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Academic Writer In Software Field

need a skilled academic writer with enough experience in technical writing. major in software engineering

1500 words essay on Software Process & Management.

Deadline 7th April.

details will be provided through PMB.


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Technical Writer Required


I need writer who can write technical articles for me related to:-


I will pay $1 per 100 words.

Interested candidate please bid.


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Technical Report Writing

Can you write research technical paper about face detection using LBP algorithm (Local Binary Pattern) ??
i want 50 pages you can use some diagrams to support the research.
The paper must be plagiarism free.

Budget: $30 – $60

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Article Writer

I need a writer to write various technical articles. Please apply with your resume. I will be hiring immediately.

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Business Document Project 2

i have a technical business paper that need a bit of research and its only 4 pages, please message me for detail and bid

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Business Document Project

i have a technical business project that needs a bit of research to be done if anyone interested please message and bid

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Dissertation For Technical Project


I am currently working on a course project for an M.Sc. student. Being a C#, ASP.NET developer myself, I have completed the coding part and just started off with dissertation for the project.

The project coding is fully completed using C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server. I would like someone to help me with completing the dissertation which involves technical writing around the code. I have all the template that you need to use and a different sample project you can draw inspiration from, while writing the technical dissertation.

I need this to be done by 5th April Tuesday, and the work should be around 25-30 pages. Contact me for more information, I would be happy to help you.

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Dissertation Writing


I am looking for a writer would be able to write a technical dissertation. The topic is computer based I suppose (but Ill give more details to anyone I shortlist). This timescale for this is fairly short, but initially, Im just looking for a 2000 word introduction/history of [thesubject]. For the first 2000 words, my budget is £40, but Im willing to pay more if I see some good examples. I would really need this within one week. If what you produce is good, then then will be another 8000 words, at £50-60 per 2000 word section (but again, price negotiable).

Id need to see some examples of work (on technical subjects preferably). Payment through Freelancer Escrow


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Write A Technical Paper

I need someone to write a technical paper for me.
I will give you an academic article. Your job is to write a technical essay based on that article.
That article is about some renewable bioengery. And the article is about 19 pages.
The required technical essay should have about 4000 words.

It should be very simple. The project has to be done as soon as possible.
My budget is about 20 to 40 USD.
More detail would be provided if the bidder is chosen.

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions Written

I need an experienced technical writer to write my website terms of use & disclaimer conditions, privacy policy, FAQ, and an Affiliate program terms and conditions.

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WordPress Website

I need a WordPress template website designing.
With a professional banner and menu bar looking good and a column on the right hand side with some graphics and social links on for a wordpress theme.
I will need good design work along with the technical skills to carry this out.
I would then manage the backend myself and host on my server (with possible scope for continual design and technical help ongoing)
I have a website which we want to copy the colours and general theme across to for this (

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Resume/C.V. – Revision

Im looking for an experienced resume/technical writer to revise the 4 page long resume.

The goal is to simplify the language, while staying professional.


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Translation (technical), German > English, 6967 Words

I need a technical translation from german to english of the following five documents:

(1618 words)

(716 words)

(2184 words)

(1426 words)

(1023 words)

Thats 6967 words in total.

Please bid only if you are fluent in german and english and if you have the proper experience with technical translations.
If you want this job, please send me a PM with a translation of the following paragraph:

"Insbesondere im Fassadenbau, besonderes bei Bürogebäuden, aber auch inzwischen bei Mehrfamilienhäusern, ist der Anteil der verglasten Flächen in Bezug auf die Fassade selbst in den letzten Jahren kontinuierlich gestiegen. Grund hierfür ist, dass wegen dem gestalterischen Merkmal ein höheres Tageslichtangebot innerhalb der Räume vorliegen kann."

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Articles Writer Needed For 11 Articles – English

Hi freelancers,

I need a writer for 11 articles. Heres the features I need:

1) English must be excellent without any kind of error
2) Articles must be in a review style, Ill give you the products or the websites you must review
3) 6 Articles must be between 600 and 700 words
4) 5 Articles can be between 400 and 500 words
5) Ill give you the title of all the articles and you have to respect the guidelines Ill supply to you
6) Articles must be original and have to pass 100% the copyscape
7) Some articles might be a little "technical" so its better if you can write technical articles
8) You have to manage the research for the content

Ill check the articles before paying so, please, bid only if youre serious and only if you have already feedback.
Also, send me a sample of your past works, and the details of your bid.
You must be available to communicate through email.

I will pay $30 for all the job. Please, bid only if you can afford that amount.
Eventually, if things go well we can build a long-term partnership.

