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Pregnancy WordPress Theme

You will need to create a simple wordpress theme.

It will have 2 columns with a left side bar. Must be able to add widgets.

The theme should use css and SEO friendly and optimized.

The topic for the theme is "Pregnancy"

You should use nice colours and will just have a banny graphic at the top that resembles pregnancy.

Must be able to be used on wordpress 3.0 or 3.1

If you are new to freelancer and want to get your first project, i encourage you to apply, but please do tell me how you are qualified to do this.

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WP Private Project For Adeelarshad

Private Project wordpress Theme Customization

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WordPress Theme

Hi All,
Im a website designer, I would like to find a developer who have experience in css and wordpress developer.
Im Series looking for long relationship work, if you do correctly I will keep hire and have a lot of project for you. So work with me please do correctly.

1) I am going to favor who have a great feedback
2) Who can supply samples of similar works that they have completed
3) Who have experience in css and wordpress & must be able to complete it fast.
4) Provide good delivery time
5) Good and regular communication


– The site will be multilingual and will use a standard plug;
– The site will have a landing page to allow the user to select the language;
– The home page will show a preview of four pages, the content will be populated with the appropriate fields on the page;
– There are two types of pages "page.php";
– The first type of page will have a jquery slider to full screen and a band that contains the text, this band will have to be closed with jQuery, the page must have the appropriate fields to populate the images in slide;
– The second type of page will have a background image as fixed, it shall be specified by a special course that is always the editor of this page will have content and then on the left a gallery of images always slide to the bottom of this type of page must be inserted a widget to display a preview of some filtered by category;
– contact page with form;
– blog page and single page of the blog;


Website Requirements:
1. The theme will be working with the latest stable version of WordPress;
2. Site must look exactly like the .psd – down to every margin, spacing, placement, font size, font type, color, etc. so it has to look exactly like the .psd design because that is exactly what the customer approved.
3. Must adhere to official WordPress Theme guidelines
4. Must pass Theme Checker Plugin & Sample theme test data provided by WordPress
6. The output should be valid Xhtml 1.0 Strict working on the major browser: IE9, IE8, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
7. Id like it to have an admin panel to set it up
8. Complete send me the template and manual how to install and use the templates.

Delivery in 3 Step
1. Send HTML/CSS/JQUERY in zip file. I pay $75.00
2. Send The Wp template front end. I pay $75.00
3. Send Final Wp package with backend Panel Control and How to install and use the templates. I pay $100.

1. Budget is $250.00, work is considered complete when the customer is completely satisfied. As long as the items in the scope above are complete, there should be no issues. In other words, looks just like the .psd design – if you need to reach me w/questions before that, I will be available.
2. After you finish submit them to me by email.
3. This template is belong to me.

Important terms information:
We understand the importance of Artist Credit. However, any work created must include all source files, and are the sole property of us. Said work will be displayed only on our portfolio as such. We require all final source files (png, psd, fonts, images, etc) delivered immediately after completion of the project.

Thank you for bidding, and hope to work with you soon!

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WordPress Theme Modifications

Have a multi-author news site built on WordPress, using a theme from

Need relatively minor tweaks:
– Frontpage has multiple content boxes, one box for each category. Each box displays the latest post for its respective category. I need it modified so that each box displays the latest post, as it does now, and 3 to 5 links to earlier posts below that.

– Create and configure additional ad spots. We sell our ads directly to our own advertising customers. We need more spots, and they have to be configured to work with our very standard ad management system. All ad sizes and locations on the page are very standard.

Preferences for US Military Vets, and for US citizens.

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WordPress Theme

I need the attached designs converted into a wordpress theme. The site links to a thiRd party site from four areas:

site registration
site search
member feed

code is attached.

the centre of the page must be 970 px wide.

I will suppy psd files when bid is accepted – all images must be kept as individual layers so can easily be changed.

this is a redesign of an existing site –

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Configure A Purchased WordPress Theme.

I am looking for someone to configure a WP theme on my blog. The theme is located here:

The blog is a very simple tech-blog for average users.

WordPress is installed, the theme is installed, I just require some thoughtful configuration of the layout and images.

Prefer someone who can provide the service with minimal direction and provide a very quick turn around.

