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Vocals Removed From Mp3 Track

I have an mp3 track which I need the vocals removed from without affecting the quality of the track.

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Affiliate (Internet) Marketer For Audio Branding Company

Our company is an online platform that personalize music for brands and customize songs for consumers special ocassions. We have a crowdsourcing model for music.

We seek internet Affiliate Marketers who is able to come up with online campaigns such as PPC and good landing pages. You will be paid on a highly attractive commission (to a cap of 40% depending on proficiency) basis for every sale made. A unique URL will be churned out to you and a system in place to track the per click rates and commission yield resulting from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Job Requirements

* Have some form of track records in past online marketing campaigns
* In depth knowledge of PPC and Affiliate Marketing (such as
* Able to generate sales and have credibility in it for online sales
* Produce a good landing page

Please showcase any portfolio you have or explain how you would like to target your market segment through whichever mediums you deem most appropriate. Will need to know of your approach.

Heres more about the overview in terms of sales commissioning: (although on the URL site above is stated 20% commission, but I am willing to have an increase of it up to 40% of sales once theres a good working relationship and track record)

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Gmaps GPX GPS Comparison

I need a module for drupal that will allow me to compare one gps track to another.
This comparison is done visually and by comparing data.
I have the data on the site already;
What i need is a module developed that will get the gps track from the database, and compare them.
I can explain the comparison metrics after an NDA is signed.

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Event Brite Clone – Online Event Registration

We are looking someone to developer a online service similar to:

EventBrite (
Regonline (
TicketLap (

Basic Client (events organizer) Functions:

– Create a Event (Dates, Places, Categories, Draw Dinamic Seats Map, Price, Attendees Form Questions, Extra Options…. )
– Create Special prices and packages (ie. groups)
– Edit a Event
– Create a basic personalized website with shopping cart
– Track Sales
– Track and control Payments
– Track and control Attendees
– Local Control Access to event – (small software that run local that will synchronize to remote main event database)
– Send email marketing

Basic Attendees Functions:

– Buy a ticket per day, per category, chooice seats, by one or more ticket in the same time, manager and track status of payment, print online ticket with QR and Code Bar

Basic Software Owner Funcions:

– Create differents payment plans (Fixed Value, % of Ticket Price)
– Create differents users admin levels
– Track all Clients
– Track all Events
– Track all Payments
– Track all Attendees


– Affiliaded Program for the Software, and also as service for the clients (events)
– Integrate with Paypal
– Get ready for other third party payment in diferents countries
– Get ready for translation

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Digital Music Store

I need customizable digital music store which includes:

1. search panel:

– by keywords, genre, mood, instrument, tempo (BPM – beats per minute, 50 or less, 50-70,70-90, 90-110, 110-130,130-150,150-170,170-190, 190 or more e.t.c ) ,
track length ( less than 15 sec, 15-30, 30 – 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min or more )
in the future I might add vocals e.t.c so I would like to be able to add/remove search options

2. search results:

– every track should have : title, lenght, music player ( in order to listen to demo ), description, price, add to cart button,
keyword tags, if the track has few versions ( for example 15 sec, 1 min, 2 min ) they should be listed bearing in mind that different versions have different prices, if the track is from the album there should be a link to the album,
link to composer profile,

– every album should have : cover art, description, all tracks listed with player button, add to cart button,

– music player – when someone clicks play button listens to track and than moves to another one, the first one automatically stops playing

3. buying :

– when clicking Add to cart the cart updates automatically without leaving the page
-all transactions are checked to prevent fraud and spoofing
-location of files are hidden and cannot be deduced by casual browsers of the web site
-downloads are limited by time and number of attempts
-all completed sales are recorded in the database
-customer is sent an email with a link to the download area
-All pages written in PHP and script is NOT encrypted
-Files are not accessible via a normal href link and hence cannot be downloaded by unauthorized users.
-Incorporates testing via the PayPal and Google SandBox environment so that the complete system, can be tested.
-Interacts with Paypals IPN system to monitor when a payment is complete for both digital and physical products.
-Automatically generates a login in url link for PayPal purchases to download their digital purchases.
-discounts, coupons, and free track option

4. I need to be able to modify the look of the shop, template and results in order to fit it into my website
so that I can freely add or remove menu items and change the look of the website.

