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Bus Ticket Reservation System, Joomla Component

I need a Joomla Component which will offer Ticket Reservation System for a Bus/Transport company.
The Joomla version is: 1.5. The webpage and the Joomla installation is already up and running. I need only such a component. It can be something simple. Needed features:
user/customer registration (full name, address, phone, e-mail)
picking up the seat and making the place reservation
getting a confirmation e-mail (customer side)
The administration panel should has AT LEAST:
customer management
reservation management.
Thats all.
Only serious people, please!

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Kayaoke 4 Intregration In Magento

I have a kayako 4 installed on my mail server for handling email tickets, knowlodge base and troubleshooting. I would like to have kayako 4 intregrated in Magento with following options

– Use magento login for access to ticket system.
– Have ticket system under user profile.
– Submit ticket from contact page ( not email parsing )
– Submit ticket from profilepage ( not email parsing )
– Intregrate knowledgebase in magento
– intregrate troubleshooter in magento
– intregrate livechat in magento

I would appriciate a good solution where the kayako is not loaded though an iframe or similair.
Please only bid if you are experienced developer with good feedback.

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Custom Component Joomla For Flight Ticket

Dear all

I need a joomla component or module to display a list of airline ticket prices in Indonesia in realtime. As some airlines in Indonesia include AirAsia, BataviaAir, Citilink, GarudaIndonesia, LionAir, Mandala Air, Merpati, and SriwijayaAir.

For example, a search interface design you can see in, and later as search results. Available facilities
– change currency IDR-UDS and USD-IDR
– booking button that leads to a booking form
– set the booking fee
– can send emails to customers about the booking data.

All the booking plot and design you can see in, i need same design.

Please Bid if you interesting.

Best Regards

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Joomla Component For List Price Flight Ticket Realtime

Need an Joomla component / modules to show price flight ticket. This is for people able to book ticket online that will integrated with the airline. For example at Just show the price list on realtime, can give logos, and on the botton for each give button to booking link to contact form.

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Integrate Plimus And My Template’s Ticket System For WHMCS

I need a module for WHMCS to make possible to use this script with Plimus payment system.
My main web site ( is made with WordPress. In addition in the background for invoice and ticket related jobs we need to use WHMCS has not official support for Plimus payment system. We need a person who can;

* Integrate Plimus payment system to WHMCS.
* Make shopping cart for my main site in WordPress is integrated with WHMCS (you can see in
* Integrate custom panel (HTML slided and ready for code) for my customers. This panel includes only ticket system and listing purchased products.

We are waiting your offers. Our budget is small for this job but in the future to make our job bigger, we wil work with you. It will be long term job.


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I Need A New Ticket Broker Site – MUST BE BUILT ON WORDPRESS

I am in need of a brand new ticket broker site. I will say though that I want this to built on a WordPress Platform. Please – if you cannot build a ticket broker site on WordPress, then do not bid on this project. I need this site to be SEO friendly and I am most familiar with WordPress.

I have the proper plugins for installation to call all the information needed. I have a couple of templates that you can reference. If you want to look at a couple of the templates, just let me know and Ill PM them to you.

Secondly, I need to have someone design my logo for me as well.

Third, the site needs to be SEO friendly.

Lastly, if you have never dealt with building a ticket broker site, then please do not bid. I would also require that you send me an example of two of the ticket broker sites that you have built. And again, if you cannot do this on WordPress, then do not bid.

If you have questions, just let me know.


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Ticket Website Sports Concerts Developed

We have a template site that we would like developed into a php ticket site using snippets also the complete site with headers and writings if youve never done this please dont respond, we would like a site like please take a look at that site to know where you stand for a project like this, also we need it uploaded to our hosting. Complete Ticket Website Thank You You should be familiar with php-adding snippets-picture location-addinglinks within the site itself.

