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Web Research, Copy, Pasting, Uploading And Approval F

This is an interesting job. We need someone to do the following:

1. We supply a list of companies to whom we will be sending postcards.
2. Employee must find a companies website on the internet.
3. Take a snaphot photo of their website.
4. Paste the picture they have taken into a pre-formatted word document we will provide.
5. Save and check the word document and upload to postcard sending service.
6. Approve postcard so it is sent.

We will start with a test of around 300 postcards and then expand with the right employee.

Easy but fairly repetitive task.

Please respond with previous experience and WHY you would be an ideal candidate for the task.



Thank you for your interest.

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XXX Editing


Me and my girlfriend are making some funny stuff where we need your editing.

youll be given a set of xxx photos, and your task is to edit it.

kindly contact me, total number of 20 photos required for editing!

required timeframe: upon accepting bid, you need to deliver the 20 high quality XXX-edited photo within 72 hours.

Editing task would be to take a xxx photo and replace the faces.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!


1. I will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. All work is not to be reused in any way for any reason.

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Java Screen/Screencast And Audio Recorder Applet

This remote usability screen recorder applet will be delivered by a webpage and will perform the following functions communicating via Javascript. (see attached file for accompanying dialog sequence)

1. Embed into a webpage and initialize
2. Get system information and return via Javascript.
3. When launch function called, launch a new browser window to the initURL and always-on-top controller window.
4. Locate and test an operational microphone or fall back to no microphone.
5. Prompt the user to start and then change the browser window to the testURL and display the first task.
6. Record the window and audio (if available), highlighting mouse clicks in the recording with a yellow circle and showing time and audio level on controller along with a pause button.
7. Wait for user to click "Complete Task" or "Abort Task"
8. Call back via Javascript the button clicked, task time and click count.
9. Display the next task and repeat until no more tasks.
10. Change the browser window to the completeURL and upload the file via POST, showing % complete progress.
11. Close the controller window.

Must work with both Mac and Windows, IE, Firefox and Safari. Finished product must include applet ready to embed with HTML/Javascript webpage demo and all source code.

It should have the following applet embed parameters


And Javascript methods:

returns: freeDisk,freeMem,totalMem,CPUName,CPUSpeed,OSInfo,NumOfScreens

launchController(initURL,testURL,completeURL, scenario, tasks, cbTaskComplete):
returns: taskCompleted, taskTime, numClicks

And any additional parameters, methods or callbacks needed for operation and error handling.

Bonus will be awarded for great work exceeding expectations. Additional projects and future work available.

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Time Tracking Application

I need a website to do a simple time tracking web based for a department

1.System will have department and each department will have x amount of users
2.Each department will have one administrator/manager
3.Each user will have its own login
4.Users cannot see tasks of other users
5.Only admin/manager can see all tasks
6.Only Admin/manager can create/edit/delete tasks
7.Admin generate a task list and assign each user with a task list
8.Users will see his/her own task and report on each individual tasks by the clock assigned by the program
9.Admin/manager can generate reports based on date range (on demand)
10.Standard reports will be available by day/week/month
11.Admin/manager can check user performance by task or by day
12.Admin/manager can check department by task or by day
13.System will give possibilities to multiple administrators

I have a couple of more requirements ( small ones) but contact me and I will give you more details

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Academic Task

Task 1: Financial Performance Overtime

Task 2: Investment Appraisal

Within 3000 words. Submit your budget.

Deadline: 2 days once selected.

Details will be provided once selected.

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Computer And Programming Task
i want this task to be done in the best way………please bid for less

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Networking Task( $15)
i want to do this small task in networking asap

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Virtual Assistant Needed

We need a full time VA/designer. And as our VA you must need to meet the following criteria:

* You must have designing experience. You need to be expert in Photoshop and illustrator. And be able to design quality stuff in timely manners.

* IMPORTANT: Must be highly available. Must be able to begin tasks within 1 hour of me assigning them, during work hours.

* Must be available for at least 6 to 8 hours per day.

* Must be fluent in English – Speaking and writing.

* You need to be able to provide various design tasks, layouts, special effects, illustrations, etc.

* You need to be very creative and need to complete small designing task in short period of time. you will need to complete 3 to 5 short designing task per day.

* It will be great if you have good coding skills as well.

* Must be good at forum posting, blog posting, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

* Must be able to communicate me via Skype and email throughout the work day.

