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Experienced WordPress Developer

We are looking for an Experienced WordPress Developer to build an online training course with streaming video and a sales page. Successful applicant must be very experienced in building WordPress websites and have a proven track record of sites built.

Must have 5+ years experience in programming.

Must be proficient with:
JQuery 1.5
Server Deployment

Be able to quickly and efficiently edit word press template
Strong knowledge of wordpress plugin ecosystem
Must have design ability (illustrator/photoshop)
rapidly turn PSD mockups into HTML 5/CSS3

Must have experience building:
Landing pages
Payment pages with recurring payment / one time payment.
Pop ups
Embedded videos with button overlays
Email Harvester page
Upsell templates
Counter with countdown

Integration with:
Office Autopilot
API from a Rails Application
Bank Payment gateway to accept Credit cards and Pay Pal.
AB testing/ metrics services
Must be knowledgeable tuning wordpress for performance
Server deployment
Setting up staging environments and other production workflows
Experience with Affiliate marketing networks a plus

The Theme should be widgetized and easily manipulated sans-code, like pagelines theme. It Should Have a gui for front and color changes.
So we, (non-developers) can upload content without a dev.

We must be Launched by May 1st 2011. So We have just 3 weeks.
You must have 6+ hours a day available at least until May 1st. After that, we will keep you on part time working on new features and optimizing.

Please email us sites you have built / worked on in the past and how many years of experience you have.

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Asterisk + AsterClick + Java + PHP – Real-time Web GUI

We are looking for a programmer that is familiar with Asterisk to help us complete a Call Shop project. The project will take advantage of Asterisk and A2Billing for billing users in pre-paid or post-paid mode (All configured by use/We have heavy experience with Asterisk).

You will help with developing a Web GUI where Booths (for a Call Shop) will be displayed in real-time. The purpose of this project is to provide the user with real-time extension status. Is the call answered? How long was the duration? When was the call Hangup. There will be some queries to MySQL after a call is hangup to query the balance (which is calculated by A2Billing).

***Please note that all you have to do is use your Java and HTML skills to grab the XML driven events from AsterClick – an Asterisk event vectoring program (Based on php – to grab the status of Extensions and display on the web.

The project will require you to create an Admin portal and User portal. Users sign-up is not required as it can be done manually in the Admin portal.

This is an immediate project. Please submit bid asap.


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Create A SMS/Text Message Bulk Mailer Website

On the Frontend: I want people to be able to enter their first name and their cell phone number and automatically receive my messages (auto-responders) for free.

They can also text a certain word and it will automatically add them to my mailing list and send them the autoresponder.

On the Backend: I want to be able to upload a large list of cell phone numbers (all over the world, not just United States).

I also want to be able to upload large documents such as novels or books and it automatically sends them one page at a time, or one chapter at a time until they ask for more or it can send it once a day. Id love for these to be able to be sent out for free.

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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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Fresh And Serious Committed Writers Needed

We need Fresh writers who are ready for full time writing jobs. Please bid only if youre ready to write full time.

Our rate is $1 per 350, 400 and 500. We pay a flat rate of $1 for articles in the ranges stated.

We pay daily via GAF only.

Our concern is to assist you come up.

Bid $50 or $30 to save your money

if youre ready, then come along… Pls write, "IM READY FOR FULL TIME WRITING" to show you read the above.


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We looking for some people for my simple home based data entry job. ( Working In Night Time )

Only basic knowledge good typing speed, good internet connection.

In this project your job is to retype only words into blank.

Also welcome new freelancer. Individuals and teams most welcome.

Images coming normal speed in day time or good speed in night hrs between 8:00 pm to 8:00 am morning ( India Time )

Rates starting $1 for 1k and if performance good than we increasing in future also.

Payment will be only twice month through GAF, Paypal Etc.

We 24 hrs online yahoo


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Need Male Narrator – Short Film

Short 3D Animated Film: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Title: Deja Vu

In order to be considered for this project, you must first submit a voice sample of the following script to its entirety. Your audition sample will not be used in any way to promote or advertise the film as you are not being paid for it.

