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IPhone Location Tracking App

I need a basic app for iphone where user should be able to click on one button and that will collect users current location. Then this information can be sent to a datebase.

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Time Tracking Application

I need a website to do a simple time tracking web based for a department

1.System will have department and each department will have x amount of users
2.Each department will have one administrator/manager
3.Each user will have its own login
4.Users cannot see tasks of other users
5.Only admin/manager can see all tasks
6.Only Admin/manager can create/edit/delete tasks
7.Admin generate a task list and assign each user with a task list
8.Users will see his/her own task and report on each individual tasks by the clock assigned by the program
9.Admin/manager can generate reports based on date range (on demand)
10.Standard reports will be available by day/week/month
11.Admin/manager can check user performance by task or by day
12.Admin/manager can check department by task or by day
13.System will give possibilities to multiple administrators

I have a couple of more requirements ( small ones) but contact me and I will give you more details

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Affiliate Tracking Code

We have a php (yii) ecommerce site.
We need an affiliate tracking modification.

– We will define the traffic source (say abc) and if that specific source is tigerred ( is clicked on their site) the session should be tracked and if there is a purchase or sign-up, the tracking pixel should be rendered.

– The tracking pixel is something like : <img src="" />

So the above code will be on the "thank you" page and if the source is abc, this code will be active. This is for the session and this code (tracking pixel) will send the sales info for that specific sales to the affiliate.
In addition we want a seperate table in the mysql db, containing these values (order id, cart total, commision value, referer)

We need a programmer to do this fast and reliable. Good price please. (budget is 100$ or less) We will have extra work after this for further development if we are satisfied with the developper.

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Restaurant POS Module For Table Booking Site- Joomla

Restaurant POS module for Table booking and Food ordering site
Based on the database of a restaurant table booking and food ordering website developed with Joomla 1.6x, you are expected to develop a multi vendor POS module with application similar to OpenTable solution.

Key features and benefits of point of sale and store management solution are:

100% Touch Operated Point of Sale with Ipad
Supports Dual Language Menu Input and Handling (English / Chinese)
Fully Compatible with Joomla 1.6x CMS, LAMP framework Server
Point of Sale
Menu Item Ordering Achieved
Automated Menu Item Tag Along Supports Combo Meals
Hold and Fire Orders
Order Split and Combine

Seating Management (refer to
Graphical Table Management
Reservations and Waiting List Management
Guest Count Tracking

Financial Accountability
Cashier Liability Report and Shift End Report Enhances Accountability
Multiple Payment Tender Types Supported

Customer Management (which is available, need to be integrated to the POS)
Simple To Use Customer Profile and Order History Tracking
In Store Credit Creation, Redemption and Balance Tracking
In Store Gift Card Creation, Redemption and Balance Tracking
In Store Frequent Buyer Program Tracking and Rewards
In Store House Charge Account Tracking and Payments
In Store Customer Incident Tracking

Workforce Management
Fully Integrated Employee Time Card Tracking System
Easy To Manage Employee Work Schedules
Quick and Easy Employee Payroll Preparation Report

Inventory and Recipes
Complete Inventory Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Complete Recipe Management Capabilities Out of the Box
Automatic Purchase Order Creation Based On Inventory Levels
Detailed Inventory Reports To Help Identify Costs and Increase Bottom Line
Support For Physical Inventory Counts
Support For Inventory Receiving Verification Work Flow

KPI Reporting
Detailed Sales and Operations Reports
Detailed Financials Accountability Reports
Detailed Customer Reports
Detailed Employee Reports
Detailed Inventory Reports

I only want technical guy to bid. No biz dev guys please. You MUST have DONE ALL these apps: PHP, IPAD, Joomla CMS and POS.

If you already done a restaurant POS, please show your demo in PMB.


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Tracking System

Tracking system needed –

I have a website (about 6 pages) that is essentially a sales marketing system. People pay for access to it and they use it to market a business. I need a tracking system set up so that they get a link – the system tracks the visitor through the system – and then if the visitor signs up i need the form details to be sent to the person whos link they visited through.