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Opencart Module Needs Extra Fucntions

#######Please do not send me your copy and pasted crap via P.M it will get deleted straight away and you will be blocked from bidding on all my projects, if you havent got the time or respect to speak to me as an individual then you have no respect for me or my time or my project, so please dont do it.#######

The bulk of the work is already complete, this is a customer service module for opencart. All I need now is for someone to add extra features for me.

## What this system currently has:

– The current system allows a registered member to add a support ticket via there control panel.
– The admin can then answer back via the admin panel.
– E-mails are sent to both the admin and user when a ticker has been added or answered.

## Now the extra features I want:

– The current system doesnt allow the user to answer back so I want the user to be able to answer back and the admin to answer that question back ect ect until the ticket is closed by the admin.
– I want to allow the user to rate the support ticket out of 5 stars (using the stars currently used in the default opencart theme).

## What I need from you:

– The finished project fully working across all the latest browsers.
– All the files you have made/changed to get this working (not the whole opencart install! in a folder!).
– Any extra SQL need for the databse (there is a text file showing what is currently needed just add to this).

If your up to the job lets go!

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Event Brite Clone – Online Event Registration

We are looking someone to developer a online service similar to:

EventBrite (
Regonline (
TicketLap (

Basic Client (events organizer) Functions:

– Create a Event (Dates, Places, Categories, Draw Dinamic Seats Map, Price, Attendees Form Questions, Extra Options…. )
– Create Special prices and packages (ie. groups)
– Edit a Event
– Create a basic personalized website with shopping cart
– Track Sales
– Track and control Payments
– Track and control Attendees
– Local Control Access to event – (small software that run local that will synchronize to remote main event database)
– Send email marketing

Basic Attendees Functions:

– Buy a ticket per day, per category, chooice seats, by one or more ticket in the same time, manager and track status of payment, print online ticket with QR and Code Bar

Basic Software Owner Funcions:

– Create differents payment plans (Fixed Value, % of Ticket Price)
– Create differents users admin levels
– Track all Clients
– Track all Events
– Track all Payments
– Track all Attendees


– Affiliaded Program for the Software, and also as service for the clients (events)
– Integrate with Paypal
– Get ready for other third party payment in diferents countries
– Get ready for translation

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Create Support Ticket (for Our User Based Website)

What we need is a simple admin based (support ticket) script..

1. This script will be installed for our member only page

2. You will create a simple (contact support) button and when the user clicks on the button, it will forward to our member only (support ticket)

3. will need an admin interface so i can create (ticket categories) and reply to tickets as the admin

4. It will have to be able to intergrate into our existing header file location..

Small project, a basic php script will do … My goal is to have it mirror

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Customise OS Ticket

We are looking for a php coder who can modify a copy of the latest version of osTicket (currently 1.6.0) to include two additional (optional) fields, and modify the view ticket screen to display a click-able link, if one of the additional fields is not NULL, containing a part-static, part dynamic address.

i.e. if Additional Field 1 is not empty, a text link on the view ticket screen should show that points to With the xxxx value being retrieve from the contents of Additional Field 1. The same applies for Field 2.

The winning bidder will also be required to create a Codeigniter 2.0.0 library class called osticket.php, which can take the contents of a web form and interface with osTicket to create a new support ticket (including getting osTicket to generate its standard emails).

The class should also have functions for the following:-
* To return the number of currently open tickets
* To return the number of open tickets assigned to a specific person or department

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us with a pm and we will endeavor to answer the query as quickly and in-depth as possible. We have a requirement to use osTicket, so any suggestions on using alternative software is not required.

The amount of overall work required in this project is not believed to be excessive, and we are looking for bids that are towards the lower to mid-end of the stated range.

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Need 150k+ Visitors USA Established Ticket Sales Site

Hello. I need real unique traffic to my 6-year-old established USA ticket sales web site. Looking for minimum 5k to 10k targeted travel or Las Vegas visitors per day for next 30 days. No adult, gambling, black hat, bot, spam technique, or illegal linking or technics, just want real human unique visitors that might have interest in buying Las Vegas discount show tickets. Prefer many IP addresses and visitors must stay on web site a minimum of 45 seconds. Ideally looking to make some sales and increase rankings. When placing your bid, include Vegas as first word so I know you read the full listing. Thank you for your time.