You must submit the sample.


The air was cool with a slight summer breeze; the leaves were blooming, and the world seemed so full of life. Every person, unique and different… special in their own way. My name is Clark Winter; I was born in Manhattan after my mom was rushed to the hospital during labor. She nearly died they told her, but she managed to hold on. I grew up like any other kid, and there were very little things that worried me. For so long my life seemed well, and I thought it would continue that way. It was that very summer morning when the air was cool with a slight summer bre
eze that I decided to go for a walk in the park. Why I had the sudden feeling to go for a walk in the park eludes me; but I did it nonetheless. In the crowd of people, a single man stood out. He was not in a rush like everyone else; nor was he distracted by the people around him. He stood motionless, in deep thought. It was not long before he saw me looking at him, and so he began to move. He slowly walked up to me and crouched down to my level. I had never seen him before. He struck me as a nice guy, but I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. This stranger spoke to me shortly before walking away into the crowd, never to be seen or heard from again. He said.. "If you wish for something long enough, one day it is bound to happen." And then he left. Just like that. What he told me has left me in question to this day, when it all became clear. That same day, as I stood near the ice cream shop, eating away at my ice cream, I heard something peculiar. Something I had never heard before. It was chaos.
I was unable to comprehend what was happening at the time, considering the fact that I was still a little boy.
My parents had passed away, along with many others in the chaos that had occurred. Only years later had I been told what really happend, for then I was old enough to understand and cope with it. I grew into my late teenage years. I began to change, and so did the world around me. I remember the day my parents died as if it were only yesterday. I remember the stranger who came up to me, and spoke to me, and every day I would be reminded of his face. Every day his face seemed more familiar than the day before. I remembered his words clearly, and I thought about them every day. I did make a wish, but it was an impossible one; all hope I had for my wish to come true since childhood had been gone; and yet… I continued to wish… I continued to pray. One day, as I was sitting in my living room, a strange feeling overcame me. It was not long before this feeling became overwhelming, and even more-so out of control. I believed that I was dying. It was not painful, but rather uncomfortable. It was my memories drifting closer, and sooner than later, they became a part of my present. Suddenly, I closed my eyes, and everything was silent. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a city. Where I was became clear to me, but the why was a completely different story. Everything made sense, but at the same time it didnt. I couldnt explain it to you in words, because it was just a feeling. I felt like I had been here before, and I was right. My dream had come true, and I believed that others should have the same opportunity. I saw a lost and confused boy standing on his own; I walked up to him and kneeled down. And so I spoke to him. I told him what a great man once told me; words of wisdom that I would never forget. The child did not appear to understand what I had told him; but regardless, I did. I knew what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, and it was time to make the most of it. So, I went home. And there… I stayed.

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Changes To WordPress Websites + Maintenance

Need some changes made to 2 wordpress sites and require an ongoing maintenance program for issues, minor updates and changes and instructions on how to do things from time to time.

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Easy To Work Data Entry

Welcome to my new project for all people

here i know to you introduce you my data entry project.

In this project your job is to retype only words into blank.

i am also welcome new freelancer. the time of this project is the night shift .so who are ready to do work online at nighttime after Indian time 11:30 so who are ready for doing this job only that person are bid here.

site is

My rate for this job is 0.80 to 1$ and payment transfer via freelancer and who reach to my target then i will select this person for this job.
Best of luck and bid for 30$. who passed with my test i am select them for the my project so who are seriously ready for the work with me on night time that person are only place bid here.

i have also lots of the project so who is honestly work with me i am share also my another project.

this project very easy, short and easy to earn money .

Term and conditions ;


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Qlink Captcha Entry (night Shift) And (dayshift) Good Speed.


I need captcha typers for my qlink captcha typing project.
Both dayshitf and nightshift.
Will also provide you software and tricks for fast work.

1k=1000 correct captcha entries.

Requirements for dayshift(only teams)

*You should know captcha entry and have done it before.
*Have good typing speed.
*If team you should do 3k-5k/day.

If individuals want to do dayshift then rate is $0.65/1k.

