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Custom News Site Templates Need

Custom News Site templates Need Urgent
Based on Joomla And Unicode function.
SEO friendly
Custom Manage
Photo Gallery
youtube video sharing option etc.

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Rails Site New Feature: Internationalization

Existing website in rails 2.2 needs internationalization support of static and dynamic content, features:
– publisher: add content with translations
– user: automatic language selection
– user: manual language selection

Internationalization of templates (static content and images) is to be evaluated by complexity: if its easy/cheap yes, if not we can choose to modify the templates to avoid internationalized images and to make all the static content dynamic.

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PowerPoint Templates For PC Use

To create 25 slides in Powerpoint and 4 different templates for PC use. Its been designed in KeyNote but we need to design it in Powerpoint, so hopefully KeyNote file can be used as a stating point.

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Virtuemart, WordPress And Oscommerce (Theme)


I am looking for template/theme designer for virtuemart, WordPress and Oscommerce theme designer…for ongoing/long term business relationship…

If u have some existing templates and will be according to requirements, wil like to purchase them..

I need theme ( in some cases complete website)
1. Joomla + Virtuemart
2. Oscommerce
3. WordPress

bid only serious and for long term..


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Suresh: Install Email Templates

install welcome, purchase, and subscriber email templates.

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Virtuemart, WordPress And Oscommerce


I am looking for template/theme designer for virtuemart, WordPress and Oscommerce theme designer…for ongoing/long term business relationship…

If u have some existing templates and will be according to requirements, wil like to purchase them..

I need
1. joomla + Virtuemart
2. oscommerce
3. WordPress

waiting for responses…


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Templater Monster WordPress Templates Needed

Need template monster templates.

here are the number.





if you have them please bid per template.

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Model/Actor Website

Dear All,

This is what I need.

A website that is not flash based, so it will work on the I-pad.

It is for a model/actor talent agency.

The site will be photograph heavy, so an impressive gallery is the most important element and it should be the primary focus of the site itself.

This is a great example of the functionality of what we need regarding menus.

I HAVE to easily be able to edit the site myself, taking off clients and loading new ones including updating photos frequently since the roster changes often.

In addition to photos, there should be a display box that will load with the primary gallery image that will display the model stats, or the actors resume.

The other menu functions are basic, company information, contact, and a couple submission forms. One for castings and another for talent submissions.

Another example of a flash based template is the one below. I like the minimal approach its simple in design and the gallery is impressive. I like how its all about the photos. I also like how the site is full screen.

There is no need for blogs, or postings and very little information needs to be displayed. A simple menu system with a great photo gallery. It cannot be flash unfortunately and it has to be lightweight and load quickly.

The gallery should be simple, have a thumbnail image (large enough to see) I like 161 H and 161 W or 243h by 216w (for the thumbnail images- and a large enough display to read the talent information.

Again, I HAVE to be able to easily edit information and load audio, video and images.

Lastly, I do not mind if someone uses a premade template as long as it works well and looks great.

-Thank you.

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Flash And Html Site

hi i am looking for a website to be made for a driving school.
i need a flash navigation something along the lines of this.

the html side need to match the theme of the site (driving school).
also a contact form needs to be added with easy updating to add/ remove sections.

a mock or explanation on what you have in mind with the design will help me decide on the winner

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Promotional Video On After Effects From My Templates

Hello ! I need 3 videos , but this project is just for one.

I have voice over and need to be created one 3 minute promotional video on adobe after effects. TO make this max easy,i`ve bought arround 7-8 templates,costing me over 200$. They are modern,21`st century looking. I need someone who i can give the templates to , and produce me one great video. I have images and video which can provide and explain where it goes.

I`m low of cash now,but you benefit from the templates,plus additional 30 max to 50$.
Timeline is important here, 3 days max, up to 2 revisions.
Please do not bid if you are not sure that you can finish the video on time and with quality.
Further info will be avaivable to those, who are interested,i`m looking for service providers with high ratings.
If sucsessfull,more videos will be coming !

Happy Bidding !

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Trill Convert 2 Templates

project for excellent coder Trill.