* You need to be reliable, etc

* Most important part is that we are looking for individual designers, Not interested in teams at all.

* Bid without design samples will not be considered.

* Payment will be made on monthly basis. Your pay will start from $500 to $600 per month for the first few months. And if you prove that you are a reliable and creative person. Well increase your pay to $700 to $800 per month.

* This is a long term project and we will keep you forever if you are good.

Good luck

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Cuda Small Task

I just want a cuda code to be run on the machine: to do the folowing

An algorithm for parsing BLAST file output
An algorithm in CUDA for one of the following:
1- The Seller algorithm.
2- The Neighbor-Joinig tree construction algorithm.
3- An algorithm for parsing BLAST file outputs.
can pay $20

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MAnagement Task Related To IT

pls check the pdf for details
need to use visio

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Simple And Easy Task

This project is rewarding every inch of the way. I need 5000 real people who can spend at least 1hour a day on line.

Serious bidder only

Good luck

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C# Small Task ( Urgent)
30$ is my budget

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Virtual Assistants Speaking Spanish-Internet Research Task-3

We need several people for Internet Research task.
Spanish language required since the task is to contact Spanish website owners. We need people very well organized.

You Will go to google to contact by email websites under our requirements.

Payment: 2.5$ / hour .

Make your bid for 20 hours work. So make your bid around 45-50$. Do not bid for more please or your bid will be removed.
You will be required to make some test assignment.

Long time work, if you work fine you will remain with us long time.


1.- SKYPE. Let us know if you have skype since is needed for training.

2.- Outlook 2007: to organize email with website owners and manage an email account we will provide to you. you will be using an email adress under our domain. so you will have to set up at your Email client.

3.- excel.
4.- as well its important to have Mozila Firefox.

When you make your bid, let us know your comments about those 4 requirements to see if you meet them.

PAyment by paypal or GAF. ( we pay!! , see our profile).

We pay to all people working for us twice a month: day 1 and 15.

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Remove HTTP Error In Oscommerce Webshop

Small task:

Remove HTTP error that Norton sees as a security risk on our web shop in payment area.

Urgent task, you shall be ready to start immediately.

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Junior Web Designer – Speaking Spanish (5)

Hi ,

we need a web designer to do simple tasks (20 hours worth). Spanish speaking.

task is easy, nothing complicated so its ideal for a Junior web designer.

tasks :
add articles to our sites. add new sections, add contact forms etc
set up websites for us. (look for templates, upload ftp and fix them )
we need to set up a WPress blog and add 3 articles
banner design

suitable for Dreamweaver.

payment. we offer 3$ / hour. you will be paid for the time you spent for each task.

task is about 20 hours. so make your bid around 60$. do not bid for more than 60$ please.

Payment by escrow or paypal. (we pay! see our profile and reviews)

Please provide portfolio, sites you worked for ,your sites/blogs designed, your own sites/blogs, former projects here in GAF , experience etc .. it will be considered.

VERY IMPORTANT: skype required for fast communication.

Happy bidding!

03/22/2011 at 6:16 EDT:

IMPORTANT: In case you bid from countries like Argentina, Mexico etc we nee you are available in your MORNING time (we are in Spain).
WORKLOAD: we estimate 1-2 hours a day.

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Numerous Task To Get Site Up Again.

Numerous task to get site up again.

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Quick Fix To A Site

Native English speakers only – Do not Bid unless you are 100% sure you can complete this by Monday morning Eastern Standard Time.

Please view our site, You will see that there are three pages, Page 1 (search page), Page 2 (information submit page), and Page 3 (results page).

Task: I need separate URLs for Page 2 and 3. Currently they share the same URL ( I need this to change to (Page 2) and (Page 3).

This is a very simple task, and I have no time to waste – please bid if you can complete this asap. Thank you.

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Android App – Smart Alarm


I am looking for an android developer who can develop the following application :

Tasks based alarm clock

Tasks based alarm clock is an Android/ IPhone app that provides the user with a standard alarm clock that stops ringing after the user complete a task (Such as solving an easy puzzle)

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Php Expert Needed For Simple Task

Need php expert now

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1. Conduct thorough searches on Google (keywords provided)
2. Identify businesses that offer outdoor group fitness training within 20km of Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin (all Australian cities)
3. Select ONLY the businesses that meet the criteria specified
4. Record the details of these businesses in the database attached

The task should take approximately 8.5 hours in total. I completed the same task for Melbourne city and have based this estimate on my own experience. **Only thorough and diligent workers should bid.