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E Ticket Website, Like Ticketmaster Or Livenation

I am looking for a online ticket website to be built sites to take in consideration when designing are seetickets .com ticketmaster .com the major professionals.

i want it fully php/ajax with facebook, google and yahoo intergration for customers buying tickets so they have the option to login with there account.

we will be having different promoters adding there own events i would like each to have there own admin background to manage there events check prices add artwork etc.

tickets will be diatrubuted by email only with the unique codes on it

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Joomla Web Sites Created From Ticket System.


We are in the process of offering simple websites to our customers and would like to use Joomla on Plesk 10 to deliver to them the following:

* Domain / Subdomain
* Website – Standard Pages up to 10 pages – Cookie Cutter, very simple.

Our customers will be able to select from a list of standard Joomla templates and enter content into a ticket system for each page.

I.E. Product / Services, Prices, Contact US. etc.

Once the ticket has been completed and submitted you will be send a notification of work to be done.

We are looking for a dependable individual or company to basically create the new sites in Plesk and copy and paste the content from the ticket system into the Joomla Site Builder.

Currently the target price for each work order completed is $10 but could vary based on complexity, the packages are still it the design phase.

To start, the request will be low while we hammer out the details, but once in full swing request for these sites could be up to 300 per week or 60 per business day. We would like to offer our clients a 48hr turnaround time from their order to the publishing of their site.

The company / individual will be responsible for changes made requested through the work order system, up to 3 changes can be requested until forced customer sign off. Changes after that will be a direct commission to the company, price TBD.

We are currently in the feasibility stage, we would like to find a stable organization / individual to take on this back office process while we focus on the front end / sales conversion.

Thank you for your bid.


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Customer Service / Email Ticket System

We need a ticket system for our website.

We would like it to:

– allow customers to select a priority level and category for their inquiry
– automatically try to match the inquiry with one of our standard FAQ answers prior to submission
– identify if the inquiry is from a current customer or potential customer

We would like the provider to be able to provide future support for any errors.

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Website Design

I need a website with a shopping cart. When a customer buys a service it should have three text fields Enter Model number Enter IMEI number and Confirm IMEI number.

I need two pages for two categories plus the products. I need to 8 pages in which will have text.

I need a good support ticket module where customers can sends a ticket if they need help or have any questions.

I also need a contact form for the home page.

The website needs to be API compatible

For example of what type of website I want, go to

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C# SOAP Based OTRS Integration

For the OTRS Open Source trouble ticketing system ( we need a program written in c# with the follwing tasks:

1. Implementation as an isolated class (access through methods an properties)
with a separated test scenario (maybe a console-application).

2. Communication via SOAP-Interface.

3. Creation of a new ticket:
Parameters are 1) the name of the queue, 2) title, 3) text, 4) Priority .

4. Add an attachement-file during the ticket-creation process if needed.

5. List all associated open tickets for the company / user.

6. Access to a specific ticket.

The developer will get acces to an installed OTRS including SOAP-Access.

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Easy Peasy Ticketing & Events

I wish to emulate a website called please look at this website and it will give you an idea of what i am trying to do.

I need to be able to sell tickets, customers to purchase tickets, advertise events, take online payments both direct debit and credit card payments, I want a website which is creatively designed, easy to maneovoure and not a template website. I will supply all copy for website.

Home Page – Buy Tickets, Sell Tickets, Login, Contact Us, Browse Event tabs.

Buy Ticket Tab – Click on event, event listing e.g. date, time, organiser, ticket cost, Buy ticket, receive ticket via email.

Sell Ticket Tab – Login, List Event, Upload photo of event, blurb on event, ticket price

Login – this would be used by organiser of event to keep track of ticket sales, I would like them to have up to date info on purchasers name, address, phone number and email and be able to email this as a excel spreadsheet to their computer.

