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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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Urgenty Needed: Article Writers $1.25 Start Now


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Urgenty needed: Article writers $1.25 start now  

Urgenty needed: Article writers $1.25 start now is project number 1010999
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 04/04/2011 at 19:39 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

04/09/2011 at 19:39 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (2 reviews)



Hello freelancers!

I need 1 writer for this project. Please bid $30.

i need someone who could start at this very moment, I have some urgent task in hand. You should be able to write 10 articles daily (500 words – 2 keywords per article.)

I prefer native english writers and filipinos but writers who are non natives who have exceptional english skills are welcome.

I dont care if you dont have reviews, just prove to me that you are a good writer.


you should have knowledge on the following:

1. writing reviews

2. SEO



please tell me your writing experience. I need creative writers here who is able to meet deadlines and have a copyscape passed work.

articles are of technology and gadget nature

happy bidding!

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Ad Writers Needed – Training Included

We are looking for writers for our sweepstakes
website. You will need to create numerous short

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Design Needed For WordPress

What I need or require:
A modern, simple, young looking design for a blog about the upcoming game battlefield 3. I expect the blog gives a similar feeling like the following site-, except more unique and creative.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
The targeted audiences are 17-30 years old fps gamers.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Creative wordpress designer.

Timeframe for delivery:
6 days.

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Platform Build


Looking to have an interactive platform built that can be able to communicate with with my vendors automatically via email and have them respond automatically back with my site and my customers.

It also needs to be able to have vendors sign-up for the site and register themselves. There will be a payment feature also needed to be built into the platform.

Im thinking of 6 to 10 pages for the initial phase 1 build.

Thanks for bidding..

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Internet Tv

Internet TV

Must be familiar with RED5 and PHP

Looking for a script to run an Internet TV with live and pre recorded shows, it a simple design with some backend features , all design will be provided by me in PSD or HTML format

The features I need

Front end

Multilingual support ( english and portuguese)
video player free for 3 minutes , after will redirect user to sign page
integration with epoch payment gateway
Spots for advertising
time table of the shows ( schedule )
Pre recorded shows.


Upload and store pre-recorded shows
members management
time and date broadcast control
switch from pre-recorded to live broadcasting
advertising management

This are the basics for more questions please write me a message

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2000 USA Fans Needed

Need 2000 USA targeted fans

All Fans must be real.
Payment will send via Escrow.

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4 Efficient Writers NEEDED…Kenyans / Newbies Are Welcome

4 writers NEEDED. Native writers desired.

Please you MUST be able to handle 10 articles per day… (I have a need for 400 articles ASAP).

Only SERIOUS bids please.

(Indians/Pakistanis…Pls do NOT bid)

English Natives -or- Africans, are welcome to bid…

Payment is: $1.50 per 500 words (pls bid for 100 articles)

Total budget each person shall not exceed $2oo


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Original Women’s Sock Design Patterns Needed

Womens sock company needs 5 original pattern designs for fall/winter for womens knee highs. Our target market is professional women ages 25-45.

Looking for a creative mix of patterns–ranging from cool sophistication to bright, fun, and flirtatious.
Prefer a designer experienced in the sock and hosiery industry.

We are looking for a quick turnaround time.

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Internet Marketer Needed

We have a freelance website that is similar to fiverr that is now live. Our website focuses on internet marketing gigs.

I need an internet marketer who can sign-up at our website and post 15 gigs in different
marketing categories to get it started. You are also required to provide service if
someone orders any of your gigs which you will also be paid for aside from this project.

Payment will be made after 15 gigs are posted by you. Its important you know different aspects of internet marketing because after you have posted the gigs, there is a good chance someone will order one of your gigs.

some of the categories you will be posting gigs to are blog commenting, classified postings, directory submissions,SEO etc.

This is a very simple project for an experienced marketer and should take less than an hour to complete. All you need to do is create 15 gigs that you are able to do, upload some pics and your done.

PM for More details

Please bid if you understand the scope of this project.

Good Luck

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LandingPage Design Needed For Facebook Themed

Seeking someone who is talented in creative landing pages. I am seeking someone to create a landingpage design for a Facebook themed web site that will be catering to those seeking Facebook Fan Page design. So the theme must have a cool facebook look to it along with some sample fan page designs being showcased in it. I want it to be a full page design. Something like this

Also included in the design, I would like to have a nicely designed button that says Order Your Fan Page Design Today!

Pretty easy job, just something to be creative with and show to me as a mock up. If I like, I will have you continue.

No funds will be placed before a mock up is submitted to me. I want to ensure you can do the job before I send or milestone money. Budget for this project is $70

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Brochure Design Needed!

I need a brochure design done asap. Brochure will most probably be tri-folded. The brochure is for a software product and will be used for marketing the same.

Those who apply must have good portfolio of brochure design. Please PM me the link to your portfolio or sample. Those without portfolios wont be considered.

I have a very small budget for it so please keep that in mind before bidding on the project.

