Performance current week; Target / Actual

– Financial Performance current month; Target / Actual

Once finished, spreadsheet will be placed on the computer that will be connected to the large screen placed in the workshop for all employees to see.

It would need to be password protected so only Team Leaders can access spreadsheet and enter figures.

Please dont hesitate to ask any additional questions to clarify. Small budget project but choosen provider will get opportunity to continue work on the project as we will add more things to it.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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1M Bulk Emails To Arab Countries

We just started a new jobsite & looking for a professional bulk emails company to increase the number of members and promote our site.

1- Target receivers: at least 400,000 companies & 600,000 jobseekers to be invited to our new job site

2- Target area: all Arab countries specially in (Saudi Arabia

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Drubo Project 23

Here is details:

1000 NON TARGET: START: 263 END: 1263

500 NON TARGET: START: 57 END: 557

500 NON TARGET: START: 73 END: 573

500 NON TARGET:!/pages/Londas-Body-Care/338095264751 START: 40 END: 540


thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Drubo Project 22

Here is new works:

5000 NON TARGET: START: 888 END: 5888


1000 NON TARGET: START: 193 END: 1193

500 NON TARGET: START: 60 END: 560

Thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Drubo Project 10

Here is project details:

1000 NON TARGET: START: 3 END: 1003

2000 NON TARGET:!/pages/Solomon-A/189575671060090 START: 2 END: 2002

500 NON TARGET: START: 510 END: 1010

Thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Suvro Project 21

Here is project details:

500 NON TARGET: START: 616 END: 1116

1000 NON TARGET:!/pages/ChessOpeningsCom/120451694693817 START: 4 END: 1004

1000 NON TARGET: START: 338 END: 1338

5000 NON TARGET:!/pages/Sinew-Therapeutics/195685950447598?v=wall START: 0 END: 5000

1000 NON TARGET:!/pages/TJs-Woodfire-Pizza/179847352031642 START: 18 END: 1018

5000 NON TARGET: START: 12,181 END: 17,181

Thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Link Building

-need 20 PR3 or higher inbound links to specific target URL
-need 5 PR4 or higher inbound links to same specific target URL
-links must still exist after 1 year
-links must have strong topically related anchor text
-links must come from source websites which are topically close to target URLs topic
-acceptable topics for anchor text and source websites include but are not limited to: Financial News, Investment News, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Precious Metals, Investment Banking, corporate buyouts and takeovers, IPOs, Trading, Offshore Banking, The Recession, Financial Forecasts, Stock Markets, Foreign Currencies, etc…

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Android Microphone Activator App

Android Microphone Activation App

1.) Android must be able to receive a predetermined

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Suvro Project 20

Here is details:

1000 NON TARGET: START: 63 END: 1063

5000 NON TARGET:!/pages/Psychic-Harvard-Grad-Christine/120097778028390 START: 90 END: 5090

500 NON TARGET: START: 11 END: 511

500 NON TARGET:!/pages/Rad-Technicians/133555819990744 START: 25 END: 525

1000 NON TARGET: START: 337 END: 1337

1000 NON TARGET: START: 246 END: 1246

5000 NON TARGET: START: 2104 END: 7204

500 NON TARGET:!/pages/Sex-Chat-with-Dr-Kat/142315802460653 START: 5 END: 505

Thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Need Call Centres/Customer Hotlines – Pref With US Customers


Im looking for either:

1) Call centres/customer hotlines that currently get a lot of calls daily looking for a certain product (e.g. insurance, payday loan, credit score) looking to earn some good money

2) Call centres that have legitimate leads and could make sales, again with a specific target audience (e.g. insurance, payday loan etc)

There is some very good money to be made if you can supply either of the above.

Please bid and leave a PM detailing what you target and how many calls a day you receive OR how many sales a day you get.