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WordPress Theme Customisation

I would like someone to totally redesign my classiified website that has wordpress with classipress theme installed in it. I will give you an outline of how I want the design. Also I want two more options(mods) by which I can charge the users for posting ads; and a search feature that has a bit more options than the one already included in the theme.
I would explain everything in detail after i select the final bid. Please only bid if you think you are capable to do all that I have listed above.

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WordPress Theme

I need a custom WordPress theme to publish book online for free reading.

I need a simple and elegant solution. Id prefer a child theme/framework.

The concept is similar to this with some changes.

Youll be provided with a book in PDF format for design and typography reference.
Detailed wireframe will be provided as well.

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Make WordPress Theme

Im going to install a wordpress blog into an existing website. looking for someone to create the theme based on our website – same colors, look & feel, incorporate menu from joomla site.

this should be a very quick job.
I expect to get back a zip folder with wordpress 3.0.5 (latest) with the theme/template.
include Clean urls and basic SEO plugins.
addition of new plugins should not break template.
build the theme/template using pure HTML /CSS

When bidding you need to provide examples of themes you have already developed to my email address:

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WordPress Theme -Edits

Need to change the following;
Remove a block in a certain area of the website.
Adjust the css.styles sheet so the font fit better on the website in certain places.
Remove images in certain places in a block.
Add a contact form for the contact page
Add and change links at the top of the page and create linking pages

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Tutorial WordPress Theme

I want to create a tutorial site / blog

the theme should looklike

you can editi a theme or what ever i really need a theme like it.

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WordPress Theme Implementation

I have an existing website at The site is officially launching next week. The blog located at does not share a common look and feel.

I currently have the wordpress Twenty Ten theme installed and would like this theme updated to have a look-and-feel close to I would prefer not to change the theme but I am open to suggestions of another theme that fits better.

!! I would It is important that no WordPress functionality is compromised during the process. !!

The look and feel does not need to be an exact match, but should provide users with a clear connection between the two sites.

A successful proposal will include a rough comp in the process of how they imaging the implementation to be.

I will provide a photoshop file of the comp for

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Basic WordPress Theme

As agreed for $40 please bid and I will accept. For invited only.

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WordPress Theme

We are looking to engage the services of a competent web designer with experience in use of WordPress and Thesis theme.

The first stage of this project is to create the basis structure / theme within Thesis (we have licensed copy of Thesis) from which we can populate with our content. An example of the proposed look and feel will be provided for you to work from. Some graphical design may be required ie buttons, links etc as well as some basic forms.

In selecting the successful bidder considerations will be given to experience with WordPress and Thesis, examples of recent works completed, fluent English. They will be required to perform this work themself with no subcontracting out of the job. Please include confirm of these criteria in your communications.

Stage two is to create secure login areas for two types of users so they can have access to very specific information. This may be offered following successful completion of stage one.

Please bid on Stage one only.

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WordPress Theme Update Needed

I need some additional sections added to my main wordpress page at Currently there are 4 sections with postings that go with each section. I need to have 10 in total with headers with color banner behind it.

Need my bio section on home page adjusted so it is more like with my pic there and links underlined so people know they can click on them.

Need my FOLLOW ME section fixed on internal pages. Currently its doing something odd.

Need an easier way to change out EBOOK and FORM on home page and inner pages so I can test different ones out. Right now I would have to go into code and do it.

Need contact us form changed to use form code from hubspot. I would provide the code but you would need to format it properly so it looks correct and matches my theme.

Need a new main header banner Im having made added and the old one taken out.

Need my PLEASE JOIN ME section taken out and change BOOK ME TO SPEAK section at bottom right sidebar to say BUSINESS MODEL/UX SPEAKER and be like side bar area where it says SOCIAL MEDIA SPEAKER. Then I want to be able to have a video there like he does. Then I want the places Im speaking to go under that. You will see I currently have links under BOOK ME TO SPEAK ON MONETIZATION STRATEGIES. I want that section moved up above categories. I want the TRENDWATCHING Section to be at bottom like it is now but different TITLE and no links to where Im speaking below it. Basically swapping some sidebar sections out or moving them up.

For categories section on right sidebar I want a drop down bar like he has instead of links.

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Update To WordPress Theme

At the moment our wordpress theme is working well on firefox, however, on internet explorer the theme is justified left, rather than center, and you are unable to view the right sidebar. I need this fixed so that the theme looks correct in Internet explorer. Quick easy project, but if all goes well, I have a lot of other wordpress work needed.