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Website Customization Needed

I have purchased a paid script of penny auction and it is installed on my server. I have updated the logo, banner and menu color. What I want is to have the layout change and i have worked on the design too. The design is ready with me and will be provided. What I want to have a person or a company to update the current website with the new layout design provided by me. The resulting website must work after the design changes. You must have knowledge of Smarty, AJAX, Cakephp. If you have experise with dalpay and click & buy payment gateway integrations it will be bonus. At this time only bid for design layout change only and the design is with me so no design efforts needed. Only coding to make this work with current website. More details will be provided in PMB.

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PEMDAS Evaluation Algorithm

I need a Java program that evaluates mathematical expressions using the PEMDAS approach. It should be bug-free optimized, small and efficient. You must submit the entire source code. And payment will be released after I test the program with all possible expressions. I myself am a programmer, due to time constraints I prefer to post a project for this task.

(e.g) 135 + 5 – (6 / 3)^2
The output for the above expression should be printed as output.

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Internet Models Needed

One of the biggest internet companies is looking for young and beautiful men and women to perform some tasks in front of the web camera.

Qualified candidates will earn $0.80/minute for each customer in Premium Chat (multiple paying customers are allowed in Premium Chat), and $1.00/minute for Exclusive Chat (only one paying customer is allowed per session). Models also earn a weekly bonus of up to 30%, so if you make $2,000 your net pay for that week would be $2,600.

In order to be considered for this position, you MUST:
– Be an attractive female or male over the age of 18 with a private place to work.
– Be friendly, open minded, and feel comfortable in front of the camera.
– Have a scanned image of a valid Drivers License, Passport, or other legal proof of age.
– Have a computer with a P4 dual core or higher processor, and at least 1GB of RAM.
– Have a high speed broadband Internet connection (click here to test speed).
– Have a good quality WEBCAM AND MICROPHONE.

Commissions are paid weekly, each Monday via PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, or check.

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Advertisement And Referral Needed.Payment In 3 Days.

Click impressions and referrals needed for newly deployed website.Advertisements can be done through any means.Pay structure is as follows:
2.8$ for 7000 clicks and 100 referrals.
12 $ for 20000 clicks and 500 refs
25 $ for 40000 clicks and 1000 refs
30$ for 50000 clicks and 1500 referrals

any criterion full filled will be eligible for payment if not adjustments will be taken care of.

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Flex Guru Needed

I need a FLEX GURU urgently. I have a project is that near completion but has a few bugs that needs to be worked out. Continued work for the right programmer. MUST be able to work independently, follow instructions, and have good english skills. I dont care where you live as long as you can understand written english. Please dont ask for advanced payment of any kind. Payment will be given promptly when the app has been tested. This is not a hard job and shouldnt take long (maybe a few hours?) to complete. Quick money with the opportunity for more work to follow if this goes well.

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Professional Writers Needed Urgently

I need Copy free work. Most important is i need writers who can work within the time. I dont need people who can not work within the time or just take work and vanish.I am ready to pay $2.1/500 Words.I need 5-6 articles per day.Dont be panic about the payment.You will be assured of it.I need teams.Singles can also bid. they are also welcomed.

Happy Bidding!

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Captcha Encoders For Night Time(individual Only, No Team)

This job will be about encoding captcha images on a server. All you have to do is encode captcha images displayed on your window. Images will simultaneously displayed on the screen, you just have to encode as many images you can encode.

Server usually runs very fast from 11 pm to 9 a.m. Youll need to encode at least 1000 images per day, but dont worry you can get 1000 images in just 3 hours of work. Payment will be after reaching 3000 images via paypal.

The payment rate will be $0.80 per 1k images encoded. Payment increase would also be possible.

To get started, I would like to you to have a testing phase where you just need to encode 1000 images, just to know if you are committed.

PM me for details

11/07/2010 at 13:40 EST:

Testing phase will be paid of course. So post your bids now!

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Graphic Design Needed


Now i shall sell my server for for graphic design ********

*********************I am looking someone who will buy server . par day they can earn $30-$35 usd.********************
===================== please contact me live chat (jack831000@yahoo.)=====================

========================we are selling data entry server and video upload server===================

———————Data entry server: par day you will do this work only 3 hours
1.If you buy data entry server then the server will give you daily payment
2.If you buy server then you can create many ids for you and your workers.
3.If you buy server then you can earn par day $30-$35usd.
4.Payment mode :Paypal,Mnoeybookers
5.server cost $20 usd for 5 years
——————-Video upload server:
1.If you buy video upload server then you can upload many videos in your server.
2.par video upload=12.5usd. if you upload 1 videos then you will get $12.5 usd.
3.par day you can upload 3-5 videos in your server.
4.the server will give you weekly payment.
5.If you buy video upload server then you can earn par day $35-$45 usd
6.Server cost $40 usd for 3 years
=========================== please contact me live chat (jack831000@yahoo.)=======================

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10,000 Twitter Followers Needed

I need 10,000 twitter followers.

Budget: $30

Payment Via: Escrow

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Webside Design Needed

I have a small team of programmers and want to build a game similar to scvngr com in my home country (Romania).
I am in need of simple but effective webdesign for this website. The game is in the real world and makes heavy usage of Google Maps .