Thats the basic requirement

It would also be useful (depending on cost) if there was some way to be able to access stats as well and have the system automatically issue them with their affiliate/tracking link after they have paid by paypal.

At the moment I have to do everything manually and I want it to run on total autopilot if possible.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not I can shoot a video and better explain what I need.


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Applying Google Analytics Tracking In Every Song

Applying Google analytics tracking in every song

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Email Tracking Script Required

I need a script to send in emails for tracking purpose
if you have already done a project like this than please bid for further detail

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Solar Tracking System

Need to design a system used to track the sun with greater efficiency(96%) and accuracy(< 0.1°), 40KW of power has to be generated by the system, system needs the universal power supply for operations and controls. inverter will be connected at the output for the power generated.

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Webbased Tracking Software – Modules

I need you to rebuilt a listener that will open a specified port (eg.8000,8080) and receive data from the port. The data will be gps gprs data. The data will be then inserted into the ready Mysql tables. There are not many tables for it which is approx less than 20 tables. Currently, there is a program (listener, converter fr hex to ascii) build by the previous programmer but it is in exe files so if u can retreive the source fr the exe will be good but I doubt so. If not, rebuilt another module/gateway and integrate in the db.
Currently the webbased tracking software is lock to a domain.and I need you to unlock the domain to be used into other domain. For more information on the software, visit, account and password: demo to get a feel of what you will be expecting. The realtime is all the live data needed and the db table that need to be inserted.
Pls check the gprs protocol in attachment to get a feel. Successful/potential bidders (can be a few) with my budget will get the download the software to further study.

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Need Facebook Application For Tracking New Likes

Http:// need similar application with good art work to track new likes on my page and new customers should register.

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20110319 – Google Analytics & Adwords Goal Setup

I need someone with conversion tracking experience. Someone who knows what I should be tracking and also how to set it up properly. The website is a lead gathering site.

Google analytics is already installed on my Joomla website but may not be functioning correctly so you need to test it.

I need to get the Adwords goal tracking and conversion tracking functioning correctly. There should only be a few goals to set. It needs to track when someone contacts us from Adwords and also from all other sources through analytics.

You will need to properly test the functions of all tracking.

Payment by escrow.

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PHP, MySQL Customer Tracking Project

The projectallows a user to track customer service contracts and changes to the contracts. Detailed logs on which services are provided and when they are carried out.

Customer module for registering customer details
Contracts module for creating and tracking contracts
Products module for adding, subtracting and tracking products
Invoice module for invoicing baed on contracts
Order processing module
Detailed work journal based on orders/contracts
Report module

This is a complex project which we anticipte will take a full time experienced programmer 3 months. We have a working system which can be used for reference purposes.

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Install New Theme For Magento

I would like to install a theme onto my running shopping cart.
This is the link to a demo for the theme:

I also need to make a small edit. I would like to make the prices visible on the category pages.

In addition, I would like to fix my shipment tracking module. Its suppose to let my customers track their shipment, but right now all it says is that its untrackable at this moment. My customers have to go to USPS to view the detailed tracking information. Is it disconnected? This is suppose to be a default feature that comes with the shopping cart.


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Volusion Custom Coding Checkout Page – Commission Junction

What we have:

We need a commission junction / javacript expert to customize our tracking pixel to include variables outputted in javascript by volusion. Commission Junctions tracking pixel is not in javascript, so the variables that our outputted by volusion need to be integrated into the non javascript tracking pixel provided by CJ. Very important to track each item ID and Quantity for each.

What we need to track: Item Quanity and Item ID. We have two variables that work $(OrderNo) and $(SubTotal)

What works now in the code:


<img src="$(OrderNo)&TYPE=YYYYY&ITEM1=<custom coding goes here for item 1>&ITEM2=<if there is an item 2 custom coding goes here> etc.
&AMT1=$(SubTotal)&QTY1=<custom coding goes here for quantity>&QTY2&CURRENCY=USD&METHOD=IMG" height="1"

So if someone order 10 products, the code needs to output that into the tracking pixel with ITEM1, ITEM2, ITEM3 etc. along with QTY1, QTY2, etc.