Requirement for nightshift(both teams and indiividuals)

*You should know captcha entry and have done it before.
*Have good typing speed.
*If team you should do 3k-5k/day.
*if individual you should do 200-300 entries/day or more.

Rates are
for teams(dayshift)=$0.85/1k
for teams(nightshift)=$0.90/1k

for individuals
rates are $0.85/1k.

Payment thru GAF only.
>> The payment is send every saturday.. u dont need to request.
Payment for individuals when they reach 5k minimum/week.
Payment for teams when they reach 10k minimum/week.

Nightshift working time :-
>> Working time 11.30pm -6:00am ( Indian time )
>> Working time 12:00am-7:00am(Bangladesh time)
>> Working time 11:00pm-5:00am(Pakistan time)
>> Working time 1:00am-8:00am (veitnam time)
>> Working time 2:00am-9:00am(china time)
>> Working time 2:00am-9:00am(Philipines time)

Dayshift working time :-
>> All day when ever you want.

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Optimized Multiple Route Planner

This is for the UK. I am looking for a simple planner for my plumbers to optimize their appointments by finding the quickest routes for multiple jobs and putting them in the correct order by postcode.
This would be preferably through excel sheet uploaded. (open to suggestions)
I would require the following.
Jobs entered by postcode then number of property.
Time slots (we carry out AM/PM appointments and 2 hour appointments) there should be a default time and a adjustment time that can be altered.
A section for the name of the plumber to be added to the route with home postcode attached as finishing point (can be adjusted)
Start and end postcode defaulted and adjusted required.
Section to type in a postcode and find the nearest operative by the planner for that day.
The results produces a map of the route to follow and step by step directions that can be downloaded.
The software should be web based and log in facilities for plumbers to log in and see their route only and ability to download.
Icons for use should be in the style of ipad/iphone apps
Back end user for me to update the routes daily/weekly. Change names etc.

Hope this explains clearly enough. I have small budget so hopefully not a complicated programme.

Thanks for looking

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Article Writer Needed


I am searching a good article writer who can deliver the work on time.

I want original articles only.

The topic will be on dog nutrition and my keywords to seo will be: healthy dog food, natural dog food and benefits of feeding your dogs a natural diet. You should use all the keywords at least 1 time in the article and the article must be based on facts. I need a good story in every article.

You must have good experiance in the pet industry.

I Will pay $3 per article at least (400 words) and I will need 10 articles for a start.


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I have an online store selling memorabilia, i have 7 categorys and about 400 items. New items are being added on a monthly basis.

I need most importantly SEO Maintenance monthly. Im clarifying in the project details that the project is not for FULL TIME. That i am just testing and reviewing the suitable freelancer for my project. If i find a user suitable for my job, i will have to post a full time project.

Page 1 rankings in Australia is a minimum.

Things ill need are listed below:

STRATEGY: Target music and movie memorabilia keywords, off page
SUSPECTED OUTCOMES: Get music and movie memorabilia keywords ranking higher
– Create 2 blog posts linking back to the website
– Also blog commenting on relevant articles to link back to website.
– Find anyone who will link back to his website through an anchor text of "music memorabilia" or "movie memorabilia", preferably from related websites
STRATEGY: Target sport memorabilia keywords by on page and off page
SUSPECTED OUTCOMES: Get sport memorabilia based keywords to start ranking by link building creating better content
– Create 2 blog posts linking back to the website
– Also blog commenting on relevant articles to link back to website.

This will need to be done for every category.

I would also like Content re-written for every single item.

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Virtual Assistant With Ability To Copy-Paste And Photo Edit

I seek a person with a high attention to detail and after reading over the requirements a desire to want to work directly with me. While new with freelancer I have worked with another well known website for years and have been in business for over 25 years. I am looking for someone who will help me become more efficient as my primary goal.

This is a full time permanent position. If you have the skills required and would like to have steady stable work we should find out if this will be a good fit.

I need multi-task virtual assistant, with a lot of copy-pasting, basic image editing, simple content layout
You must be able to work with Remote Desktop, have high speed internet, computer and be able to be focused with the task at hand while on the clock.

