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Lead Generators – Telephone Sales People Needed!

We need telephone sales operators and lead generators to call on pizzerias in the USA and ask them to join our free marketing program. each agent will be given a list of pizzerias in a region to call.

operator must have good phone skills, dominate the english language without accents

have a telephone to make unlimited calls to the usa, and be available at least 5 hours per day. mon-fri

all applicants must be willing to start a 4 weeks training online, during the first 4 weeks of training agents will be compensated based on registrations, after 4 weeks training all agents will be hired based on monthly salary.

all applicants must be ready to start immediately, please do not apply if you dont nave any experience.

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Outbound Telephone Response Based On Email Inquiry

Upon receipt of an email inquiry, we wish to make an outbound (pre-recorded) phone call (US and Canada ONLY) using a service like CallFire. Currently, we receive and interrogate email inquiries and identify those to which we can respond positively. Most of these email inquiries contain a telephone number which is normalized by a perl script.

I seek assistance with the integration of the CallFire API (outgoing broadcast) using PHP and initiated by the receipt of a qualified inquiry. (We qualify the inquiry automatically using .procmailrc, a perl script and MySQL.)

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Telephone Survey Leads Needed Urgent

Hi All,

Please see the question below for the telephone survey. We are looking at placing a test with a call centre for 3,000 leads at a rate of £0.65 per valid lead. After the test period and dependant on volumes payment will be increased.


X are offering you a chance to win a dream holiday to one of 4 exciting destinations.

The holiday is for up to 4 people and includes superb accommodation provided by the sponsor X Resorts & Hotels, return flights and £1000 spending money!

1. Out of the following destinations where will you go if you win?

a) Costa Del Sol
b) Tenerife
c) Turkey
d) Austria

2. How often do you travel abroad?

a) once a year
b) twice a year
c) more than twice a year

3. How do you normally book your holiday?

a) Travel Agent
b) Online / Internet
c) TV travel channels

4. How much do you spend on holidays every year?

a) 0- £2000
b) £2000 – £4000
c) £4000 +

Thank you for your time, youre entry is now in the draw and you will be hearing from us soon.

Marketing criteria

30 – 65 years old
Married or living with Partner
UK homeowner
Joint house hold income in excess of 30K
Valid Telephone number.

We do not pay for leads that are duplicate against our database, leads that do not meet our qualification criteria or invalid leads like bad phone numbers, no such people and people who say they didnt enter- non-qualifying records must be returned within 28 days of delivery. Data provided can be used on an ongoing basis
We accept all postcodes expect the below

Exclusions Postcode Areas – All of Ireland & LL, SY, LD, IM, BT, ZE, KW15, KW16, KW17

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Live Telephone Numbers Consistantly


I need telephone numbers which are live and connected. this is UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE NUMBERS ONLY


etc etc

I am looking to purchase these numbers in batches of 1 million records. ideally if there are telecoms guys who make lots of uk mobile calls or outsourced call centers.

one method of fresh numbers I will acept is scraping websites. I need to be clear how this will work. you first scrape a website for numbers. the first scrape I am not interested in. the second time round when you scrape you will have all of the fresh numbers which people uploaded inbetween the time you scraped the first time. I am interested in these as they are FRESH

Im not interested in time wasters we have budgets to buy up all live uk mobile telephone numbers as long as the price is right


looking to source 1 million records at 2,000 – 3,000 dollars

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Customer Service Telephone Sales Paid Daily

We sell a service to USA businesses and need "customer
service" type sales reps to handle our inbound sales inquiries.

You should be experienced in telephone sales, have an upbeat
personality, and be a self starter with good attention to detail. You will be handling about
10 client leads per day and assisting them in purchasing our service.
The clients who are requesting more information about our service are
usually the owners or managers of small businesses and you must have the
tenacity to followup their request for information so that you can have a "live"
conversation with this person. These people typically are not sitting by the phone waiting
for your call and it can sometimes take a few call attempts over the span of several days
to reach these busy people. The want you to contact them, but the owner of a small business
is always busy, so (sometimes) you must call and call again until you reach them.
Im just being honest about this. The leads cost us plenty of money to generate and they
are easy to sell once the client is contacted, but I will admit that the most tedious
part of your work is chasing the occasional busy client so that you can have a live conversation
with them. Once you have them on the phone you can map their location so we can
provide service, take their payment info, and complete and submit the order to us online,
and get paid today.

