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Adwords Expert Needed

Im looking for an experienced Adwords pro to overhaul my campaign. I currently have around 110 keywords and spend under $40 per day on Adwords for my health supplement. I want to increase both the range of my keywords and my spend, but need an expert who can do the research and testing to get me the best CPC and sales conversion rate.

I need someone who can:

– Indentify both good keyword opportunities and negative keywords that arent worth the cost
– Think creatively to expand my range of keywords
– Help increase my clickthorugh rate and quality score
– Create and test new ads for effectiveness
– Test the conversion rate for different landing pages
– Provide optimization suggestions

I do *not* want any SEO services. PPC search engine marketing only. This job is for the first 30 days of campaign management, with further opportunities available depending upon results.

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Customized Testing Site

The website that Im looking for would be a testing center. The center would consist of myself creating test and my clients or employers in ministering those test to job candidates. The test will be for pre-employment basis. The test would be skills test behavioral test and general knowledge test. The way the process would go is as follows. I would create test and allow my clients to use the test to evaluate their job candidates. The job candidates who answer the questions correctly would be submitted to the employers the job candidates who answer the questions incorrectly would automatically be deleted. Employers would log in to my job board and post job ads and through an API the employer would be able to attach text from the testing center. When a job candidate wants to apply for the job they would have to take the test in order to have their resume submitted to the employer. So, the job candidate would log on to the website see a job that they would like to apply for click the apply button it would ask them to fill out basic information and upload the resume once they hit the submit button and it would ask them to take the test from the testing center. The test would be pre-determined by the employer. Once they take test, it would recognize the candidates who qualified for the position and those who have not. The qualified candidates information will be sent to the employer. The non-qualified candidates information will be recorded and the candidate will receive an e-mail saying that they did not qualify for the position. All qualified candidates will be ranked based on their qualifying score highest score will be placed at the top lowest qualifying score would be placed at the bottom. All of the results would be available at the testing center for the employer to review.

Roles and responsibilities
My role as the administrator is to update the test and input test.

Employers roles
Would have access to the test as well as request changes to the test and input their own proprietary information. Each employer would have their own unique ID and password allowing them access to their account only.

Job candidates would log in to the testing center with a unique ID provided by the employer or through a link specific for the test and take the test.

Quiz type would be written and optional. Typing test as well.
Similar URL;

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Iphone App A Type Of Language Test.

I require an iphone app creating.

The app is a type of language test.

The test will be in four sections

One section will require voice recoding
One section will require to play media. (not video just noise)

Within that section will be 6 individual tests of the same type.

An example of one section:

1)What is the name of the cycle tour company

a.Darrens tours
b.Daves tour
c.Anthonys tours.

Another section example:

Some text: Some amercians enjoy going on holiday and some would rather stay at home. Research suggests more than 5% stay within their state when going on holiday.

1)What percentage of Americans stay in their home state while on vacation:

Answer: 5% (Their will be a small box for the answer.)

The voice recording section will be similar to this:

Question 1-4: PLAY audio

1)What was the phone number for Jane?
2)Where were the hotels near?

Once the quiz is complete for one section the app customer can then view there answers and score.

NOTE: the voice test will be sent to my email address and I will then answer the customer with an answer.

I need a modern design and want the iphone app creator to be able to provide me with their previous work, their full cost, a full working example before payment is received.

Please English speaking app creators only.

Any questions please ask.

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Quick Question About MySQL + PHP

My problem is : when a user type in a textbox :

hi my name is (ENTER KEY)

in mysql it does show as
hi my name is (ENTER KEY)

but when I test the content of that text it show this error : alert("hi my name is <—–

it stop at the first enter key, is there anyway I could read enter key in Database and test it with an alert that will show the full text ?

Thanks , sorry about my english.

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Script Ready To Install

I need to install a script to server.

I have a script that is working on web. I found the developer and download the source code. When I tried a problem appeared. Then I communicate the developer and we test some issues but we couldnt work on my server or local. His project living on a Bluehost site.

I read about swetest runnig on server that need to call phpexec() function and that is banned at my host server. But I tried on phpexec() executable my local XAMPP server and didnt work exactly. I believe error appers for that phpexec() issue or PHP version, but Im not realy sure.

Script and living project is here:
My test server is here:

I need to work this script and test by myself.