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Suvro Project 19

Here is details:

1000 NON TARGET: START: 73 END: 1073

500 NON TARGET: START: 131 END: 631

100 NON TARGET: START: 42 END: 142

1000 NON TARGET: START: 3334 END: 4334

1000 NON TARGET: START: 21 END: 1027

500 NON TARGET: START: 726 END: 1226

100 NON TARGET: START: 24 end: 124

100 NON TARGET:!/pages/Sandy-Florence-Music-Ministry/375269567193 START: 124 END: 224

Thank you!

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Link Cloaker

Hello – I am looking for a developer who can build a simple PHP software application that I am interested in market testing for commercial purposes.

I would like you to build a simple web-based .PHP application which will encode any file hosted on a service (likely an Amazon S3 account) so the URL of the actual file is NOT shown in the browser window on the bottom left when the visitor hovers over the link.

Instead, the URL that shows in the browser should be the website where the .PHP file sits on the server, NOT where the file is being hosted.

Basically I want to hide the location of the file on the server.

So if the ACTUAL file is here:

The .PHP file should show:

( I would really like there to be NO .PHP that shows in the URL. If you HAVE to code it so that the .PHP shows, then make it look something like this:


This way, the actual FILE can NEVER be shared with a direct link.

Of course the user of this software will have to host the target file and the .PHP file will be uploaded to the FOLDER on the webserver

This mainly for use with files hosted on the Amazon S3 service. If you are not familiar with the Amazon S3 service – dont worry. It is just a simple hosting service – its just a server where files are hosted same as any other server that would work with this project.

The user would have to upload both the target file and the PHP file your software development will create.

I want the software application to be VERY simple. One web page is all thats needed. Heres how it should work/ look.

1. It should be an application that allows you to put in the url of the folder where the target file exists. (Any type of target file object should work, such as .FLV, .EXE, .JPG, .MOV, .MP4, etc. etc.

2. Then the user should be able to click a button that says something like &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;create&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;.

3. Then the .PHP code should appear in a window near the bottom of the screen in the desktop application. The user should be able to copy and paste that code into a test file and name it .PHP, or they should be able to click a button that says &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;save file&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; which will automatically create a highly encrypted .PHP file which cant easily be cracked to reveal the location of the target file. This .PHP file will be uploaded to the hosting account, NOT the Amazon server account where the target file is located.

Really all the .PHP is doing is hiding everything in the URL of the target file, except the NAME of the target file AND makes the file APPEAR to be on the website the visitor is on, and NOT the actual location.

Finally – AND THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT, if a user DOES try to copy and paste the link and share it, it should create a page that says You do not have access to this file, to get access, click here. Where here would be the root URL of the website or something like that.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Samples of your work will help you get the job. Not sure if my price is reasonable for this project and Im open to feedback on costs and suggestions for the product.

This is intended to be a simple, easy to use consumer application or software. I will be hosting the service behind a membership area where people can log in and get access to application.

Thank you for your interest in this project.


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Captcha Project – Daily Pay Per ID For Target 1K

Hi Pals,

I have a medium server captcha project for long term work. I am ready to pay you daily if you meet the target of 1k per ID.

0.90/1k, teams and individuals looking for work can Buzz me for this project.

Im happy to talk on this. 🙂

Thanks & Regards.

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Drubo Project 9

Here is project details:

1000 NON TARGET: START: 1936 END: 2936

1000 NON TARGET: START: 2 END: 1002

500 NON TARGET: START: 259 END: 759

5000 NON TARGET:!/pages/Heartless-Records/108984302473351 START: 2883 END: 7883

Thank you!
Kath 🙂

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Patient Referral Reward Program

Need a flyer to hand out to my patients describing my referral reward program. I am offering $10 dollar Target gift cards for every patient they refer. 5 patients gets you 100 dollars to Target. 8 patients gets you an Ipad! To count as a referral the patient must come to office and receive a full cleaning, exam and x-rays (or comparable treatment.) Must also be within a 4 month period. And yes, a family of 4 counts as 4 referrals. No limit on the rewards. I am a dentist. I like colors of greys, black, earth-tones of browns, or a mix of greens which is what my website is based on color wise. Possibly use the Target red bullseye symbol to add color to the flyer… Open to any design actually since I know teeth and not design. 🙂

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