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E-commerce Website For Cable Making Online Shop


Im looking for some to build up&design a site. The site got to do create sound cables (like XLR, Mic cables, Video cable etc.).
The site need to cart in it and have to be attach to paypal.
The design needs to clean and must contain the logo.
The site must have a clear admin which will be easy to control.

It will have the next few sectections
Create you cable
Contact Me
Terms Of use

Create your own cable

This is the most complex thing in the site,
What I need is the customer will choose a picture which will be one side of the cable. (for example XLR MALE)
The sec. picture the customer choose is the sec. side of the cable
the thirs category the customer need to fill is how long should the cable be
and the last thing is how many cable like this you need.

The customer need to have add the cart and the moment he will press on go to cashier he will be send to paypal for paying.

There will be combination that could not work so the site wont let them work it out.

you can see a sample site here –
This site dont have ecommerce, but it similar to what i want.
Please ask me if you need any more details.



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Bug Removal + Other Things ,emergency Project

i need you to remove bugs from an existing Magento webshop that isnt finish yet:
Examples of bug removal:
1: Google Translate makes funny things to images..

Other thing:
Need products to Generate into XML file, i will tell how it should do that

Other thing:
Need a new custom plugin you should create…


Bug removal 24/48 hours
Feedmachines: 4 days
Plug in: 4 days

Total budget: $600 dollars
Professionel job, you should be a team to provide us this fast..

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Any Thing Goes

I have many projects for you
so kindly bid here and you need to know word press , face book ; php , data entry etc

i will give you details in pm
you are bidding is a way to approve my term and condition
i will tell you price and work in pm for each suitable work as per your expertise…..

you should be online and good and every field if you needed more work

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K2 Customization

I have installed joomla with K2 component, I just want to add two features on K2 article page
1) ask quotation button
-Whenever visors click on this button pop up window will be open with some fields if user is not registered it will ask for registration or login and admin can see list of requests (admin will see requested article list with thumbnail) second thing there will be a module which will show requested articles to the user

2)At to favorite button
-Whenever register user click on this button K2 article will be favorite if user is not registered it will ask for register or login and second thing there will be a module which will show users favorite articles list

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Deal Aggregator Website

We want to create a deal aggregator. Compiling all the best daily deals for each city and each deal category. There are hundreds of websites that offer deals. We want to compile them in ane easy to read and view area for the users to find the best deals in there city.

A few websites doing this are

We need someone to reverse engineer what they are doing and make the same thing for us.

Our budget is 1000 dollars for this job.

50% upfront remainder 2 weeks after we see every thing is up and running.

Apply if you have experience with APIs and with data pulling from other websites.5

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Toolbar Project To Redirect Traffic


Im looking for someone with experience in tool bars. I need a tool bar or a plugin for firefox chrome ie and safari.

The tool bar will monitor keywords and urls. in the back end of this tool bar will be code to redirect them to other websites or make urls load on there screen either pop up or pop under or link to another site they didnt request.

Im trying to make a ppv business every thing is in place but the tool.

Ideally Id like someone who has done this sort of thing before so they can give me some ideas on how it works and also so it dont take to long to build

many thanks

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3D Password

Hi Guys, we need a small model on using 3d password.. Once implemented and you log in to a secure site,the 3D password GUI opens up.This is an additional textual passwords which the user can simply put.Once he goes through the first authentication, a 3D virtual room will open on the screen.In our case, lets say a virtual garage.

Now in a day to day garage one will find all sorts of tools, equipments ,etc.each of them having a sigular properties.The user will then interact with these properties accordingly.Each thing in the 3D space, can be moved around in an (x,y,z) plane.Thats the moving attribute of each thing.This property is common to all the objects in the space.Suppose a user logs in and enters the garage.He sees and picks a screw-driver(initial position in xyz coordinates (5,5,5)) and moves it 5 places to his right (in XY plane ie (10,5,5).That can be identified as an authentication.

AT FIRST PLEASE SUBMIT UR MODEL USING FLASH (eg. a room with tv. switching on and a some channel no (say 23) should be the password.. if succeded u will be select for the implementation… send models asap..

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I Phone App – Random Quotes

I think from the project name everyone understand my request 🙂
I want very simple app to let people see daily motivational quotes.
the idea is to view one quote every day and the user can add it as favorite and also can share it with his friends by email, facebook, twitter or any social networks.

so anyone can do it 🙂
one more thing this app will be in Arabic not English and will provide you all things.
some examples:

please note that need some thing simple with low cost 🙂

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ChatRoulette With More Features…

I need a copy of chat roulette with some additional features. The major addition will be that people have profiles. I will tell you about the project in more detail if I think your qualified for the job. I will need a minimalistic admin user interface as well. As I know little about website programming, the most important thing will be communication. You will have to advise me on certain matters and be as constructive as possible. Because this might seem the ideal chance for someone to screw me over, you will get the payment after you have successfully completed the job. I expect it to be 100 percent bug free. All graphical design will be coming from you. To apply for this job please message me with some work you have done ( the more the better), any qualification/certification you have acquired, how many years of experience you have, whether your a company or a single person and anything else that might give me a reason to choose you.

