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Webbased Timeslotsbooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

Here is an excellent example but in .php.

This is how i want it to be like, except from some things. Every timeslot has to be dynamic from the admin-settings, like if you want to give the possibility to book 1-5 reservations on every slot, you can set this param in admin-area.
So the time is avaliable until the slot is full.
The ability to disable part of day, or whole day is neccesary. Like if you dont want to book on lunchTIme and BreakfastTime. Or Holidays.

No payment is necessary. No styling except from edit the css is necessary. No name-form is necessary beacuse this data is already saved in a variabel during login.

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Article Rewriters (Entry Level) Urgent Hire – Start Today


This stage of our project is very simple to complete. It is an ENTRY LEVEL position in our group. You only need to follow our instructions. There is no research and no thinking involved. I need someone with fair grasp of English who can rewrite every PARAGRAPH of articles we provide four times.

Each article is approximately 500 words in length, some could be 400 some could be 600, it varies. There will be approximately 7 paragraphs in each article. You have to rewrite them four times in your own words. SIMPLE!!!

If you can complete this job as described with no spelling errors and in proper grammar, there is more work for you in the future. Candidates must provide a sample of any sentence they chose and rewrite it three times and send it in as part of their application. Please NO attachments.

Thank you for applying. Good luck. I will not accept bids above $20 for 20 articles – PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS CLEARLY, THIS MEANS EACH REWRITTEN ARTICLE YOU COMPLETE IS WORTH A MAXIMUM OF$1. Also there will be NO MILESTONE PAYMENTS please.

Applications without the rewriting sample will not be considered. This is a long term hire, after this project is successfully completed, candidates may be asked to stay on a full time position and given an increase in rates.

Thank you and Best of Luck. We are looking to hire 5 candidates NOW.

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3 Flash Banners Required


Our company requires 3 professional flash banners in the following sizes:

140px × 125px
160px × 600px
175px × 175px

We will fully rely on your skills. Ideas/Suggestions/Transcript samples will be sent to the chosen candidate straight after bidding period ends.

Please PM us your portfolio/work samples, etc.

Good luck!

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Webbased Timebooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

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Chinese Purchasing Assistant & Translator Needed

Hi all,

I am looking for 2 purchasing assistants?


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Edit JS And PHP Code For Time Booking System


I have a section of code for booking time slots.

The calender shows the available dates and times, and currently allows each time slot to be booked once, however I need this to be changed so it can be configured to allow multiple bookings.

For example, I have 4 delivery vans, so I need each time slot to be booked 4 times – or I have 10 delivery vans and need it to be booked 10 times per hour…

I have all the existing code etc by zip file.

Must be very quick to fix – $20 budget.

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Telling Time To The Minute Worksheets

Create 10 two-page pdf documents.

First page will contain 10 clock faces (must be original or open source; can be all the same or different) with random times depicted. Clocks should realistically show where the hour and minute hands would be at that specific time. For these worksheets, times other than 5 minute intervals should be shown (e.g. 3:14, 2:37, 6:59, NOT –> 12:00, 4:15, 5:35).

Second page will be identical to the first, but must include the answers (i.e. the times shown on each clock).

A title, short instructions and a footer with the website name must be included on all pages.

Freelancer must sign a Copyright Assignment form to transfer copyright to website.

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Website Speed Improvement / Optimization

This project is to help us increase load times for

You will analyze the content delivered — including the efficient use HTML — and provide specific recommendations (CSS, JS, HTML, multimedia etc.) to maximize load times.

This project is ONLY for front-end (content) speed analysis — NOT back-end (server and database) analysis.

You will not have FTP access.

After implementing your suggestions, a $100.00 USD bonus will be paid for speed improvement of 25% or more.

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Help With CB ProfileBook – One Modification

I have a website using Community Builder with CB Profilebook installed

CB ProfileBook – you can write something to a user profile + rating
At the moment users can write unlimited times and also rate unlimited times.

The work that should be done IS :

Edit the core files of CB ProfileBook in a way to limit users write ONLY 1 time and not unlimited as now.

The project is quite simple for somebody who knows what he is doing.

I will award bidder from price/feedback considerent.

P.S. I will not provide the website etc … I will provide you with the plugin (youll have to install CB + plugin and test it on your localhost and give me the modified file)

Cheers and Welcome to bid

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Need Movie Time (and Purchase Link) Scraper


There are some of these already done on, so we may be looking to reproduce some existing work.

We are looking for a php script that will scrape and probably for movie times and brings up current and future times based off of zip code.

The input for the function would be a movie name or an imdb code (see, US post code and date.