5. control panel for sending e-mail, newsletters, selling statistics, adding tracks, albums, categories, covert arts

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Racing Line Simulation And Plotting

I need someone who is familiar automotive racing concept, especially trail braking, and MATLAB programming. The project is to find an optimal racing line based on given racing track dimensions, vehicle dynamics details. There are three parts for this MATLAB project:
1. Make dimensions input for race track then plot it
2. Make input for vehicle dynamics (generally it only requires acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration, vehicle can
be assumed as a lumped mass, so no need to consider more detailed information such as wheel base)
3. Base on 1 and 2, find the optimal racing line, then plot it on the race track graph, if possible, use different colour to
state where to accelerate and where to brake

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Music Mp3 Site For Client In The Music Industry

We are Audio Music Star, we specialise in artist promotion and provide web design and graphic design serivices for established artists and upcoming artists in the music industry.

Please vist for more information in what we do.

We need someone to help me and my team to put a Music MP3 webiste together for a client in the music industry.

Viewers listen to a music track with a 30 second preview, then purchase the track. Same function as shown in i-tunes

I will design the interface.

Here is a breakdown what the requirements are:

– Use the design interface, I wil design as a guide to put the site together
– Have a feautre were you would listen to the track with a 30 second preview when you click on to the artist link, same
function as in I-tunes
– Then set up a payment system within the site
– Shopping cart system
– Will use your services to update the site and will provide payment for you when the client would need it to be updated.

Once the job has been done and the client is happy. I will be happy to use your services for many projects which are coming in as we only do jobs purely based in the music industry.

Maximum budget for this job: $1000

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sam – Design Manager – Audio Music Star

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I need a flash mp3 player that will take the place of the player on This flash player should look and work just like the one on the iTunes store with the addition of being able to forward or reverse the play of the track. NO-POP UP. When a user clicks on the headphones button under the "PLAY" column, it will play the associated track.

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Track & Test Our Ads – Simple Clicking Job

I am looking for an individual that can help us track and test a few of our active "sponsored ads"..

you will need to have experience in masking your ip and you will need to be available most of the day to run simple few second tests throughout the 8 or 9 hour day.

very easy job for the an experience person in ip masking.

The tests needed are:
– test 100 ads per day, spaced out over 9 hours over the day.
– run this same test for 5 consecutive days.

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Quick Volusion Fix

I need to fix a track your package issue with volusion Ill pay $35 for this. Need it done by today.

to check the issue you can login by clicking on the account link on top of the home page dai(remove_this)
with e…mail: kne(Remove_this)idel4 AT gm(remove_this)
pass: live120
click on the link: Review orders / track packages
click on view or change order

the variable in the system for this link is $(TrackingLink) same as i have in the email im sending to customers and this link does not work.

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4 Track Recording App(droid)

Create a 4 Track recording app for the andriod market.

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I have web site ( that is built on Word Press platform, with WP e-Commerce plugin, Gold Cart Plugin and MP3 Player. This site sells music MP3s to download as well as hard goods (none downloads, standard sales). The MP3 will be sold as a full album as well as each track separately with a player next to each track playing a short sample. (see and I need to show the cart on the right side or top.

I have a theme installed and I need someone to take over this project and bring it to completion. This person MUST be an expert in WP e-Commerce site building with proof of web sites using this plugin that they made.

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Integrated Order & Customer Management Portal


I am a small ISP in Canada and require an application where I can add customers and track the status of their various orders to completion, and once the order is complete have it act as a CRM & support system.

Customer Management:

-Create customers and hold their standard information

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Sell Cars And Track Shipping System Website

We need a website for selling car online and tracking the shipping internationally
Some basic requirements listed below:

1. Platform independent portable codes to different type of servers
2. Support Asian Language interface
3. Multiple types of users (buyer, seller, shipper, warehouse…) login with different privileges
4. centralized database

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Website Design – 2/13/11

The design should be in web 2.0 style with beautiful colors and graphics. Keep it light on graphics. The graphics that you create should be editable with Adobe Photoshop.