Currently our median sale is about $400, the sales process takes about 15 minutes,
and we pay you 17% commission on a typical sale like this. Our sliding commission rate goes
from 15-20% and we pay you daily on your sales. Typically you will sell between
2 and 5 deals per working day.

We have different pkgs available for sale which range
from about $300 – $1600. This is not complicated, but you will need to study
our training materials for two or three days.

You will be handling "warm" leads only who are
requesting info on our service. Our marketing team has already generated
the lead, you are simply providing info on our various packages and closing
the sale. There is no cold calling on your part, and there is no hype in the
selling process. The client already understands what he is buying, you just
explain the process and put him on a specific package.

We are looking for full-time contract workers, preferably based in USA so
you have a quality phone connection. This is a long-term opportunity for the
right person. Experienced only in telephone sales. Please submit resume. Telephone
interview required. You should have a quiet and organized place at home to make
your calls. Mature workers have done well with this. We are an established business
and have been doing this for 18 years.

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Cell Phone Telephone Number Locator

I need an app similar to the link below.

Some requirements:

1.) App must only identify cell phone numbers. If telephone number entered is not a cell phone number a negative response must be returned.

2.) Flexibility needed to change graphics and text of success and failure page is needed.
example: I would need two pages…one for successful search and one for unsuccessful search. App should link to appropriate page. I will make page in HTML format to suit my needs.

Any demos of similar work would be helpful in my selection.

I need quick turn around time.

The link:

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Telemarketing Sales Professionals Needed – Work At Home Job!

Thank you for visiting our ad,

You have the opportunity today to work from the comfort of your own home while still making some very respectable money and you will be earning this money sustainably and ethically.

We are a direct sales company and primarily focus in mail order marketing. We are looking for a reliable, efficient, organized and overall hard working people to answer phone calls of potential and heavily pre-sold leads. These leads have called from a postcard advertisement, listened to a recorded sales presentation of our product and have pressed 1 to speak to a live agent to place an order (or ask a question before ordering).

Your basic and bottom line duty will be to answer any questions potential leads calling in may or may not have and to wrap-up the order. In return, for every sale you close you will be compensated in the form of a very generous commission (more details when we communicate privately).

Everything will be done 100% virtually (including educating you about our product, sales training, team meetings, etc), using our telephone system we will be forwarding leads to your specific phone number/telephone. There is absolutely no daily commute to go to work and again your will be working completely from the comfort of your own home.

If you are a person looking at this ad today and seem interested, I urge you to go the next step and begin communicating with us first by simply mentioning your interest via email here and attaching your CV.


* You absolutely need to speak fluent English (preferably with no accent).
Any other language is an extra. (100% of our leads are in the United States)

* You need to be able to follow specific rules and guidelines given to you by your superiors.

* You need to be a person that is organized and that will do his/her job efficiently as well as effectively.

* At least 2 years of sales experience is preferable.

* You need to have a bare minimum of 30-40 hours available to answer calls and be next to a computer to
take in the information, specifically when we will be doing large advertisement campaigns.

Some of the basic skills and personal qualities for our telemarketing professionals will be:

* Extreme Politeness and Confidence when talking to strangers

* A clear, fluent telephone voice

* The ability to understand a wide range of accents

* The ability to work quickly and under pressure

* Stamina

* The ability to key in accurate data while talking on the phone

* The ability to sound cheerful at all times

* The ability to deal efficiently and patiently with all customers.

* Persuasive skill and the ability to accept rejection without becoming downhearted.


* You will be trained and informed about all aspects of our product. (Very simple and straightforward)

* You will also have some sales training. (We average anywhere from 35% to 85% closing ratio on all inbound calls.
We will show you how so that you can become a

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IVR Telephone Dating Service Program

For a IVR Telephone Dating Service Program
2. Multiple callers are connected simultaneously
3. Callers choose who they want to talk with
4. Voice profile setup capability
5. Can detect area codes and switch lines
6. System must be easy to manage and adjust
7. Multiple billing methods and options: by minutes, by messages, unlimited membership … etc.
8. Selectable manager recorded promo messages
9. All system management can be done remotely using a regular touch-tone phone.
10. Configurable purges. Delete old unused accounts from user account database.