Only bid on this if you have implemented this before, we really do not have time to work with someone learning on the job.

More on the javascript variables outputted by volusion –


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Vehicle Tracking System Expert Urgetnly

With GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system, a vehicle can be tracked on a computer map at a central monitoring station. With our state of the art tracking solution the exact location of the vehicle can be known along with details like speed. The more sophisticated GPS System we also get Major station or area announcement and Station name in bus services.
The system saves time with two way communication with the driver, deployment of emergency vehicle, replacement of bus etc.
Details to be discussed later with the winner only

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Tracking Order

Need a webiste for tracking order for my clients.

client part:
Track order / Consignment
Grapic status bar
Detailed Status

Add order
List order
Update Status
Change Password
Statuswide Report

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GPS – GPRS Tracking Device

Looking for a designer to design a GPS/GPRS tracking device with 2 extra features: 1) cable lock 2) keypad.
Designer must have previous experience.

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QR Code Generator And COde Tracking

I want an Online QR Code generator and once the code it created I need a back end tracking system.
I want the QR code Generator to include but not limited to:
Website URL
Telephone Number
SMS Message
Email Address
Email Message
Contact Details (VCARD)
Google Maps Location
Wifi Login (Android Only)
Paypal Buy Now Link
Social Media
iTunes Link
YouTube Video
I want the tracking to be able to track scans, clicks and have a Shortened URL plugin.

I Am pretty sure the QR Generator is Java Script, not sure what the backend database for the tracking would be best. I am looking for suggestions, and options. I have Linux and Windows hosting platforms.

Maybe in the near future I would like to be able to have a little downloadable app the clients can place on there PC to create QRs and download the Stats. Not sure all of the details. Also possibly designing the website.
A MUST is an easy to use Interface for the end user and have a nice GUI.

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Visitor Tracking WP Private

Visitor tracking for site as discussed

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GPS Tracking Service Like Http://

I need a full website like

The site must using maps from

For all questions please contact me.

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Large PHP Based Project – Tracking & Mapping

Expert PHP and CakePHP developer/team to work on new tracking & mapping project.

You will be required to design, develop and test based on user stories using SCRUM.

You will be an experienced PHP programmer/team and must be able to code to strict deadlines. This is stage 1 of a 3 stage development effort and this stage should be delivered in 30 days from acceptance.

You should be an expert in the following technologies:
Cake PHP
Google Map API
XML Webservices

Please respond with examples of your work and previous projects completed.

Generic bids will not be accepted.

Project details will only be given to short-listed candidates.

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Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Installation Needed

We need to see how many orders (conversions) come from our SEO efforts and for the PPC adwords campaign. We use google analytics so let me know if you can do this? how long does it take and what is the best price for this? Only apply if you know 100% how to do it.

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Simple I Phone Tracking App

I need someone who is very experienced in coding for I Phone Apps to create a feature rich, nice looking, tracking app.

This will be the first stage of a larger project.

I will provide you with more details if you pass the pre-selection. Get this right and there will be more work on the way.


Heres what I am looking for:

-Someone who can do code work AND UI Design
– It can track from google maps/GPS
– Someone who has at least 300 hours on odesk
-Someone who has 4-5 star rating
-Finally someone who takes pride in their work and makes polished looking products!

Heres what you need to do next:

Please reply with examples of your previous work, including any user interface or design examples you have.

If I like your previous work then Ill reply and give you more details.

Also, this is important: When you reply, start by typing the code word "hotel".

This way I know you took the time to read the complete description, instead of just replying to all new submissions like many people do.



Objective C, C Programming, Cocoa, Iphone

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Facebook Page Tracking

We are looking to have a facebook page monitoring/tracking feature created.

We will need to be able to track fans, comments, interactions, demographics etc on the page.

The script will need to be able to export to PDF a report that we can send to the client of the activities on their page for a given time period.

