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Forex Trade Manager

What I am looking for is the following:

A Forex Trade Manager which does the following:

A stand-alone interface, similar to which places an expert advisor in clients metatrader accounts and thus sends the clients trading position (P&L, trades etc) to a stand-alone software in real-time where I can monitor multiple accounts, see their current P&L, trades etc.


If you have any previously developed software which has these capabilities please let me know.

This is an urgent project so please bid fast, and tell how long it would take to complete the project?

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5.5" X 8.5" Trade Paper Back Full Color Book Cover

This is a cover for a cancer survivor book. Short-run, offset and LSI file preparation required. Front cover, spine and back cover – bar codes provided.
Thank you.

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Expert Advisor (EA) Trading Strategy For MT4

I look for a Forex trading strategy that can:

– Average profit per month 2% to 10% or greater
– Risk < 2% per trade.
– SL < 45 PIPS
– TP > 90 PIPS +
– Live proof for at least 12 months
– 2-10 Trades Per week
– Profitable historical back test of 2 Years Minimum
– Run it on demo account on my broker for 1 Month and allow me investor access.
– If it works fine on my broker , I will buy it from you.
– Must work on MT4 platform
– Provide me the source code


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Simple EA From One Indicator

Simple EA from 1 indicator
Dont merge together EA and indicator (Indicator is one peace and EA second EA cant be run without indicator software) to peaces working together.
I looking someone to make a simple EA based from one indicator
When we have red arrow go SHORT
When we have green arrow go LONG
When new red or green arrow upper exit old trade (close old and open a new trade), and go in the new one directions of the new arrow

EA Inputs
TradeFriday true/false

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Modification Of An EA

Im looking for a well experienced MT4 coder to modify an existing EA that I have. The EA is based on price action and no indicators are involved. MT4 Coder should have Forex trading knowledge.

The system is based on a daily chart and I already have an EA available with the basic setup for it but I require someone to include some features; (user entry fields has been marked as field )

If the range from high to low of the previous days candle is greater than (or equal to) Previous_bar_range_limit of pips, it is a valid setup candle indicating that a trade setup will be looked for today. The setup is as follows:
If yesterdays closing price was higher than the opening price (bullish candle) you will be shorting today. An entry may only occur between Trade time
In order to enter a trade, todays high must exceed yesterdays high, even if only by one pip. If that part doesnt happen, there will be no trade today. Once it does, the next signal is the current price dropping below yesterdays closing price. The short trade is entered at one pip below yesterdays closing price, with a stop loss equal to one pip above todays high. If that price comes before Trade Start the entry will be at Trade Start as long as the price at that time is still under yesterdays closing price. In order to allow a little volatility the minimum pip amount of stop loss must never be less than 10 pips.
If yesterdays closing price was below the opening price (bearish candle), everything is simply reversed. You must wait for todays low to be at least one pip lower than yesterdays low, then the trade is entered long at one pip above yesterdays closing price, with the stop loss being one pip below todays low or 10 pips below the entry price, whichever is less.
The current EA has a semi-trailing stop included so that whenever you are in profit 50 pips, the stop loss is moved 50 pips (lower for short trades, higher for long trades). This should be removed because we will be implementing a breakeven and trailing stop feature.
I believe that the current EA closes an open trade if it is left open overnight. This should be removed and a trade should only stop if the SL or TP has been hit.

User Entry Parameters and items to include in the EA;

Risk % = amount in no eg. 5 (this will calculate 5% of my account and open trades accordingly. My EA has it available as lot size, I would like to have changed to percentage of account at the time of the order)

Risk Reward Ratio = number (example set to 1 if stoploss has been calculated to 33 pips (yesterdays low/high) and RR is 1, this means that risk reward ratio is 1:1, so the take profit is 33pips + spread, if money management has been set to 2, then the take profit would have been 66 + spread)

Break Even = True or False
Breakeven = amount of pips in favour, stoploss moved to breakeven (calculate spread)

Trailing Stop = True or False
Trailing Stop = amount in pips (Trailing should be greater that the breakeven, if set as less it will conflict with the breakeven)

Trade_on_monday = true or false; Enables or disables open of new trades on Mondays.

Trade time = true or false trades can only be started between these times
Trade Start = 1100 (1100 Broker time)
Trade End = 1300 (1300 Broker time)

Previous_bar_range_limit = amount in pips ( to be used with item below see the description for more info)

Email_alerts_on_trade = True or false EA to send visual and email alert when; 1) Previous bar range is ok and when conditions are met eg: trade is long, low of todays bar is lower than previous bar by 1 pip and time is within trading range 2) Order is initiated . Alert should include the Currency Pair , Long/Short, Time of order , Lots, Entry, SL, TP.

Notes : EA will be used on multiple pairs, EA should be able to handle multiple orders. If an order is opened and closes on the same day. No more trading on that same day for the same pair. EA should work on 4/5 digit broker. IBFX ALPARI

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Trade Copier From MT4 To Order2Go


I need a trade copier software that copies trades placed on MetaTrader 4 to FXCM (and white-labels), with both of them running on the same computer. The software should read the log files generated by MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 4logs) and place equivalent orders through Order2Go API under certain conditions.

