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I recently started a website thats getting around 6,000 hits a day and would like some help with bulk advertising ankd helping people visit my site. I have a goal of how many members Id like to have. More details to follow and thanks for the offers. By the way, $150 is the highest Id like to go because I spent some money designing and building the site. Thanks

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25,000+ Youtube Views

i need some who can provide fast but real views. no bots. i cant have this video banned from youtube, its too amazing. give bid on price per 25,000 views and say how fast you can do it. thanks. also say if views are from one place like one country or not. thanks.

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10 Sports 10 Travel Articles

Hello, thanks for looking at my project.

Currently I am looking for someone that can write 10 articles about sports, any sports and anything do with sports.
And I am looking for someone that can write 10 articles about travel, anything to do with travel actually.

These need to be 500 words and they are ezine, I will pay $1.25 an article. If I like you I might ask you to do work in the future. If you can please send me a sample.


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Need 1000 Phone Numbers


I need 1000 phone numbers every month to creating my own pvas.

Please pm me if you have phone numbers in bulk and your price.

The numbers should can be forwarded to my own usa numbers,if the numbers are steadily enough,we will need more than 500 per week,the price should be reasonable and the numbers can be already used by others.

Also, if you can find such a service, then pls recommend me, if the service work fine, I will pay you some money to say thanks.


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Boost Link Popularity For Jewelry Site

Thanks for visiting my project.
We are looking for professional hands of experienced people for link boosting who always give more importance for quality. I need lot of small projects needs to be done in regular time interval.

This task is for 100 high PR links ( jewelry niche related) for 2 sites.

Appreciate your earliest confirmation.

Thanks & Regards,

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Best Articles For Body Jewelry Related Topics


Thanks for visting this project.

I am looking for 50 to 100 blog post in any good reputable jewelry related blogs with back links.

I have more sites and if you offer the quality service I will be your long term customer for many projects.

Thanks & Regards,

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Need 5000 Yahoo Accounts Made ASAP

I need 5000 yahoo accounts created ASAP.
I will provide the usernames/passwords to create. Ill be checking this post frequently so please bid as i need these asap.

03/28/2011 at 1:48 EDT:

Again.. please note that I WILL BE PROVIDING THE USERNAMES to create.. please do not sell premade accounts 🙂

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Simply Install And Customize VirtueMart E-commerce Website

I would like someone to install VirtueMart e-commerce than install this template for me, and customize it to fit my brand.

Once done, I need to have a full site to be up, and for me (as an Admin – without coding) to easily manage products.

Lowest $ offer will have a good chance, Thanks,

03/21/2011 at 23:35 EDT:

meant "then" instead of "than"… thanks,

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Tubeme Thanks

Need to get some accounts now. will wait for send. thanks

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Bulk Email Available 100% Genuine

I have Lot Of Genuine Lead Email In various Country 100% Genuine Email and If you need Address Name Etc. I can provide. If any one Need Please Ping Me.


03/15/2011 at 13:12 EDT:

Please PM me How many Lead Email you Want and what is your offer.


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Addproject For Procoder

As discussed thanks thanks!

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Content Author For An Adult Site

Hello, Im looking for a Content Author for an adult site (Adult Anime) you must be a fan of the niche, frequent the sites often and are knowledgeable about the niche such as the terminologies etc..

Please PM me your brief history with the niche, such as how long youve been surfing for Adult Anime, your knowledge of it etc.. Please do a place-holder bid, more details will be discussed via PM. Thanks.

Please note that any copy and paste bid will be ignored. Thanks.

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Php Developer Required

Hello there,

I need a PHP developer for a small web site.

It is basically a web application with less than 8 pages.

I will provide the MySQL database structure with data.
All the developer got to do is simply bring the data from the database and display it on the webpage.

I will provide the CSS as well.
I have the complete design & flow of the website.

Thanks for looking into my project.

I look forward to reading your PMs.


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$ 1.25 For Per 450-500 Words Articles:::Daily Payment

I am looking for an article writer with mother tongue English to write articles on various niche subjects.

I will provide you with keywords and Youre required to create high quality well researched articles.

The articles should have good grammar, sentence and paragraph coherency – thus why native speakers only.

450-500 word each and must be 100% copy scape free.

I will pay $1.25 per article. Please dont Bid if you are not satisfied at the rate.

Must be able to provide me 5-7 articles per day. Thanks.

Please write a short article (100 words) about "Concentration or consideration what should be chosen In doing online business."

I cannot accept the bid without the sample. Thanks.

Happy Bidding.

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Livezilla Customisation

Good evening,

We have the current version of LiveZilla installed on our webserver. It is at the defaul path ( and we would like this moving to a different directory (, but all configurations/settings/profiles maintaining.

In addition, we require some customisation to add a TITLE tag to the chat user chat window, changing the text in the footer, and also the LIVEZILLA text reference found just underneath the window logo.

We can provide FTP details or just the relevant files for you to change and send back so we can upload. This should be a quick job for someone competent and experienced. Any questions, please drop me a line.

Thanks for taking the time to read through 🙂


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Article Writting

I need some writters i pay 0.50$ par 400+ words articles and i need 10 articles paer day Thanks…
Note I pay every saturday on freelancer thanks…..