Contact us – email, phone details, submit an enquiry form

Browse Events Tab – photo, blurb on event and Buy now tab.

I would like to be able to generate tickets which would include event photo and blurb of the event, numbered with cost of ticket.

I would like organiser to get a spreadsheet of all ticket purchases with their name and contact details.

I need to be able to upload event photos and blurb and set pricing.

Each event organiser would need their own unique code generated to bring up their own event.

I would like links to twitter and facebook and a blog.

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RT3 (request Tracker) Customization (SP20110218)

We are using RT3 request tracker ( and would like to customize a scrip/template:

We would like to answer ticket in ONE
queue called "support" using different languages.

The language depends on the language of the requestor.

If the requestor has no language set, we have to set
the language automatically (scrip) dependent on the
"To"-email-addr used for creating the ticket.

Example: Sending an email to
a) support [at] example set "English" to the requestor language,
b) support [at] example set "German" to the requestor language.

The "Correspondence-Template" checks the language of the requestor
and changes the language for the signature dynamically.

Scrip name: OnCreateSetLanguage
Precondition: ticket.isReceivedByEmail() && !requestor.isSetLanguage()
Action: requestor.setLanguage(<depend on "To"-emailaddr)

Please bit only to this project if you know RT3 (3.8.8)

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Ticketmaster Bot Spinner

A programmer nedded to write a ticketmaster UK (not USA) bot spinner.

Kindly review the required features carefully before submitting the proposal and only skilled and experienced programmers will be entertained.

Features summary:
1. Software should be able to run and handle all of the web requests on its own smartly and efficiently.
2. Within the software there must be an option to enter the url of an event that one is interested to purchase the tickets.
3. Software should have the ability to enter a presale name and password for selected onsale ticket.
4. It should have an ability to open the multiple sessions or open the multiple windows so it allow one to purchase the multiple tickets simultaneously, because only allows one ticket buying in one time.
5. Bot should by pass the captcha screens and other disclaimer pages.
6. Most importantly it has to be fast reasonably and more or less completely automated.

– Run simultaneously in multiple browsers, refreshing ticket sales page at 10 sec intervals to avoid IP lockouts until tickets are on sale.
Feel for any inqueries if there are any confusions in your mind.

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Ticket Network Broker Website Design

Looking for a website developer to build a site to use with Ticket Networks inventory of tickets. Users will also need to be able to register and create an account for the website. Website needs to look new and current. Should hopefully be able to allow registered users to post new tickets to website, similar to Stubhub or eBay. Other slight customizations will be necessary.

Preferred only those who have worked with Ticket Network in the past.

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Basic Java Programing Adding Lottery Ticket Number

I have created a java programing to generate random numbers but need the code edited for the user to input there own numbers. Will only take a maximum of 20minuts work

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Online Movie Ticket Booking/management System

I need fully fledged e-ticket booking script. This system must be able to handle multiple cinemas for online ticket booking/selling. i will prefer person who has already work in similar concept website. pls. give me your demo link (if any ) while you posting your bid.Further details will be given/discussed if the right bidder with right pricing is selected.

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Ticket System SAS With SOAP / WDSL Technology


We need a project copy as Zend*esk. com same functionality witch SOAP / WSDL technology



Do not bid if you dont know how to do a web service with SOAP / Wsdl all site MUST be build with this technology,

We furnishe the design, Test server and all you need.


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Ticket System SAS With SOAP / WDSL Technology


We need a project copy as Zend*esk. com same functionality witch SOAP / WSDL technology



Do not bid if you dont know how to do a web service with SOAP / Wsdl all site MUST be build with this technology,

We furnishe the design, Test server and all you need.


