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Joomla Module Install And Demo Of Completion

I bought the module jfbconnect and 2j tabs and I have an scroller installed on top my goal tonight is to

Have jfbconnect installed and running

Have 2 tabs running i would like the articles just two samples so i can do the rest. The samples will be two separate articles with three tabs each the default probley will not work . I want to link to each article and then have three tabs on each one I create . You use any templete make it look good and clean 100 is my budject

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Model And Evaluate Swimwear

We are looking for three or four females, age 18 or older, to model and evaluate swimwear. The swimwear is three sets of two-piece bikinis. All tops and bottoms are full/moderate coverage. No modeling experience is necessary, but you must be physically fit and well toned.

This assignment is part of the development of a new product line for the upcoming summer season and it could lead to future assignments.

We provide you with the three bikinis by mail. You arrange to have the photos taken at your expense. We need separate photos of the front, back and side of the swimwear, so we need a minimum of 3 photos for each bikini, for a minimum total of 9 photos altogether.

You also complete a survey for each bikini that evaluates the quality, durability, and fit of the bikini. Each survey should take 5 – 10 minutes. Most questions simply require you to check off an answer.

In addition to payment, you get to keep all three bikinis for your personal use.

Feel free to PM photos of yourself, preferably in swimwear. Or feel free to provide a link to your online portfolio if you have one.

If you have any questions, please ask via PM. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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Copywriting For Website

I need a copywriter for the following project:

This is for a auto-related company
You will be given copy points to base your copy
Some research are required
Turn around in three days after copy points have been given

For your bid to be accepted, I need the following:

Portfolio: provide three links that I can review

Note that I may call your previous client to check for references.

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Need 3 SWF Files Created

I need three swf files created.
Please have a look at the attachment to see what I am looking for.
I will provide you with three mp3 tracks and three jpg files and would ask you to create the flash files from those.
I also need the working "<object></object>" code to insert into the website.
Needs to be done quickly.

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Three Womens Lifestyle Websites

Need web designer for 3 separate but linked websites geared towards different generations of women, girls, adult, seniors.

All three will be informational portals and need news feeds specific to each group in addition each site will need separate Google AdSense , social media (FaceBook, Twitter), blog, video galleries, newsletters, top stories, top discussions,etc.

Also in need of portal maintenance, content and database back ups, server monitoring and basic content updates.

Site will be similiar to an

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Fix Javascript Form With Ability To Add Fields Dynamically

The attached files are for a Recipe Form. Users will submit recipes to our database. A fairly simple form, however I decided to try and implement a Javascript feature to allow for better usability/user friendliness. However, this has resulted in becoming a nightmare for me!! LOL. I have tried everything. I need expert help.

Heres how it should work: For the ingredients and Directions users can add as many fields as they need. They should also be able to delete these fields as they are creating them. When they hit submit, if there was an error with the form, they must be returned back to the form with all the fields pre-filled as they submitted them.

As I can see now, there are only 3problems with it right now. But beware! It seems like every time I fix something, I see something else that needs to be fixed for it to work right. So it might just take us a few tries going back and forth to get it completely fixed.

But as far as I know… these are the only three problems right now….

1. When you click "Add More [+]" in Internet Explorer, you see a little movement, but the new field is not added. However, this works perfectly in Firefox ???confused?? Thats the biggest issue.

These problems occur only when the user has forgotten to fill out a required field, and the user is kicked back to the form. Their previous entries should be saved in the session and show back up on the Form so they can only fill in the fields they missed. Just leave the Name Field blank while testing so it kicks you back each time.

2. For Ingredients: Say you have three rows, If you delete row three, hit submit and return, row three is Deleted! Perfect!
BUT, if you delete row 2… hit submit, come back, and youll see what happens. Both Row 2 and 3 are gone. When it should show rows 1 and 3.

3. Directions: This one is even more weird.

On first submit, with cleared session, I add:
Direction1, Direction 2, Direction 3
Hit Submit, return to page, I see one, two three. Good!

If I delete Direction 3. Hit Submit and Return. Direction 3 Is gone! Good!

I add Direction 3 back, hit Submit, return to page. And its back. So far so good!

Now I click the "x" to delete Direction 2, hit submit, return to page. I see, Direction 1 and Direction 3. Still good!