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Automated Ecommerce Website With API Integration

Hi ,

We need a automated retail site for Unlocking Codes with Api integrated from our suppliers , example or or we need something similar with api intergration from our suppliers also we need custom cart with cart management , product management and order management with changeable templates and layout ,



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Visit Fertilizer Plant In Xinjiang China

We would like to visit a fertilizer plant in Xinjiang China and report back what you see. We want (a) photographs and (b) an estimate of the amount of activity taking place at the plant.

This project is URGENT – and we would like you to do this on the first possible work day.


02/05/2011 at 22:01 EST:

The plant is in Urumqi. Thanks.

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Need To Hire A Part Time Freelance Designer.

Coming up with a design based company and I need a highly skilled web design and UI designer along with HTML skill.He/She must know to validate with w3c validation.The candidate must be elegant in photoshop and must produce web 2.0 style.Flash exp is not required but a good sense of flash banner and landing page is an additional bonus.This will be a continuous process of work.I want a design style like cssmania

So if you can kindly send some of the genuine work links you have worked on including client reference.Ill sign an NDA with the final person and the work will go on per project basis and will provide him all sorts of information.This is the first round process so please take time and send me the details.Please note that this is for individual freelancers not for companies and would be interested to work on a flat rate basis.Ill discuss rates and everything on my next Private message.

Thanks and waiting for your response.For not selecting scams please write on general msg board "Application for the post of freelance web design" so that Ill consider you as you have read the requirement before bidding.

Thanks and regards

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Magento Template Installation Repost

We want installation of new template [ free template ] with these options .

See template
[ ]


[ ]

Which you feel its easier and quicker.

1. We need installation of free theme in clean magento 1.4.2
2. We need list of product attributes to be shown under the main info on the products page
3. We need to remove reviews/buy/wishlist buttons as this site is vitrine shop only and not actual eshop.
4. Also install from connect manager an extension for menu to be on the left


Simple and quick project must be delivered in 24 hours .

Thanks for your time .

Sorry Biders for reposting but the freelancer we chose didnt handle the project correctly .

02/03/2011 at 3:28 EST:

Also for freelancers that want to deliver the installation first in 24 hours and then the changes in buttons and attributes please another 24 hours is possible , but we will prefer bids for total 36 hours delivery . Thanks

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Hi this is for 1 single .net project time frame about 3 days ,budget about $700 if you are qualified let us know hit us up with a pm thanks . Must have some experience in Twitter Api ready to escrow and start tonight thanks .

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WordPress (I Want To Get My Blog Checked Of Errors)


I want my WordPress Blog to be checked of Errors.
I want it to be optimized and i want my site to load faster, get the sitemap checked and fix the errors.

Its a small project and small site.


02/01/2011 at 16:59 EST:

My Budget is Under 30 USD or under.


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Website Created Needed……..

Basically im in the process of trying to create a website very similar in every way to MYBUILDER.COM UK. I am looking for someone to create the website using all the features the original site posseses if possible.

eg. Basically tradesmen register all there profiles, there skills, qualifications and experience and pictures—and they are able to bid for jobs etc.
The general public post jobs they need doing, for example i need a garden wall doin blah blah blah and then a tradesmen can give there qoutes and the general public choose the person they wish to hire.. and a percentage of the final price will go to my website as the original.

Obviously a bit of searching into the site would be required to really be like for like..

Thanks for reading and i look forward to someone been able to do this for me.

Many Thanks….Gavin…

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Writter Required

Hi, I need some writters who submit me minimum two articles par day which consisit on 500 words. I pay every week 0.70$ par article on Note Articles should be origional i have copy scape softwere. and i prefer minimum bid…
Pak Writters.

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Fast Server Captcha Project @ 1$/1k – Long Term

Hello Pals,

Thanks guys for all your co-operation and support. As promised I am back with a separate project for you guys.

Looking for team/individual who is ready to work in India hours – Night Timing. (10.00 PM – 6.00 AM)

It is a very long term project, very fast server, weekly or fortnightly pay.

Pay – 1$/1K entries that you make.

Please guys BID with PM.

Pontu Ding!

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OScommerce Expert Required For Custom Work URGENT

I need OScommerce Expert for custom work more details via pmb!
New freelancers are welcomed. Its and urgent project please bid if you can complete within 24 hr.


01/29/2011 at 4:42 EST:

This is an easy task please dont bid over 30$ please it will take 1 or 2 hrs. Thanks!

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Articles Writing

I need some writers which submit me maximum article per day. i pay 0.60$ par articles which consist on 450+ words Please note i prefer lowest bid. Thanks… and i pay you weekly on freelancer Thanks,,,,

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Articles Writting

I need some writters who submit me minimum two articles daily i need articles 500+ words and i pay 0.80$ per article and i will pay every week. Thanks….
Note i prefer minimum bid thanks…

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Crawler Script Or Product Additions.

Thanks for reading my project I

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Live Person Actor For Website Video Production


I am looking for an individual or a company who can provide me

1) Live Person Actors for Testimonials
2) Green Screen Live Actor for Website

If you cannot do post productions of it , no issues . Only video production is enough.

thanks and let me know when we can discuss it .


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Website Re-Design Project

My client needs his website design updated.
He is presently using a template, probably a free one.
The client likes video and his present site has more video than text.
I want something that incorporates both, built on WordPress.
Also he will require more than the usual 5 pages, this is mostly because he has staff, and would like each of them to have their own pages.
Of course they will need a contact form and other features that can be found in WordPress.
So, please be very knowledgeable when it come to WordPress.

Thanks you for reading this. Only show me your best WordPress work, I dont have the time to go through everyones entire portfolio. Thanks

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