Software that will be needed includes but is not limited to:
The gimp ( free) photo editing or other that will be just as efficient at cropping screenprints from the web (The ability to effectively and efficiently crop a screen print will be require before starting as this is one of the biggest components of this job)
Spreadsheet program excel
Internet explorer or firefox (with a very high degree of ability)
An HTML WYSIWYG editor to layout content
Remote desktop
Google documents
FTP program (your choice)

You will be given a list of items and criteria to source information about.
Usually you will go to up to four websites to gather information and pictures about the items.
You will need to be able to take screenprints and edit the prints to create images of pictures / information
You will be uploading images that you create into a server via FTP
You will be entering information found from the websites into a spreadsheet to analyze
You will enter information found from the websites and lay it out as instructed into an HTML editing program so that it will be ready to be posted to the net for public viewing.

I need someone that can write FLUENT American English, with proper grammar and spelling. This is a requirement due to technical terms used. The ability to find RELATED items and understanding the content is required. Being able to speak English is a plus but I expect we will mostly communicate via chat.

While not required the ability to supervise and manage others will be a big plus for someone that would like to take a management roll and eventually be in charge of others.

In my hope to get the highest quality candidate I am willing to have a starting time as late as 5PM Chicago time (regardless of daylight savings time this is the latest that will work for me)
Hours of work needed after trial period and training (about 20-30 days) is a starting time of 2 to 5 pm and an ending time of 10pm to 2 am Chicago time Sun-Thur (you may pick the starting time of either 4 or 5pm). Weekends should be available to work IF YOU WANT but are not required. A minimum of 30 hours will be needed. If you need one or two days off a month that is fine but I really need someone that will typically be available five days a week.

NOTE: Please bid any amount you want for the first 80 hours of work which will include the training period. I would expect that the training will take about a week or less to start out with and then ongoing training to get you up to full speed.

The pay after the first 80 hours is $2 per hour. We will review the progress after five months to decide on a pay increase to take effect at the start of six months and then will move to $2.10 to $2.25 per hour depending on the quality of work. We will repeat the process of review every six months.

I look forward to working with you and hope this will be a mutually satisfying experience. Please include a resume or your qualifications and the word kaizen with your information to show that you have read this and your attention to detail.

Included is a representative of the work that will be expected

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Full Time Assistant Needed

I need an assistant to basically send emails all day.

I will send you a video on what I need done and you are to send a minimum of
100 emails per day.

This is a full time role at $150 per month + Comission.

Looking for someone reliable who wants to work with us long term.

Please reply with your resume attached – NO RESUME NO JOB!

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Joomla Work – US Only Please

Looking to move a 1.5 web site over into 1.6 – need someone who is familiar with Joomla to help migrate this web site.

Looking for someone US based to do work from time to time in future.

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A few hours weekly long term – Need an individual developer with a minimum of five years experience. If you are company with several developers, please dont apply. We are looking for an individual who can assist us with the sites maintenance, additions, changes, modification, and email broadcast. The site is a news and directory outlet. We pay hourly. No offsite work allowed. Need to access our server via remote service that is provided from our office. Must be available during our business hours of U.S. Pacific Time Zone. We are open 6:00am to 9:00pm our time. State your experience and hourly rate. As soon as tomorrow work may start. Good luck bidding. Lot more work available if satisfied with performance.

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50k Youtube Views And Subscribers

I need 50K youtube views in the shortest amount of time. also need Subscribers. Let me know how many you can get and in what time frame.

Qualified bidders only! Please only bid if you can deliver with requirements below.

All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed. I preffer US, UK, Canada, EU views.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube.

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5000 Indian Fans Needed For Fanpage


I needed a facebook fans supplier, who can really supply the fans for a long time. I have a fanpage for which I needed targeted Indian Fans only. I am starting this from 5k fans. So, kindly bid here only. If you are expert in this field.

I would like to tell you that myself, I am a facebook marketing expert. The reason I am creating a project here becoz I dont have enough time to work on this one. Thats why, I am hiring someone.