Spreadsheet attached with full task instructions and a tab for each city. Please state your hourly rate in your bid.


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Student Management System – Expert VBA Coder In Excel


I work for a college which uses alot of manual processes and procedures and is currently inefficient with these due to double handling of common information.

The solution i propose is to use microsoft excel as a platform (interface) which has a few worksheet databases in the background that contains all the student information required for several of these processes.

Let me begin by saying that I know all the background information (on what is required), have a solid(medium) understanding of VBA principals,userforms and macros.

As this is a big task with several different elements (I am looking for a honest, efficient and hard-working individual) who is reliable and can work-with me over several weeks to accomplish this.

Honestly, my total budget isnt great ($1000-1500), but I will provide all details of the job, each requirement clearly itemised and will communicate ASAP with any issues the person needs as questions arise.

I have all the data, templates, requirements etc itemised. For example lets say that there are 20 tasks I will need done.

For Task 1 (Student Enrolment Form):
-Have already built an excel userform
-Userform has 43 fields which reqires coding into database
-Have a list of requirements
ie. Qn 1. If user selects Option Button 1, then value must be A, else B
-Have the database in excel format which the enrolment form values need to be linked in to.
-Have a few other requirements such as a print option, error checks (will provide these in a list) etc.

I envisage a total of 12-15 tasks.

I will also provide a guide of what the total project is about, the overall proceses and where information is required from task to task.

I know what is required and have an understanding of what I need to do; problem is that I am an accountant by trade and not an expert VBA programmer.

What I am looking for is a hard-working, efficient, VBA coding expert who will take all my requirements and translate these into the actual codes what will result in the desired outcome.

For the right candidate, there will be ongoing work – I can promise you this.

I am looking to trial this person by asking for their assistance with the first task.

An enrolment form.

I have attached a quick example (not the actual work!) – so you can gauge:
1) My excel knowledge level (medium)
2) The level of details i will provide you.
3) My knowledge-gap!

Looking forward to getting some repsonses from reliable, committed people who would like to work long-term with me.

I am understanding, easy-going but also appreciate people who meet expectations and deadlines.



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Google And Yelp


FLUENT IN ENGLISH WITH GOOD USE OF THE LANGUAGE (at least high school level) anyone can apply
Basic knowledge of HTML is a plus

I do not need, care, or want anyone who needs constant shepherding or supervision.


I need someone who is able to post different types of data into google and yelp directories. Experience with these is a definite must.

Simple in description, the bulk of work is huge so I need someone who is not afraid of a lot of work. I do not care if it is a group of people (small outsourcing company) but I DEMAND effectiveness.


Pay pal preferred. If you need something else, we can discuss it.


On P.M. post screen shots or urls to reviews you have made on this two search engines for companies, Post at least 3 that are made by the same user for different directories like so:

Someones pizza joint… review posted by UEWuser
Someones toy store— review posted by UEW User
someones car cleaning service — review posted by UEW user

The name of the poster must be the same on all three reviews. Once the candidate has been selected a probation task will be awarded which will be paid if complied to the time line. If the probation task is satisfactory, then truckloads of work will commence to pour.


Post your bid per 30 entries.

********NOTE: The fact that the offer is still open does not mean that we will not start considering applicants as they request. A data base will be created for potential runner-ups who might take the place of the freelancer that is rejected.******

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WordPress + SEO Virtual Assistant

We are looking to hire an experienced virtual assistant. Please read all the points below carefully:

1. You will be paid per task and not per hour.
2. You will be provided very specific instructions and all the tools that you need to accomplish your job, so you dont need to be tech savvy.
3. Even though its not a strict requirement, experience with WordPress and writing articles is a definite advantage
4. If you would like to be considered for the job, please submit a CV and portfolio.
5. We dont care how much time you work or when you work – we will assign tasks and deadlines (payment and time frame will always be more than fair). As long as you deliver, we dont care about keeping logs or having you online doing nothing. You organize your time however you find it suitable.
6. Looking for individuals, not teams.
7. English proficiency is a must.
8. You will mostly have to write articles, install WordPress plugin, use different tools we provide for building links, do Google research.

