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Virtual Assistant

20 hours per week POSITION – Tell me your monthly rate for 80 hours per month.

I am a business entreprenuer with several businesses and I need someone to help with the workload.

I run businesses which are ALL online, some selling physical products, others selling information and others selling website design, SEO and social media services.

I need someone with a very good understanding of internet and websites for this role.

You must have exceedingly good english in written communication.

I require a Virtual Assistant to perform the following tasks:

> monitor my emails
> provide customer support
> answer customer questions
> send information to different staff members based on sets of rules
> update project management systems with new information
> manage my calendar
> provide weekly reports to management team
> review CVs of applicants and do initial light interview via email
> liaise with team via Skype
> follow up on overdue tasks required by Project team
> follow up on overdue tasks required by clients
> create a set of process documents on recurring tasks performed by Virtual Assistant in case of handover to new assistant
> respond to voicemails via email with answers or requests for further information
> arrange Skype meetings with prospective employees
> send information to prospective customers
> create proposals for customers based on conversations with me (information provided)
> assist with business efficiencies

To apply, you need to write me an introduction showing your English skills as a private message. The introduction should include who you are, where you are from and tell me experience in websites and internet.This introduction should also outline what you have provided in the past for other clients and how that would help me.

Thanks for reading!


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.NET Addons For AutoCAD

I work regularly with autocad in 2D to make drawings. Often I find myself to do some tasks that get very tedious if I do them manually. I am looking for some addons / tools, to help me automate these tasks.

The addons should be built in .NET technologies.

If you have some experience working with .NET technology for AutoCAD please let me know.

Also note that I do not have the budget to run a whole country. If you cannot work with my budget, please do not bid.

Happy Bidding !

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LB TaskControl

I have developed a VB.NET software for tracking time and tasks for people who work on internet jobs.

Now I need a MAC version of my software.

My software is called Lionbridge Task Control (now only LB Task Control) and more information can be found on

It tracks time per tasks and how many tasks the user has worked on. Then it finally generates a report so the user can keep records.

Besides the creation of a MAC Version, I will need from the developer a partnership for when the program gets updated, I will be able to cantact him to update the MAC version also.

This program is a freeware and it survives only by donations, so I do not have a good budget, but Ill accept offers.

Please share some history off applications already developed.


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Filipino (Part-Time) Virtual Assistant

I need someone to work at least 10 hours per week submitting articles, doing research, proof reading and other administrative tasks. You must be able to submit around 20 articles per hour to directories.

You must have time available to focus on my tasks. You should have skype and paypal details. Please let me know what previous experience you have. I have work that needs immediate attention.


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PERL, HTML, MYSQL Expert In Needed

Willing to build site to perform HK Stock analysis. Scripts are written.

Need Long term relevant expert assist on differnt tasks.
Guarantee no more than 5 tasks in a month and you will also have ownership of the site built.
Hope see them as lesiure tasks

if having investment experience (HK stock market prefer) & know what the attachment is
pls kindly place a bid for monthly salary

for the attachment, scripts/reload_all.prl is the main entry point …

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Individual Posters Wanted & News Letter Creation

Serious from home working individuals for manually Forum postings, Blog Postings, Directrory Listings, Face book set up, Social Marketing, Book Marking, creating News Letters for our diffrent websites on long term basis. No Escrow or advance payments but only weekly payments on completion of tasks by paypal only. Please quote per 1000 poists and can submit per week for the tasks seperately in message box. Please apply for a task at a time you are experienced and willing to work with.

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Website Maintenance / New Features

We have an opportunity for a developer to work on an existing website (established 10 years) which has been previously converted from php to

This website houses a database application retrieving and storing histories, and functionalities around database content.

A developer is required to perform appoximatly 60 hours of development work to bring the website up to standard, roughly comprising of 20 reasonably simple tasks outlined with good detail as to the requirements. The 60 hours includes allocation for testing time etc…

Examples of tasks vary from updating text on a page (very simple), removing commas, to more in depth tasks such as retrieving and storing exisiting / new data in the database.

There is also an opportunity moving forward to develop further additional functionality in the future dependant on the success of this project.

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Java Oracle Tasks

Object-oriented Application Programming
Two classes need to be implemented in order for a simulation to work correctly

Four tasks are needed to be completed

1. Create a class
2. Develop Unit tests for this class
3. Create a class
4. Develop Unit tests for this class

Full document with details ready.

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Web Developer Required For Long Term Work

UK Company requires full time Web Developer/Webmaster/Web Designer for long term regular work.

This position is best suited to a freelancer that does not want to be bidding on projects every day but wants regular work, for a regular weekly pay. Pay will be based on a salary of $400 – $500 per month paid weekly.

You must be available to work Monday to Friday, 8 hours per day, 9am

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Server Admin On VPS

I have a VPS that I manage, and am about to lease another VPS.