Now the problems….

So I now have Direction 1, and Direction 3. I will add a new row for Direction 4.
Hit Submit, return, and now it has replaced Direction 3 with Direction 4.
So now I see: Direction 1 and Direction 4 only. This should have been: Direction 1, Direction 3, Direction 4.

I tried to explain this the best I could in text, if we can chat on the phone or skype it may be easier to explain.

Please make sure you test every aspect of the form to make sure it works for every possible action that the user can take. Thats the idea with any application right?

I need this done as quickly as possible.

The bidder with the clear english, fast turnaround time and expert javascript skills will get the job.


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Creative Design Required

Hello Freelancers,

I need a creative and professional design for my client website. Price is not a problem but i need quality work i need mockup before accepting your bid and will need to deliver that design within two are at least three days if you are not able to complete with 2 or three days please dont bid.

More details will be provided via pmb. we are also a group of developers and designers and we have too much work load therefore we post it here. if you think that you are not able to deliver quality work then please dont bid and dont waste your and our time.

Happy Bidding

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Article Publishing Program Needed

Here is the basic layout of what the program would need to do:

1.Navigate to a source site or a user supplied URL from a list in a txt file.

2.Take content from a certain section of the page and strip the HTML/other code and leave just text.

3.Spin the article (optional)

4.Log in to articles site and publish text only. I have a list of three articles sites I would like, but all 3 are not necessary.

5.The ability to edit the text and insert HTML links would be a nice feature.

I need the program to basically take articles from a source page from a list of URLs.
Then strip the HTML from a certain section of the page and publish the text to three different article directories.
The three article sites are:

All three require a login to be filled then navigate to a publish article page and specific fields to be filled in before an article can be accepted.

Articlesbase is the hardest one, as it requires keywords that are comma separated. That can be solved by just plucking words from the source article and placing them there.

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Joomla Set Up Three Pictures In Yooscroller

i have installed joomla and yooscroller but not sure of the configuration I just need someone to set up 3 300 by 300 pics on the module so I can learn how it works. should be very easy the pictures can be anything will pay 35 dollars

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3 Logos Designed – Immediately!

I need three logos designed immediately.

-Fitness Center
-Online Dating Website
-Finanical Services

You will need to provide past work (or mock ups for these three) and you will need to work quickly.

You will need to sign a non-disclosure and a non-compete.

Please bid for all three of these logos together.

Because another provider wasted a week – we have to get this done quickly.

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CAD Drafting Software Review

I need three articles to review current but inexpensive CAD software.

1. The top three values in CAD software (mac and PC)

2. Why is CAD a skill that I should learn?

3. Where do I find CAD jobs?

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Harley Davidson Article

I need three articles on Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

1. The history of the company.
2. The reasons for its success.
3. The three greatest Harleys of all time.

500 words each.

Due in 10 days.

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Random Word Generation

Simple admin panel with three total fields where words can be inputted, or uploaded. The script will randomly combine the words in each field into a two output types. One with spaces between the words, and one with a "-" between the words. So if there are 100 words in field one, 50 words in field two, and 50 words in field three there would be a total of different combination of 250,000. If field three is blank, it would adjust accordingly. The important part is being able to place the widget code multiple times on the same page and still generate new combinations, and not repeats.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Initial Photoshop Project

Its my first time on Freelancer so bear with me if Im not following standard procedure.

I have an initial set of three images that I would like restored by someone skilled in photoshop. Details of the images and the type of work that I would like to be done are given at the link below:

[Removed by Admin]

As I note in that page, I will give three TIFs to the selected person and I want them edited and restored as TIFs.

For people interested in doing this work, I will review some before-and-after samples of similar work that you have done. It seems to me that the main challenge is restoring the bits of skin that are covered and need to be fixed and made to look natural. Its that sort of restoration sample that I would like to see.

Let me know if you have questions. I will try to answer within a day.

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Animated Banners Needed

I need somebody who can create VERY attractive, eye-catching banners.

The banners will be based on two different sites, so I need two sets of 24 made. Each size will have three different themes, so youll create three themes for the banners and each theme will have the size I included below.

728 x 90
468 x 60
234 x 60
180 x 150
125 x 125
88 x 31
120 x 600
300 x 250

When sending a message please include examples of past work youve done for animated (gif) banners.

