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Magento Specialist – Sidebar Testimonials On CMS Pages

We are looking for someone with knowledge in core programming with Magento.

Our project is very straight forward:
What we want to achieve is to be able to place testimonials [static blocks] on one or both sidebar(s) of SPECIFIC CMS pages… (Not "All" CMS pages but SPECIFIC ones and not on "product" pages, that we know how to do it…)

If you have the knowledge in getting this job done or in helping us implementing it please apply.

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Reputation Management

Need someone to post TESTIMONIALS about my sites and a positive experience when purchasing products on it to respond against the attack from competitors that posted negative testimonials about my sites so the people would think that we provide bad services.
The job is to create multiple accounts and usernames in some sites (i will provide the list of sites on which I want to see testimonials posted) and post multiple very short "stories" and "testimonials" of how good the services are on my site.
The quote for this job is for 100 posts/testimonials
If satisfying experience, the job will be continued in much bigger scale with the worker.

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Need Video Testimonials – Only 30-45 Seconds.


We need several people to make short testimonial videos. They only need to be between 30 and 45 seconds.

We will pay you however you would like.

Each video will be 10 dollars :)…..That is a simple 10 dollars for 30-45 seconds of your time.

We will be accepted 5 people at first to see how it goes.

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WordPress Theme/admin Panel Creation Needed

We currently have a new design created for our website that includes a homepage, categories page, and product page. We are a manufacturing company so this is not a storefront it is more a product feature page. We will have job postings and testimonials that will need to be easily added in the admin area along with static pages (about us, who we are, etc.). We would like to have a wordpress blog also in conjunction with the other aspects of the site listed above.

What we need is to get all this functionality setup in WordPress. In doing so we need to have an admin panel that is very easy to manage. Adding a product should be a single page that is then assigned to a category. We should have the ability to add job postings, testimonials, blog posts, and static pages very easily too.

We have a few jquery plugins we would like to use: on the category page there needs to be a carousel style header that shows the products in that category. On the homepage we will have "featured images" and this should have its own admin page also. Testimonials will also be a featured area which should be manageable in the admin area.

Please contact us to clarify any questions you may have so that we may get an accurate estimate.

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Video Testimonials Required

I want some video testimonials recorded by you for 1 minute about my service ..
The service is about buying video testimonials for your website , and I will use the video you provide as examples..
I want videos VERY similar to
But you should say our website address instead .. which is

1- USA or
2- UK or
3- CANADA or
4- Australoa
Or YOU MUST BE VERY Very Very good at English ..
And 18+ years old .. good looking male or female .

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Html / Php Adjustments

I have a site that needs some very minor adjustments

I need the site to appear the same in the major browsers ( IE, SAFARI, CHROME )

site needs some minor alignment adjustments

I would like a simple script added to rotate text testimonials on the testimonials page

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Transcribe-Type Out Handwritten Notes

Type out several handwritten testimonials. Approx. 500 testimonials- about 40 words each. Must have good knowledge of English grammer and vocabulary.

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Blogger For Hire – Windows Home Improvement

We are starting a social campaign and want to hire a blogger / article writer to write 2 articles per week (8 articles per month).

Writer MUST, MUST, MUST be USA native.

Duties will include:

– Writing on a variety of the services we offer
– Featuring types of products we have and how they can improve your home
– Writing a post based upon testimonials or using testimonials.

Each article will be 300-500 words.

Please quote for 8 articles using the cost per 100 words.

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Audio And Video Testimonial Features Added To Script

I have a existing script that I am needing updated with new features.

Right now the script is a testimonial manager script that displays in a lightbox on client web sites. It handles written testimonials at the moment. I am wanting to add in 2 new types of testimonials that users can leave. 1st one is the ability to leave audio testimonials and the second one is to leave video testimonials.

Pretty simple project if you know what you are doing. These are new features to be added to my existing script and will need it to work the same way and give users options on what type of testimonial they would like to leave.

There are some command functions that need to be added in as well. These are the following:
1. There is a admin area for me when creating different types of plans. I need these 2 features to be added in there when adding new plans with checkmarks next to them to see if the plan I am creating is going to include these features. If not, then their account will not show the ability for their users to leave audio or video testimonials.
2. Ability for users to manage testimonials that were left for them. This is already done with the written testimonial version, just same thing with audio and video need to be done as well.

Project is nothing too small but nothing too big. I have a script already written that can be used for the video testimonial part if you would like to use it or would just like to write your own from scratch. Budget on this is around $200 – $300.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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New Features Added To Script

I have a script that is similar to in how it works. With the side button always showing on the left hand part of the screen.

My script works with user testimonials instead of feedback. I am looking for a programmer to add in the ability for users to leave Audio and Video testimonials to a web site in the same way that this one works. You can view a sample of the working script on

I am looking for a programmer that KNOWS his way around PHP, Javascript applications online that will be able to take on this job with no problem.

Here is how it should work.

VIDEO: When a user wants to leave a video testimonials, he/she will be prompt with a box that will turn their webcam on and show them. They will have the options to hit record, stop, redo. I would also like it to display a place where he/she can add text that will display on the video at the bottom, kind of like a newsline. This would ofcourse be optional to the user. The video should record both audio and video!