The design should be fairly simple, clean (but with a professional look) and with not so many images.

I need 3 pages designed:

Front page: In which you have a choice to make ( if you are a player of the game, or you want to be a creator , elements can be included from google maps so you know that the game is about going places and doing things, or creating things in real places).

Profile page: in which you have a menu of some sort (for users actions: search for places,challanges etc. ) , a place in the header where you are presented with the users avatar, level progress bar (something like in online rpg games), a place for achievements of some sort and a place for announcements. This page should also contain all form elements styled to match the design.

Results page: this should be a page for search results and can include a filter bar somewhere.

The design should work flawlessly with any broswer and be made with CSS.

This project will require further work so stay tuned.

10/21/2010 at 7:53 EDT:

If you want to win the bid you should show me your ideea and quick sample so I can know you are up to this task.

Thank you.

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Webmaster/Partner Needed For Long Term Collaboration

Hi freelancers,

Im looking for a freelancer to develop websites from scratch.

I already own more than 50 hig-value-keyword based domains, most of them are .com and related to financial niches, Ive hosted them in hostgator.

Well begin with 5 of them and with posibilitties to make the rest of websites

The freelance selected wil develope the project alone, Ill provide only the domains and the hosting.
Youll have to develop the site and make the backlinking work to dominate the keywords

If youre selected well make an arrangement to split the revenue that the website generates in a 60-40 basis. 60% for you and 40% for me, starting from $50 USD. That means that from the total revenue the website generates, well share every dollar it generates above the $50 mark (p/e if the websites gets $200 USD, well share 150 USD, 60% for you, 40% for me).

This agreement will work as long as the website will generate income.

Note that this has to be legal, have unique content and everything needs to be tracked.

I can provide you an extra list of keywords for each site to increase the traffic and revenue in each of them, as soon as we start seeing good results.

Im not putting an upfront payment since well share the profits.

Send me a proposal to develop this project and tell me why I should select you as partner for this project

Happy bidding 😉

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Bedroom Design Needed

I am looking for someone to come up with a design for my bedroom. I will be providing pictures of the bedroom and a bedroom drawing of the measurements of the bedroom. I have some needs in the furniture in the room but I will provide more specifics. You will have 1 month to work o this project. i will need 3d renderings, specific furniture, and price for everything that is going in it. I have no budget for what will be going into the room. You mist post that the project will be done in 30 days.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

E-commerce Store (Design & Construction)

Build and design a professional looking e-commerce store up to 500 products buy it now price and shopping cart. We will provide product images, details and prices. Please see and for similar design style and for the type of products.


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

New Home Page Design Needed


We are looking for someone to redo our homepage (not the entire website) for a fashion website. We already have some ideas and examples to show you, but any suggestions are very welcome.
The design should go with our existing design of the website and if you have some knowledge about the ergonomie of a home page, that would be a plus.

Please note that the payment will only be released once we reach a satisfactory result, which means that there might be a few iterations with the design.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

30 Articals Needed Various Subjects

We need 30 original well written articles written with different key words for various subjects. Each article needs to be at least 500 words with key words placed to a good % of article. Each article needs to be 100% original and not used again after. We will own all rights to the article.

Each article will be checked against copyscape.

Payment will be made on the completion of the project by escrow and will be paid once we are happy with all articles. Subjects will be around real estate and insurance.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Google Payment Gateway Needed

I need someone to replace my current verus/sage Payment gateway to the Google Payment gateway/checkout. You must have experience with the google payment gateway/checkout and the project must be completed (i.e. fully functional without any errors) within 1 day. Please provide examples of which websites you coded the google payment gateway.

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Internet Marketer Needed

===== PM for more details ======

1. Adsense & Adwords Management
2. Internet Marketing
3. Occasional tedious work (i.e. link building, misc seo, etc).
4. Able to start immediately.
5. 10-30 hours a week (depending on how much you want to earn)

There is no individual project you will be working on but rather an assortment of projects.


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Urgent US Internet Law Lawyer Needed

Looking particularly for a US lawyer to help with —- file a court proceeding immediately.
If youre not a lawyer, please do not contact me.
If youre a lawyer but outside United States, please do not contact me.
The budget set on this project is not strict. Id like to file a court proceeding immediately, and any service you can offer after that you can bill me for.
Please provide your company name, website address and even better a MSN address, I would like to start immediately.

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Needed Funny Blog Writer

We have two fun blog sites.One site is very popular,another one is under development.The concept of the site is to publish the photoshop fail and video fail post. I need a funny writter to spend just 10 minutes to do following

1.We will forward the best pics or video
2.You must write attractive,funny tittle and some comments about pics or video,The English must be excellent
3.Once completed you can forward to us or publish in WP.

You will get atleast 5 post in week and it will increase when video site is hosted.Please quote per post.The payment will be done monthly or weekly as you prefer

Some sample pics

When you pm me,Please register your fun tittle,comment for sample pic.

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