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Iphone Game Development

Hi, Im looking for an iPhone developer to create a virtual world game on iPhone/iPad.

Genre: Virtual world RPG where the player owns a shop and levels up by serving customers
Theme: 2.5 Isometric cartoon-like graphics on a tiled map
Two configurable currencies, one works with in-app purchase
Ability to purchase items, place them on the shelf and serve different number of customers based on the current popularity of the shop
Ability to position decorative items on map, support rotation, moving, storage, etc
Configurable experience points and level-up requirements
Configurable catalog of items, of variable cost, delivery time, requirements, for purchases
Ability to integrate with Facebook Connect , Twitter, email and Game Center
Ability to take screen shots
Time frame:
Preferably within 1 month or not more than 50 days.
To be discussed in PMB
Looking for experienced developer with great reviews and application listed on App Store

Please submit your bid along with your portfolio. Please specify whether your quote includes graphics or just source code. Please indicate relevant past projects in Objective-C, Cocoa 2D, Lua.

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IPhone Game

We have a requirement for an iPhone Game to be developed.

This game will require experience in either Cocos2D or Unity. Preferably Cocos2D.

All designs and concept will be documented and presented to you for finally review prior to commencing the work. There will be numerous stages to ensure we meeting the requirements.

The applicant must have:
– evidence of successful iOS Applications/Games developed.
– excellent English communication skills
– extensive knowledge in Cocos2D and/or Unity
– available for on-line meetings (we will suit your time)
– speedy turn around times during iterations
– valuable feedback

On the success of this project, and if the applicant demonstrates all the above skills. There is a further 31 projects waiting to be started to date.

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IPhone Game Developer

I need to find somebody who can develop game for iPhone (and iPad). It will be shooter game with 7-10 levels.
If you already have experience of developing games of this type, please send me examples of your games and estimated time to complete the whole project.

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