Return of the function should be an array of theatres playing that movie, ordered by distance, with addition data in the array for times and direct links to purchase for that specific showtime (link would be the fandango link, the movietickets link, etc).

Please also provide sample PHP template pages that would show the form and the layout of movie times/links.

As we know that most tickets in the US are either through or, we believe that one could use an IMDB scraper or something like it as the basis for this script and replace non-existing links for fandago with cross-referenced data.

We need this done ASAP. If you can provide quality timely service we have a few other such specific projects. We need this project done in the next 2-4 days.

If we choose Your bid we will provide more info.


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Urgent Linux Debian Firewall Setup

Urgent firewall setup on my debian lenny server

The "Security Expert" i hire bevore for this project was thinking just enable the firewall with the only one standart firewall rule is enough

you have to check what the super security expert dont do

make my server secure i think the server is now more leak than bevore

after 5 times request he do the follow he update the pakets from debian not sure this is done well

the rest what he do in 3 days i still dont know but i think can not be much since he work on a other project and he do only what i request minimum 5 times

the fail2ban is not working too so you need fix also the fail2ban (i am closed sure he dont do this but i ask only 7 times 🙂 )

the iptables need include rules for sync flood etc

i check now
self the basic firewall he set up is not working

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News Portal WordPress CMS Developmet


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Need A Questionnaire Filled Almost 100 Times

Please read before placing a bid, only serious people.

I need a questionnaire filled almost 100 times from the owners of websites operating in Pakistan. The websites could belong to any category. The only concern I have is that I need genuine answers and responses and the data must be verifiable, I will provide the link to the questionnaire to the interested providers.

I will make 50% payment escrow upfront and remaining will be done after successful completion of the job. This is a very easy job for a person who has a lot of contacts in Pakistan. I have small budget so please bid accordingly.

If you have any questions please ask me.


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Data Entry Task

I have a text file which needs to be completed by duplicating chunks of the file, and then numbering each duplication. There are 54 categories in the file at the moment, each of which needs to be duplicated (copy and pasted) a number of times (between 20-150 times) depending on the category. Once each category has been duplicated, each duplication needs to be numbered… 1,2,3 etc. Once accepted, I will send you the file and provide more details – as to what needs copying, where to add the numbering, and how many times for each category. This can also be discussed on MSN/

$30 is the most I will pay for this job, and I need it completed within the next few hours (asap).


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Need Codeginiter Php Specialist

I need codeginiter php5 specialist
to change codegintier script to php
I have few script in Code Igniter for Craigstlist, Digg Fiverr and Freelancer
I need somebody to convert them in php, and launch site multiple times for our client
The first conversion will take 3-5 days.
Later designing fresh web template and adding feew feature / add on per new installation.
I need done atleast 5-10 times in a week.
So good compnies with previous experince respond

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Phone Researcher/Data Aggregator


We currently need three individuals to join our outbound calling and research team.

We call 10s of thousands of storage unit facilities nationwide twice a month to ask if they have auctions coming up, we then enter the auction date and time in the list and resell the list to consumers.

Here are the requirements:

YOU MUST: be detailed oriented (I.E entering in dates and times accurately and never making a mistake entering those dates and times)
YOU MUST: have a good, reliable connection speed. We use a complex auto dialing system that requires a faster internet connection.
YOU MUST: Be comfortable making cold calls and working during US Business hours.
YOU MUST: Have a limited accent so people can understand you.

We are hiring immediately and training starting today.

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Thesis Theme

I am looking for a theme very similar to "The Times" that I can use for an investment related news blog.

Ideally I would like a "next generation" version of The Times.

Simple, Clean & High End Professional.

Potential for a long term relationship in helping develop approx. 100 Thesis blogs.

Must have EXPERT knowledge of Thesis.

Thank you

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Need A Quality Twitter Followers & Youtube Views Provider!

Hi, Were about to launch a network of social media sites focusing on selling Twitter Follower Packages and Youtube Views packages for businesses, this is going to be a big business and a huge on going project, were not going to do this similar to other services, were going to go big on this one.

Were looking for a QUALITY, RELIABLE and COMMITTED Twitter Follower and Youtube Views supplier. We need the followers and views to be REAL and high quality and with extremely good prices and delivery times.

This is the information we need.

1.- Prices for 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10000 Twitter Followers.
2.- Estimated delivery times for EACH amount.
3.- Prices for 10000, 20000, 50000, and 100000 Youtube Views.
2.- Estimated delivery times for EACH amount.

If you think you fill this requirements please contact us and bid, if not dont even bother were NOT going to consider the following.