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Fix WordPress Theme

I have a WordPress theme that does not render properly in IE 8. It appears to work in all other browsers. Your Job will be to fix the rendering problems where ever they occur, making certain that the site renders properly across multiple platforms – Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 6-8, etc.

The site appears to already render properly in all but IE 8.

I dont think this will take a competent WP CSS fellow much more than about 10 minutes to fix, so please be fair on the price, and Ill have more work for you.

The site is www dot bestwebhostingreviews dot org

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WordPress Theme Customized

I basically need someone to customize the search form to allow users to search for churches. the theme was created for automobiles:

The search fields must include: Denominations, Worship style, Church Size, Special Needs, Daycare Services, Zip Codes, Service day and time, and Keywords.

Note: all fields should be dropdown menus excluding the keywords field which should be text
i will get you the specific options upon request

Also I will need the headers on the theme to be change from vehicles and cars to churches

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Iphone Unlock WordPress Theme

I need a wordpress unlock iphone theme.

It should have a front page where users will land that will be similar(but NOT the same) to
No flash. Must be your original design.

Exclusive and complete copyrights to all completed theme files once delivered and paid will belong to me. You may not distribute the template or the design in any way.

30% Milestone, first mock up, how it looks.
70% on completition.

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Chrome Rendering Issue – WordPress Theme

I am having an issue with my WordPress Theme. It has stopped rendering properly in Chrome. It renders perfectly in IE (7,8), Firefox, Safari and Opera. The problem seems to be that something is shifting the menu bar slightly, which causes the main page and sidebar to shift. The right sidebar is pushed off the page and displays below the main text.

The site is and it is using the latest release of WordPress.

This theme was generated using Artisteer and has (until a few months ago) been rendering just fine in Chrome. Not sure what the new problem is.

Using "Inspect Element" in Chrome, I can actually remove (what appears to be) a hidden element with a link to the home page in the "art-menu" class (it appears directly to the left of the "Home" button. However, this code appears to be generated in my Header file using a php function called "art_menu_items". This is where Im out of my element in terms of troubleshooting.

What I need is:

1. A fix to this issue so that Chrome renders properly (using the correct rendering in one of the other browsers as a guide).
2. To ensure that any updates to the theme/functions/css do not change the rendering of any of the other browsers listed above.
3. Cause no other errors/issues with the site functionality.
4. An itemized description of what was changed in code/theme so that I can understand what went wrong originally.

I have attached the theme files as part of this project. If you require any other files (images, etc), please indicate this.


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WordPress Theme

I require someone to build a custom wordpress theme, that is based upon a design that I hold.
I will supply graphics/HEX codes and all information required.
I am happy for the theme to be built upon existing wordpress themes, and I can provide several themes that are similar in design to my needs.
I am looking for a quick turn around on this project.
All details will be supplied upon the acceptance of a freelancer, and I will be available on skype/Google chat etc should you need to discuss any details.

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Need A WordPress Theme Designed

Its not a make money fast project.

I need a wordpress theme like this
I will provide:
1. New header background image.
2. Theme code for original theme

The new theme needs to look like this but yet, it should be different when looking at theme files and code etc.
Some design, font type, background changes will also needed to be done.

Original theme has many options and squeeze page templates, sample text etc etc. All of that will need to be removed.

The links in the footer need to be protected in a way that theme stops working if anyone removes the code.

Final code should be XHTML ready. Compatible with all browsers and with no errors.

No upfront payment.
I have limited budget. so place reasonable bids.
More work to follow if I like the theme.

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I’ll Pay $30 For A Ready Made WordPress Theme.

I need a wordpress theme like this
You will get paid immediately. Lowest bidder with working theme wins.
I need a ready made template. Payment is $30 for this easy job.

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WordPress Theme

Using suffusion wordpress theme( mimic as a wordpress child theme.

specifically im looking to see colour coordination between the nav bar and subpages,

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Customizer For WordPress Theme

I currently have a theme installed on my wordpress that I purchased from and would like some minor customization done to it.

Here is the link to the demo of the theme. Click this link and look at it as you read what I want done for my customization:

All instructions what I need to be done i will give to bid winner in PM or by Skype.
Message me a link to websites with wordpress themes you have customized and anything else that you have customized before.