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WP Website Network Building( Unique Content, Good Templates.

we need building some WP networks on the topics of our choosing

for each WP website:
(1) need at least 50 unique articles of key word optimized content of 200 to 500 word each
(2) These articles is arranged and good layouts in home page( we hope visitor can not recognize it is a blog but a professinal website)
(2)- WordPress site that is automated with wp robot and other top WP traffic plugins( we hope you can set for us,if no this,not at all).
(3)Design must be clean
(4)Images must be relative to the niche topic( for some topics we can provide pictures, this is very important for us, we hope you are good at wp template design)
(5)we hope you can Show examples of your previous website/blogs that you created (not your own)
(6) if you are good at SEO, we can establish SEO plan between us.
(7) we hope you can help us to make WP website runs more quickly

the bid is for 1 WP website building ,

we have 100 website creating plan.

when first one is OK, we will have long term business

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Create And Install 3 Email Templates

We are looking for someone to create 3 email templates which will be installed
by the creator.

This will be used to email our newsletter that goes to a very large number
of businesses so we need to have someone with excellent graphic skills.

There is an emphasis on having a good ability to use photoshop and graphics
as we have previously been let down by 2D unprofessional images (not from anyone here).

The theme is UK vans and fuel prices, and we have plenty of stock images available
for you to use for this project.

We also have previous example templates that you can view.

It will be hosted at :

Fastloading ; There is an internal tool on above to measure load speed

It needs to be hosted for minimum of 12 months

I can give a domain and hosting if required

It needs to have 3 Editable images in the correct area
which is normal for an email template;
need image sizes too.

Please PM me with any questions.



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Webmail System With Ready Content Templates


we need an online system where we can include ready email templates. when a new client call us, we must include his contact details (name, mail, address, phone). there must be a send button, where automatically goes a ready mail to him. the mail must automatic include name in this mail like dear mr/mrs xxxx, …..

1. form engine with send button
2. upload / edit email template
3. if possible follow-up date system with remember (can be included in form engine)
4. review / statistic about all sent mails
5. must be with user/admin login to add guys who can send mails

can you send us your bid please and how long you need for this?

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Mobile Site (Joomla)

Your job is to configure Mobile Joomla templates on our Joomla 1.5.22 installation.

You should have Mobile Joomla or relevant mobile website experience.

Job will be converting Mobile Joomla templates to our color scheme (or developing new template), putting modules in proper positions, menu, Social Network icons, banner ads, our logo (making all of the prior look good and designed for Mobile!), and removing the advertising that comes with most plugins for making Joomla mobile-friendly.

You will do this for iPhone and other mobile devices. But not Ipad, where we want existing site to load.

Client is demanding so you will have to be close to perfect!

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Youtube Templates For Youtube Channels

I am setting up a Youtube Templates website. I need someone to create 100 to 200 templates for me or more. You can provide me a price for either for the 100, 200 both or even more. I would need one file to be a PSD and another to be a jpg of each template created. I have been designing them myself, but I want a more professional look to them that maybe others can do. Once you have the template setup in a PSD format it is fairly easy to change the layers to a different template look. I will also need the website name to be on each template created. My website name is You can place it anywhere visible in any format of font or image form.

Example websites are:

The Categories that I am looking for are the following:
Clean / Simple Layouts
Celebrity Layouts
Babe Layouts

I would need the templates organized in the folder associated with the categories they belong too.

Thanks Ted

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60 Variations On My Templates

I need in 7 days
50 variations
product page
category page
the variation is some other banner
the colors need to change in css

all the changes in different file

$20 budget for each template

send me 3-4 examples of sites

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5 Web Templates That I Can Resell (for Busniesses)

I need 5 web templates for different kinds of businesses. 1. Flower shop 2. Auto repair 3. Massage 4. Construction 5. Dentist

They can be really simple, but there should be one or two pictures in each template that represent that business, and every template should come in two different colors.

I know that 5000 templates can be bought for $60 and the designs looks very good. But i cant resell those.

So i can pay $150 for 5 templates that i can resell.

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Ebay Listing Template

I would like someone to design a branding eBay template for beauty product.
The design will have to be clean crisp and has personality.

From a design perspective the idea is to incorporate nature (flowers, leaves, water, a snail maybe, bees) in the template in a creative way. The look and feel is young, vibrant and healthy.

Colors should be vibrant but comfortable.
I want to focus on graphics and lots of symbols making people feel secure to do business with me : PayPal verified, guarantee, 100%natural..etc.

This project is for one template, eventually I need templates for other products, the design will have a different theme for each product depending on the main ingredients and will tie all sections of the template together by some sort of natural element.

Potential buyers are women 20+ and I want the design to look really cool and catch the customer eye, make them Buy.