The software should also inquire HTTP response on a pre-defined address every day to re-activate. Ten Failures to re-activate in succession should disable the functionality of the software with an error message. Server response will be either "OK" or "NG".

Please provide the source code as we will need to translate the interface language. Writing such messages separately will be greatly appreciated. Further details on this project will be attached to IMs.

Previous experience in MetaTrader 4 AND Order2Go ( is required. Please describe your previous related projects in your IM.

Thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to your bids.

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Metatrader 4 Trade Analyzer

we are interested to build something like http://blog. forex factory. com/? p=1329
it is a trade analyzer script, similar to , but integrated with vbulletin, complete with badge
you need knowledge in c++, mt4 api, system design, php, flash/flex chart, mysql, ajax, vbulletin
please pm for more info/question


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Business Name Trade Mark


We are after an attorney who will provide individual attention to our trademark matters, including every aspect of trademark searching and trademark filing.

We need to register a AU Trade Mark for our business, we dont our attorney to file any poor trademark as it is a waste of our money.

Our business is under construction so its not not actually up and running (it is an online direct advertisement deal site )

we would like our attorney to help us from the start to the end,Trademark search, application prep and filing based on actual use in commerce, giving us advise exc.

We would like to be informed of all developments
Please provide us with recommendations and referrals
We only want someone with the right education and experience.

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Automated Preogramming Using ODIN


I need someone to automate trade entry into ODIN Trade program based on certain condition generators. First step will involve retrieving data from live ODIN progam, feeding this into decision maker engine and finally based on outcome from this engine doing trade entry into ODIN.

We want someone who do this onsite at our location in Mumbai.

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E-commerce For Fair Trade Store That Sells Handicrafts

Description of Organization:
Fair trade store that sells handcrafted gifts, accessories and housewares.

Website Purpose:
Advertise/Sell Product/Service

Website Need:
New Website

Functionality Needed:
Payment Processing, Shopping Cart

Other Functionality Needed:
Way archive newsletters; Blog; Information about the artisans

Approximate number of web pages needed:
Per product sold

Project Start Date:

Project Completion Date:

Database Information:
I am unsure.

Online Payments:
Yes, my website will need an ecommerce module.

Programming Language:
No specific programming language is required.

The employer will provide::
Colors, Concept, Graphics, Layout, Logo, Text/Copy

The professional will provide:
Ecommerce Module, Layout

Amount of Technical Assistance Needed:
Just help with content management

Need Domain Name Registration:

Need a Hosting Service:

I am looking for a contractor who can offer:
Low Price [over Fast Delivery and High Quality]

Additional Specifications for the Project:
Some important considerations:
– Must be able to load website in English/ French
– Must have a blog section, a calendar of events section,
– Must be easy to update by someone non-technical

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Lead Management System Software

I want to develop a website for managing buyers information of all category. for example please view only this portion here::

I want to manage buying & selling leads here like

I want it within 10 days.

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Trade Mark Application In Australia

I want to register my company name with IP Australia so that no one can use the same or similar names.

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Help Us Source And Identify Client Leads

We need someone to source and identify retail or institutional clients to trade on financial markets with our selected partner banks. No experience necessary and full training will be given should it become required. You can manage the clients you introduce to us yourself if you choose to. You or your clients have full control of your accounts. You will be rewarded a commission for each trade that your clients take. We assist with training and provide full support, marrket analysis and advice. This is ideal for someone who has lots of contacts or could potentially expand their circle of networks. Please message us for further details. Many thanks.

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Trade Portal

We need a freelancer to design and maintain a b2b portal similar to , etc.,
We are ready to sign for a maintenance contract for life time. so, you can earn even after the designing.
Interested persons, please contact.

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Trade Application – $150 For Dimitern

For Dimitern – As discussed.

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MT4 Breakout EA

* Expert will be able to trade separate session for each day of week
* It will breakdown each session into 3 parts (each part is determined as a time window in hours):
-* part 1 used to determine support/resistance values of given time window
-* part 2 It is used to make a trade and manage position using stoploss and take profit (and reversal if given)
-* part 3 (also in hours) used to continue management. It will exit a trade if TP or SL are not hit at the end of this window

* This expert will trade from lines support /resistance

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Trade Tiger & Diet Odin RT Data Capture To VB Prog.

Hi, I need to have a program that can Capture the real time data feed into Sharekhans trade tiger and Angels Diet Odin; also i need the captured data to be redirected to Text box of my own Visual Basic program.

I need to have the source code for it.

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Forex Metatrader (MT4) Trade Copier Program


I am looking for someone to create a trade copier program for the metatrader (MT4) forex trading platform.

I want the program to duplicate all the trading activity from a master account and process the trades to a slave (copy) account.