Audio: Nearly the same thing as the video just no video.

I have funds for this project already in my Freelancer account and set to pay out to whoever is able to complete these features for me.

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New Features To Be Added To Testimonial Script

I have a script that is already created. It is a video testimonial manager script that allows client access and integration codes for them to post on their web site.

Right now the program works over a light-box display on the screen, almost just like has.

I have a few things that I would like to add to this script to make it even more powerful.

1st – Ability to video and audio testimonials. When a user is prompt with leaving a testimonial, I want to give them the option to leave video, audio, or basic text testimonials.
For video – Prompt with a screen that will show them their image from their web cam that will have controls on it for record, pause, resume. After recording the video testimonial there should be controls for the user to add text overlay to the video, preview testimonial, re-do testimonial, or cancel.

For audio – Almost the same thing as the video with the controls it should have. Play, Pause, Resume, preview, or cancel.

2nd: Integration code to display testimonials within a html or php page. Simple coding that the user can paste into the code of their web site where they would like the testimonials to be displayed.

3rd coding check to help the performance of the testimonial display. Right now it locks up sometimes and will not open. PM me and I will give you details to test out this script in live. I can also provide you a account to test with in all of its features.

PM me and I will provide more details if you need it.

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Video Testimonials $1 (Women Only) For Products & Websites

This project we have is only for women at this time. Sorry guys. What we need are very short video testimonials of 45 seconds to 1 minute at most. We will pay $1 for each of these video testimonials. We will send you a script to speak in front of your video camera that is about 7 sentences long at most. You should have the ability to make up to 5 videos per day. Video files can be sent to us in a email. Video file should be in a format that can be used on YouTube. You must be able to read English and be able to speak English clearly so it can be understood on the video. Foreign accents are ok as long as the words are understandable. We also will need 2 photos of you also for promotion purposes. The more attractive the photos the more videos you may be asked to make. The photos can be sent in a personal message after bidding. When bidding keep in mind that you will be paid $1 for each completed video that you send us.

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Flash Header Animation – WordPress


I want a header for my website but I want certain control over the way it works.

1. Slideshow
I want to have an images folder and I want to be able to add and delete the images at any time. Depending on how many images are in the folder depends on how long the animation goes for (animation will keep repeating off course). Images should fade in and out as they change. First image in sequence should be random so it looks different each time the site is visited.

2. I want to display testimonials over top of the images on a different layer. I want this text taken from an external file, I want to be able to add testimonials to this file and have them appear in the slideshow. I want the first testimonial to be random each time the animation loads.

The reason I want the sequences to start in a random manner is so that the animation looks different each time and the user will see new testimonials rather than waiting to get through the old content.

There may be 6 images and there will be more than 50 testimonials so the testimonials and images will work on separate layers e.g if the images and testimonials changed every 4 seconds then it would only take 24 seconds for the images to repeat over but it would take 200 seconds before the testimonials started repeating.

I am hoping this wont be too hard, once the files are complete I want you to install it on the home page to my WordPress site.

I also want an external settings file where I can change the size of the animation and I can also change the amount of seconds between slides. Also a connection string to the folder where all the files are stored.

I also want this installed in my WordPress theme once it is complete

Budget $40

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Video Testimonials

We need video testimonials done by different people regarding Male Performance Enhancement Products. Videos must be creative and must be VERY convincing to buy the products. MEN and WOMEN can apply for this! I will provide a brief on what needs to be on the video, the rest is up to you.

1. Men and Women can apply.
2. Good video quality.
3. Must show your face in videos and be VERY original and convincing.


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English Video Testimonials Needed (Easy Work)

I need people of all nationalities to create well spoken ENGLISH video testimonials for our clients products.

These will simply be you going on to your webcam and recording a 1-3 minute script that we provide.

You need to email us the file in a suitable format (WMV/MOV/MP4) and you can record using any camera
including your web cam.

You will get $10USD per testimonial and there will be plenty of regular work (10+ per month in some cases).
So this is a great part time income earner for people from all nationalities.

Please reply with a short resume including your age, gender and location and also contact details. We will start
sending you scripts ASAP!

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Need Some Testimonials

I need some testimonials written, which will be submitted to our customers for approval, and will be publish to Computer and IT related website.

I will submit some links with the services/products as well as keywords needed. We will need a total of 20-40 testimonials of 400 words, please provide some pricing as well.

I need only quality writers, with strong grip of english and grammar who are expert in testimonials writing, please dont bid if your further outsource your project.


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Video Testimonials

Need video testimonials of my interactive bullying resource so that I can post them on my website and on YouTube.

You will need to access my site, try the resource and provide feedback/comments about
– what you liked about the product
– how you used it with your child and what they liked about it
– what your child learned
– maybe some comments about how it has changed their behaviour
– how you used/liked the support material (userguide and activity cards)

I am particularly interested in anyone who is able to interview a child (between the ages of 4-7) to ask them what they liked about the resource or what they learned about bullying. Or simply how they feel when other children do something mean to them.

Ideally I would like to have some video footage of the child actually using the resource.