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PHp Coding To Redo Layout Of Existing Site.

I have inherited a hand coded php driven web site. The format is two columns with two (2) additional data fields in the top banner area. I would like change to three columns and have the entire page centered in the browser, rather than flush left. The third column would be an additional data column for the business card size ads. The data would then populate all three data areas, without duplication, and refresh in random order on each page load. There is currently a limit of 20 ads to be displayed and this additional column is partly to accommodate more member ads. The limit on Ads which is managed in the Master lists controls to the pHp would also need to be adjusted.

I have been able to modify individual pages of HTML but have no experience with pHp programming and cannot figure out how to change the main layout to allow the three columns as described above. The new layout would have a left col. fixed at the width of the ads, the right column fixed as the width of the ads, and the middle column could be set (hopefully) as expandable from 500 px (approx.) to 700 px. (plus or minus). The left and right should be expandable based on ad width, as exists now, in case we go for slightly larger member ads.

The second existing data area for ads, located in the banner portion, would expand to three ads horizontally. This used to be considered the premium ad area but now all ads are treated equally.

The top data area, which is used as web specific comments and links – not for ads, would expand to fill the area as far as the right column (as is now) and will continue to be populated by the current method of coding HTML pages loaded in through the database.

The footer are would be best if it could span all three columns and be set up so I can change content in Dreamweaver HTML, primarily to be able to put contact/help/facebook/ etc. links there.

One other parameter which might require adjustments is the drop down menus in the members and non-members area, allowing that they are SPRY Framework menus created using Adobe Dreamweaver. Id like to be able to continue this method.

To look at the existing site, for what needs to be changed, go to: Of course all pages would need to work in the new layout.

Lawrence Peterson

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Research Customers For Targeted Marketing Campaign

I am looking to create a list of quality targets for a direct mailing campaign.
This will involve searching for companies in three to four categories in three to four counties in England, making a quality judgement based on their website or any other source you choose to use and ideally finding a contact to send the information to.
It is hard to put an exact number on it as the quality of the targets is more important than the overall number but 400 to 600 leads would be a good result.

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Sprite Sheet


I need someone to design some sprite sheets (animation) for the following nursery rhymes, only a few things need to be animated on each rhyme:

1. Baa Baa Black sheep (e.g. animated sheep and animated master or dame)
2. Dickery dickery dare
3. Farmer in the dell
4. Hickory dickory dock
5. Hot cross buns
6. Humpty dumpty (e.g. sprites for a falling and broken egg)
7. Incy Wincy Spider
8. Jack and Jill
9. Lil Bo Peep
10. London Bridge
12. Mary had a little lamb
13. Mary mary quite contrary
14. Old Macdonald
15. Sailing Sailing
16. Simple Simon
17. The ants go marching
18. The muffin man
19. Three blind mice
20. Three little kittens

I would also like artistic background for these rhymes (cartoon illustration) on which the sprite would be displayed.


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Need Custom Twitter Background Pages Made For Our Site

I need the following:

1. I need three final designs for our twitter accounts for our website. We have three sections hence the three different designs.

2. All final PSDs must be provided. Images must be smaller than 800k. GIF, JPG, PNG.

3. Examples of some nice twitter backgrounds are here:

4. You must show us at least 3 different versions of each section for us. You must have our logo or create your own design and show use how creative you can be. It must be extermely professional at the same time extermely graphical.

This is a low budget project so please dont bid that high as this is a very simple project . Our budget is $40 for providing us 3 backgrounds. We will give you more details on what each section should contain.


03/17/2011 at 11:40 EDT:

Please provide examples of your work that youve done in the past.

We will award this project to the person that has the best quality and reasonable price.

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Need Someone Familiar With Automation Anywhere

We are a growing Real Estate Title Company and Law Firm utilizing advanced technology in our everyday tasks.

What we are looking for is a person or team familiar with automation scripting (and particular the Automation Anywhere Software). We need many of our daily tasks automated such as creating templated emails from a list in Excel, creating letters using a list from Excel and inputting data in a custom built application using a combination of data that must be scraped from multiple websites and gathered from an existing Excel worksheet.