If I find the right person I want this to be ongoing on a monthly basis, I imagine 20+ hours per month. However initially I want to employ someone to help me do a few tasks on my initial VPS. This will hopefully allow us to build a relationship and I can check out your work.

I am very busy and cannot look after this aspect of my business. I do not have a working knowledge of linux, whm or cpanel, so I am a bit swamped.

Work for this job:
Assess my VPS, tweak where necessary, assure security is up to scratch, help set up vpn, answer my noob questions, amongst other tasks.

In the future:
My next VPS will host websites, and will run windows based software. I will need both VPSs administered, software installed and updated, troubleshoot etc.

I am looking for someone that has a history of good job completion, good communication and knows there stuff.

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In Need Of VA – An Invitation Project

This project is set up for one specific freelancer as it has developed from another task I set up on if you are not that freelancer with whom I have been in discussions already you do not need to bid.

I am looking for a "virtual" assistant capable of carrying out a number of diverse tasks for me, and in this particular case on behalf of a non profit venture that is working to better the everyday lives of people suffering from for example, Aphasia, MS, ALS, Cerebral Palsy and other similar conditions.

Tasks, translation of materials

Presentation of said materials to parties that can be used as references.

More on private PMB – Thank you for your time!

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Need Experienced Programmer For Many Small Tasks

I need a programmer experienced in html, php and javascript (and, if possible, mySQL) to be on hand to help me with many small tasks.
As I am developing a project, I quite often need someone who can quickly solve a problem for me and I am willing to pay instantly for assistance. You must be able to get back to me fairly quickly – say, within a couple of hours during the day or by the morning of the next day. I will pay you well for your time and if you do a good job, even give you bonuses from time to time. It would be of advantage to me if you could be available on Skype so that I can reach you quickly.

This is ongoing work, not just a one-off. In the event I need assistance with bigger problems, I am happy to post a project here which can be carried out by itself, but most of the small tasks will be simple things like how to automatically scroll a window, add a function button that does something or help troubleshooting a bit of html code….

In your bid, please bid the amount you would charge for TEN HOURS work. eg if your rate is $5 per hour, then bid $50. If $10 per hour then make your bid $100. NOTE that the jobs I give you will probably only take a few minutes if you know your stuff, but I will make it worth your while to carry them out. Also, please leave a PM giving me some sort of idea about your experience.

If you know SITESPINNER (by Virtual Mechanics), it would help, as this is the program I use to author all my work, but it is not essential – the main thing is that you are experienced in the three languages mentioned above..

Also, it would be of benefit if you have a reasonable command of English 🙂

I will post your review after a month of working with me.

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Website Tasks

I have some tasks done on one of my customers website.

Please bid if you are confident in php and joomla.

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Need To Install Virtuemart On Joomla Site


I have a new site at and need a professional who can quickly install the latest Virtuemart to my template. You will need to be contactable by Skype and be available for support even after the job is finished. I am in Australia so Id like provider to be available during my daytime and / or evening times.

My budget is $40.00 for this VM install but other tasks will be priced separately if required.

Only reliable and trustworthy providers please. I have many more tasks needed in future for this site and other sites so provider will be employed more than once.


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Need Someone Familiar With Automation Anywhere

We are a growing Real Estate Title Company and Law Firm utilizing advanced technology in our everyday tasks.

What we are looking for is a person or team familiar with automation scripting (and particular the Automation Anywhere Software). We need many of our daily tasks automated such as creating templated emails from a list in Excel, creating letters using a list from Excel and inputting data in a custom built application using a combination of data that must be scraped from multiple websites and gathered from an existing Excel worksheet.

We are starting with these three tasks and want a quote to do all three of these tasks as one project.

If there are additional questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you,

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5 Website Small Tasks

Five small quick tasks.
1- I have some podcasts that are published in iTunes store. I want them automaticaly published in one of my wordpress sites as soon as they are released in iTunes
2- i need to put a favicon in one website published with iWeb
3- i need to put Google analítics in one website published with iWeb
4- i just cant make the plugin tweet old posts in a wordpress site work.
5- i need to put a 250×325 banner in my wordpress site.

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Create Tasks App For Thunderbird


i need someone to create an tasks addon for mozilla thunderbird

1) it must open as a tab in thunderbird
2) features similiar to outlook tasks / lightning addon
– overview of tasks (full)
– monthly / weekly view
3) it must use ics format
4) this will be free app to be summited to mozilla. so all coding standards must be met

03/08/2011 at 23:31 EST:

sorry forgot to leave out one detail

5) it must also sync with google tasks

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Quick CodeIgniter Tasks In A Custom CMS


I need someone to perform the following tasks in a custom CMS based in CodeIgniter:
– Update jquery and jquery plug-ins and jquery plug-ins.
– Install libraries independent of CodeIgniter Sparks (I would like to have the libraries installed directly in the current configuration without requiring any future third-party)
– Configuration paths to a custom php file.
– Fix plug-in for CKEditor to correct the spelling.