The testimonial does not need to be long, but it does need to be good quality. If you require a script, please let me know when placing you bid. Also please let me know how many testimonies you can provide and whether or not that includes children.

Please check out the online demonstration of the resource and my website prior to bidding to ensure that you are familiar with the product you will be speaking about

I will provide the winning bidder(s) full access to the product.

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Video Testimonials

We need video testimonials done by 5 different people regarding contemporary jewelry products (mens tungsten rings and wedding bands). Video testimonials should be at least 30 seconds. The person giving the testimonial should be creative and must be original and convincing to buy the products. Men and women could advertise the product. Persons will talk about the product they purchased, the shopping experience, customer service, delivery time and satisfaction of the product. The person giving testimonial should have a good English accent (US, British, Australian, etc.). The video could be shot at any location, preferably home, showing the face of a person giving testimonial. No editing necessary. Scripts will be provided.

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Quick Scraping + Data Entry Gig


Ive got a quick job that I could use some web scraping / data entry on.

I have about 550 testimonials left over at , the website puts the info into tables. Id like to get these testimonials imported into excel and arranged by:

Date / Phone # / Email Address / Name / Testimonial / Picture

About 70 people have also left audio testimonials.. Which can be listened to via their built in flash player. I want these ripped as MP3 (you may need software that records your stereo mix).. and put into a folder. The filename of the mp3 being the persons name that sent it.

This is a 1-3 hour job.


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Video Testimonials NEEDED For Male Enhancement Products!

We need video testimonials done by different people regarding Male Enhancement Products. Videos must be creative and must be VERY convincing to buy the products. MEN and WOMEN can apply for this! Persons will talk about the results they achieved with the certain products and that each product is recommended by him or her.

1. Men and Women can apply
2. Must have an EXCELLENT English accent ( I HIGHLY PREFER PERSONS from the United States.)
3. Must show your face in videos and be VERY original and convincing

Job description:
1. Male enhancement products (penis pills, penis extenders) video reviews
2. I need many videos so it is better if you have other friends or contacts that can make additional videos.
3. I WILL review all videos prior to payment, so expect take them back and rework them if need be.


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Video Adult Testimonials

We are looking for people (men and women) with fluent english accent to record ADULT video testimonials reviewing our products.
Each video will have a duration of 30 sec to 60 sec.

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Need 3 Video Testimonials (Forex Niche)

Hello, i will need 3 video testimonials on an forex product.

I will choose you, and we must meet on Skype briefly.

This is an quick, easy, and fun project for anyone interested, there are some requirements though.

We will provide you the script

1. Must speak proper English.

2. Video must be good quality.

3. Review must be in the range of 1-2 minutes.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you

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Sales Video

I need a sales video like the one shown here :

This would be for tax settlement. Some information can be found here :
I think showing some of the best testimonials here, or from the archives would work well. It only needs to be a couple minutes long to prep the company, show the testimonials, then push to call (With the number showing at all times)

Please show a previous example video.

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Need 3 Video Testimonials For Gold Trading Website

I Need 3 video testimonials on Gold Trading website providing forecast, quote me price for all 3 videos.

This is a quick, easy, and fun project for anyone interested, there are some requirements though.

1. Must be native American or UK English persons (can be male or female) and must speak English properly.

2. Testimonials Video must be from three different persons.

3. Review must be in the range of 2-3 minutes video, Video must be good quality and can be posted on website like youtube.

you may ask for more details about website in private message…

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.

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Video Feedbacks Needed(Video Files)

Need 15 Video Testimonials from random English speaking people regarding our company that we can upload on our website. People dont have to try our products. We will provide text for 15 testimonials.
Your job is to find 15 random English speaking people. (Age range: 40-70 years old.) Record videos and email them to us. Very simple project.

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Video Testimonials Wanted

What I need done:
Quick, casual video testimonials. Real people who can make a genuine case for enjoying and liking our music product. Its simply too difficult to get people to do this for us– we have tons of written testimonials, but we need videos. If you know 10 people that you can recruit to do this, than youre our source.

Setting can be a casual in home look, office or school. Each person will only have about 60-90 seconds of time to talk. We would like 10 separate testimonials. A different setting for each is ideal.

Video quality can be standard non high def, audio needs to be good with no background noise. It needs to be very watchable and clean– but does not need an overly professional feel.

What I provide:
I will provide the scripts for each testimonial, once you send me the bios for the 10 people you have to use (age, gender, physical traits, look) so the scripts can match the person.

We can have 3 students (18-24) but the rest should be adults of varying ages.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
Please provide the videos in mov format– I will ask if others are needed.

Timeframe for delivery:
Please deliver assets specified within 4 days of selection.

Payment: $250 total, in full upon completion.

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4 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS Preferably By Adults Aged 40+

4 video testimonials needed ASAP. They should be recorded in different environments (could be anywhere, at home, outside, in a car, whatever youve got access to). The script is already written, you just have to video tape it. Ability to act with authenticity would be good, but not a definite requirement. You dont have to put your real name we will give you a script. This is basically videos that will be used in an art project. I will post a video example if you would prefer that. Each recording shouldnt last more than two minutes.

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