Edit: Im reposting this project with a more generous budget, but I will expect you to be that much better then the other bids I have received on my last post. Also I would like to add that I want this to be a sort of teamwork thing, whereby you show me the progress thus far, and I can evaluate it and make some minor changes if necessary.

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Online Game Platform


I need someone gifted, to build an online game platform. I have only the ideea of the game but nothing else. So, it will be the best to be a team for this job. If you bid please tell me the time you thing you can finish this task.
Another thing, the game it will be like, imperia online, or ikariam, or travian.


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Guide An Upload Of A VDI Image To A VPS (linode)

Hi I have a PBX-in-a-flash (Freepbx Asterisk) image running on my Virtual Box as a VDI file. Id like someone who is expert at Linux and familiar with Linodes control panel to guide me through this process. Ill have to do the work because the VDI file is 3gb, takes too long to send that thing to you. Im looking to pay $20 for some guidance to move this thing to my Linode VPS and running.

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Joomla Worker

I need a good and cheap Joomla worker to work with us for a long time.

We need every time new modules in Joomla and things that have to be configured.
The jobs are very diverse so there is not 1 thing that i can mention..

Just take contact with me..

We will send lists of jobs every time you can do..
If you cant do 1 thing on the list from all the jobs that are on this this is not a problem.

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3 Simple Websites And Domian Names Needed


i need three different websites to be designed, and also registered for a year atleast,
1. for a tv company, some thing like eonline and bet but on 6 pages and there are no much content so its simple
2. an artist , some thing like beyonce website 9 pages or less would tell u the links to put up
3. for a business company, for outsourcing and general business, 5 pages only

more details would be provided and the lowest bidder would be picked

only bid if you can register the domain name immediately after the job has been awarded

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WordPress 7 Changes

Only bid if you are a wordpress EXPERT i dont have time for people who THINK they might be able to do it. I need people who KNOW they can do it and have done customization / changes before. I need a fast worker!

I bought a wordpress theme and there are some things that dont work right and some things that i want changed. I will be posting this on other outsource services as Ive already put enough $ into fixing this and I dont want to spend too much on getting these 7 things done, so I am looking for someone who will do it cheaper in exchange for an Excellent rating and more additional projects with me in the next couple of weeks.

Here are the 7 things I need doing, I have created videos to show you so there is no confusion over what is required.

1st thing
1st thing continued

2nd thing

3rd thing

4th thing

5th thing

6th thing

7th thing
7th thing continued

Also I need to make sure your not juggling 5 other projects as I need you to focus completely on this and have it done in no later than 3 days which is plenty of time if you are focused and are not doing other projects.

I will provide you with the theme and the 1 rating plugin that I am using. You will work on your server, make the changes and then deliver to me the working theme

You must have done wordpress customization before. I will escrow in money once I see a working demo on your site, then release it upon receiving and installing

Must be done in 3 days and you must start immediately and have something to show me within 24hrs, even if its only half of it done. I need to see something within 24hrs.

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Video Work

its easy project and for long term

we have video database most of them hav e to be downloaded from internet( youtube and other website)

we want to add some ads as banner same thing shown in TV

thos are funny video… you will add text banner with log on it to add
same thing is availabe when you see video in youtube you will find that google ads are displayed on video

you have to configure 20 video each month

some times the audio of the video have to be changed (will supply the audio file you have just to mixe it with video)

please give us your monthly rate for 20 video with audio setupo on it


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Super Fast CAptcha Work With $1.10 For 1k On Night Hours

All Providers,

We need many night workers for 8 hrs working daily for long term and good relations

Need to be online in night from 11:00 pm to 4 am ( Indian Time Standard )

Must be hard workers
Should Come Online on Time
No leave should be taken in night times during work
Typing speed should be very fast and normal

Every 1000 images will paying u $1.05
Every 2000 images will paying u $1.10
Every 3000 images will paying u $1.15

Just need to type images and earning much you can daily and payment will be every 2 times in month only.

Happy Bidding

Note: If any thing you not accept any thing in this project so please NO BID AND NOT WASTE MY TIME

24 / 7 available 24 on yahoo


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Urgent Writers Needed, Indians Preferred

Hi All

Hope you are enjoying your time in the world of freelancing with GAF. Even I enjoyed my time. Two years back I was a service provider like you guys, but now I am a buyer. Enough of my thing….Please read the following for project details.

Yeah to ensure that you have read the entire thing, please mention "ready" in your bid.

1. Project I am talking about here is a long term project with up to 10 article submission daily. Word Count: 2500, of course for the entire lot. Number of articles daily can go up to 15 to 20 as well, depending upon your understanding of the project and certain other specs.

2. You need not have any prior experience in article writing, cause I know when I started even I was blank. What you need is determination, zeal to learn and of course English must be your strong point.