Please view this links , , , to have an idea of what design I need, there is a lot of graphics and I only want freelancers to bid that have designed eBay templates before and can provide samples.

I will provide: copy text, pictures with product.

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2 RapidWeaver5 Themes (templates)

Hello. I am looking for a designer who can create two RapidWeaver5 Theme (website template) for RapdidWeaver5 someome who has experience with this program. Most themes can be purchased for $15.00 or less however I need a more unique template so my offer is $30.00

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***** EMAIL TEMPLATE DESIGN – For Dating Website

I have a dating website and i need the 5 email templates done for the admin.

Welcome email

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Templates & Themes – Any Software is looking for freelancers with experience in designing themes – both static html and for any type of cms, blog, forum, shopping cart, etc.

If you have previous experience in making templates please post your bid here to have more details sent.

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Magento 1.4 Template UPGRADING To Magento 1.5

Upgrading this template


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Review Of WordPress Website Templates

Ive got 3 website templates (see attached) that are wordpress compatible. I need a freelancer to go through each of these website templates, make sure they are working correctly, post them live on their server, and show me a live demonstration of how to add photos and information to the websites, change the color and font, and any other option available for customizing the template, and how to make them live online. Very simple project.

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Modify A Joomla Template

Unfortunately my sites template was created using tables. I need this problem fixed by someone with a proven track record with Joomla templates. I will provide a PSD for slicing if desired. This is the scope of the project:

– Assess whether to customize the existing template or start from scratch.

– Duplicate the old template if using it as a base, before making any changes.

– Use CSS where tables were previously used in layout.

– Add a module position for the Flash banner.

– Keep all current site features intact and correct any bugs which may occur as a result of the change.

– XHTML and CSS must be valid.

– All error messages must be template styled. Errors in login and register forms must be within the form, not on separate pages.


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Flash Template

Looking for someone who can create a template for an OSC MS2 website which features flash. I have an idea, and want something very similar to it. The one I have seen is only a flash template, I want something similar to it that works with Oscommerce. I am currently running 2.2. The template is to be used for an online bridal accessory and lingerie shop. The colour scheme of my business is a few shades of pink. I am looking for similar to

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Build A Website For Snowmobiling Product. Using Thesis.

We will set up the wordpress account for you. All you need to do is go in and design and manipulate the site to the desired design.We will provide all the needed content and product pictures. This site will also need to be set up to accept paypal and our credit card companies information. We will need you to develop 5 templates that will be used through out the website and we will then add pages as needed from those templates. I intend to release the money awarded for the bid in three parts. 1/3 payment to start, 1/3 payment at completion of first two templates, final payment at completion of last three templates.

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Help With Joomla / K2 CSS And Template

I am working on a website at and need someone (today) to get some display issues resolved with the CSS.

I am using this template:

together with K2 and this template for K2:

But as you can see – things arent displaying the way they should..

I need someone to do the following:

Get the K2 Rounded template displaying correctly on K2 Items and categories
2 Get the homepage module positions and layout configured so it looks as it should on the Template Monster template.

Its a few hours work for someone that is good with CSS. Will assign the job and pay 100% milestone within 1 hour – so bid early! (You must start immediately).


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Reskin WordPress Templates/Themes

Im looking for a designer (single or team) that can assist with reskinning wordpress themes, with a provided PSD. Logos will also be provided, the designer simply needs to consider the design preferences of the client and reskin the design so it is unique for them. I have many projects coming up with one ready to go. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to bidding.


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Need Psd Versions Of US Drivers Li

Need templates for US states michigan wisconsin tennessee drivers license.
need to have a copy scanned to me. need to be able once it is finished i want to use it in photoshop for editing later

if you understand this job then you know where to find templates but a hint they can be downloaded from certain torrents on the internet.

if you can seriously do this job then create one of the states and send to me with bid.

or please dont bid

no reserve payments or advances

will paid 1/3 first one finished 1/3 2nd one finished etc….

must be completed in 7 days or less

also have to do bar code on back

max for this job 100

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Flash Designer For High Graphic Interactive Website Headers.

Flash Designer for High Graphic Interactive Website Headers.

Flash Designer for High Graphic Interactive Website Headers, Must be able to have interactive menu with sound.

Please look at examples of different templates provided to get an idea of the flash that is needed.

If you have not done this kind of work please do not apply. I am looking for someone who can have this done fast and easily and at a good price. I am planning to do many of these.

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