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We currently have a Joomla based Website and we need a Joomla Plug in Expert. We are looking to implement BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Component. This Job will require:
– Installation and Configuration of BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Component into our Current Template
– Implementation of BILLETS into our Main Menu
– BILLETS Main Mod will need to be Placed into a Custom Page
– BILLETS will need to be Tested and Proven to work on a Dev Site before Live Implementation

If you feel you are a Joomla Plug In Expert, this is the Project for you! We need fast and professional Service.
* Previous experience with BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Plug in a Plus!

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Need A Ticket Network Website Developed

We need a website designed similiar to we have the ticket network plugin we need it designed with a header and all the bells and whistles along with writing and adding snippets-also the uploading to our website. Please refer to the website so you can see how the basics would look like. Remember we also need some of the snippets to be added for games-concerts-venues-dates-categories and so on. Please have experience in this-if you have examples please send them.

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Job Ticket System – Repair

I had a job ticket system that was created, and it is not functioning properly, and it also appears that there is malicious code. I will need to fix the existing ticket system. It is a web based SQL project. Already done, just needs to be worked on for functionality.

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1. Create an android app to print Point of Purchase transaction tickets (reverse of point of sale) buying items instead of selling items.
2. Need to be able to auto bill app users every month or "pay by the ticket"
3. Each buyer needs to create its own database and enter their business name,address,phone number, rc# and logo (this information needs to be on every ticket)
4. User needs to create unlimited commodity codes called materials to be selectable on every purchase ticket (needs to be able to print unlimited tickets per day and create daily report)
5. Each material needs to have 2 prices ($1.54) per material one called "crv value" & one called "scrap value" ($.10)= $1.64 add these two together to get the purchase price for cans, bottles or plastic. Need to break the prices apart for the daily report. users need the ability to change the prices.
6. Ability to have option to enter customer information on the ticket per transaction or ability to skip this step
7. Ability to add unlimited material to a purchase ticket with pounds, tare and price auto totaling
8. User needs to print to any blue tooth or network printer
9. User needs to be able to recall & re-print any ticket at any time
10. User to run daily report of number of tickets by each material item with pounds and price and reset for this report for the next day or select between two dates.

Ability to service buyers who operate multiple locations and report ticket transactions live to a web report via www.crvapp/ website at the same time. Real live-time reports posted to

Need to be able to create unlimited databases for unlimited potential app buyers, every app buyer needs their own customizable database.

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We currently have a Joomla based Website and we need a Joomla Plug in Expert. We are looking to implement BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Component. This Job will require:
– Installation and Configuration of BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Component into our Current Template
– Implementation of BILLETS into our Main Menu
– BILLETS Main Mod will need to be Placed into a Custom Page
– BILLETS will need to be Tested and Proven to work on a Dev Site before Live Implementation

If you feel you are a Joomla Plug In Expert, this is the Project for you! We need fast and professional Service.
* Previous experience with BILLETS Support Ticket and Help Desk Plug in a Plus!

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Query Management System(QMS) is a Tool similar to Ticket Management System. It is basically for Support for some of the applications developed by the company. When the Users of the application face a problem/issue , they log into QMS tool, and raise a ticket. Support team will get auto email and will take action. During the phase, the ticket goes through varied status like NEW ,OPEN, ONHOLD,CLOSED . If the users are satisfied with the result, the ticket goes to CLOSED status, else they can reopen the ticket. And assigned engineer will get auto email. Every time the user raises ticket , till its closed status, mails fly To and Fro between the user and support team in this tool QMS with mail trail. Separate Admin access has to be provided to Manage Departments and Staff which is accessible and viewable only to him. There is also an Escalation Matrix, where time limit and Escalation email id(team lead level) is set and maintained by admin , like a check whether ticket has been attended, in case of not attending or exceeding the time limit, auto emails will shoot to corresponding person. Scheduling Algorithm should be used in allocating the query to the support members according to the status of their work.


Front End/GUI Tool : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Operating System : Windows
Language : C#.NET
Back End : Sql Server 2008
Web Server : IIS 6 or 7
Browser : Internet Explorer or above,Mozilla Firefox

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