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Editing Of My Rough Draft Book Manuscript On Cloud Computing

I am writing a management / IT book on Cloud Computing. I wish to have an editor review and transform my rough manuscript to a draft manuscript that I can pass through the final pre-publication edit, rendering and proofing stage in preparation for publication.

The draft manuscript is approximately 70 A4 pages comprising approx 17,000 – 20,000 words in 2,000 lines ~900 paragraphs.

The document is in MS Word, and I need to have an index created, appropriate styles applied for bullets, indents, paragraphs, headings, etc so that the revised manuscript is consistent from a presentation an layout format

I need to have this manuscript standardised in terms of terminology, spelling, and phraseology, so I probably need someone who is familiar with business and possibly IT concepts to make sure that the content reads well, maked sense, communicates ideas and concepts clearly.

Tharget audience for my book are NOT IT people, but are business managers, so there is no jargon and technical complexity

Primary objective for this book:
The primary objective of this book is to provide the reader with a practical assessment and decision making framework that will help them and their organisation arrive at the most appropriate Cloud Computing solution for their organisation, for known risk, cost and benefit.

The core value in this reading this book, are to:
1.Provide the reader, or their key stakeholders, with a series of questions that are intended to highlight important factors that you otherwise would not necessarily consider
2.Explain the context and relevance of key factors inherent in Cloud computing to their organisation
3.Provide a simple framework with which to assess the cost, risk, and governance issues of a potential implementation (or further expansion) of cloud systems.

Its not about the technology
This book is not a technical or theoretical, research based treatise on Cloud, just a practical, real world expose on the risks, costs and governance considerations in the implementation of this new IT model.

The intended audience are executives and key stakeholders in the readers organisation that have a vested interest in the successful implementation and use of your organisations IT systems. This includes the roles of CEO, COO, CFO, CIO as well as the key managers across their organisation.

This book discusses, in non-technical terms, the commercial, governance, risk and cost issues of cloud for your business, and provides them with an easy to understand framework to assess the cost and risk of moving to the cloud.
The process is analogous to switching on one Xmas tree light, one at a time, in a darkened room. After a while, the overall shape of the tree becomes obvious.

I wrote a book that I could not buy.
I decided to write this book in response to the large amount of information, mis-information, misrepresentation and confusion that is currently Cloud. Within the IT Industry, there are Cloud conferences, vendor breakfast events, Cloud specialists , self appointed and self proclaimed Cloud evangelists, and others who are clamouring to be heard above the cloud noise

In the midst of this clamour, how can you make an objective and well informed decision on whether Cloud is relevant and/or appropriate for your business, either now, or at some point in the future?

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Cloud Computing

New technical term which people will find much interest and will be eager to know all about what is the content

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Academic Writing – 3000 Words Article On Cloud Computing

Need to write 3000 words scientific article. topic – Cloud Computing
paradigm. Plagiarism check is must. I will give exact paper details to the winning bidder.

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Write Three Catchy Humerous Paragraphs

S | Report Writing

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Write three catchy humerous paragraphs  

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We have implemented a form feature that members of our web portal can utilize.

We need you to write short and sweet paragraphs why our members can not live without this new feature.

Paragraph One:
The Advantages of Cloud Computing

Paragraph Two:
The ease of use of online forms for our members clients.

Paragraph Three:
Combination of cloud computing and online forms (Retrieve the date submitted in the form from anywhere at any time)

If you do not understand the project, please email for clarification.

Thank you.

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