1.- People that CANT supply more than 5,000
2.. People that have delivery times over 20 days for followers and more than 100 days for youtube views
3.- People that dont include the full details were asking
4.- People that can deliver high quality
5.- People that dont provide competitive low prices
6.- People that can be in contact communication.

Those who dont comply with the requirements above wont be consider.


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Fix Rereplacer Component Used With Tooltip

I have a component called rereplacer that I am using to search for certain words in the text and replace them by a tooltip with the definition of that specific word.

Now the rereplacer is replacing all the words in the content which does not look good when the word is there 20 times!

The rereplacer works with regular expression as per their forum to fix this issue.

Also the solution cannot be to make any changes in the srticles because I can have the same word 500 times and it would ridiculous to change it and that I can do.

So it has to be done the rereplacer component.

Now I have 2 guys that works regularly for me that tried and did not success. So if you are trying please to not bid. I need someone that is sure that he can succeed.

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Private Project – Trixxie 3

I require 20 keyword articles. I will supply 20 long-tail keywords. An example of a keyword would be "big heater". The articles will be about a range of topics so you must be a versatile writer. Each keyword must feature in the body text of the article at least 3 times and max 5 times.

Each article should be at least 300 words long.

The articles should be well researched and interesting to read. Articles MUST be well written and free of ALL grammar and spelling errors.

All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape. All work will be checked using copyscape BEFORE payment is released. Scraped or plagiarized content will not be accepted.

We would own all rights to all work upon payment. Works are not to be reused in any way for any reason.

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Article Writing


I am doing e-marketing and I need articles about products, mostly reviews of them for presell. I will need 3 articles.

I need all articles have these properties.

– Written from scratch
– Must pass copyspace and articlechecker
– Each must have at least 500 words
– Optimized for search engines
– And high keyword density (but not spam)

I want a regular price for an article like this. And in addition to this I want more prices for the options below.

What will the prices be, if the articles are made highly spinnable and written with spin syntax.

Option 1 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make every synonymn rewritten 2 more times.

Option 2 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make every sentence (not synonymns) rewritten 2 more times.

Option 3 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make the 2 options above together.


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I have 4 videos of around 1 minute each and I need them to be edited so I can RE UPLOAD them to Youtube with different title and keywords etc… Can someone simply edit the videos I will send? I have 4 videos to be redited about 5 times so I can upload the same video 5 times.

Please specify what your bid includes exactly.

Great feedback is the key of this project.


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Upgrade A Website

I need to upgrade a simple CVs pool website and redesign it to make it better looking with an extra features like follows:

recruiters whom post a job can contact people applying and conduct a chate interview with them according to a calendar of meetings
recruiters shall be able to set a criteria for selecting the right candidate and evaluate them
recruiters shall be able to see max of 5 resumes unless they pay a subscribtion where they can access unlimited resumes
recruiters can buy 3 packages for interviews and shall be able to have their own chat room where they can meet their candidates
3 packages shall be set to recruiters (limited to 5, limited to 100, and unlimited interviews)
candidates profile without contact information can be accessed by recruiters and rating for every candidtae shall be based on (times CV shown, Times CVs selected, Times interviewed, and time being offered)
other features can be added upon rewarding but all will be according to the above scope

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Banner Design

I need someone to design 3 banners. The sizes are:

204px × 31px
707px × 338px
1,000px × 300px

My websites name is [Removed by Admin]

We provide hosting, domain names, ssl certs, e-mail, etc.

Any animation, flash, etc is a plus. I will let your creativity be free but I would like to know what your plans are.


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Rewrite Intro Text (200 Words) 50 Times [as Many As Poss]


The project is to rewrite 200 words 50 times or as many as you can manage.

Each version should be clearly written in well formed english and should flow naturally with perfect grammar. No two paragraphs can be exactly the same from any version.

I would like freelancers to bid on either the full project, or if they think they would only be able to do a sub set of the 50 required items, please give a price for each version.

Best regards

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Mail Log Monitor


Linux CentOS. 3 Postfix Mail server tied to different IPs. Currently all the 3 mail servers log its entries into /var/log/mailog

The log monitor will parse each mail server log every hour (cron) to for the presence of words from a keyword list in that 1 hour time window. The monitor will then email the summary (summary and detail as shown below) to the admin email.

1) Can be perl/ shell script
2) The script can be run via web
3) Need to separate mail log files for each mail servers (e.g. /var/log/maillog/local1, local2, local3). All the log files to rotate daily. At the end of 30 days/ month, the old months log files (about 30 or 31 files) will be combined in to one file and zipped for archive.