Thank you

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Project Management Software Platform

Our team currently collaborates through a proprietary project management database. The database is becoming a nightmare maintain, and we are now looking to migrate to an online project management platform. With so many online services to choose from, we are finding it hard to figure out which service would best meet our needs.

We are looking for someone to recommend and coach our team on how to use the platform they propose. We are looking for an online project management platform that will allow for the following features:

1. Creating any number/levels of tasks, sub-tasks, sub-sub tasks, etc.
2. Attach any number of files and text comments (similar to a message board) to any tasks
3. Assigning priority level to a task
4. Comments associated with a task should be able to be input using the traditional text formats (ie: bold, italics, underline, etc.). If granted, any user can change any other users

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Internal Communications Software/Intranet

I need a secure, internal software, or intranet (need assistance in setting up), I need a permanent archival system for conversations, bulletins, tasks, policies and procedures, employee directory, authority, etc.

We are a very small organization but would like for this to just get us to where we need to be for right now in terms of streamlining our operations and making sure everyone is on the same page in our company. This software must be able to log ALL meetings, chats, updates, for archival.

The admin must be able to add users as needed, and each users homepage has custom information relating to their assigned tasks/business unit.

The budget is small as of right now but as ideas grow we will need additional implementation.

But the BARE minimum will be Announcements, Bulletin Board, Virtual Meeting (text only), and Assigned Tasks with description. I do not know if an INtranet or an Windows/Mac Application would be easier.

Thank you.

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Virtual Admin Assistant


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Help In CakePHP + JQuery Ongoing Projects

I have a number of CakePHP projects that I am working on right now and I am looking for help with these projects on hourly basis. Most of these projects requires CakePHP, jQuery and CSS. Each project has its own trac + svn environment. I am willing to pay 10 USD / Hour. I will be estimating the number of hours for each task and will be expecting that certain tasks will be completed within these number of hours. I am a very experienced CakePHP programmer and I will be estimating completing the tasks for an average CakePHP programmer.

I am looking for someone who can understand the written requirements and be able to deliver usable code based on the provided requirements.

I care about following CakePHP coding standards a lot!/view/509/Coding-Standards
and using the smallest number of code lines to achieve desired tasks. Sticking to this, results in faster development time and a code that is much easier to maintain.

Please send /post your C.V./portfolio + working examples of your best well written code. We can start by small task and as we get comfortable working together, I will be increasing the size of the given tasks.

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Illustration Redraw Project

We need assistance to one or more of the following tasks. You do not need to offer all the tasks.

1. Illustrator
You must be redrawn about 25 illustrations and created 10 new illustrations. You must have a good line.

2. Composer and sound design
In english voice

3. Flash, animation and video effect.
Rasmus Refer

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Web Programmer: PHP, MySQL, Java, Google Mapping

I have a site that is mostly developed, but needs a lot of enhancing. I will not reveal the site here. It is database-driven, and uses PHP, MySQL, and Java – not much else as far as I know. I may or may not hire any respondents. Please use the Private Message and list your response as "1: Answer, 2: Answer, etc." I want to know the following:

1. How many years of web programming experience do you have with what I need? Where did you get your experience?

2. In US dollars per hour, how much do you need to earn per hour to make it worthwhile?

3. My project is big and complicated to me, but probably small and hopefully not very complicated to you, by comparison with many other complicated sites. I hope it is very successful and that over time it will warrant greater complexity. It will at least always need maintenance and minor upgrades over many years. I want you to work fast, but I also dont want you to be dependent on me. I am very busy and may not be able to issue new tasks as fast as you can do them. Some weeks will have 20-hours of work, others 4, and many will probably have none. Are you able to work as needed?

4. I need you to record the time it took to complete each task. I would like to pay by PayPal or some other third-party, and would pay after a few tasks are completed to satisfaction. Is this acceptable?

5. I have Adobe ConnectNow (like GoToMeeting) so that we can conference. But are you able to call me in the United States? Some things are easier to communicate by voice.

6. If I ask for things you dont know how to do, I dont want to pay for many hours for you to learn by trial and error. What will you do to learn quickly?

7. Provide just one favorite example of a web-site with good functionality, and tell me a few tasks that you did for the site. How long did it take to complete those tasks?

I expect to spend I will only take two days worth of bidding, but I may take up to two weeks or more to decide who, if anybody, to hire. If I hire any one, I believe I have between $500 and $1500 to spend over the first three months. After that it may slow down or speed up, depending on how popular the site becomes and on whether I still have money or not (Im a small entrepreneur, and could make it big or go broke). To avoid having to read too many responses, I am limiting responses to 2-days, though communication with my favorite respondents may last a long time.