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RTH@Services Para Taxi

Dear developper

We search for some developper to create a program to connect to our Central Dispatch Server to make a mobile link to Emergency Client Dispatch Central. We work since 1976 in developping System in Public Security and we have a System to Administrate Central 911 and Civil Defense for Administration of Disasters using Emergency Plan. This mobile application willl allow all our System Administrator of our Central to obtain information from the Central when they are out.

So the connection, inside this appalication will be made to a Server using TCP/IP connection, sending STRING as command and receiving STRING for answer (simple) to put on screen. All the project are defined by analysts. Each project will have a developping period, personal test period where we will dispose a Server to finalize your first tests, a test period will be make with some people from here together and a final test period will be done by us. After these periods, it could be necessary to adapt and modify some small part of the project (even not planed inside the project analize). If some bigger part is need and missing inside the first Analyze, these part will be evaluated separatly to add a specific value to the total of project.

We have some others projects defined and waiting to be developp in some other area. We need someone as a freelancer. Need someone who have already a very good experience with Android and has already developped some application using TCP/IP connection. All Source Code Project need to fully commented. Professional and responsable person. Need person who has a PayPal accound to transfert $$$, Smartphone with Android to make his own tests, email and Skype accound to comunicate with us.

If you are interested or have more question, communicate with us.

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Test Project334343


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Tax Between Singapore And Malaysia

I have a singapore registered company which is about to trade with a company registered in Malaysia. We will be delivering recruitment services from our office in Singapore to the client in malaysia. I would like to understand the tax implications of this and weather there is withholding taxes or any other taxes that i need to aware of. Also since the service is delivered from singapore can I rely on a double tax treaty? If there is such taxes then is it mossible to mitigate it legally?

The service that we will be performing is finding permaent staff to the client. Specifically we will find candidates, Technically test &amp; interview them before sending them to the Client in Malaysia to interview. We will do this from our office in Singapore. Interviews will be done via video conferencing and the test completed are online tests.

I expect the total value of the project to be around S$100,000. We do not currently have any presenct in Malaysia.

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Software Test Plan Authoring

Write a new test plan for a software product.

With reference to the new features listed in the User Manual produce a new test plan that covers these new features

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Email Test Rendering Application

See web site. We are interested in technology that we can have developed that would provide us with this same functionality for our internal mailing system.

The ability to identify "test" email addresses for many popular email service providers such as yahoo/aol/msn, etc. Then have our email platform deliver the message to these "test" seed accounts and your technology should retrieve the test messages that were delivered to the accounts and provide tools similar to this site to show the preview of the email with images on and off as well as code discrepancies. Please view their video and you will see a complete description of what the testing system does. Development needs to be done in c# .net and if there is a web interface.

A second half of this project will be for us to identify "seed" email accounts that the message will be delivered to during the live campaign and we need a system that will poll those seed accounts periodically and find our campaign emails and identify if they got delivered to the inbox or bulk folder, and retrieve the messages and store them in our sql server by campaign so we may report on the successful delivery to inbox/bulk folder, etc.

Programmers must have experience with email,, .net, c# and sql.

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Mobile Application Testing For A MNO In Germany

Our customer, one of the main MNO WW, is currently looking for 2 senior testers for a 4 months assignment in D&uuml;sseldorf:

– one Senior Tester in charge of coordination

– another mid senior level tester

Main tasks to be split over the 2 testers are:

– Coordinate testing process based on exsiting spec

– Execute test cases based on spec

– Develop new test cases

– Use and maintain automatic testing tool (simple script language)

– Report errors in tested application (Quality Center)

– Report test progress towards our customer team

Proven experience in mobile application testing is required.

This is a full time assignment able to start asap.

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Test Sites And Send Report

I need someone to go to a list of 150 sites that i have and test if the site is active or not.

Required will be the following

1 Sign on to every site
2 Use a user name and email address that will be give to me later
3 Post to the site a generic content that will be give to you
4 Make a report of where the links showed up and what happened with the sign in process
EX: content is in review | Content was published immediatly

Thats about it bit away

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Sales Copy Designer Needed ASAP

I am looking for someone to design a series of sales copies for us, the following design style I need:

I need someone who is experienced to do this task and I will need a series of these pages to be done therefore only apply if you have previous experience, you have designed similar and you can do a test work with the following title:

"The Facebook ATM by Georgina Lany"

So, before you apply, put together a small test, the product title is given above, and I only need to see the header of the page. It has to be similar cool design what you see on the examples.