The rules should be followed when supplying fans:

All fans must be 18+
Fans should be from India only. I will check out this from facebook page insights.
Must be real people, No fake accounts. I can catch with in a second that either the fans are real or fake. So try to cheat
Only experienced people are allowed to bid
Please send me your previous work when bidding.
Tell me your way or method of bringing fans to my fanpage. It should be white hat method. No any black hat methods allowed.
Bid here the reasonable price here. I know that how much 5k Indian fans will cost. So, keep this in your mind before bidding
You will be paid after the 1 week of completion of your fanpage.

No time waster needed.

Remember, its a long term project. I am just testing that whether the person whom I will hire is eligible to provide me the fans on continuous basis or not


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Google Map Integration

I need someone to migrate my google map api v2 into v3.

After that I need some more functionality added. i.e. Geolocation.

I built the v2 version but dont have time now to migrate it to v3.

Please come back to me with your initial approx quote, both time and money.

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Time Tracking Application

I need a website to do a simple time tracking web based for a department

1.System will have department and each department will have x amount of users
2.Each department will have one administrator/manager
3.Each user will have its own login
4.Users cannot see tasks of other users
5.Only admin/manager can see all tasks
6.Only Admin/manager can create/edit/delete tasks
7.Admin generate a task list and assign each user with a task list
8.Users will see his/her own task and report on each individual tasks by the clock assigned by the program
9.Admin/manager can generate reports based on date range (on demand)
10.Standard reports will be available by day/week/month
11.Admin/manager can check user performance by task or by day
12.Admin/manager can check department by task or by day
13.System will give possibilities to multiple administrators

I have a couple of more requirements ( small ones) but contact me and I will give you more details

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Conceptual Development Sketches

This project is for a set of conceptual development sketches for a product for a babies room that combines a clock with a temperature sensor. Because it is for a childs room, its design and appearance should appeal to a parent.

The main features:
1. It needs to measure the room temperature and display that. It will illuminate based on the temperature, if its too cold, its blue, if its too hot, its red etc.

2. The temperature sensor should be separate from the device so that the unit does not affect the temperature reading. I am not sure if this piece should be wireless or wired. For example, if the entire thing is in the shape of a cat, the sensor may be in the tail to move it a little bit from the heat of the device.

3. It should have a clock with an alarm type function. It wont actually alarm. Instead, the parent will be able to set a time to display the moon before the alarm and the sun after the alarm. This will teach the child what time is ok to get out of bed and when they should stay in bed.

4. Battery operated will be the best so it must use efficient parts like low power consuming LED lights.

5. it should sit on a tabletop and shouldnt be too big or too small.

The drawings should show the overall form. If you can provide detailed drawings that show a detail, orthographic and perspective view on every page, that is a plus. We most interested in the initial look and feel of the project. If you are able to discuss the feasibility of it as well, that is a bonus.

The drawings should be delivered strictly on time.

Some similar concepts out there that do not do everything discussed here but give some design ideas:

Kids temperature sensor that changes color

Kids Night clock

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Very Fast Data Entry Work For Nightimee

hello good day my all friend now i am introduce a new work of the retyping the words and which u see on the computer desk topp
i am also invite new freelancers who are ready to build carrerr as freelancerr onthe internet

my server name iss: test id is given in the pmb okk

i want the workers who is ready work in the time 7:00pm to 7:00 am in the night time and who can giveme daillly 5k mininmum targett.

so who is ready to work in this time only that people are bid here i amnot who is only waste time . okk i want hard and who have good typing speed and accuracy in typinngg.

best regards


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Looking For Full Time Graphic Designer

We are currently taking about 3 or 4 projects a week that we need a full time graphic designer to complete. You must devote all your time to our projects as we need a turnaround time of 2-3 days. You must be very professional and be able to deliver outstanding results. You must have a portfolio of fantastic work that showcases various elements and styles. You must have amazing communication skills and be available atleast 12 hours a day through MSN, telephone/skype etc.The main projects we will be providing include:
-Brochure design
-Logo design
-Business card design
-Letter heads
-All stationary designs

Please propose what you expect as a monthly salary and provide a comprehensive portfolio of your work. We may give you on a project to test your capabilities and dependency.