Happy bidding to all.

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RFP Document Template

I need someone to give me a template/document for an RFP / RFQ (request for proposal / request for quote) for a WAP 2.0 portal that includes typical technical requirements.

In addition, I need some specific requirements it has to include:

– view videos
– rss news
– view / download images
– listen / download music
– operator billing integration

I need for the RFP/RFQ to be written for developers so that they understand the technical requirements that should be included in such a document.

Budget: $10-$20

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Opencart Auto-Part Online Store

– Create an online store using Opencart
– Purpose of website is to provide technical information on automobile electrical systems and sell auto-parts
– MUST BE PROGRAMMED keeping SEO in mind.
– We would like three graphic layouts designed for the website (with our guidance of course), we will choose one and revise as needed.
– Logo must be designed as well, same conditions as above, 3 designs, we will choose and revise one design.
– The technical information section of the website is very important it must be user friendly and very searchable using a variety of search criteria that will be discussed later. Each technical article must be visibly displayed on the webpage (text) when selected as well as having a downloadable version available as well.
– A technical article/newsletter template must also be designed. This design must match our logo and website.
– Our online store should function in a particular way. The products will be searched for using various drop-down menus that display Vehicle year, make, model and engine. All this info is to be stored in a database and should easily modified.
– Also we would like to able to link product part numbers to the technical articles that they are related to.
– This website is for Canadian consumers therefore it will be in English and French.
– For the Technical Section, the user should be able to search by each category and/or by specific vehicle. It should be easy to add any new articles, categories/vehicles via the CMS. This will be done by virtually any employee with basic computer skills. The user experience should also be a top priority when designing this section.
– The main objective of this website is to generate sales, but a very close second is to educate and provide free information concerning vehicle electrical systems. In the end we think this will only enhance our chances and help us to become a successful e-commerce site.
– Emails will need to be sent automatically to the required supplier (depending on P/N) once the order is placed.
– We need a reviews or customer comments section. Also we were thinking of adding a section where people can submit a question they did not find the answer to in our articles library.
– Also we would need a videos section in the technical library, we have some training videos/material that we can upload.
– We are contemplating making the tech section viewable only to registered users (free registration of course). We want to use the same registration for the store, tech section and if we implement a forum later on.
– We will also need a section in the products called Notes, to display any special considerations and/or specifications that need to be conveyed for that particular product.
– We will need shipping modules for all the most used shipping carriers, Purolator, Canada Post, FedEx, UPS. Also we will be offering free ground shipping for orders over a certain amount of dollars.
– We would like to provide paypal and/or all major credit cards as payment options.
– We will need an easy way to import our inventory (xls or csv import) as well as update our inventory quantity. This is very important as we do not only sell online and thus must update our inventory daily.
– We will own all the rights to the work performed.
– We will need an RMA system for all warranty returns. Opencart 1.5.0 is supposed to be coming with one, we can modify as needed.

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Reddot Development / Implementation

Reddot Implementation / Developer
Success in this position will involve a flexible approach to problem solving, technical innovation and strong communication skills.

Integrate, test, and develop web solutions focused primarily on RedDot CMS.
Deliver projects and tasks on time and on budget.
Document all work to required standards.
Work with a RedDot Architect to design and implement solutions.
Improve ease of use and site functionality through technical innovations.

Technical Skills:
Experience with web content management, RedDot Content Management
Technical Skills Desirable:
Experience using the following technologies: XHTML, XML,CSS, AJAX, JavaScript.
Experience using a dynamic programming language such as ASP, JSP, PHP or equivalent to create dynamic sites and web applications.
Understanding of web standards such as W3C, ECMA, Section 508.
Awareness of emerging web technologies and an understanding of how they can be applied to solve business problems.
Experience in development of web applications utilizing an RDMS such as Oracle is an asset.

Required Soft Skills:
Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to convey understanding of technical subjects to non-technical people.
High performer. Ready to contribute to our organization.
Passionate about the web with an ability to contribute to the shaping of the industry.
Strong problem solving skills. Able to understand a business problem and implement a technical solution.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.

Looking for a consultant who has worked on Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, and XML.
Should have 3 to 4 years of Solid experience in Web Development & "Reddot".
Must have "Reddot, JSP, HTML and XML."
Start Date: Immediate
Skills: Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, XML

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Transcode Video Into AVID Meridien Compressed Codec

I have a 30 second video commercial that I need to convert to these settings:

QuickTime Media file (*.mov) with tracks:
AVID Meridien Compressed Codec with settings:
Video Format: PAL (720×576/25fps)
Color Input: RGB
Resolutions: 3:1 Interlaced
Format: Uncompressed
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Sample Size: 16 bit
Channels: 2
Audio must be normalized to 0Db=-18DbFS
Digital video after converted to analog serial signals must be correspond to EBU Technical Standart N15-1989, EBU Technical Standart N15 Supplement-1990.