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Appointment Setting By Telephone

Appointment Setting by Telephone

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Telephone Systems Website

Telephone system website

We are looking for someone to design and build a telecoms website similar to (we like the look of this site but must not be exact)

the site does not have to be as indepth as this site but must cover the following

about us
contact us

the site must be built in wordpress and allow us to change the site in the future

This site must be live by Monday 14th Feb we are awaiting your design the best design will get the work tomorrow.

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Telephone Interviewer

Telephone Interviewer with Nice Pleasant Voice that Speaks Perfectly Clear and fluent English with little or no accent as most people you will be interviewing will be from the United States.

Looking for a responsible, reliable, efficient, and talented person (women preferred due to more pleasant sounding voices) to do telephone interviews of business owners. You will be cold calling businesses from a an excel spreadsheet that will be provided to you. You will will be asking the owner to allow you to interview him or her about his business and how he got it started, what the business does, what it specializes in, etc. You will have a script to follow. You must also have the equipment and phone lines necessary to place the calls and record the interviews.

You will be paid for each completed interview. Each interview will last approximately 5 minutes. In addition, if you can obtain photos, video, coupons, services, etc. from the business, you will receive additional compensation.

Finally, if you can convert the business into a paid advertiser you will receive a commission on the sale, however, this is not required. You will be given a short script and offer that you must tell the business owner about but you will be paid for the interview regardless of the outcome of the sale. You will be required to send us the Interview with a completed questionnaire
that you must fill out summarizing your interview.

You can determine your own hours each day as we will pay for each completed interview.

About Us:
We are a start up Internet site for small and medium businesses based in the New York City area.

Important Note:
We are looking to work directly with individual people, not a company or agency.

Must be able to work during normal USA business hours (Monday

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Looking For A Company To Do Telephone Sales Leads To USA

Looking for a company to do telephone leads to USA companies.

We have a list of thousands of preselected phone numbers to call. We would like to find a company that can call these individuals and read a prepared script.

Looking for 10 + person call center type to make the calls and gather sales leads.

Please answer the following questions to BID on this project.

1. What experiance do you have doing this type of sales calling?
2. Will you be willing to do a few test calls to show the level of english to USA callers
3. Do you Have software to help automate calling (auto dialer)
4. Do you have more than 10 individuals to make the sales calls?
5. Cost per call or cost per sales Lead

NOTE ONLY those who answer the questions above will be considered.
PLEASE no automated responses! ONLY Serious AND CAN START ASAP

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Japanese Speaking Telephone Survey, No Cold Calls

Japanese speaking person required to make three or four test calls to my firms reception and complete simple form based on response they receive. Should take only couple of minutes to complete each call.

No big money here, maximum £10 per call but then again quick and easy to complete task.

Need UK applicants since my business is in UK

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Telephone Lead Generators, High Paying.

Skilled sales person required to generate leads for our company.

The role is not difficult but will require a reasonably high volume of out going calls, therefore access to a telephone and a computer will be required.

The candidate will be paid the high rate of $15(£10) per lead generated. There will be a probationary period of around 1-2 weeks, further work will depend on sales.

Full training will be given.

Please contact for full details.

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Phone Sex Website

We are looking for a site like to be built.

The website would look similar to theirs and function the exact same. Please check out their website and/or create a free account to simply see the features.

Needs to be able to connect callers via telephone…allow people to charge for mails with attachments which can only be seen once paid for. Also needs to have a 1800 telephone system with a main number and unlimited extensions.. very hard to explain so please see their website.

Looking do this immediately.

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Telephone System Recordings In SPANISH

I have a phone system and I need someone to record my messages that I will provide the scripts/guías.

The recordings will be in Spanish and if you have a Colombian accent it is definitely a plus. You must also lay the voice recording on a music bed and save the recording file in format PCM Encoded, 16 Bits, at 8000Hz.