We are starting with these three tasks and want a quote to do all three of these tasks as one project.

If there are additional questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you,

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Build A Website For Snowmobiling Product. Using Thesis.

We will set up the wordpress account for you. All you need to do is go in and design and manipulate the site to the desired design.We will provide all the needed content and product pictures. This site will also need to be set up to accept paypal and our credit card companies information. We will need you to develop 5 templates that will be used through out the website and we will then add pages as needed from those templates. I intend to release the money awarded for the bid in three parts. 1/3 payment to start, 1/3 payment at completion of first two templates, final payment at completion of last three templates.

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Social Media And Technology Blog

We are looking for a writer to ghost write on behalf of our company CEO.

He or she should be very knowledgeable when it comes to business issues, social media and technology.

Further details:

– We require three blog posts per week.
– Between 200-300 words
– Must be unique
– A mixture of trends, business news, technology news, insight and pre-agreed topics

Please provide examples of your work



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SEO Expert Needed

I have a new website that I am trying to rank for an upcoming product launch.

The product launches at the end of March and my website is currently ranking 12, 11, and 6 for three targeted keywords.

I am looking for an SEO expert to get me in the top 2 for all three keywords by product launch on 3/28.

I will not only agree to the price once the goal is met, but I will offer a bonus 20% of the sales made during launch.

Please provide proof of past results.

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Temprature App

I have a temprature control application, that is written in java , it has mujava also which is used to test the program using mutation testing one last thing that i need which i can get my head around is the following ,
have three copies c1, c2, c3 of your code (I will call the original c).
Mutate each (but in different ways) to form c1, c2, c3
Have a 3-version application c4 that uses c1, c2, and c3
(i.e. it runs c1, c2 and c3 and uses a voting policy).

Test c4 to determine what proportion of tests kill it
(by distinguishing between c4 and c).

Ideally repeat this process with different choices of c1, c2 c3.

If you do this then you should have estimates of the reliability of
3-version programs in which the three versions are different and all
are faulty. You can compare this with the estimates you have of the
reliability of individual mutants (i.e. Faulty programs where you have
not used n-version programming).

Making all three versions faulty seems fairer when it comes to the

also very important which is already included are some n version programming in the c1 c2 and c3 but i have the classes that have n version programming
i will also need a report with some test results and some justification

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Three Page Static Site With WHMCS Integration

The design, slicing and home page is 95% done. You will be provided the .psd files and current html/js/css pages. While the .psd files are complete, there may be a few changes requested.

*Immediate availability
*Three page website (Home page, Themes, Plans)
*WHMCS Integration, Customization (read below)
*Javascript-based based slider to show off images of different themes (jquery preferred)
*XHTML 1.0 Strict Strongly preferred

Project Explanation:
The hosting product we are selling is only for a small niche. Our average user is VERY non-technical. The sign-up process needs to be as simple as possible. We will need to customize WHMCS to make this process as simple as possible.

Theres only going to be one product. The only option the customer needs to have when signing up is deciding to buy a domain or use a free subdomain option.

Experience with WHMCS integration/customization is a must.

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We Are Looking For A Copywriter To Produce Articles.

We are looking for a copywriter that can produce several articles for a cleaning company. Each article must be at least the size of 200-250 words we need three articles in total. The subjects for the three articles are as followed:
End of lease clean Perth
Bond Cleaning Perth
Window Clean Perth
Each article must have the phrase of the title in it several times to create repetition. The articles will be used for SEO. Please send your sample so we can read through it and make a decision to go ahead.
Kind Regards

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Three Manga Characters As Icons

I need three manga -style characters created:

An edgy, funky girl with green hair (not a schoolgirl or cute).
A funky and very striking/strong-looking boy with a sword
A cute couple walking hand in hand (their backs to the screen) with cherry blossoms falling around them and some tree branches as they walk up a path.

Please note, all images must be delivered as hi-res .ai or psd files (minimum 150dpi) as well as as a transparent 200X200 and 100X100 png and you will need to sign a transfer of copyright document.
All work must be original and not have been used elsewhere.

My budget for this is $80 max and there is a possibility of more work in different styles as well as Manga styles. I am also open to ideas for the three icons.

Please do not bid if you cannot point me to examples of your Manga-style work!!!

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