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Identity For Technology Brand

Brand name: blackron
company name: blackron technologies
url: (not set up)
business line: IT training and consulting

Looking for a modern corporate identity that will help the brand stand out.

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Looking For BLOG Writers

We are currently looking to employ one or more qualified bog writers to write a testing article about our product, and publish it on their own blogs, facebook, or forum. The requirements are as follows:
1. You must have an iphone4 and be a fan of iphone, as one of our products is a kind of air jacket for iphone4.
2. You must have a high level of influence through your blog, facebook or forum.
3. Applicants from America or Canada are preferred.
After winning the tender, we will offer a free product to you. You are then required to write a positive article about the product, attach some pictures or videos along with a link to our website. After our review, you need to publish this article on your blog, facebook or forum, reply to all the questions as soon as possible and make sure it becomes a hot topic in one week. If everything goes well, you will be given further opportunities to co-operate with our company.

Payment: 50% will be paid after our review , and the remaining 50% will be paid one week later.

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Wanted Content Writers For Technology Blog

I am looking for authors who can write tech articles for my blog. The blog covers articles on

1. Free Software reviews and tutorials for the same.
2. Free Web-Based Tools review and tutorials for the same.
3. Windows Hacks and Tutorials. (Nothing Illegal or counterfeiting though)
4. Tutorials on free web-based services like email, docs etc.
5. Productivity tips.

My blog is hosted on WordPress so it would be better if you are acquainted with WordPress posting or Windows Live writer. However, currently Im okay with MS-Word documents. All the articles should include screenshots if its an absolute necessity. Articles should be 350-450 words long and all the topics will be sent to you by our editor.

Initially, I will buy 5 articles (as a test) and if satisfied we will settle for long term contract with an increase in remuneration as well.

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Looking For Blog

I am looking to buy a blog with content i wana use adsense on tht blog so blog must have unique content and can make 3$ to 5$
per day

blog must have legal content no porn
just have good traffic on it

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Need Writers For A Technology Blog


We need article writers for our tech blog. Youll have to take topics from Google news, Engadget, Gizmodo, Ars Technica, etc. and rewrite them.

We only need articles with 150 – 200 words.

Articles must be:
* Delivered on time.
* Re-written properly.

Articles must have:
* Proper punctuation and grammar.
* Originality.
* At least one image.

Bid for 20 articles with 150 – 200 words each. We require you to post at least 5 posts daily (150 – 200 words on our blog).

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