I would like the program to be easy to install onto a users mt4 platform.
Perhaps using a VPS program to keep it off the users computer to avoid installation and usage problems.

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Data Convertion Software

I need a software which can be convert data from 1)POWER INDIA BULLS and TRADER TERMINAL to AMIBROKER, METASTOCK & TRADE STATION. 2)METATRADER4 to AMIBROKER, METASTOCK &TRADE STATION. For reference u can see Demo software in MANSHI RT CO.IN & MARKETDATA PROVIDER .COM.REALDATAEXPRESS. DATA FETCHER .These people will give Demo. Visit NSE and MCX, NCDEX for data source

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Trade Marketplace W/ Twist

I am looking for a website to be created similar to the workings of some of the popular global trade marketplaces….the twist is I want this to be for 100% US. Made products ONLY.

This website is to allow users IN the U.S. locate and trade with U.S. suppliers ONLY.

I can provide further details… will NOT be an exact clone, but should be similar……

Again, this is a U.S. derived marketplace for U.S. suppliers to meet buyers and likewise….NO MORE CHINESE JUNK….

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3 Large Scale Banner Creation For Trade Show

3 banners are needed at print resolution for a trade show set up designed off of product packaging and promotional flyers given to the designer in high resolution format. However, graphics will need to all be sized up appropriately to fit the scaling. The banner sizes are:

29" x 6 ft: To go on the front of a 6ft table stretching to the ground

2 banners at 44" x 6

Total of 3 banners

Please show examples of work, preferably of banners. Also please note that graphics will need to be scaled up or recreated at print resolution.

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Trade Quoting And Advertising Dynamic Website

I am after a professional quality dynamic website with the functionality of sites like and plus extra requirements e.g. these website have 3 member types (registered/unregistered users and trade members) my site requires 4 membership types 3 of these will require an admin area.
I will design the page layouts and provide a PDF for each page; most pages for each membership section will be duplicated and can share the same kinds of functionality to save coding time.
Validation of all entry fields is required and some validation will be required against Google

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Facebook Fantasy Portfolio Manager

I would like an experienced developer to develop a Facebook application that will allow users to :
1. trade virtual cash on various stock markets
2. trade fixed income securities
3. the prices of the securities will be updated automatically from the relevant stock exchange feed and sometimes manually via price file upload
4. Users will be able to view their portfolios performance and compare against other friends
5. users will be able to recommend friends to join and receive bonus virtual cash when they do

Previous experience is a plus and please submit sample apps.

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Please could you read the following brief and quote us for a website that we are looking to build as soon as poosible

Similar to this website –

Related Projects:
Mobile Trade-ins Business Website

Project Type:
Consumer Website / Trade-in System



Key Features:
Specialists in the repair, re-use and at the end-of-life disposal and recycling of mobile phones from consumers. Running on an enhanced version of the trade-in platform developed for Mobile Trade-ins.

&raquo; Fully integrated product management system.
&raquo; Comprehensive order processing / monitoring for system administrators.
&raquo; Time lapse price queuing.
&raquo; Extensive reporting.
&raquo; Comprehensive order tracking and history

A website that allows customers to recycle their old mobile phones. The website is not selling anything but just showing prices of what they can get if they cashed in or recycled their old phone with
The logo design is already and the colour theme will have to be green and the has to be of a recycling, environmental theme. Ideally of green colour.
The content management system must be able to deal with changes everyday. We will require a simple method of change the prices, pictures, text or all the products display.
The website must be Google add word friendly. This is a must as the success of the business will be dependent on this.
The website should:
* Reach broad base of potential customers, ensuring visibility for our products and services.
* Convert visitors to customers
* Drive repeat business
* Include mechanisms for capturing lead, allowing us to build a database of marketable names
* Establish and build our brand
The website we are competing against are as follow:

Main competitors website need to me better than all our competitors and more attractive to attract maximum market share.

We are a very small company so far but we are looking to expand aggressively through the internet. We have a small budget. We are based in Hull University, United Kingdom. If you can do this website at a very fair price, we guarantee you we will get you so many websites to tender for through our involvement in Hull University Business Enterprise Centre and would recommend your service to many business organisations we work with in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
We would like to know the delivery time, ideas, quote, samples and any other information you could provide us with regarding this project.
If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miz Rahman

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Football Trading App For Iphone

I am looking to create a football trading app for the iPhone .
I have alit of PDF files that need uploaded to show people how to trade professionally on the betting exchanges. I also want a push notification fir trade of the day and bet if the day .

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Football Trading App For Iphone

I am looking to create a football trading app for the iPhone .
I have alit of PDF files that need uploaded to show people how to trade professionally on the betting exchanges. I also want a push notification fir trade of the day and bet if the day .

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Football Trading App For Iphone

I am looking to create a football trading app for the iPhone .
I have alit of PDF files that need uploaded to show people how to trade professionally on the betting exchanges. I also want a push notification fir trade of the day and bet if the day .

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