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Project Test Page

Project test page

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BUY YT Accounts – Ready Made Accounts – Test Order




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Forum Posting


I need 300 total posts ( 75 new threads, 225 posts) for my forum. You will need to create 15 different new usernames to use for the threads/posts. My forum is related to the banking and finance industry so posting and threads related to those industries is a most. Price paid per post/thread is 20 cents per approved posts. Post/threads need to have at least 25 characters. You will have 3 weeks to completed the 300 Posts


Before we do the 300 posts, I will need to do a test to make sure you can do the job. The test consists of 50 post (10 new threads, 40 posts) with five usernames. you will be paid 25 cents per approved post for this test. You will have one week to complete the project. If Im happy with your job will then do the 300 posts job.

Keep in mind that all post/threads are sent for approval before they make it to the forum so its very important that what you submit is related or closely related to banking, finance industry to avoid post/threads being rejected.

Before you start posting you will need to send me the 5 usernames that you going to use on the website. No automated software, only manual posting.

I will escrow $15 to your account once you been chosen for the project. Escrow will only be released once the test project has been completed. The project needs to be completed in 7 days. If you have any questions feel free to ask

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Statistics Test On Existing Data – Excel Or SPSS

I need for couple hours math/statistics expert who knows to do ANOVA, statistics tests.
We already have data, and we did some tests.
Need additional tests – his suggestions.

Smallest bid wins.

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Multiple Choice Quiz IPhone & IPad App

Project Overview:

This simple iPhone and iPad app is a multiple-choice quiz platform that allows students to test their aviation skills before signing up for the live test at the authorities. We will build a copy of the functionality in PEXO found at

Together with the users we are going to build a large DB with questions and answers for each category. When a student starts a test 20 random questions will be collected from the correct category in the database. User has to answer at least 80% correctly to pass the test and continue to the next difficulty level of that specific category (3 difficulty levels of questions will be available in DB)

All questions have four answer alternatives with only one correct answer. Developer will have to present sketch of suggested layout of the application.

This initial version will run as a standalone but will get all questions from central DB. All testresults will be stored to central DB for the student to improve at future attempts. Additional functionality might be the use of pictures and video in addition to text entry for question and answer entry.

I will own the full source code, app and all copyrights etc.
The source code will be well documented.
Non disclosure agreement will be required.
The architecture must allow for future addition of new APIs.
Depending on your quality of work, I might contact you for further future development of this project.
Developer must have a can do attitude and be willing to provide feedback and ideas.
The app should work on all iPhone and iPad versions and systems.
The system design should be flexible for easy extension to other mobile OS such as BlackBerry, Symbiam, Windows mobile, Android and potential future web based product.
Developer is an end-to-end solutions provider. I will post to Appstore when the application is ready.
All testing will be 100% your responsibility. Bugs and other compatibility problems found after releasing will be your responsibility for up to 1 month after release.

Payment Terms (Milestones):
Beta Release: US$ 25%. Final Release: US$ 50%. Google Approval: US$ 75%. 1 month after launch bug and compatibility problem free: 100%.

If you think you are the Freelancer for the job, please bid and present the way you would handle this project. Describe the steps you would follow and what will be done in each step. Detail what you can offer and send examples of your previous iPhone/iPad apps which are live.

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Leads – Seniors With Arthritis – I’ll Buy 50 Leads As A Test

Im looking for a long term relationship with someone or a company that can provide me with good quality legitimate leads.

These leads need to be for a very specific demographic.

1. Must have Medicare as their insurance.
2. Must have Osteoarthritis

Ill need full names, phone numbers, and emails for these people. It would be best if we could have an addresses for them as well.

All leads will be called by our team and if they meet the criteria above, the lead will be considered as valid and you will get paid. You will have access to real time reporting.

Im open for discussion as to price per lead. What were interested in is a long-term relationship with someone in regards to these leads.

Details about the methodology for acquiring these leads will have to be explained in order for you to be considered for this project. Depending on the methodology used, we may require a few sample leads before we commit to working with you. We also might choose to start off with a small amount of leads to test things as well. Ultimately, were open to hear from you and see what you have in mind and how we can make this a win-win situation. If the leads are right, our budget for this can be quite large.