I have 7 recordings that I need right now, and this will be ongoing work to the winning bidder.

In order to win this project, I need you to send me a sample. Samples can be in mp3 if you want.

Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks.

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Web Research Assistant

Gather personal name and direct line telephone number and email address from websites.

I need the personal name and direct telephone number and email address for commercial property brokers from specific websites. Ill supply the list of websites.

Duplicates not accepted. Returned telephone numbers would require a credit for replacement.

The initial project would be for 3000 records. This work is very easy. I would need the file in an Excel format.

This can be on-going work for the right person.

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Remodeling Company

I like this site in general design – .

We would want a different color scheme. The text needs to be black on white. Removed the links on the bottom and replace with graphics that lend toward the business credentials. Though request or a quote button on the upper right-hand side needs to have some additional artwork as it doesnt show up well and looks like it was attached to that spot. We like the large logo on the left-hand side and would like our logo placed in a similar fashion. The get a quote now is perfect. Except we would like to change that to get an estimate. Of course we do not want this exact design we would like a new color scheme loos are okay but black text on white background is very important.

Our company will provide the graphics for the moving Java pictures. The developing team will only need to provide us with the pixels on horizontal and vertical.

Team has the choice of trying browns, greens,and other variations for sample.

Menu items for our new web design


Contact – Standard form that will allow for name, email, telephone, and inquiry. Telephone will not be mandatory. There will be a "not bot" multiple choice question to reduce the ocurence of spam. Or we can use the standard number in the box. It does not need to be a difficult as Google. It will be easy to read. The contacts will get sent directly to the email that owner desires.


Services = Siding
General Remodeling

FAQ – Make this keyword rich 2-3 % phrases to match desired phrases.

Remodeling – This area is where we will put keyword rich information on specific remodeling jobs. Example "kitchen remodeling" . There will be a back end that will allow user to create categories and articles in categories. We need the ability to put text and pictures. html header and meta tags must (when created) match the menu item.

Testimonials – This area will be editable for the option to place pictures into posts. Again we want the feature of dynamic headers and meta tags.

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Sales/Lead Generation

Part or Full time home based US workers only

Job Purpose: To communicate with, build rapport and ultimately acquire clients locally and throughout the US. To clearly present our services to clients. Maintain exceptional standards of customer service.

Main Responsibilities: To correspond with clients by phone and email. Instruct them when necessary and deal with any queries that may arise. Ongoing monthly contact with clients. Occasional customer satisfaction surveys.

Requirements: Must have previous experience in dealing with customers over the phone. Own telephone, computer and internet connection essential. Be professional, a fluent English speaker, good telephone manner, motivated, outgoing and friendly.

Commission/Performance based: initial fee for each new client acquired plus ongoing commission for as long as the client retains our services, dependent on specified performance targets reached.

Please contact me to discuss the performance/commission structure.

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Telephone Surveyor

You will be conducting a 6 question survey and offering a free E-book to participants for their time. Thats it.
We will provide the leads.
Daily reports and weekly meetings on Skype required.
The hours are from 5-8PM CST, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Must be proficient w/ Excel.
No hourly bids. Project will consist of a 16 hr work week. Bid must be a monthly rate.

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We Need To Scrape UK Consumer MOBILE Telephone Numbers.

We need to scrape UK consumer MOBILE telephone numbers.

the chosen person will have there own tools and will be scraping from

This will be an ongoing project and im looking to generate 50,000 to 100,000 mobile numbers per day.

There are tools available online to do this task but the people who bid should be familiar with doing this already and have there own tools.

dont bid if you dont know what your doing

We need numbers starting immediately

we are willing to pay 50$ per 100,000 numbers

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Telephone Research

This is part time work for someone who has the ability to call toll free numbers in the US. I need about 100 numbers dialed a day. I want have a list on an excellspread sheet about the status of each number called. I do not know the total numbers to call. We will be adding more on a regular basis, you can help with this.

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Adult Material Client Telephone Data Base

We purchase mobile telephone numbers of clients using or visiting adult services on web, by telephone, etc. we pay 1500USD per 100000 telephone numbers. Numbers MUST be mobile network numbers, located in ARAB, AFRICAN, NORTH AFRICA,countries(other areas maybe considered). We must have validation that these numbers are from real people who have called an adult service.