I need a template for my new website related to Human Resources (HR). The website tracks employees sick days, vacation days, and personal days. It also has basic employees

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Sell Helpfull Online Tool To Track Backlinks

We are looking for a person/company who can provide us with leads/sales for a product to track back links.

This would be useful for anyone who buys backlinks (from site owners to web marketers)

Additional work will be based on the effectiveness of this project.

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Need Flv To Flash Created With Analytics Built Into It

A really quick job for a flasher!
I have a small <1 minute flv and I need it converted to swf for the web.

It needs the following:

Sleek player with only play, stop, pause, volume and mute controls
Poster image with big play button (I have the image)
Auto rewind, no auto play
My GA code to track when it plays/stop per visitor. Not to track the same visitor multiple clicks.
AS3 only please

budget $20 and a great review. More work coming if this goes smoothly.
All assets must be released at the end of the project.

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Automatically Generate Invoices In System Using APIs


We are using a system called DirectTrack to track statistics and then at the end of the month we bill all our advertisers by generating them an invoice in FreshBooks (a system used for invoicing).

We want to automate this process. Both Direct Track and FreshBooks have advanced APIs.

For more information on FreshBooks API visit:

For more information on DirectTrack API drop me a private message and I can give you a login to view the documents, samples etc.


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WordPress Plugin Developer

Website: [Removed by Admin]
Current Details: Built in .asp coding and works except for non-US payments via paypal, review team notification emails, and the fact that its primarily built in tables which we hate (cant style them)
Our Objective: Update the platform to an open source CMS integrated with our designs and frontend work while &lt;b&gt;you&lt;/b&gt; build these few functions into the mysql database/payment gateway/backend.

We are looking for an experienced WordPress/Joomla programmer to do the following by writing custom plugins or adapting existing ones:

1) Users dashboard page:
This is where users see their basic profile info (photo, name, signup date). Functions: Purchase track submission credits and view status of the their submissions (with details on review status, feedback, and resubmission button if track failed)
This page currently works in .asp and uses .asp_upload to submit tracks.
preview at
username: | password: test

2) Reviewers dashboard:
This page is where user submitted songs are reviewed by our team. 10 star rating system per track, dynamic music player pulls uploaded tracks, a feedback form for users to read. New feature: view archived reviews submitted(all of this is currently built in .asp and works)
preview at
username: | password: test –
track to preview: test-track – do not submit!!!! (please do not submit any reviews)

3)Admin panel page: (currently in .asp – no preview available)
Administrate reviewers: Name, bio, email, password, photos.
Administrate reviewer groups: add/delete genre groups for levels 1-3 (per genre), add/delete reviewers to/from each genre and level.
Review Records: View archived information (artistname, trackname, submission date, L1 reviewer – name, comments, ratings- L2 reviewer – name, comments, ratings- L3 reviewer – name, comments, ratings – )
Recent uploads: See list of recent uploads, show list of unreviewed tracks
Payments: Show all reviewers names. Display the number of reviews done by each reviewer.

4) Payments: Paypal pro account is already set up and works for U.S. users with credit cards. Wed like to support european user credit card transactions as well as basic paypal payments through paypals website for users without credit cards. Purchases simply assign upload credits to users account upon verified payment (3 per song, 1 per resub.

5) Email notifications for our review team. This script would send an email to review teams 1,2,or 3 within our database when a song is submitted (level 1) or graduates to its next level (level 2 &amp; 3).

The frontend of the website will be designed and built by our team within the CMS system. I am looking to get these 5 functions built out by an able programmer who understands their preferred framework and how to apply these types of functions within the database and coding. Were not looking to hire someone who just knows how to use wordpress and insert plugins but someone who can write/adapt plugins to the platform for these 5 functions to work properly. If you feel you are the right person for this project provide examples of custom plugins youve used /modified or explain how you would achieve these functionalities within the either framework.

We would prefer someone who has .php experience. If you need more information about the sites current setup I can answer those questions and give you a preview of the current code setup. Please link to some samples of your work and experience in programming. We are looking for a long-term work relationship as more work is available.