Remember for this project, you are bidding on giving us 50 leads. This will serve as a good trial run for both you and I as well.

Thanks tons for your time.

For a sample squeeze page for this product check out:

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Educators Needed

We are looking to speak with educators for one off test writing. These test include Math, Grammar, Cognitive, Legal, Accounting, Clerical. The test will be 50 to 100 questions and should be a quick way for someone in the education field to make some quick money. We are looking for educators with accreditation and at least a Masters degree.

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Stock Ticker

I need a stock ticker made. Ill pay $100 for this.

stock ticker like control to put on the home page of the site. They would like:
1) The control put on the test server first for the to approve
2) To scroll through user defined test for multiple events that the web site user could click on a particular entry and route them to a url
3) There should be an section under the admin portion of the site where they can maintain it.

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Test & Fix Bugs In A WordPress Plugin

I have a wordpress plugin and it needs to be beta tested and made bug free.
What you need to do is:

1) Test the plugin
2) Find the bugs & create a report
3) Fix the bugs & create a report

Simple job for someone who has been into WordPress development long enough.

-Abhi Dwivedi

ps the plugin is an advert manager for wordpress blogs.

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Fix PHP Quiz So It Works With WordPress And Thesis Theme

I require a programmer with good knowledge of wordpress, PHP and preferably the Thesis theme which uses hooks.

I have a PHP quiz placed on the following page of my wordpress blog:

The quiz is not on a wordpress post or page but has the same theme, look and layout as my blog which uses the thesis theme. I want to keep it that way

Unfortunately after integrating the quiz into wordpress the result page is no longer displaying results. After a user clicks FINISH TEST and CHECK YOUR ANSWERS it should provide the results of the test. There appears to be some kind of problem maintaining state.

Strangely, the test works when a plugin is installed and activated (Fast and Secure Contact Form)

Here is the original quiz before integration:

I require the following:

1. Ensure the test displays the results correctly as seen on the quiz before integration
2. I would like all the buttons on the test centered as seen on the original quiz.
3. Please ensure the check box questions are working. All correct options for a question which has checkboxes must be answered correctly for it to be considered a correct answer. Currently this is not the case.
4. I would like a different kind of state. Session state rather than getting the data from the URL if possible.
5. Please provide plenty of communication and notes. I would like to know what is causing the problem and how you plan to tackle it.

Here are some tutorials on using the thesis theme:

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Php/MySql Examination System

This is a simple project! We are looking for a customized examination system.

Here are the functunalities we are looking for:
1. User registration (validation of the form + captcha + acceptation of the Terms of Service + email validation)
2. User panel
— Change details
— See available tests
— Take test (see "Test Module" for details)
— See scores for each test
— Download a PDF certificate for any passed test (basic, School logo + Test name + score + some text)
– Administration panel
— Create a new test (name, timer, number of questions, passmark etc.)
— Create questions + answers (all questions are multiple-choice answers with only one good answer and may include one image)
— Add questions to an existing test (ex. a 50-questions exam can be made out of the 200 questions for this exam)
— See scores and logs (date and time of each user exam)
— Give a user the ability to take a test again if needed
3. Test module
— A user can do a test only once (if the test is FAILED there is a waiting time, ex. 7 days)
— Questions are shown randomly
— Each test must be made within the allowed time (javascript timer + php verification)
— User cannot close test and come back
— User can double-check his answer if time allows it
— User can only take one test at a time
— Final page with score + PDF certificate
— (Anti-hacking features a plus!)

Contact us for more details! We will provide ALL the revelant information (expected database tables, etc. ) to the winner.

Looking for a part-time project? We are NOT in a hurry!

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Public Relation Responsable

We are a company offering an innovative service for the press, graphic arts and the advertising.
Our system brings quick benefits and helps them to sold more information, products, tickets, cars, homes, trips, etc.
We offer this service to a select group of potential customers on every country the world.

We are looking for people (5) especialized in public relations.
He/she should contact the responsible of the firm, government agency, professional group or organization (we have a list, but welcome suggestions).
The initial goal is to get a customer per every million-people in the country.

You should explain the qualities and benefits of the system, answering all questions, providing the necessary proofs and start the routine job procedures.
We will provide guidance on how to approach the potential clients.
The communication with potential customer will be by Skype.
We will provide you an international Skype free account.

