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Designer Needed To Create T-shirt Designs.

I am looking for an artist who is good at creating people. These images are going to be screen printed onto t-shirts so they need to be fairly simple and preferably one color. They also need to be done in vector art. This is a requirement for the screen printing process.

I need 4 pictures created.

The first is a picture of a man from the chest up. He is going to have a giant smile on his face and his hand is in the air as if he is waving at anybody looking at the shirt. I want the man to look slightly older, maybe in his 50s and starting to bald. Other than that, the details are up to you. Be creative and ill give suggestions as you go.

The second picture is the same man from the first picture. This time he has his arms crossed at his chest with his head slightly tilted as if he is trying to act like a hip hop rapper. Once again the small details are up to you on this.

The third picture is going to be 3 guys standing shoulder to shoulder at the end of a ping pong table. The guy in the middle is going to be shorter than the other 2 and a bit over wieght. He is also wearing sunglasses and sweatbands on his head and wrist. He is also going to have a ping pong ball in his hand and getting ready to shoot it to the other side of the table. The 3 guys will only be seen from the waste up since they are behind the table. They are playing beer pong and if you are not familiar with the game I can send you a picture of what im looking for. I will also help guide you through this one if need be.

The fourth picture is going to look like a road sign. It will be a silhouette of a bear attacking a man. The picture will then have a circle with a line through to indicate it is not allowed.

Once again you will have a lot of freedom on these four pictures. Just remember that they will be screen printed on t-shirts and they are meant to be simple and FUNNY!

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T-Shirt Designs Needed (Simple & Creative)

I have a few T-shirt design ideas that I need created. Please send me samples of your previous design works, so I can get a general idea of your design abilities.

Briefly, Im looking for someone who can create a T-shirt theme based on the few catchy phrases that I have. Looking for a designer with a great imagination, personality and great sense of humor. I already have the catchy phrases, but need a creative artist to design graphics to go with them. Answer equation: what is 3×3, so that I know that you read this.

Please post your bids I need this completed within 72 hours. Please do not bid if you cannot do it. Also, please dont bid if you dont have any samples, otherwise you will be deleted.


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Shirt Graphics Needed

I am in need of custom vector graphics for tshirts and sweat shirts. These will be for high school apparel items.

I will need these to be cool unique graphics for t shirt, hoodies, sweatshirts etc.

I am looking for design comparable to and You can see the graphics they have for their shirts if you select a school.

I will need unique designs for all the sports but I am also looking for unique design for mascots ie. Bears, Bruins, Bulldogs, etc.

I will pay for several designs at a time, let me know how many you can make for maybe $100 to start

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T Shirt Site Needed ASAP

I need a t shirt designer site. I am not interested in new code. I need something that has already been created.

We will change the design. I am only interested in the source code.

If you dont have it. Dont reply.

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T- Shirt Designs Needed MMA Style For Boardshorts, T-Shirts

Start up T-Shirt Line called Victorious Fight Wear (not firm yet) is looking for a t-shirt, logo and Boardshort designs.

Inspired from Ecko Unlimited, Affliction, Extreme Couture And Tapout Designs but will change designs soon after as these are getting tired and I have some Ideas that I want to look at later.
Please show me some styles, designs and in particular the style of fonts please. Anything that incorporates MMA style font work with swirls etc would be great.
I currently have used MCF Bad Manners font for my Naming, but what ever you have may be better.
Reasonable rates will be negotiated. Jobs could be ongoing and according to sales may hopefully increase.
Putting together samples to start lines.
Please bear with me as I am a newbie to this site.

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T-Shirt Re-designs Needed. Closed Project.

This is a project for 10 t-shirt redesigns @ $40 a re-design. Thanks.

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Google Keyword Spy TOOL needed


I want to create a similar website to or

I want to use google API to find the requested keywords, ad texts, etc over a certain period of time…

And also, I want it so that if i enter keywords, then the software would check and run the "spiders" automatically to check google adwords ads e.g. every hour…or every time interval….

I need bids only from experienced google API developers, especially in ADWORDS API.

Pls show us references of similar projects.

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Spreadshirt tool

Flash tool allowing to personnalize t-shirt with custom logo/picture similar to .

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