You can download the commercial here.

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Technical Writers And Academic Writers Needed

Our company is looking for technical writers and resume writers for a full time basis.

Prospective freelancers would be required to be on call throughout most of the day via gchat or other instant message software.

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Reqirements Writer / Author

I am in search of a Requirements Writer / Author who can work along with a team of people to elicit requirements and prepare a technical requirements document for the purpose of building a web software application. The document would need to contain both written requirements as well as diagrams where necessary. Use Cases could also be used as well if that would the best method for documenting our project.

Seeking individual with a working history of prior software related requirements / technical writing.

A sample of your work would be required for review.

English speaking and excellent English / Grammar is required.

The goal of this project is the person who is hired would elicit requirements through verbal conversations and in turn produce a requirement / technical document. This document would then be used along with development resources to complete the web software application as most of the developers who are involved are Indian and requirement very explicit instructions.

Wed like to begin this process as quickly as possible and would like to have it complete within 7-14 days or sooner.

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Technical Design Project- Convert .NET App To PHP Doc


Technical Design Project- Convert .NET App to PHP Doc:

Take existing .NET software, install it on your machine, see how it works, take guideline from me and create a Technical Design document to convert the app into PHP. It is not a 1 to 1 conversion. There are pieces of the software that will needs to be changed / improved.


Delivery will be a document that will contain the following information:

– PHP Site navigation
– What each page will look like and will do
– Site security which will include some users able to perform certain actions in the software
– Data Model and how it will work

Total number of tables: 8 or so
Total number of screens to document: 8 or so

The goal is to hand this design document to a developer and he knows what exactly is needed to be built.



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IPhone App For Deals Searching, Technical Document

Hello Mobile Developers,

We want to develop an iPhone Application for our customer where end users can access some deals posted based on a specific location.

simple UI for Administrative users also needs to be developed so they can post deal title, deals description, pictures, prices and etc for the deals and the App should render these on iPhone.

We also want to support Android platform down the line.

To begin with, we need a detailed technical architecture document (with use cases) and schedule estimates along with your pricing. This work will be paid.

And after the document is approved by our technical team, we will sign a contract to build the application with you or your company.

Please send a personal message to receive the application requirements in detail.

03/18/2011 at 14:50 EDT:

Please note that this bidding is for Technical Document ONLY and is not actually for the application development. Budget should be 0 to 250$ for this technical document.

iPhone Application Development will be priced at a different rate as a separate bid.

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Harvard Quality US Acadmic Writer Needed URGENT!!!

I have taken on too much work and have been assigned two academic Harvard quality healthcare related assignments. The total project is 2800 words.

The urgency of this project is why I am unable to complete it. it is 4am and I have not been to sleep yet and this project is due in just 15 hours.

I am hoping to hire someone within the hour to complete this project for me. The pay rate is $2 per 400 words so for the total project you will get $14 for 2800 words turned in no later than 7pm PST that is 15 hours from now.

I have a complete outline so it is ready to be wriiten by a skilled English speaking technical writer.

Please bid quickly and send technical or academic writing samples to the pm as soon as possible.

Thank you I am looking forward to your bids.

***so I know you read this and agree to the terms, and also so I know you are an excellent proofreader, I have made one error in the body of this project description. Tell me what it is and you just might have the job!

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SEO Technical Blog Postings Required – $2 X 30 = $60

Daily SEO Technical Articles / Blog postings required – $2 per 500 words

This project will be for 30 articles over a period of 30 days for $60.00 (2 articles per day)

Only BIDS of $60 will be accepted

We have daily technical blog posting / technical articles that need to be written and we are looking for a few writers who are native speakers of English.

Topics would be on Telecommunications, Avaya business telephone systems, Cisco business telephone systems cellphones, cellphone carriers, line providers. IPhone apps

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Technical Profile Writers Needed URGENT


Are you familiar with writing technical profile like this one:

If so, we need for an urgent project. We have the background information. You would need to write a technical profile for a leading company with its subsidiary sectors.

Only experienced technical writers needed. Thanks

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What Is Software Testing?

This project is basically related to technical writing. After building a software, there might be some faults in the setup so its compulsory to devise techniques or methods to perform specific checks in order to declare the software technically accurate.