You must be communicative, with social competence and demeanor, self drived and fluent in English (French, Arabic or Russian) -spoken and written-.

The offer gives free time and flexibility in management.
Initially the managed is limited to a few dozen customers per country.
We offer $ 100 for the test* (more o less 100 calls – 5 minutes each-).

If this test is successful we will offer you a full-time job.
The remuneration (fixed + commission) will be between $ 18,000 and $ 40,000 annually.
This project will be marked as a "full time project" (you are allowed to contact us directly. GAF will not take any project commissions from you).

*You must have more than 4 hits in the test, otherwise we will assume that you are not professional and the offer will lapse.


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Write A Report Abt The Payment Process Of Our Online Store

I have a on line store, and I want to test if there is any problem with the payment process in when using Brazilian realtime transfer to pay; The detail of the request is as follows,
1. I need a you to test first and write a report about the payment process of the online store when using Brazilian local payment method by realtime transfer. So, if you bid this project, you have to be in Brazil and are able to use the Brazilian local payment method to test if there is any problem of the payment process of our online store. Please make sure, i need the realtime transfer.
2. Write a report abt the resuls of your test.
3. If you are able to do the test and write the report, welcome to bid.

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HTTP GET Timed Response Util

Looking for mirror of

Want to host PHP page on a server that we own to allow visitors to run tests to URLs from that server to benchmark server response and response times

There is no need to have different locations in the options as we will host the script from specific servers on our local network out to the internet.

It would be beneficial to have the ability to force traffic through a defined proxy host in the PHP coding but the end user will not see this.

The results / output for the user must display the same information as the site listed above

URL tested: <URL>
Test performed from: <hostname of local server>
Test performed at: <time & date stamp to GMT>
Resolved As: <IP address of resolved URL>
Status: <OK or FAIL>
Response Time: <sec to 3 decimal places>
DNS: <sec to 3 decimal places>
Connect: <sec to 3 decimal places>
Redirect: <sec to 3 decimal places>
First byte:<sec to 3 decimal places>
Last byte:<sec to 3 decimal places>
Size: <size of return in bytes>

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I Need To Test My Paypal Tool With Real Money

I will escrow you some money, you use a credit card or debit card or whatever i dont care.

Amount is very small, 30. I will give you $5 for testing this for me. I cant use my account or cards because my name is linked to them.

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Find Addresses From Given URL

I need you to find addresses, phone and fax numbers, and ideally email addresses for 787 companies which I have the URLs of.

Those info should be organized into an Excel worksheet (see attached / missing info are in yellow cells). Most of those companies are French exhibitors for a French tradeshow which has taken place in Paris last year.

Test: please search the info for the companies "abelium collectivites" and "acs-production" (I will not reply to your offer without a successful test).

Future: I will have an increasing amount of those data to be completed. If I am happy with your output, I will send you those projects on a regular basis. Thanks.

Good luck to you all!

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Magento Upgrade – 1.4.2

Need upgrade to 1.4 system + magento classic theme + ideal extension

have a test website in place, have done some modicfications in some core files but now how to (re-)do this myself

prefer to have a test / staging environment to make my adjustements before going live

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Get A PHP Quiz Working With WordPress And Thesis Theme

Require a programmer with good knowledge of wordpress, PHP and preferably the Thesis theme

I have a PHP quiz placed on the following page of my wordpress blog:

The quiz is not on a wordpress post or page but has the same theme and layout as my blog which uses the thesis theme. I want to keep it that way

Unfortunately after integrating the quiz into wordpress the result page is no longer displaying results. After a user clicks FINISH TEST and CHECK YOUR ANSWERS it should provide the results of the test. There appears to be some kind of problem maintaining state.

Strangely, the test works when a plugin is installed and activated (Fast and Secure Contact Form)

Here is the original quiz before integration:

Here are some tutorials on using the thesis theme:

I require the following:

I would like to get the test working so it displays results correctly
I would like all the buttons on the test centered
I may also require a different kind of state. Session state rather than getting the data from the URL

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A Simple Video E-learning Software

An economic e-learning website.
the website will allow users to view videos of lessons about economy, finance, stock market etc.
each lesson will have a test that will allow the client to check his knowledge.

1. the admin will upload videos that will be converted to a "lighter" format (flv)
2. the admin will have the full list of users with all statistics
3. the website will have

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