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Script To Find Telephone Numbers

We are looking for Vanity telephone numbers. A Vanity number spells a word. We are looking for toll free 800 numbers that are not in use and available. we have a bunch of steps that we go through.One site that we go to that lists many numbers but we are only interested in some of them. so the program must search for 800 and 888 numbers.
as in 1-800-LAWYERS or 1-888-lawyers. we want to be able to come up with a word. FInd all the possible combinations assemble a list with filtering before we can use it.
YOur job is to write a script that will aid us in looking for telephone numbers. We sould be able to put a word in teh program. THe program would go to a site we will tellyou and leran all the combinations fo the number. This site willl tell us all the numbers availalbe, except you need to click through to get the number. Meanwhile the US has 5 toll free exchanges. 800.888.877.866,855.
We are only interested in 800, 888, and 877. If you can do this bid and we will get me my program

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Book Sales Person _ Experience Required _TEFL

I require a sales person to market/sell two books on my behalf.
Please only bid if you have experience (please PM with info of previous sales experience).

It consists of a set of (currently) two books.

The books are for TEFL Teaching (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

You will be required to research/contact schools and make sales.

The RRP of the books (both) is £39.98 per set(approx $60).

I can allow you to sell for $45 plus postage (currently £9.99/$15).

For each set sold you will earn a generous $10.

The books are resource books for Teaching English in Foreign Language Schools.

Ideally you will take payment direct(through paypal) and take your fee and forward balance to me.

Books are currently printed and sent direct from printers via my own publishing company.

If you require more info please use PCB.

I have a website that provides info to you (and prospective buyer):

Please only bid $30 (price for selling first three sets), each additional set will earn you extra $10.

Please note this job will involve email and telephone calls, you will not be paid extra for telephone calls. Hence you will need good communication skills and a good command of English.

I good place to get emails/telephone contacts is through

Please research before bidding.

I will narrow down based on your PM. If I narrow you down, you will have to make a five minute marketing call to myself on a UK mobile or via skype. For this purpose of this call you will assume that I am an English Language School and you will attempt to sell me a set of these books.

Your bid of $30 is based on you selling 3 books, if sell 1 or 2 you will receive $10/$20 respectively. For each additional, as stated about will get you extra $10 paid monthly.

Any questions use PCB.


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Data Extraction From Php Website

well, my project is extracting data from a php website , ( ) it contain some info about people its persian website I need some script or software that go through website pages and extract data .look at below

name : example name
Adress and telephone : example adress and telephone
I need a soft ware that go to all sub pages and extract example name to name field in excel and example adress and telephone to adress and telephone field in excel
or if any one can download whole data on this site tell me .
any bid ?

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Sales – Medical – Telephone Systems, EMR, IT

Seriously inquiries only please!

We are in need of an experienced IT Services, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and Telephone System telesales agent that require little to no training. Sales experience in these areas of IT or Telephone Systems is a requirement to be considered for this job. Serious applicants with real world IT or Telephone Systems sales experience only!

Contact list will be provided.

VOIP telephone will be provided and configured if you have the ability to use it, along with email account, and CRM.

We are looking for:

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Virtual Telephone (skype) Assistant Needed -11-03-10

Dear Freelancer(s),

We urgently need a virtual telephone customer support assistant. The virtual assistant will answer phone calls from customers on our Skype account. Calls will be customer service related and will mainly deal with appointment scheduling and billing issues (refunds / cancellations).

Any missed calls should be returned via Skype. We will provide the Skype account with unlimited calling features to land lines in the U.S. The virtual assistant must communicate clearly in English. Please submit your bid. We will pay $0.10 – $0.25 per customer service call.

Kindly record the script below in an MP3 file using your natural voice:


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Telephone Answering Services Software

We have a Telephone Answering Services Company and we are looking for coder to develop a software with the following capabilities.

TAPI Control for Panasonic
TAPI Control for Asterisk
Client Records

a software like Ncall – Nsolve.

We prefer developers that had already make software with tapi funcions.


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