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Datamining, Extract Data From Excel And Csv File.

I need assistant, featuring various small tasks: extract data to CSV file, data mining, extract data from excel.
Tasks will be distributed throughout the 2011

Best regards, Rasmus Refer

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Online Business Attendant

A Virtual Assistant is needed for everyday business demands, which include, but may not be limited to the following tasks:

– Fill out online forms (e.g. submit debtor data to a collection agency);

– Do e-mail correspondence with our associates, subcontractors and other contacts;

– Do Internet searches;

– Review and match identity documents in our system;

– Sometimes make calls to our customers or associates (e.g. to find out why a certain customer is disputing his transaction with American Express).

There will be other tasks a virtual assistant is capable of doing.

All tasks to do will be set in a special task panel, as well as by e-mail or Skype / ICQ.

This position requires the following skills:

– Written English proficiency;

– Oral English proficiency;

– Ability to make phone calls based on various time zones (phone calls are not planned to be frequent – maybe 2-3 times a week or less);

– E-mail, Web proficiency;

– Creative approach;

– Will to work and bring good results;

– Responsibility – any irresponsibility will not be tolerated and will be dealt with quickly.

— French, German, Italian, Spanish language skills are welcome. Other languages are welcome as well.

This will take 2 hours of your time per day. We offer the following compensation options:

– Monthly fixed pay;
– Payment based on the quantity of tasks, measured in complexity units.

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Unity3D C# Developer / MMO Framework

We are looking for high skilled C# Developers with Unity3D and Smartfox X2 Experience.
All Details of the Project will be provided after contracting.

The following tasks are the main parts of the Project:

– Setup of Smartfox X2 as socket Server
– Setup of Asset Server
– Setup of Membership System
– Setup of Databases
– Implementation of Customizable Game Characters
– Status, Skills, Attributes, Profession System
– Chat System, inkl. Private IM, Group Chat & Team Chat
– Virtual Currency System
– Shop Application
– Inventory System
– Enemy AI System
– Web-based Game CMS

Payment Terms:
Different Payment models are possible. Fixed Rates per Archivement, monthly Fees, etc.

Note that we are looking for professional C# Developers only. This Job does not include any Design or Animation tasks.
Please provide us some examples of your work with Unity3D before placing any bids.

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Recode Website Into Clean HTML / CSS + Other Tasks

Code Template from
Re-create contact form
code conditional functionality for contact button
code content switcher based on browser type ( change videos & flash header )

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ModX Integration

We have a website which has been built in ModX which is 80% completed. We require someone to complete the integration. Ability to demonstrate previous experience with ModX a must.

Tasks remaining are:
Integrate search function
Set up reasonably complex image gallery
Include breadcrumbs function

There may be other smaller tasks identified as we go, which can be quoted on separately.

If the project is completed satisfactorily there may be other projects to follow.

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Php/Drupal CMS Developer

We are looking for a web developer to join our operations team,
Requirements :
-Professional experience in php / Drupal CMS
-Good command in English
-Able to work hard & for long hours

Job description :
-Develop & Modify on our media website
-has to be available on skype most of the time
-has to do the tasks in time

Benefits :
-Work from anywhere you like just get the tasks done
-salary of 500$ per month
-Bonuses up to 200$ Monthly for extra jobs!

Best Regards

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Image Joiner

I am sure that this is possible and here goes my explanation:-

* i need an image joiner (join between 2-10 images together)

* i need to be able to set it off and it will preform this task for multiple jobs one after another until complete

* if i have jpegs named water.jpeg, lilly.jpeg and flower.jpeg i could enter waterlillyflower (from a selected folder) and it would join them and save the new file as waterlillyflower.jpeg (or 1.jpeg, 2.jpeg enter 12 and do the same, converted to 12.jpeg etc)

* all files to be joined will always be in the same folder

* i would need it so i could input at least 100 tasks to preform one after another

* i do not want to select each file via browse/folder/water.jpeg then browse/floder/lilly.jpeg etc i need to be able to select one folder for all tasks and then input the tasks as waterlillyflower

i know that jpg joining software does exist but all i need is a way of inputting the files to be joined inputted all at once rather than having to enter this one at a time and then let it do its thing. then input again.

i would also settle for a program were i could input the files to be joined i.e waterlillyflower and 12 and it would automatically input the data from this list of tasks (100 min task list) then control some other jpeg joining software. entering the next task each time it has completed. so it would automatically work its way down a task list i have given it.

i have came up with this idea to try and remove human error from my business and i would be very interested to know if this is possible

i would very much like peoples input or advice on the name for the type of program i am looking for.

if anything seems unclear which it probably is, please pm me


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