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Track Mobile Phone Through IMEI In Pakistan

I have lost Mobile Phone in Pakistan. I have the mobiles IMEI number. I want to get its location traced through IMEI number in Pakistan. Payment will be given once the phone is located.

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Hello, I looking for a programmer able to create a Midifile Player Component
to re-use in a application.
This component must at least these methods:
1 – tempo Change
2 – Track Mute On/Off
3 – Track Solo
4 – Transpose tracks ( but not channel 10 which is the DRUM )

Let me know.
Thank you

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Customized Inventory Software

I would like a database created from my new company.
It need the software to be web based
Needs to be able to track equipment
Needs to be able to accept hand scanner inputs
Needs to track equipment, price equipment, keeping a running total
Needs to be able to have 5 different locations all tracking the equipment inventory

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Web Store In Drupal With Ecommerce

Its a simple web store to sell clothing product . i provide the graphic and you build the page.
With system to track (uber cart) and track mode and a really nice photo display

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Contact Form 7 – Turn On AJAX & Track In Analytics

I have contact form 7 setup on my blog, and it is working fine within my custom wordpress template

i now need 2 things

1. i want the "message sent successfully message" to show in a much cleaner way, as currently it is showing in very light text, in the middle of the page. I want ajax functionality to work correctly, as per:
2. i want to track the submit button, using Google Analytics Goals.

I need you to setup both of these things for me.


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Freelance Mixing & Mastering Services Available (PM ME)

Im a music producer / sound designer / sound & mixing engineer with over 10 years experience. I have a degree in Music Technology and a comprehensive recording studio with a full suite of audio tools, synths / FX and pro audio gear.

I want to offer my freelance services to any musicians out there wanting a demo CD , album or any piece of music professionally mixed & mastered. Optional music production, vocal pitch and timing correction plus sound design can be done if wanted. My mixing & mastering will give your recording that final polish & clarity. I can boost your volume levels to those heard on commercially released CDs. Although be aware that too much boosting can completely destroy any volume dynamics of a song. Theres two different schools of thought in the industry right now and its being touted "The Loudness Wars" If you know what Im talking about and have a preference then please tell me otherwise Ill use my experience to strike the right balance.

My prices are fair and undercut the companies out there offering the same thing. I will take on any music genre successfully although my own musical roots lie much more with Dance Music / Electronica. Progressive House & Trance to be precise.

Ideally you will need to send audio files of all the separate parts of your track (These are called stems) So I need separate stems from your bass, leads, vocals…etc. Drums loops should be separated onto different stems where possible, if its a real drum kit and none electronic it should have been recorded like this anyway. I can then mix and master this for you.

If I dont get stems and just a single audio file (Mixdown) of the track just bear in mind that it limits what can be achieved somewhat. In which case I could only do final mastering which adds a lot of polish to the track and some volume optimisation. However much more can be achieved with professional mixing and multi-track mastering from stems before hand.

Im based in the UK and have lots of time on my hands so can work to fairly tight deadlines if need be.

All masters will be produced to 16bit 44khz Red Book CD standard.


£120 Professional Mixing & Multi-track Mastering (Up to 48 audio channels / stems). For a more complex piece of music totaling more than 48 audio channels an additional £10 per audio channel / stem will be charged.

£40 Final Mastering of a single audio file

TOTAL = £160 per piece of music

OPTIONAL: Additional Music Production / Vocal Pitch & Timing Correction / Sound Design / Drum Correction and Production = £100 (Per piece of music)

I will consider an album 8 music tracks or more in which case I can give you a discount of 25%

Normal turn-around time for my work is no more than one week after your material is received. Although if Im not busy it will be completed faster than this. How you deliver your stems or material to me is up to you. You can post a disc but I would say its easiest to use a file sharing site such as or (depending on the size of the project).

I will send confirmation that your material is received. Once work is completed I will send you a download link for the mastered work.

So if you are interested then please get in touch. Message me and we can work it out. You will need to post a job and accept me as the winning bidder.