Please do not waste our times and only bid if you understand what customization I would like done and are an expert in wordpress and customizing wordpress themes. My maximum budget is $ 70. Please keep in mind that this is a really simple project for experienced specialist. Ive got a several WP websites and Im looking for WP guy with skills for my future projects and customizations. Thank you and good luck!

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WordPress Theme Changes

My WordPress website is almost finished, the site just need some minor modifications and installed plugins like mp3 player, quote plugin (where the quotes changes for each day), a picture gallery plugin and other small changes. The name of the site is: and I want the modifications to be similar to I also need to redesign the empty space on the top of the page with a pic of size 540×370 and text, which I can upload and change through the wordpress admin, like I do with the other articles that are on the frontpage. I also need to insert my logo which I will mail to the person that gets the job!


ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS !!! For any questions, please feel free to ask me questions.

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WordPress Theme Changes

My WordPress website is almost finished, the site just need some minor modifications and installed plugins like mp3 player, quote plugin (where the quotes changes for each day), a picture gallery plugin and other small changes. The name of the site is: and I want the modifications to be similar to I also need to redesign the empty space on the top of the page with a pic of size 540×370 and text, which I can upload and change through the wordpress admin, like I do with the other articles that are on the frontpage. I also need to insert my logo which I will mail to the person that gets the job!


ONLY SERIOUS BIDDERS !!! For any questions, please feel free to ask me questions.

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WordPress Theme Implenetation – Ia3

I bought a ia3 ( wordpress theme. I need somebody to make it look like (thats the same theme). Implement on my server.
There is lot of javasript so lookout.

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Urgently Need WordPress Theme!!!

Hi I need a customized WordPress theme designed and installed. I need this to be done withing 1-2 days. I will provide you with the links to the images in fotolia Id like you to use in the design. Will write more details to qualified freelancers.

In order to qualify for this project you should:

– have enough experience in customizing WordPress;
– have designer skills and sense of taste;
– provide examples of your works;

Thank you alnd looking forward to hearing from you!

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WordPress Theme Customisation

I am looking for someone to customize the menus on 4 wordpress themes.

I have 4 different wordpress themes integrated on my website.

The aim is to customize them so that they appear as 1 website

1)I would like to change the navigation menus on all themes so that they match my main website. Please note. It is the actual menu type that I want changing not just the graphics
2) I would like all of the encrypted urls to be removed from themes
3)1 of the themes has google maps however it is outdated and I would like to change map type.
4) some small graphic design changes and layout changes

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WordPress Theme Customization.

Help me customise this theme
Will need a Google Calendar plugin among a list of things.
Development time should be short but I do need to go back and forth with client to get things right so the actual complete date will be around 2 to 3 weeks time.

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WordPress Theme Needs Altering And Recoding

Ok this is the site you will be altering and I have listed the changes I want below.

1. Want a logo adding into the header (top left)

2.If you see here each post has a summary of the reviews, positive review, negative review etc, but when you click into the catagory here and look at the posts it is not there, I want it adding there too.

3. If you see here the post ranked number 1 has Read Reviews and Visit Site next to it, well I want this adding on ever post summary and also in each post such as here just below the stars rating.

4.In Each post you can add a picture such as here I want the picture position changing so its to the right of the stars instead of above them.

5. In each category like here I want the posts to be in alphabetical order and be able to jump to a certain letter i.e there will be a list of letters A-Z under the highest rated table and you will be able to click the letter Z and then it will display all posts beginning with Z you will then be able to scroll through the Z lists and the same with any other letter.

I want this doing fairly quickly so please only bid if you can start immediately.


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WordPress Theme

Hi i am looking for someone to design a wordpress theme i can use for some single page sites i am in proccess of making, i

need the theme to be something like this The theme/source code needs to be easy to duplicate many times as I will be producing many mini sites.

– The theme has to be compatible with most WP plugins
– The theme should be SEO friendly and compatible with top wordpress seo plugins
– The theme has to have a control panel on wordpress backend in order to edit some options and make it user friendly
– The theme has to be viewable by most browsers including (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera,…)
– need to be able to add images with alt tags
– theme needs to be able have borders around images
– need to be able to link images to our main website
– be able to apply a custom header
– More details will be provided upon request

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