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Hello Mates,

I prefer professional article writers,we have a good experience in this writing field.

I want best quality articles with Cs passed, 100% unique and original, High quality without any grammatical mistakes,

Good English writing skill.

I am sure that you will take interest in my work .

I think that on-time work and on-time payment is the best way for a best business.

payment method is paypal only.

Thanks .

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Fashion Site, Full Time Job For Two (2) People

We are looking for 2 full time employees, to do data-entry. This is a long term job, hopefully forever. We pay 300Euros for both per month.

They do not need to type anything, so they need just basic English understanding.

They need to though
1)Categorize apparel, so see a cloth picture and select between: Classic, Casual, Alternative, Sport
2)Categorize apparel, so see a cloth picture and select between, different pictures that match the same category
3)Press a button saying Remove or Approve, when a specific type of screens appear

Maybe they will need a 20 minute training to start, they need to understand the difference between Classic, Casual, Alternative, Sport in apparel, we can provide with examples.

They need to be preferably women. If this goes well and we get a good price, the team could grow further very soon.

They need to follow a set of predefined rules, which might have small changes each month.

Send us a report at the end of each day with what has been done, in a pre-created document format.
We are looking to pay minimum wage + plus more for your service.


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****Please do not apply if you can not guarantee the below transcript Quality and Turnaround****

An Organisation is building a trusted team of experts to do regular transcription/review/article writing etc. for the coming years to acquired an enviable reputation online for our high quality work at affordable pay.

We are now in need of members to do transcriptions.

Transcriber will be required to transcribe series of audio on regular basis as the job comes.

You must submit the assignment within the stipulated time else it will be rejected.

You must be trusted, leading to more frequent and varied general transcription work.

Accuracy must be above 95%; abt 7 blanks + time stamps per page.

Turnaround time: 15-60minutes audio every or within 4-10hrs upon receipt of audio.

We have continuous jobs for the right candidates.

Quality and turnaround is of serious consideration for us.

Pay will be between $3 to $10 per 1-3 Audio Hour; adjusted based on actual number of audio minutes/hours transcribed based on the output quality..
Payment will be made at least twice in a month or as soon as the invoice amount reaches above $35.

Let me know the hrs. you will be available for jobs and should you have any questions.

Pls include "Kwality Along Service" in your bid for me to know you ve read this, understood and agree.

Looking forward to your bids. Thank you!

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Serious/Fast Native English Writers Needed – 2

Hi there, I am in need of a native English speaker or speakers who is/are specialized in niche/niches such as writing normal articles, medical writing, technical writing,financial writing, fashion writing, Product reviews etc etc . I have a starting budget of $1.5 per 500 word article in the start and will considerable increase if our working relationships sinks well. . You should be good in writing and researching and too much dedicated to my project.

My last projects had only few time wasters like ghostcowboy etc etc.. Such writers avoid bidding on my project please.

I would prefer people with relevant English knowledge, flair to write, need at least 5000+ words to be written in 24 hours deadline. No worries if youre new to freelancer but you must have some samples available to show your writings worth and it should be copyscaped fast.

I will not accept vague applications, please make a clear note of your skills and experience and answer my questions below :

1. Will be able to write 5000+ words daily in 24 hours deadline?

2. How many days in a week will you work – 5/6 ?

3. Can you accept payment through PayPal or GAF ?

4. Are you willing to take up this work as your full time work ?

5. Are you serious on this project and how long willing to commit. ?

answer all this and in case if your not serious in this work and cant give proper work and going to waste time.
Please skip this project. Am looking only for serious writers and not for time wasters. Bid along with an sample.

Thank you.

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Product Import Into Drupal

I need to have 2000+ products imported into drupal from another shopping cart, including images, cross sells, and categories. We can provide CSV files or existing Sequel Server database tables. I need this done ASAP.
(1) Please provice time frame necessary to complete project.
(2) Please provide sample of sites that you have completed this type of project for.
(3) Please respond only if you can REALLY do the job – do not have time to waste.

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