Kind Regards

Paul Denby

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Why Mobile Phones Dont Currently Track Cookies

I am looking for someone versed in mobile phone security and web application security to help explain why current mobile smart phones like iphone, blackberry, etc dont currently track users internet browsing session with cookies.

I will send the chosen bidder some simple questions to answer.

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Mac Itunes Scrobbler Application

I need a simple scrobbler for iTunes, (mac for now) I need it to be an installer that plugs into itunes and runs along side it. (like Songkick or
I need to the scrobbler to grab the tracks metadata and submit it to a user profile online.
For instance, I would like to be able to create a user by linking from the scrobbler to a site. The site will then allow for a login where you can view each track played. (this is all stored like Each track needs to display track Artist album year etc

there is no design just yet, this is just to see a simple working engine. Its the start of something big so the successful developer may be getting involved in something huge! Well I hope anyway.

In short the project would consist of you building a simple app for itunes. Then a website that the application writes to. The website would store the information and display it.
No design just data.

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WordPress Plugin Coding (Allowing Sub-post Hierarchy)

A WordPress project is almost complete, but requires a custom plugin in order to function correctly. The plugin needs to define the relationship between two different kinds of custom post types (a new feature in WordPress 3.0). The blog makes use of a custom post type called mixtape, and another called track. When a track post is composed, it needs to have a drop down menu to pick a parent post from the list of existing mixtape posts. Track posts are children of mixtape posts, and only appear on its parents post page. The track post should not be able to be viewed individually. The track posts should be attached to their parent post, and displayed after it in the order that they were posted (newest at the bottom).

This plugin should work in a similar fashion to the existing WP Sub Post plugin. Here is a link to that plugins code for reference: That plugin would be perfect for this task except for the fact that it doesnt allow the user to define parent-child relationships between two different custom post types.

The website also still makes use of the standard post and page types, so this plugin should NOT affect the way that these work at all. This plugin should be targeted specifically towards the mixtape and track custom post types.

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Visually Display GPX Data Points

we are a trucking company and need a better way of visually seein how our trucks are moving.
we get our data in form of GPX files.
We are currently using drupals track module to plot the data onto the graph.
We need something easier to view so the job is to make it look like this:

1;) show visual progression of points, live moving
2;) calculate speed, distance, time for every live points shown
3;) color change on track elapsed depending on speed

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Website Design & Development

I require a clean, professional looking website that will consist of the following pages in addition to the home page:

1. 4 information pages
2. 1 contact us page
3. 1 purchase page with integration with paypal, plus a form they will fill out after successfully paying
4. 1 box where a visitor can enter their email address and receive a free (automatically emailed) report, with us saving their email address.
5. Id like the ability to track visits to the website by referrer. Im thinking this could be done by having links like direct to the homepage, where we could track the 123. Ideally, wed have a way to track where which referrer is generating sales, I am open to ideas on that.
6. Free or inexpensive stats program to view our visitor information.

Some reference sites whose style I like:

I set a small budget as I am unsure the fair market price for a simple website such as this but I have some flexibility to pay more for great work if the market price is higher than what I am estimating.

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Audio Creation – Backing Track Loops

I am looking for someone to create 25 very short backing tracks that are loopable.

I have designed a program that functions like an mp3 player that will loop each audio track indefinitely, so now i need the audio. The audio need to be 4 or 8 bars long, so 5 – 15 seconds in length, or longer if you prefer.

All 25 audio tracks need to be in the same style – however, you can pick the style (preferably rock, metal, blues, country etc) and i am looking for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE! If you can provide 5 sets of 25, then you will get paid 5 times. I need a variety of audio sets, different styles of music ranging from everything from rock to hip hop and dance, so any style is OK.

Please bid now, for 1 audio set of 25. The lower the better, as i need a lot done.

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Security Project – Sniff SSL And HTTPS


I doubt that some of the employees in my company are stealing important data and hence Id like to keep an eye on them.

Id like to track their chats on gtalk and facebook, Keep a track on their emails and attachments they send. I want a small client program to run on the PCs/Laptops in stealth mode which should send all this information to a server.

Need to implement this ASAP. I welcome individuals and companies to bid on the project with both the estimated time and amount within which youll be able to finish this project.


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