Final and most important point!
Once again – you will be paid per task and not per hour. So here is a sample task:

"Find 2-3 photos of the same 20-30 year old guy. The photos must have a minimum width of 500px. The photos must look natural, not made in a studio. The photos must be free stock – we should be allowed to us them on our website."

This is a very simple task for an experienced VA. You would receive $2-$3 for the task, once our team has approved your results.

If you are interested in the task read all the points carefully, send a CV & portfolio and optionally complete the sample task.

Please bid $30 to begin with.

Were looking for the best!

Good luck bidding 🙂

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Very Highly Experienced SEO Masters Needed

Very Highly Experienced SEO Masters Only! ~ Do Not Waste My Time!

Job Description:
I Need to obtain the #1 Position of for 2 Competitive Keywords, are you up to the task?

This is a brand new URL ~
Keywords ~ acne treatment | treatment for acne

2. You MUST speak clear English
3. You MUST have some sort of instant messenger
4. You MUST be very highly rated and qualified
5. You MUST have pure confidence in your abilities to complete this task
6. You MUST send me a weekly review of all work completed
7. You MUST give me updates often on progress and an estimated time frame of completion
8. Must have a least own Adsense Account

What to Expect from me?
1. I am a very highly motivated and efficient internet marketer. I see a niche and I dominate it completely
2. Based on progress and performance I WILL give bonuses. I love to do this if I know you are putting in 110%
3. I will be asking about strategies that you are using as well as your SEO tactics

1. I will Escrow the full amount before starting the project
2. I will pay in Milestone payments as I start seeing results. $250 increments
3. Full amount will be paid when I am #1 position of for BOTH Keywords

What I need from you when you bid:
1. Bid whatever price you want to
2. FULL SEO Strategy. Front to back I need to know your EXACT Plan
3. Time line that it will take you to complete this work
4. Other projects that you completed that will qualify you for this job
5. How confident are you that you will complete this task?

Please do not waste my time if you are not qualified. I will only accept an offer from a very highly rated and respected SEO Guru. Do your own research and let me know how long this will take you, when you can start, and your exact strategy. I am looking forward to having a respectable business working relationship with you!

I Have MANY more websites and am Looking for a full-time SEO manager! Impress me be completing this task and I will hire you Full-Time for very nice monthly payments. PM me and notify me.

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Quick Fix To A Site – Please Read

Native English speakers only – Do not Bid unless you are 100% sure you can complete this by Monday morning Eastern Standard Time.

Please view our site, You will see that there are three pages, Page 1 (search page), Page 2 (information submit page), and Page 3 (results page).

Task: I need separate URLs for Page 2 and 3. Currently they share the same URL ( I need this to change to (Page 2) and (Page 3).

This is a very simple task, and I have no time to waste – please bid if you can complete this asap. Thank you.

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Quick MS SQL Reporting Task

Quick Data reporting with sql queries involving joins. Contact for more info.

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Very Simple Job – PayPal User Only

Are you ready for Simple Paypal Job?

This is very simple task,

===> Must bid USD 30 within 0 days & do this within next hour <===
===> Must have a verified paypal account and a good balance on it<===

Guaranteed this is very easy task and no skills required…
Please PM me for more details… Use the word Paypal in your bid or your bid will be ignored.

03/15/2011 at 17:52 EDT:

This is a good opportunity for new freelancers with no reviews. I will give a good review if you done this simple job correctly.

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Website Scrap

I am looking for a programmer to write a script/program that scrap the website
this website is NOT flash. click on the play button to see the data to be scrapped. the information needed is the dog number and the distance of the dog from the dog in front.

please get in touch

here is my email


Thanks for viewing my advert.

I have no special requirements. I dont need gui. I just need a small program or script that can read the website and save the data to mysql database then I can take it from there and start using the data.

I have budgeted usd$30 for this task. I can make your payment via paypal once you have completed the task.
when can you start? how long will you take to complete?


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Private Task For Guarav

Private task for guarav- joomla, php, ajax etc…

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Data Analysis And Interpretation

Require a freelancer that has experience of performing data analysis using Minitab.

This task include:

A. Generate Descriptive Statistics from Questionnaire Data in Minitab (data will be supplied)

B. Create good quality charts and graphs (upto 10) in Minitab

C. Write 1000 words discussing and interpreting the findings from the data.

Each questionnaire has approximately 16 questions.


Please confirm you have access to minitab
Please supply a sample of any similar work you have done in this area.
Please confirm you can complete this task within 48 hrs.

Thank you.

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