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Telesales Professional / Sales Manager For Technical Product

Telesales Professional / Sales Manager for technical product, Full time job.

We are a company offering a B2B SaaS-platform targeting software vendors located in the US and U.K. Our technical solution will help those companies to present there software online and therefore optimize there sales.

Acquire new customers based on telesales and online presentations only.

We are on the way to expand our target Area to the US.
Therefore, we are looking for a Telesales Professional/MANAGER controlling our sales team.

** Your tasks:
– Prove your Sales Skills by doing 50% of your Time Sales like the Reps do
– managing, controlling and technical leadership of the assigned sales team
– Control of the acquisition of new customers in B2B – from first contact through Relationship building, potential identification to completion, and increasing Customer Satisfaction
– Controlling and guiding and monitoring of agreed targets
– Support and collaboration of marketing and sales campaigns
– Extending our telesales team to additional 5-10 sales reps
– Including Interviewing, sheduling and posting of job offers
– Familiarize new sales reps to the product, salesprocesses and toolings
– Reviewing recorded calls and all kind of reports
– be responsible for the quality of calls, sales processes and result
– doing technical and sales training with the sales reps

** Your qualifications:
– Proven experience in sales by complex technical (!) products
– Proven experience in the IT Industry
– Experience in a Telesales Environment a plus
– Taking responsibility and initiative
– Communicative with social competence and demeanor
– Team player, goal-oriented and flexible
– Self driven, delivering a high level of quality with low supervision
– Fluent in English, spoken and written. Native speaker preferred.
– Living in Europe or US preferred.

** We offer:
– Exciting tasks and work independently in a growth oriented company
– A good working climate
– Flat hierarchies and less bureaucracy
– A fair compensation

This job is a full-time job.

We will start you at $5.00/hour first week,
Raise you to $7.00/hour for 2nd or 3rd week, depending on your progress.
We will bonus you after that if exceptional sales work is being done.

We will setup a great commission structure for every new business, you did and the sales reps you are responsible for, did.

WARNING: You need to be Salesrep and Manager, if you can´t sell you can´t lead. If you are not capable I will cancel immediately. I need a really good qualified person. I can help train you on things you dont know. I want to scare off the unqualified workers.

Please send us your detailed CV and skype name. I will interview you through (chat and voice).
Because this project is marked as a "full time project", you are allowed to contact us directly. GAF will not take any project commissions from you.

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Writers For Technical Stuff

Write whitepapers and case studies.

Show eg.

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Formal Methods Engineering

Reposted due to previous person who accepted the project not completing it and not communicating.

Produce models for given scenarios (vending machine) using state based formalisms. Must be apt in formal methods, JFLAP and producing documentation including model specifications, design decisions and test cases. Please do not bid unless you know you can complete this as it is very technical.

Full details can be sent on request. This must be completed to a very high standard with no plagiarism and using the Harvard Referencing System.

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Technical News Writer – English Native Speaker

Dear Freelancers,

we are a German company, who wants to fullfil website-projects with quality and unique content within a short period of time.

We are looking for English native speakers as long-term content writers.

We want you to research weekl technical news for different categories (e.g. laptops, printers, digital cameras, …).

Each article should have about 150 words with high quality and unique content. We will check all articles with copyscape and won`t accepted duplicated articles. Furthermore we reserve the right not to accept articles we consider to be low quality or unfit.

Please send us at least one testarticle, your favorite categories and your bid per article.

We have further long-term projects and will hire you again, if we are satisfied with your work.

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Technical Writer(s) Needed

Hello freelancers,
I am looking for a Ghost writer to write different technical reviews/articles for me about mobiles and smartphones. The articles should be consumer oriented and not much deep technicalities needed inside the articles.
It will be your responsibility to get latest news, reviews, applications/devices releases and write about it.
Let me know your price per article (not more than 200 words).


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Spanish To English Technical Book Translation

Translate from Spanish to English a 256-pages IP-PBX / Telephony book (around 45000 words)

Traducir del Español al Inglés un libro de 256 páginas cuyo tema es Telefonía IP / IP-PBX (alrededor de 45000 palabras)

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Pattern Design Technical Fashion Design Industrial Designer

Need to find experienced product designer with pattern making ability to assist on development of Messenger, Satchel, Tote, Sling, and Duffel style bags, as well as design of productivity products such as Ipad and Notebook cases, Journals, Organizers—–Experience with Bags and cases is very much preferred! These would be an ongoing commission based assignments with work passing back and forth between the technical designer and the style/fashion teams. Please respond only if you have worked on similar projects in the recent past. Thank You!

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