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Order Tracking System

I need someone to Build a Basic Order Tracking System which uses PHP and Mysql,
It needs an admin GUI and a User GUI

Where a user will type in Order NO: Xxxx for example and the user will see that the order is ready for collection or still in process

I will then need a secure admin section that you can see all the orders and status and the ability to edit the orders to update the status.

Ideally users will be able to create a profile to see previous orders and current orders.

aswell as the ability to check order number without having to login.

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Wanted: Real CPA Leads!

Looking for skilled Internet Marketeer experienced in generating leads.

For an internet dating site I need someone who can get a constant flow of leads consisting of a free sign up.

The first week will be a trail week. If you are able to get me 50+ leads in one week we will arrange a working agreement for the future.

Requirements for Sign Ups:

– Unique IPs
– No duplicates, No fraudulent sign-ups, No Black Hat, or other spamming activities
– No fake registrations using proxies, IP changing or hiding techniques, bots, etc.
– All sign-ups MUST BE REAL PEOPLE

We will pay you 0.40 cent per submit. And payments are twice a month. NO pay in advance.

Must be able to generate a lot of leads daily!
Tracking is done by tracking IDs.

Instruction will be provided after you get hired. Other specifics can also be discussed after you get hired.

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Gps Tracking

Setup a web based server to monitor a fleet of vehicles for about 2000 cars.
(a) web base interface from
(b) communication server interface from

Im using the FM4200 tracking device.
I need fancy features such as fuel consumption, temperature monitoring etc. A basic server where 100-300 operators can login remotely and access any GPS device and view the map/receive the events from GPS device is sufficient.

A good command of English and frensh is a must, and I expect you to write an installation manual showing the configuration and steps to perform from start to finish with successful Google map being displayed on the web interface.

Requirement: OpenGTS, , Java, Script, Tomcat installation. Those who didnt meet this requirement or do not have prior experience in this field, please do not bid. Thank you.

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CPA Tracking Pixel/Post Back URL

I need a simple script to help track My CPA sales,

Most of the CPA networks I am involved with allow you to add a third party pixel or post back URL to fire off when a sale is made.

I am looking for

an E-mail confirmation which will include , Sub iD , Amount , CPA network ect..
a simple webpage with stats , daily , weekly, and custom

this way I can see all the results in one central location.

These are the basic functions I am looking for, if you can handle this , send in a bid and we will discuss further.

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Google Adwords Conversion Tracking Code Implementation Exprt

I am looking for an expert who can do the implementation of google adwords and analytics conversion tracking code successfully on different type of sites like ecommerce, normal sites, etc.

Implementation of Google Adsense is also required.

You should have good experience of implementation. You should know that what all type of conversions can be tracked through analytics and adwords.

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Sales Orders Tracking And Distribution

This integrated system must provide information connecting the sales force (routes, deliveries, invoicing, returns) with the administrative (third-party app running with mysql support) customer information, and GPS routes tracking for each salesman or distributor, on a complete web-based system, that also may register and compare historical values for production planning and auditing.
The system must be able to calculate an specific amount of items per final store, using a categorized variables (such as a promos, discounts, etc.) that defines how much items such be delivered under which route. Every route should have multiple number of stores, assigned to a single or multiple distributors, where all of them should daily report the deliveries (per city, state, town, etc.) Connecting GPS from each distributor, we should watch the distribution supplied routes and on a daily basis, the report of the distributor for how much items hes delivering and how much are being returned from the point of purchase. The data and formulas for planning, should estimate the best and more accurate number of items for the next day, based on historical deliveries, festivities, and any other variable defined by the general sales manager.
The points of purchase, distributor, salesman, routes, vehicles, drivers are some of the users of the system. Well be reading data from this system for the corporate intranet, reporting, administrative system and invoicing.

The system must have:
– xml language file for customization
– specific administrative fields on the table
– GPS tracking its optional. Our goal is to stablish a remote way to let distributors mark their orders as delivered
– must run on Linux, apache, mysql

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Appcelerator Titanium Developer For Calorie Tracking App

Pull data from open USDA Nutrient Database, let user select what they consumed, add calories and save them. Needs to be done in Appcelerator Titianium and provide source code to me. Many more projects in the pipeline

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