3. Deadline and quality are two things here which you wouldnt want to trade it with any other and to be very honest I am not an exception.

4. Topics and Guidelines will be provided to the winner.

5. For all those who already are into freelancing would need submit at least 2 samples from their completed projects.

6. For all those who are new, I will ask you to write a sample article.

7. Now the very important thing: Payment! 🙂 Whatever suits you the best, paypal or GAF.

8. Plagiarism is a total no-no.

Shoot any question, I hope you would have loads of em, and I would try to answer them with the best of my knowledge and understanding.



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Program With 100 Threads To Switch From Proxy To Proxy

Need a program to do something with 100 threads then switch proxy and do same thing to another 100 threads then
switch proxy and do same thing to another 100 threads. Proxy will be free proxy from free site i can provide or you can find.

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Other Thing I Want To Do

Lets use the message board, friends.

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Need Someone To Code An Earnings-Calculator

Hi, i want you to program a earnings-calculator. Please see the attached layout which contains all data.
It needs to get integrated in the joomla user-database so that everybody can just view and edit his calculator.

Please make your bids and say if you can make the joomla thing too. Post your bid even when you cannot get the joomla thing done.



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Script Modifications

i have a script i want modifications want to change it in php,mysql and some other things.
i want to create small admin panel which should only use to upload videos.
u have to change files to php which are required.
one thing i sure u every thing is working the site is fully launched.
u only need to change into php file which are required for making small admin panel to upload videos only want that which is i think a major part.
my budget is pretty low the bid is around 40$ to 60$ only.because every thing is there u have make admin panel for only uploading videos and change html files to php which are necessary for that.

the escrow is released after it is completed.

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Game Copy FULLY

Hello there.
I need a facebook game called "miniplanet" ( )to be copied FULLY. With design and with all other features. I need a best price on it and best time.
Please check the FULL functions and All the design of the game before u bid on it becoz i DONT want to listen that u need more money or u need more time. Give me the perfect timing and perfect price so i dont want argue thing later. Again I dont want to miss even a single function of it as also Graphics.
And 1 more important thing that bid on it but i will prefer a company with a team to complete it. So it can be done as fast as possible.
my Budge is 1500 USD for now but will increase if u have a good reason
Thanks in Advance

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Sales Presentation

I need a professional multiple sales template presentation (For Ads sales and Membership sales) with the service that we would be providing. Its going to be selling membership on our upcoming Live Spanish Streaming Website and selling AD space on it as well.

I would need a PowerPoint, word and PDF (even video if it could be possible) presentation so i can do a live presentation and also email it to our clients. It needs to include pictures, explanation of what each membership includes, show and explain where the ADS are going to be. Explain in full detail what our website is about, why should they become a member and /or advertise in our website.

** You would need to fully study and understand and pretend as if it

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I need one facebook programmer for my cakephp website

Following task:

1) Ability to take login from facebook login
2) each and every small update(post) must be post in facebook

Must have demo/past work/past review
must have to provide technical documentation on it

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MMORPG 0 Upkeep Bot

I need a bot for a mmorpg, evony age 1, I want it to do 1 thing, when servers merge evony gives players 0 upkeep on food consumtion for x amount of days, this is obviously a wonderful thing, I want the bot to do this whenever the program is running.

Evony is a flash game and bots have come and gone, farming and city managment bots are old hat, this bot needs only to have the 1 function of 0 upkeep. The important parts of the bot would be that it be as hard to detect as possible, as botting in this game will get you banned. Graphically the program dosnt need to be pretty, just an on and off button basically, it will need to be able to run on multiple accounts at once. No other function is required unless you deem it nessicary for the operation of the bot.

Also I have no idea about programing so i couldnt tell you where to begin thats why im here

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Video Upload Convert To Flv On Php Website


On my PHP websites I need to install a gismo that can upload just about any video format in circulation today and convert it to FLV for playback. These websites run on a very heavily modified copy of Dolphin v.6.

I need to make contact with a PHP developer who has experience with this kind of thing.

This project deals with identifying this developer and establishing rapport and discussing the gismo to be used. A subsequenct project will deal with the installation itself.

In your bid, or in PM, please discuss your experience with this kind of thing. If you recommend purchasing an uploader/converter gismo, pls. identify it so that cost of purchase can be established.

Linus Gauti

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Ssh In Webhelp

Hi well basically what I need is to create a web Interface for probably an ssh client , more specifically for teraterm. The thing is that all of this clients are line command and I need to find one with a GUI that is customizable or that one can create maybe something with PHP or HTML or whatever the thing is that not to make it command line for the user (the users are students). For example that in the GUI I can make buttons or combo boxes etc

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Website Help

I need help urgently with forms for my website and getting them to properly email to me. I know that this is probably something simple but it is giving me a headache. If a database can be set up on the server for them to go to so that I can access them that would be fantastic. i am a novice at this sort of thing so will need some friendly guidance.

I need this doing as a matter of urgency as I wish to be able to launch the site asap and it is the only thing holding me up

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