1) Admin email (multiple)
2) Keywords list
temporarily supsened
bad reputation
3) Maillogs

Mail Log – /var/log/maillog/local1 | Date – 29-08-2010 | Window – 1.00PM to 2.00PM
Barracuda – 2 times, Line (10, 203,)
Spamhaus – 0 times Line()
temporarily supsened – 24 times, Line (23,34,345,576,

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Little Drupal Help (Fivestar Or Rate Module)

Im looking for a drupal developers help. I need to make a little customization to Drupal Fivestar or Rate module. I have added these modules as a CCK field, so users may vote when they click to node detail. But (and I need help for exactly this work) i want to set some restriction to this module. For example I have 10 nodes, where the users can vote, but I want to restrict that one user can vote for only 5 nodes for example, and after that in node detail i will set a message that this user has already voted 5 times. So the user cant vote for all my 10 nodes. I want to allow voting to anonymous users, it is working but I want to restrict to IP address. So anonymous users are allowed to vote from 1 IP address 5 times too, after that I will set drupal message that from this ip address you have voted 5 times.

Can anyone help?

Thank you

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Looking For Rewriter W Software!

I am actually NOT looking for a person to literally rewrite content for me. I want someone that owns PAR, Wordflood or another spinner. I am looking for multiple spins for my ebay site. I will give you 15 articles, I need each one spun 10-15 times, the keyword density needs to be about 1-3 times per keyword and the copy should be at least 70% original. Since you already have the software, you only paid a one time fee, and this is an easy job, I want to go as cheap as possible. I own PAR, but I simply dont have time to sit here and do every article. I would like to pay somewhere in the $50-$70 range for 150 to 225 articles.

Please do not bid if you do not have this kind of software.

FYI, not that it matters, but the niche is Music. Specifically: Vinyl Records. They HAVE to be 450+ words long, title and body need to be included as well.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

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Custom Adult Banner : For For Website & Newspaper

1) Color Static .jpg Banner : 468px × 200px
2) Color Static .jpg Banner : 155px × 65px
3) Color Animated .Gif : 195px × 60px
4) Color Animated .Gif : 468px × 60px
5) Color newspaper ad in .PSD Format : 8.13cm x 9.17cm or 960px x 1083px

You must have access to copyright free pictures to use for creating the banners/gifs/psd.

I will just provide the text.

*****Must be able to complete this project within 12hours.******

Thank you

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Article Rewrittes, 5 Articles Written 3 Times And Spun

I will give you 5 articles that I need rewritten 3 times

– You must rewrite each sentence in the following format: {sentence 1|sentence 2|sentence 3}
– You must delete the original sentence found within the article
– All articles are around 700 words
– You must rewrite the heading and all sentences
– You MUST NOT rewrite any words within the sentences
– Im looking to spend around $20

Please spin the test sentence so show me you know what to do:

" is an amazing website"


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Software To Watch Videos At Work W/opacity Adjustment

I am looking for someone to write me a program that will allow me to play videos in the foreground while I am working at my desk.

I want the ability to adjust the opacity/ transparency from 0% to 100%.
I want the ability to play just the video and not audio.
I want the ability to play both audio and video.
I want the ability to instantly turn off the whole thing with hot-keys (if the boss walks around the corner) if needed.
Needs to be mac and pc compatible.

There is a program out there called "Double Vision" which does almost the same thing… sells for $15 bucks.

I sell videos.

The customer makes a purchase, downloads and puts the video into a special directory/folder on their computer.

I would like for people to be able to run this software on their computer and load selected videos play them in a "play list" in the background/foreground and be able to adjust the opacity of the video.

As a customer, If I only wanted to play one video, I would just load one.

I would have the ability to loop the video so it repeats itself for a specific number of times.

For example, if I have a 7 minute video and I wanted to play it for 70 minutes, I could set it to loop 10 times. I would like for this to be optional up to 100 number of times.

In the playlist example, lets say I had 5 videos that I wanted to watch, but I only wanted to watch #1, #3 & #5 3 times each and numbers #2 and #4 10 times each, I want that ability.
In the playlist, I would like them to have the option to load an 20 videos.

What video formats could you do this in? Which video format would take the least amount of RAM? What is the most efficient? .FLV? MOV? Other?

This needs to be real basic and simple. I want the GUI to be progressive looking, yet simple.

I am not a programmer, but know what I want!

It needs to be in a "standard" programming language that can be modified by other programmers who know the language. (For example, if you get killed walking your doggie).

Is there anyone out there who can do this for a reasonable price AND provide support and modifications on glitches/ bugs urgently??

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